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~;Princess Bonnibel Grappiel;~

"Oh you know how it is, with great power comes responsibility and what not."

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a character in “Adventures in the land of Ooo”, as played by YurakiMori-chan



Name: Princess Bonnibel Grappiel

Age: 20 years of age

Gender: Female

Species: Candy Person

Appearance: Grappiel stands at the height of 5'2. Her long pink hair reaches down to the back of her knees and curl at the bottom. She has inherited her long pink bubblegum hair from the line of loyalty in the Candy Kingdom. Her skin is tinted a light purple, yet when she blushes it's a light pink. She has long legs, thin pink lips, long eyelashes, and skin soft to the touch. As a true princess should. Though she doesn't really act like one. Her long slender fingers and arms allow her to use her bow n' arrow.


She is very skilled at hunting and tracking down people and things. Missing people aren't gone for very long around the Kingdom due to this skill.

Her ability to use a bow and arrow is due to the fact that her father was cupid. Her precise aim got her the name 'One-Shot'.

Lastly she is very intelligent. Being able to figure out complicated and complex puzzles. She stays calm in tight situations, thinking before she acts.

Items: Grappiel always has her bow and arrow on her at all times. She keeps her arrows in her satchel along with catnip for Mister Buttercup. He's very...demanding of it. If anything. She doesn't like using violent weapons such as knives and firearms. She doesn't have a very good history with them.

Alliance: Sweet as sugar Pie!

Kingdom: Ruler Of The Candy Kingdom


Grappiel's very quiet and shy, and doesn't smile often. She comes off as cold and uncaring, but she's just very shy and doesn't know how to communicate well with others. If you anger her enough, she gets a horrible temper that tends to scare people along with her seemingly cold demeanor, but she usually means well. She has a crush on the Prince of the Ice Kingdom, but being the iconic prince he is, she knows it's silly to even dream about an audience with him, so she quietly admires him from afar. In her heart, she wishes for her own "prince" to rescue her from herself, but is content for the time being just watching the Prince whenever he makes public appearances in the area she is in.

She's a hopeless romantic, but talking about it with other people embarrasses her and usually causes her to clam up for a while. She prefers solidity, though she often finds herself lonely and wanting for the company of others. Mostly she likes to do her experiments in solitude so she can concentrate. Due to her lack of communication skills, however, she feels she has a duty to her Kingdom. Her demeanor changes quickly when she's up on her throne, listening to the problems of her people. Around the Kingdom she's gentle and kind, never putting others out, and never ignoring a problem. Weather it be a kidnapping or a lack of sugar.


Mister Buttercup

Buttercup is a gentle and caring cat. With a bad temper of all things. Let's say he makes up for Grappiels shy side, he doesn't allow anyone to take advantage of her kindness. He keeps her on track and trains her well in the art of 'elegance'. Though her clumsiness gets her into trouble constantly. I guess he's also a lot like the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. Everything must always be on time, placed in the right places, and made properly. Don't ever underestimate him just because he's a cat, he will surely claw your eyes out. I wouldn't test it either.

Misses Sakura


The princess also has a stay-at-home cat, Misses Sakura. She speaks mainly Japanese and takes care of training the new workers in the Castle. She also makes sure to take down every message and complaint from the Candy People and such when the Princess is out. She's a very helpful and dear cat to Grappiel. Her and Mister Buttercup are close companions that are both very loyal. Sakura is also a very good cook oddly enough and helps with cooking and making up dishes for tea parties, balls, get together's and so on.

So begins...

~;Princess Bonnibel Grappiel;~'s Story


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"Princess..are you sure this is quite alright?" The Princess ignored the cautious tone as she continued to concentrate on the formula in front of her. "Perhaps I should of added more Phenyldichloroarsine?" Grappiel muttered to herself in question, lifting the test tube eye level. This recipe wasn't working in the slightest, it wasn't even foaming! Maybe she should just... She started shaking it lightly, causing the pink haired cat beside her to get wide eyed.


"Oh hush Sakura, i'm sure this is all it need-"


"........Or perhaps not..." Slowly putting the tube down..well what was left of it, she sighed to herelf, pulling up her goggles. Why couldn't she do this right? Her family was known for being wonderful scientist, so why not her? Sakura gave her a worried look as Grappiel turned, exiting the lab. She should just stick to cooking... "Flibber jibbet...." She paused by one of the many windows in the castle, her gaze travelling among the candy people who were flaunting about. It was a pretty peaceful day in the kingdom, the weather nice. Buttercup was currently preparing tea time for her in the dinning room. Hopefully he'd invite some guests for her. Though she wasn't the best with strangers. The only being she had come to know was Isabella. Izzy was quite a nice friend, their personalities were pretty much opposite of each other. But as they say, opposites attract. Link and tThe Swan Prince were also well acquainted with her.

"Princess Grappiel, Mister Buttercup has summoned you to the dinning room." She nodded to the guard and made her way downstairs, shrugging off her lab coat as she went. A certain prince was on her mind at the moment. Grappiel never gathered the courage to invite him into her castle, her shyness taking over. One day though she would.


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Zach sat quietly at the table as he watched Mister Buttercup make tea. He looked around the room and always admired it silently. The cream colored walls blended well with the candy colored furniture and other things that completed the room. Taking in a deep breath, he moved his dark blue eyes onto the set of doors where the Princess would come through. She was running a little late. He moved his eyes down at the table, then back to the door. "I should leave..." He thought to himself but shook his head. "No, I should stay. It was is an honor to finally be here in the castle. I should stay...."

He pushed his auburn hair back, out of his face and straightened his shirt. Today, he didn't wear a jacket like normal. Today, he had put on his best cloths. A simple black collared shirt and a pair of black cargo pants. He wished he had something better than the cargo pants, however that was pretty much all he owned. He had even left his green bag at home, which he normally carried everywhere.

He subconsciously twiddled his fingers as he waited. He was becoming more nervous and less confident. "No....I'll leave." He told himself then looked to Mister Buttercup, who was putting the last finishing touches on setting things up. "Stay...." The final decision was made and he nodded his head as he glanced back to the door, hoping the Princess would arrive before he chickened out.

The setting changes from candy-kingdom to Land of Ooo


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"Link, you're wanted up on the balcony."

Blue eyes cracked open a bit lazily, as they settled upon the person standing above them. The weather was just to dang nice, and getting up seemed like a lot of work to the elf. But, orders were orders. Pushing himself up off the grass he yawned, nodding the he other guard. Oh yea.. wasn't the Princess having one of her tea session things? Tea sounded pretty good at the moment.. Walking p the stairs to the castle he could already here people chattering in the dinning room. The smell of baked good wafting trough the air into the elfs nose. His stomach growled loudly at that moment, one of the maids passing by giggled at him. Blushing slightly he covered his stomach.

"Shut up." He said quietly to his stomach, scolding it as if it could talk back. He continued towards the balcony, passing by the dinning room. He caught a glimpse of the Princess and Buttercup, a smirk growing on his face. Maybe he'd play another harmless prank on the cat. He was just too fun to mess with. Everything always had to be in order and precise or it was outa there. So moving a vase over a centimeter was harmless enough, but just enough to annoy the cat. Link turned the corner of the hall, walking onto the balcony... just to see another guard already positioned there.

"......Welp, I'm just gunna assume that i'm not required to be here now...?" He said aloud, getting the attention of the other guard. He turned to Link and shook his head.

"I was ordered to inform you that you are to stay by the Princess's side today. Since her personal guard has no yet returned from the Ice Kingdom." Link sighed and turned towards the dinning room again. He felt like today was guna be a long day.. He entered the room, going over to the princess's seat and standing behind her. Whoo hoo for guarding...


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"Grappiel! It's very rude to leave your guests in waiting!"

She flinched as Buttercup scolded her lightly, bowing her head a bit towards her guests she muttered a quick apology; she quickly took her seat at the head of the table. Buttercup poured her tea as she looked around the table, a frown appearing on her face. This was it? She had asked him to invite more then this..? Ah, well. She was sure everyone must have been busy. Even Izzy... Sighing she smiled and looked towards the boy who had attended.

"Hello, thank you for, uhm, attending my tea party." She said, picking up her tea, she was about to sip it but nearly dropped it when a loud bang was heard through out the castle, followed by hurried footsteps. The door to the dinning room was thrown open as someone tripped over the rug mid-greeting, accidently diving face first onto the floor.

".....Well good evening Izzy."


"Oh marble donkey! I'm guna be soooo late!" Izzy hopped down from the steps of her house quickly, being careful not to face plant. Pusheen and Stormy running along side her, still half asleep. It was already almost the afternoon and she was guna upset Grappiel. Augh, snatchcatch! She should have set her alarm for an earlier time! She hopped over a fallen tree trunk, quickly ducking under a branch as she ran towards the castle. Maybe she'd make it before they served tea? Yea right. Finally entering the Candy Kingdom she booked it over the bridge and practically flew into the castle, banging through the door, panting.

"I'm *huff* guna *huff* make it! *huff*" She panted, running up the stairs. Pusheen and Stormy were nearly about to pass out as Izzy burst through the dinning room door, tripping over the rug before she could finish her hello, and gracefully diving face first onto the floor.

".....Well good evening Izzy."

Isabella's whole face went red as she lifted her face to look up at the table of people. Slowly she pushed herself up off the floor and giggled nervously. "Uhm...heyyy....wassup Grappiel...Linky....others..." She greeted, giving a small wave before heading to her seat. Welp, she was no ballerina, that was for sure.