Rohaan Ja'aisen

Trust me, I've got a plan--when the lights go down, you'll understand.

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height/build: 6'1", average build but subtly muscular.

Eyes: This is important. They're VERY noticeable and obviously inhuman. Dark, deep blue but it's bright. [img]http://C:\Users\Aiyah%20Uvaiiran\Pictures\eye.jpg[/img]

Hair: Shoulder length, loose (and often tangled) waves and curls. Straw colored and sometimes in a ponytail.

Face: Usually covered in stubble.

Typical clothing: He likes darker, foresty colors and usually has on a dark brown, obviously worn leather jacket.

Other details: He has his fair share of scars. The most prominent of which is an ugly brand on the front of his left shoulder. The shape appears to be some kind of character or insignia.

He has a pair of sunglasses--a sure fire sign that he indeed has been to a colony. He usually wears them, especially in Outposts.

He goes by a lot of names. He's known by most as Rohaan, but in truth he was born with three names. However, which name he gives you depends on who you are.


Rohaan loves to get into trouble. His sense of mischief is quite strong, and his method of choice is usually theft. He steals interesting objects or things that are hard to get because...well, it's fun. He also has a general disreguard for rules. In his mind, they were made to be broken. However he has his own moral code and he lives by it adamantly. He's laid back for the most part unless there's business to be done, then he's focused and determined. He gets along with most people if they give him a chance. He's got his skeletons, and mostly he'll talk about them if asked. Mostly....
To those he feels are deserving of even the slightest platonic affection, he's loyal to the core. Anyone else? He owes them nothing and gives them nothing.


He packs light. He carries a knife in his boot mostly as a tool, not so much for a weapon. But he picks up and carries random, small objects as he travels because...well, he never knows when he might be in a tight spot. His version of a pack is a thick leather bandoleer riddled with pockets of varying sizes and he keeps everything in there, along with a very tightly rolled blanket.


To be general, it's dark, dirty, and pretty extensive. Rohaan never has been much of an upstanding citizen (though he's no villain) but his past carries some particularly dark moments and, like anyone, he's got his skeletons.

On a more specific level, he's spent the majority of his life in the world of crime--thievery, particularly. Not only is he exceptional at it but by now he's become something of a legend, infamous both for his deeds and for his race--one that most look down upon. He's seen the inside and outside of many a prison, both small-time jail cells and gruesome institutions. Needless to say, his name is well known.

So begins...

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