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Isabella the Human

"I'm guna Spank your hams, brosketty! See what I did there? Aha!"

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a character in “Adventures in the land of Ooo”, as played by YurakiMori-chan



Name: Isabella Marybell Rose

Nicknames: Izzy -- Mary -- Rose -- Bell -- Pudding (Depends on the person)
Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Izzy stands at about 5'2, her height isn't anything to brag about really. She has hair that comes a bit past her shoulders, curling at the bottom. It's fringed kind of hair, teased slightly and wildish. She has a round face, full lips, and thick eyelashes. She has small petite feet, along with pale skin. Sometimes she's mistaken as a person from the Ice Kingdom. Which would never be possible for her, due do her poor resistance to the cold. She'd easily faint in temputures below 40 degrees. She always has a light blush on her face along with a smile.


Izzy likes to think she has the ability to cheer people up. She likes telling jokes and making people feel better. A frown and crying never solves anything for her. She barely ever frowns. She also has a boomerang that she has with her at all times. Yes, it's a weird weapon to use but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite useful. Her aim isn't perfect but it helps. She's not big on sharp knives or swords but she keeps one in a chest in her room at all times. You know...for emergencies. She doesn't really carry it around. She also is really well trained in hand-to-hand combat, being small and flexible gives her quite a bit advantage. She can slip away from tight situations easily with ease.


She always has her small donuts styled backpack with her that carries all her things. Her boomerang and some money just in case she sees something she likes on a walk in the Candy Kingdom. Rarely something in the Ice Kingdom. She also keeps her trading cards in her bag, just in case she meets someone who wants to play. She's a proud nerd who doesn't really care about how people think about her.


Alliance: Neutral. She doesn't really care for sides, nor does she think of people being immediately bad or good. She judges people on their personalities and how they treat her. She doesn't care for labels in the slightest.

Kingdom: None really. Though you can usually find her in the library in the Candy Kingdom. Their books are filled with delicious knowledge.

Personality: Izzy is a very carefree girl. She doesn't get herself into trouble and just likes being able to travel in peace. She loves finding lost treasures and gold. Exploring and finding new places that no one else had been to. It gives her a sense of Independence and freedom. Her soft tone of voice helps to calm people down. I wouldn't say she's egoistic more of a "I feel like i'm the worst, so I always act like i'm the best" kinda thing. She has leader type qualities to her that tend to appear when someone doubts her and her abilities.


Pusheen the Cat and Stormy the Kitten




Pusheen the Cat


โ˜… โ˜† โ˜… About Pusheen the cat. โ˜… โ˜† โ˜…

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Coat Type: Grey Tabby

Age: All 9 lives left

Sex: Female

Pusheen can be described as very...lazy. Well, being a cat this should be expected. But I guess Pusheen passes the boundaries of being JUST lazy. It's quite literally over 9,000. She loves to just lay around and eat a bunch of junk food. Causes trouble. Makes messes. And overall is at times completely useless. But then again she's sweet, cuddly, helpful, and loving. It's kinda like an on and off thing between Pusheen and Izzy. But all in all they both love each other and Pusheen would do anything for her. She has the ability to shift into only weapons and that's about it. Sometimes she can shift into things that don't really exist. For example; Izzy can draw some completely fake monster and show it to Pusheen. She'd be able to morph into that creature easily. It's like if Izzy made a monster OC. She could write out the powers, looks, and so on. It's a limited ability but really useful and rare. Pusheen really does try her hardest to be of use, but her laziness takes over easily. She does always go out to the Candy Kingdom with Izzy (Mostly because of the food though). She also does come along with Izzy a lot when she goes out treasure hunting.

Stormy the Kitten

โ˜… โ˜† โ˜… About Stormy the Kitten. โ˜… โ˜† โ˜…

Breed: Unknown

Coat Type: unknown

Age: All 9 8 lives left

Sex: Male

Stormy, stormy, stormy. Where shall we begin? I guess the best was to describe him would be to say he is a Kitten version of Izzy. Stormy is very outgoing, which kinda contradicts his own name. But you know, Izzy thought it was a cute name at the time. But anyways, Stormy loves to be outside finding new places to hide his yarn and toys. Unlike Pusheen, he can't stand junk food and lazing around the house all day. How they're best friends escape Izzy, she has no idea. But as they say, opposites attract. Stormy has quite an odd ability to be honest. He can detect when something unknown is around, kinda like a walking talking metal detector. Which comes in handy a lot.

~!Kitten Collage Time!~
(A sneak peak in Izzy's album of her life)








So begins...

Isabella the Human's Story


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"Link, you're wanted up on the balcony."

Blue eyes cracked open a bit lazily, as they settled upon the person standing above them. The weather was just to dang nice, and getting up seemed like a lot of work to the elf. But, orders were orders. Pushing himself up off the grass he yawned, nodding the he other guard. Oh yea.. wasn't the Princess having one of her tea session things? Tea sounded pretty good at the moment.. Walking p the stairs to the castle he could already here people chattering in the dinning room. The smell of baked good wafting trough the air into the elfs nose. His stomach growled loudly at that moment, one of the maids passing by giggled at him. Blushing slightly he covered his stomach.

"Shut up." He said quietly to his stomach, scolding it as if it could talk back. He continued towards the balcony, passing by the dinning room. He caught a glimpse of the Princess and Buttercup, a smirk growing on his face. Maybe he'd play another harmless prank on the cat. He was just too fun to mess with. Everything always had to be in order and precise or it was outa there. So moving a vase over a centimeter was harmless enough, but just enough to annoy the cat. Link turned the corner of the hall, walking onto the balcony... just to see another guard already positioned there.

"......Welp, I'm just gunna assume that i'm not required to be here now...?" He said aloud, getting the attention of the other guard. He turned to Link and shook his head.

"I was ordered to inform you that you are to stay by the Princess's side today. Since her personal guard has no yet returned from the Ice Kingdom." Link sighed and turned towards the dinning room again. He felt like today was guna be a long day.. He entered the room, going over to the princess's seat and standing behind her. Whoo hoo for guarding...


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Character Portrait: ~;Princess Bonnibel Grappiel;~ Character Portrait: Isabella the Human Character Portrait: Zach The Unknown Character Portrait: Link the Elf
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"Grappiel! It's very rude to leave your guests in waiting!"

She flinched as Buttercup scolded her lightly, bowing her head a bit towards her guests she muttered a quick apology; she quickly took her seat at the head of the table. Buttercup poured her tea as she looked around the table, a frown appearing on her face. This was it? She had asked him to invite more then this..? Ah, well. She was sure everyone must have been busy. Even Izzy... Sighing she smiled and looked towards the boy who had attended.

"Hello, thank you for, uhm, attending my tea party." She said, picking up her tea, she was about to sip it but nearly dropped it when a loud bang was heard through out the castle, followed by hurried footsteps. The door to the dinning room was thrown open as someone tripped over the rug mid-greeting, accidently diving face first onto the floor.

".....Well good evening Izzy."


"Oh marble donkey! I'm guna be soooo late!" Izzy hopped down from the steps of her house quickly, being careful not to face plant. Pusheen and Stormy running along side her, still half asleep. It was already almost the afternoon and she was guna upset Grappiel. Augh, snatchcatch! She should have set her alarm for an earlier time! She hopped over a fallen tree trunk, quickly ducking under a branch as she ran towards the castle. Maybe she'd make it before they served tea? Yea right. Finally entering the Candy Kingdom she booked it over the bridge and practically flew into the castle, banging through the door, panting.

"I'm *huff* guna *huff* make it! *huff*" She panted, running up the stairs. Pusheen and Stormy were nearly about to pass out as Izzy burst through the dinning room door, tripping over the rug before she could finish her hello, and gracefully diving face first onto the floor.

".....Well good evening Izzy."

Isabella's whole face went red as she lifted her face to look up at the table of people. Slowly she pushed herself up off the floor and giggled nervously. "Uhm...heyyy....wassup Grappiel...Linky....others..." She greeted, giving a small wave before heading to her seat. Welp, she was no ballerina, that was for sure.