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Aeon Aftermath.

Aeon Aftermath.


The Third War of Eternity has been and gone for a millennia and finally the Gates to the Cradle of Eternity have opened wide, the Aeonic Gods restored and the Aeon Empire beginning to expand once more, new adventures and new threats await.

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dungeons & dragons, anything anyone dumps on this that i haven't claimed.


This is basically a free-ish-roam sand box set in a cosmos of infinite possibilities, full of worlds and multi-verses being born, dyeing, colliding and interacting.
Only certain things are fixed in this cosmos and that is the pre-established local events in the local-space of the "Cradle of Eternity", home to the Aeon Empire.

It has been one thousand years since the end of the Third War of Eternity and the scars of the cataclysmic half millennia long conflict have finally begun to fully heal.
The remains of the Shadow have been hunted down and eradicated by the allied Celestials and Infernals and they have finally parted ways, creating a gentleman's agreement to stay out of each other's way on the grander scheme of things.
The deities of the Cradle of Eternity have been fully restored after the cataclysmic death of Variarneer and the betrayal of Andronada has been rectified by the ascension of Daedalus, completing the circle of eleven and bringing hope back to the Auroran Aeon for a brighter tomorrow,even as the Scar still glows darkly upon the ice shelfs their new god leads them forward into a new age, even as the other gods of the Cradle become uneasy by Daedalus' zeal to rebirth the Aeon's once glorious Empire and the searing desire to cull all the darkness in the reachable Cosmos.
The Aeon are spreading, touching once more with old allies and enemies, reopening the pathways between worlds with their new technology and remastered magics, and ahead of this spread the Avatars of Daedalus scout and hunt, seeking out both the good and the evil throughout the cosmos to either nourish or crush.
Even further beyond this are worlds beyond imagining, Empires and Alliances even more grand than the Aeon, wars beyond even gods and an endless bounty of life and adventure for all to indulge in should they stumble upon it.

Within "Aeon Space" there are specific worlds and anomalies that do not change overmuch.
These include:

The Cradle of Eternity: The birthplace of the aeon and home of the Aeonic Deities, it is a colossal disk suspended in a pocket of void split into ten separate realms, each home to one of the ten clans of Aeon with different environments, all drastically different from one another, in its centre is the gateway to "The Starlit Vales" the realm that the Deities and Aeonic dead dwell. Somewhere within the void surrounding the Cradles is an inter-planar super-weapon that was used during the Third War of Eternity, only the deities of the Cradle know its exact where abouts and forbid its use except for in the most utterly dire situations. The weapon is dubbed "The Pillar of Eternity's End."

The Twelve Celestial Heights/The Nine Infernal Pits: The respective centres of Celestial and Infernal activities. Infernals prefer to refer to themselves as Baa'etzu.

The Material Multiverse: A large multiverse very near the Cradle, Celestial Heights and Infernal Pits. It contains a multitude of unique planes of existence as well as a large "Material Plane" that is a major hub for activity throughout the Multiverse. All traffic coming in and out of the Material Multiverse must pass through Outland which is governed by The Queen of Blades and heavily monitored by Aeonic, Infernal and Celestial forces.

Various Abysses: Abysses are collapsed worlds that are openly exposed to the Cosmic Flux, these ever deepening holes in the fabric of reality are full to the brim with all forms of foul unspeakable entities of all shapes and sizes (Dubbed "Demons of the Flesh" and "Demons of the Spirit") and have a tendency to harbor dark gods and entities wanting to hide. Dark Schisms are created at random between large abysses and nearby worlds which cause Demons to flood through and wreak all sorts of foul havoc.

Contained Abysses: Some Abysses become wedged between sturdy worlds (e.g. the one in the Material Multiverse) cutting them off from the Cosmic Flux and ceasing the violent mutations of the creatures within, causing stability to surface and sometimes intelligence to rise within their dark depths. Stabilized intelligent Demons ar termed Tan'ari.

The Dyson Systems: A tightly packed group of orbiting planes that have scarce amounts of magic and are heavy on technology, they range from "Modern Tech" (21st Century technology) "Future Tech" (Space ships, lasers, war drives, Cyber Punk etc.) "Steam Punk" (Steam Punk) and even medieval and victorian "magic-less" worlds. For magic to function in these worlds "Mana Wells" must be brought to fuel the energies.

Other worlds and world clusters can and will be added over time if this kicks off and people like and enjoy it.
Feel free to suggest or even just make worlds and such within this.

Travel between worlds: Traveling between worlds that are attached or in close orbit is easy with slightly advanced spells or permanent portals. Travel between free floating worlds is much harder requiring Tunneled portals that take time to travel across and are temperamental. Some vessels can be outfitted to travel across the Flux between worlds with relative ease but are at risk of being torn apart by the flux or being sucked into abysses or hidden worlds.

(Still kind of under works, susceptible to change. Feel free to badger me if you feel I haven't given enough information.)

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