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Adventures of Perishable

Adventures of Perishable


A land that holds hidden power, visible war, Heroes with no names, and future heroes.

687 readers have visited Adventures of Perishable since Ashmotal created it.



The Planet Perishable is a place of Prosper, adventure, loot, and danger. Perishable is a land enriched in many different cultures and civilizations. Among those civilizations are Kingdoms. More importantly the three biggest kingdoms that live atop the world. The Largest and most visibly peaceful is the kingdom of Arguire. Lead by the Igneous family for the last four generations. It's prospered and survived through the harshest of times.

The second largest kingdom and main supplier of the rare substance of Olgrish is called Kingdom of Osirum. The kingdom is in dissaray because of the recent changes. It hopes to get back to its old ways soon, but that does not look to be the case. Led by King Ulrich who usurped the throne just recently to ensure that the Olgrish is used properly. Olgrish is a powder often used in weapons, but requires a strong user and a powerful base to contain it.

However the ones who currently claim the substance that has proven the most compatable with the Olgrish Powder is the Kingdom of Ascortion. A kingdom recently come to power because of the demand of the powerful trees is holds that work as good handles and builds for most weapons. The wood itself is harder than most stone, but somehow quite flexible. The kingdom had started to make a name for itself, but all that changed when trade went bad with the Kingdom of Osirum. Ascortions Queen wished to raise the price a slight bit more, but that didnt sit right with the king of Osirum. So war broke out between the two nations and has been plagueing the land between them for two years to current time.

Meanwhile everyone else watches the two nations tear one another asunder, most excitedly the king of Arguire. He watches, no more like waits. For the inevitable.
To the far north in the mountains lives a colony of powerful and large Dragons. Years ago they visited humanity, and spoke to them. They almost were integrated, but most people viewed them as no more than pets. So they now live in the mountiains entertaining only the humans who show them equal respect. They could easily have burned down humanity, but decided they were a necessary being in this world. So they live silently, secluded.

Many races inhabit the world of Perishable. The Human race somehow manages to stand atop all the other races in status and power. Politically at least. ((If you have a race you wish to introduce run it by me. Ashmotal and I will confirm or deny you.))

Elves were the first sentient race to be discovered by the humans. They found their use of magic and genius interesting. They are all significantly shorter than the height of the average human. Most of them skinny and pale. Their most noticeable trait is their long ears. Earning them such racist comments as "Knife ears" or "Dagger head". Held high in society they are the advisers of many kings and protectors of various kingdoms.

The second to be discovered were the Carnivark Aqua's. A group of beings who mostly live in the underwater city of Narquati. They are carry the body of men, but the heads of fierce shark. They have gills, but also lungs. They all hold the same dark shade of blue skin. Their all powerful in build size, and only the strong survive among them. They are ruthless and uncaring, but still manage to integrate themselves into society. Mostly used as mercenaries or thugs.

The Third race is the Dragons who hide themselves up in the northern Ixie mountains. They are a peaceful people and tend to keep to themselves. They are wise, but not regarded by most kingdoms as useful or noticeable. ((You may be a dragon, but expect to be treated a pet not a person.))

The fourth and final race is the Ungurai. They carry hard shells on their body and their skin is red and their faces all look well aged, even on the young. They reproduce with eggs and as a race are quite few in number. They are wise, but not powerful enough in number to have a voice. Most children of theirs are sold into slavery, and most adults are treated as trash. They are the race held with lowest regard.

Toggle Rules

1: No God modding
2: This Rp is going to be Physically and mentally realistic to a degree.
3: There WILL be death. If you cant handle letting your character die dont bother joining.
4: No killing will be done until we get the rp properly under way, but that does not mean you shouldnt think wisely about what your doing with your character.
5: Death is Permanent. No arguements.
6: To encourage romance in the Rp there is only one way to get back into the RP. You must have a child or a/be wife with child on the way. Love will not be instant and you may not start with a lover. You must earn their trust and love over time. You may not start with a child either. This lover must be another actualy person.
7: Magic is an extremely rare talent. Not everyone may be a magic user, and those that are will be playing at a handicap as well as a power boost. If I believe we have to many magic users I will start declining mage characters. Sorry, First come, first serve.
8: Magic is incredibly powerful, but it draws upon mana. The most skilled magicians end fights in three spells. No magician has ever ended a fight in one, but they use their abilities in tandem. A mages magical capability doesnt go far, most mages can only cast 10 spells per battle before they are worn out. Magic is also incredible unpredictable. Most magic is unstable, there fore it will have a chance to fail and cause a random magical effect. Get creative with this one.
9: You may all develop your own stories, but know that your story may not overshadow the main plot I will set for you.
10: This one I cannot stress enough. Be descriptive! If you cant properly describe your characters surroundings and actions in more than three sentences then ask for help. If I or someone else feels your struggling and offer you help and you think your doing fine that wont sit well with me. If myself or someone else have offered you help, but you dont improve or care your gone.
11: I wont tolerate disrespect. At all. REspect your fellow Rpers at all times.
12: Never bring your OOC feelings IC, as well as vice versa.

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