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24 year old Male, Human, Shapeshifter (Crow)

0 · 192 views · located in Radi

a character in “Aedi - The frozen inquest”, as played by Chorcon


Character Concept
Crust is a man raised by a rather wealthy but cruel innkeeper. Most his life he's been greeting visitors to the inn, serving them, cleaning up after them and otherwise most of the physical work related to run an inn. In his younger years he realized he had the ability to shapeshift into a crow. Exactly how this happens, he does not know, but he's always envied the birds and their freedom. The crow has always been Crust's favourite bird.

Crust is about 80 kilos, and reach 192 cm above the streets. His eyes are perfectly circular with a yellow iris. The pupils are dark and deep. His hair reach his shoulders, and is dark as a winter night.

The body build suggests he's no fighter, nor any athlete of any kind. He appears skinny and fairly tall, with a pale, nearly gray, skin tone.

His second nature, the raven form, is perfectly average for a raven. His body is all black and about 61 cm from beak to tail. He's got a wingspan of nearly 120 cm, and he weights approximately 1 kilo.

  • Crust is quite good at talking with people. He has done so most every day as an innkeepers boy.
  • He offers superior scouting skills, as he can get a far bigger perspective than most - in his raven form.
  • Food consumption is kept to a minimum, as he can bloat himself as a bird, and still be full as a human.

  • Shapeshifting does not affect clothing or equipment, so he will have to leave without equipment should he choose to travel as bird.
  • For the same reason, he prefers to use light clothing, and certainly will never see the benefit of heavy armors and the likes.
  • Although shapeshifting is swift, Crust is particulary vurnerable at this time.

Character History
Crust was born just outside the village of Radi, not too deep into the forest. His mother was killed just as she was done giving birth to her one and only son. What killed her is hard to say, but it was most certainly feral. The claw marks and severe bites served as proof of that.

The first couple of days Crust was all alone in this world, with nothing else than the cadaver of his mother to keep him company. Within the first 24 hours of his life, Crust had found his dead mothers breast and was able to feed himself, however sparsely.

Another few days went by, and the mothers body was starting to decompose. The stench was unbearable. Even so, with little other alternative, the boy kept on feeding on the only food source nearby. Not that there was much left. Crust was quickly becoming dehydrated, and before long, he fainted, slowly fading away.

Even today, Crust has no idea who brought him to the nearby village. He was left on the road outside with nothing but a large black cloak he was wrapped in. The cloak was wide enough to cover a grown man. The length would cover a mans back and most of his legs. On the top of the cloak, was a hood, and in the front was a fairly thin metal chain.

This morning came a friendly merchant. He stepped down from his wagon as the baby caught his eye. He took it in his arms and comforted it for a brief moment. Crust had never yet felt such a caring embrace, and for the first time in his still short life, he felt safe. This was no wealthy merchant, but he gave the child what he could spare. He fed him a piece of dry bread, and gave him half a swig of water.

As the merchant reached his destination, the local inn, he asked the innkeeper to care for the child. The merchant himself couldn't afford to feed another mouth, but the innkeeper was wealthy, and besides, he could most certainly use the extra hands when the kid grew up!

At first the innkeeper seemed reluctant, but when the friendly merchant offered him a discount on all his supplies for the next few seasons, he was willingly accepting the offer.

Days went by, weeks, entire seasons, and years. The innkeeper was happy with the kid. After all, it was a strong, young hand to help out with all the dirty work. All he had to give him for his efforts was a little water and some dry crusts. Once the innkeeper found out about the kid's alternative shape, the raven, he could even switch his room for a little cage.

"We get to rent oute one more roome, AND you can keepe watche by the entrance!" the innkeeper had said with his broken accent. Indeed he was right, but Crust himself enjoyed no benefit from the situation. Every morning the innkeeper would bang on the top of the cage, brutally waking him. "Here, have some crustes!" he said while laughing to himself.

The situation was worse than ever. It was at this point Crust decided he had to leave the innkeeper. It was nothing for him here.

Naturally, he couldn't roam the streets .. The innkeeper would probably fetch him right back, or worse! He just had to wait for the right opportunity.

So begins...

Crust's Story


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#, as written by Chorcon
As time went on, the men seemed busy with quite a few villagers, men and women, who were interested in more details. It was noon. The air was warm, and the sun was high in the sky. Children was playing by the water line, mothers paying close attention. The villagers usually had their midday break at this time, and so the five men was surrounded by even more curious noses than earlier.

From a branch in a nearby tree sat a raven. He payed close attention to what was going on. The raven, Crust his name was, couldn't hear much from this distance, and curiosity won; he would have to take a closer look. Crust spread his wings and slowly leaned over the edge. He let go, now falling towards the ground. The ground came closer and closer. Never would he grow tired of that tingling sensation. It felt as if exited butterflies was fluttering around in his stomach. He loved it. He flattened his wings and slid through the air, slowing down and carefully gliding towards a little bench behind a small house.

Not a minute later came a man out from behind the small house. He was wearing linen trousers and shirt. His hair was pearly black, shoulder long. The man had yellow, perfectly circular eyes, and seemed a little disoriented at first. He approached the big mass of people.

After a while one of the recruiting men finally noticed the man in linen clothes and tried to have him recruited. The black haired man listened for a while, and then decided he would quite like to be part of such a journey.

"I would very much like to take the opportunity you present before me, kind man. I go by the name of Crust, I am twentyfour. I might not be much of a combatant, nor any athlete, but for an inquest like this, I hope that wont be any trouble. I am however used to work in harsh conditions, often with little food, and for long hours. Lastly, I can offer you scouting abilities you might not have ever seen the likes of." He refrained from telling he was a shapeshifter. He had no experience with peoples reaction to the matter, and didn't think this was the time to experiment with such.

"Brilliant," said the first man, "but what is it that makes you so eager to leave this village?". "Oh," started Crust, "I have never really felt quite at home here. I have been looking for a ticket out of here for some time, and yours seem as good as any. Maybe even better than most. Very interesting indeed!".

"So be it." said the third man, "Your name is noted in the book.". The fifth continued, "We leave at dawn tomorrow; please meet here in time before then. If there is anything you require or wonder, please let me know, and I shall do my best to help you. Any and all equipment you will need will be provided once we reach our ship.".

"Very well!".