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Alex Verlin

"...Hmm. Ice dragon or Snow yeti?"

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by Alle9009


...Dude, quiet.

Artist| Song Name



Alexander Verlin

Alex, Xander, Alver, and it's questionable if he'll even answer that. He mostly goes by Alex though, and only close friends can call him Alver.

November 12

15 years old


10 grade



25% American, 25% British, 50% German




Around people he doesn't know, Alex is distant and quiet, preferring to keep to himself and do his own thing. People who try to talk to him might have trouble due to his tendency to answer and never ask questions, and as he keeps a stoic face most of the time and doesn't talk much people tend to leave him alone. He tends to seem entirely unflappable by just about anything, and people who know Alex jokingly dub him 'Mr Impassive' due to his ability to keep a straight face no matter what happens, be it a gun to the head or a joke. Alex has enough humor in him to play up to these expectations and pretend to take it seriously, even though he knows it's obviously a joke. His lack of expression makes it hard to tell if he's serious or joking, and Alex uses this to his advantage to make jokes, although he'll say 'I'm joking' or give a faint smile later to prove that he was kidding.

However, Alex isn't entirely friendless, and tends to get along with most people. Although he isn't really friendly, Alex isn't unfriendly either, and he doesn't actively antagonise or turn people away when they come to him. Thanks to the traits stated above, the people he lived with in his foster care years tend to put him in charge of taking care of newcomers and kids as he doesn't have people issues or cause much trouble, and as a result Alex tends to have a quiet and unflappable but welcoming air, which puts people at ease. This tends to fade after the first few days, where Alex starts to grow distant and withdrawn even though he isn't any less friendly, which in turn causes the kids to find new buddies and gradually forget about him apart from a wave or some chats. This has effectively made Alex the guy most people leave alone unless they need him for something or are bored and things.

Underneath the indifference, Alex is actually somewhat emotional and surprisingly perceptive when it comes to people, often keeping an eye out in case something happens. He's warm and relaxed around his friends, and is very protective of people in general, especially little kids and the elderly. He is also quick to help people out and doesn't complain much, often giving a hand without asking. Whimsical and asocial, Alex spends most of his time daydreaming and in his own world, which is a large reason why he's so distant and awkward with people. When he's angry, he'll save it up to unleash it at the right time, and he is often a solid rock of responsibility to his friends.

He believes in taking things steady, and at your own pace. He has a surprisingly odd outlook of life, which pretty much consists of him going along with the flow, and doing whatever he wants to do while staying out of big trouble. He still has a long time to live, after all, so why rush? In fact, the more you try to make Alex do something he doesn't want to do. The more obstinate and reasonable he will be. He's also realistic in that he sees things for what they are, which is why he likes to daydream a lot. He believes that keeping a calm and cool head is the best option, making Alex good in a crisis and bad situations, but once his composure is broken it'll take him a long time to calm down. He also believes that people should decide for themselves what they want to do, and so he only gives advice. Alex also doesn't ask questions, as he believes that it's their business and that if they wanted him to know, they'd tell him.

All in all, he's a pretty chill and mellow guy who's steady and calm and in absolute control of himself, and extremely comfortable in his own skin.

chocolate - he likes chocolate, especially chocolate icecream.
daydreaming - he likes to daydream about anything and everything, but mostly about games and stories.
video games - he loves any game, but his favorites tend to be action games and multiplayer games.
parkour - he likes the exercise, and finds it fun. He often does this with Ryuu.
space - he likes having his own space, as he still remembers what it's like to live with no room for yourself

summer - it's hot, and since he's sensitive to heat he hates it like no tomorrow.
chilli - he doesn't mind the milder chilli dishes and curry, but he can't stand stuff like jalepino peppers or Tabasco sauce. He keeps generating ice in his mouth, and forgets that it doesn't work.
hurting innocent people - if there's a reason and the victim deserved it, then he's fine. But if it goes overboard or is just for the lulz then Alex will storm in there and sort it out.
silence - silence is different from quiet in that the place has zero sound. As someone who has spent four years living with multiple people in one room, Alex finds it uncomfortable. To combat this, he'll listen to music or leave.
traveling - he hates moving around from place to place, as it reminds him of his parents and that his home might be temporary.

airplanes - really scared of being in one while it's flying since he's scared that it'll crash and they'll all die.
seeing his friends dead - he doesn't like the idea of the people around him dying instead of him.
killing someone - when he was young, he lost his temper and nearly turned someone into ice. The guy survived, but Alex was so traumatised by what he almost did that he avoided everyone for weeks afterwards, and it was only after a visit from Khione and a talk from Vivian that he started to approach people again. As a result, he now takes extreme care to keep his temper and wears gloves to prevent that incident from ever happening again.

H E I G H T:

W E I G H T:

A nice light red, almost like a the red of a candle flame.

E Y E C O L O R:
Dark green that looks like leaves in the shade.

B O D Y T Y P E:
He's got an average-sized body, and is pretty pale. He has some freckles on his face that are pretty faint, but grow more visible the more time he spends out in the sun. Due to spending some of his time running and in the gym but more time daydreaming, Alex does not have an athletic build, but is still quite fit and has the strong legs of a marathon runner. He's quicker than you think he is, but not by much.

D I S T I N G U I S H I N G M A R K S:
Alex normally has a blank look on his face that makes him look like he's thinking about something so hard he's forgotten about the world surrounding him. This makes him seriously good at poker. It is kind of true in terms if his daydreaming, although he always keeps one eye out. He also has a kind of forgettable but steady and mature aura. Subtlety is Alex's game, and from him a faint half-smile is as good as a smile, and a quirk of the lips means he's laughing deep down inside. He is also good at shooting looks while keeping his face bland, especially withering ones. Another way to find Alex is by looking at his hands, as he's always wearing gloves. Normally, he wears a brown pair, but he has many gloves for each occasion.



Vivian Holste (Hecate demigod, ex-foster mother and part time child care worker)
They're ok. She took care of him when he was grieving for his parents, and as a result Alex has a soft spot for her ever since. They don't really meet much, but they still talk and now that Alex's life is stabilized, go out to have tea together and talk about life.

Finnian Verlin (disowned uncle, guardian)
He's someone who loves to travel. Finny had a spat with the rest of his family over his choice of work as a dancer, and in a fit Finny declared them disowned and and went to London for university. After that he worked in a dance troupe, and any attempts made to contact him were moot. When he finally came back to live in America and to reconcile with his brother, he found only a twelve year old nephew waiting for him and decided then and there to take him in. Naturally the process wasn't so easy, but eventually he adopted Alex after two years and went on to work as a dance instructor.

They first met when Alex was ten, when he had first froze someone. Khione explained his powers to him and taught him how to control it, and even though she left after that she returned every winter since then. However, as Alex has been somewhat traumatized by the whole affair he continues to wear gloves, and after a few tries Khione left it be. They have a quiet but strong bond, and both are happy with this arrangement.

His parents travelled all around the world with their son, but died in an airplane crash when Alex was six. He went in and out of many foster homes of different qualities, ranging from good to ok to worse than satan. At first, Alex kept his powers hidden only from adults and used it to appease the little kids, but when he almost gave a kid who was bullying him hypothermia Alex stopped using his powers. For a while, he stopped even though it hurt something deep inside, but a lady approached him during the winter and taught him how to control it, and Alex was good again. When he entered middle school Alex made friends with Ryuu, who was his classmate, and they became friends. They played together and tended to each other's wounds and didn't ask about the past, and they slowly became best friends. When he was fourteen, Alex's uncle came back, and they lived together.

A few days after middle school graduation, both him and Ryuu were approached by Vivian Holste, who asked them to come with her to talk about high school. Ryuu nearly didn't come, but Alex convinced him too, and together they found out about Aeonis academy. Alex accepted to go after talking it over with his uncle, and entered the academy with Ryuu.

He likes ice manipulation and ice generation. It helps with ice sculptures, and as he figured out, the more detailed the ice sculpture, the stronger it'll be when it's given sentience. Plus, he can make ice cubes and icecream when it's hot, which rocks.

Clothes - he likes dark clothings that are comfortable, like jeans and shirts with weird logos. He also likes army jackets. He also has numerous gloves, and normally wears a brown pair all the time.
Sticking around people - he likes to hang out around people he knows sometimes and appreciate that he's not alone. And sometimes, he can't stand the quiet since he's used to being around many people from living in foster homes. Mostly though, he's ok with being alone.
Journal - keeps a black journal with rainbow stripes on the cover that he updates everyday. He's been doing it since childhood.
Pet - his uncle owns a pug called Killy. It's a pretty sweet dog, and Alex loves her. It's with his uncle though.

So begins...

Alex Verlin's Story

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Jackie Pineman, September 1, 7am, orientation day, dorm room

"Done!" Jackie stretched her arms and grinned with satisfaction at the now-packed closet. She'd arrived early, but unpacking and repacking all of her stuff had taken quite a while. Luckily, she was done now. Man, she thought, running a hand through her hair, Done it twice now and it never gets easier. Ah well. Oh yeah! She turned to her laptop, grabbing a seat. Better reply to that message, it might be pretty important.

Clicking the message icon shaking merrily at her from the screen, she opened the message.

To: Elecfly24
Get your gears ready. This is gonna be big! They've actually tossed some real money into the prize. We're finally gonna be recognized as the pro athletes that we are. Don't you dare fall behind in your grindin'. Will see you this evening

Jackie grinned. Ha, as if, she thought, grabbing a seat. No way am I missing out on this. Fighting all of those players was going to be so damn fun, she could already feel herself getting excited about the raid.

To: Pinkwand69
Please, I couldn't be more ready than a general executing a war plan. Those guys are going down! They'll never be able to stand up to us, mwahahaha! >:D
Can't believe they're using real cash as the prize though, that's pretty awesome. See you this evening at the usual spot!

Having sent her message, Jackie cracked her knuckles and grinned. Alright, she thought decisively, looking over her character. I'm not hungry yet, I think I'll make a few small adjustments...

Alex Verlin (0040BF) and Ryuu Morimoto(404000), 1 September, orientation day


Alex blearily got off the bus as Ryuu bounded outside, a wide grin on his face as he took in the sight of the school. Taking a moment to make sure that all of their stuff was already with them instead of on the bus, Alex trudged over to his best friend's side at a much slower pace, wondering how Ryuu had so much energy when they had just taken a flight, a extremely long bus ride and another extremely long bus ride when he had only slept during the second bus trip. Alex had slept during the plane and third bus ride and he was still feeling a little jet lagged.

Maybe he actually took a nap when I wasn't looking, Alex thought, glancing over at Ryuu. He was still staring at the statue like all of his dreams had come true, which was pretty odd but whatever. Or maybe he's actually a robot that recharges by using solar batteries, which explains why he's so energetic right now...

This was bad - Alex had considered that theory seriously for a second there. Maybe the jet lag was getting to him.

Still, standing out here wasn't so bad, since it wasn't too hot - Alex didn't even need to remove the dark green windbreaker he was wearing. He closed his eyes and concentrated, forming an ice cube on his tongue. The cold was sharp but comforting, and Alex chewed on it patiently as he waited for Ryuu to stop staring. It was kind of freaking him out a bit, but since Ryuu had gone on about the school like a tv highschool girl on fashion he guessed it made sense. Besides, Ryuu would stop sooner or later and apologise for it like he always did whenever he talked for two hours straight on something he liked or bumped into somebody or... Well. Most things, really.

After long consideration, Alex had started to work on stopping Ryuu from apologising so much. It was a work in progress.

Sure enough, Ryuu snapped out of it five minutes later. "Sorry!" he apologised, giving Alex a sheepish smile, his eyes frantic. He placed his hands inside the pockets of the sleeveless grey hoodie he had on over the button up dark red shirt he was wearing. "Sorry, I got caught up with the building, I'm rea-"

"It's alright, you don't really need to apologise," Alex interrupted, giving Ryuu a pat on the shoulder. His touch, already gentle, was made softer by the brown felt gloves he was wearing, but Ryuu didn't relax. Alex didn't sigh, although he felt like it. Again, it was a work in progress - extremely slow progress. "Dude, really." He said, giving Ryuu a brief smile. "It's fine."

Ryuu looked doubtful. "Well. If you say so, but I'm still sorry." he said, before brightening up and pasting a smile on his face. He picked up his luggage, slinging his backpack on. "C'mon, let's go inside! I want to see what it's like, and we need to report before we're late."

We need to report to somewhere? That was news to Alex. Ah well, Ryuu would know the way. Grabbing his own luggage, Alex gave a nod to Ryuu, who had already taken a few steps towards the entrance. Falling into step beside him, the two friends entered the school.

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Alex Verlin (0040BF) and Ryuu Morimoto(404000), 1 September, Orientation Day, Cafeteria

Alex had absolutely zero clue where to go. thankfully, Ryuu did, and the duo had met up with the other members of their batch. Alex would've much rather go to sleep instead of talk, but since there were no beds around Alex leant against the wall and crossed his arms, closing his eyes.

Ryuu smiled as he chatted with the others, feeling like he was at the top of the world. Oh man, this was awesome! Ryuu still couldn't believe it. A boarding school that allowed him to stay away from home, and unless he kicked up a fuss his father could do nothing about it since he had a scholarship and everything, and since Ryuu planned on being the ultimate normal student Raiden Morimoto would never have to come to the academy unless absolutely necessary. He was already making friends with a lot of people and had managed to familiarise himself with most of the others (even if it was only through sight), which was already pretty good in Ryuu's book.

He grinned happily. Yup, life was sweet, and would be more sweeter from here on out especially now that he and a few others were going to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Thanks to travelling here Ryuu hadn't eaten breakfast yet, he was starv - no wait, extremely hungry. Starving felt different. More painful, for one thing. He made his way to the wall Alex was leaning against, bumping into a girl going in the opposite direction.

For a moment that was more like a blink, Ryuu winced, and his hand went to his right upper arm. He immediately covered it up with a sheepish smile and turned around to apologise, but the girl had already gone off, chatting with her friend.

Ow, Ryuu thought, rubbing his arm gently. The large bruise on it throbbed from the impact. He'd gotten it two days ago, along with a few others scattered on his abdomen here and there from when his father lost it at the dinner table. The bruises on his thigh and shoulder were almost healed, along with the smaller one almost below the newer bruise, but it still hurt.

Ryuu still had no clue what had set him off. Work maybe? Or something Ryuu did?

It was probably the latter. Ah well. Rearranging his face into a smile, Ryuu approached Alex and shook him lightly. "C'mon, sleepyhead," he grinned cheerfully as Alex's eyes blinked open, "Rise and shine! A few of us are gonna get breakfast, want to come with?"


Alex still felt sleepy, but less like falling asleep on his feet. Ryuu introduced him to Celgi, Killian and Glen, who were children of Hephasteus, Ares and Hermes respectively and had absolutely no clue where the cafeteria was. Alex didn't say much, but Ryuu more than made up for it by talking a mile a minute. They didn't seem to mind that Alex wasn't really a talker, which Alex found himself grateful for.

After finding the cafeteria and getting their breakfast, they went off to find a seat, jokingly mocking each other's choice of of breakfast. Alex was in the middle of debating with Killian on just exactly why Cookie Crunch were infinitely more superior than porridge when -


- All of them tripped. Glen and Killian, having superhuman reflexes thanks to their godly parents, caught themselves and quickly grabbed at the person closest to them to prevent them from falling. Celgi's breakfast fell to the floor, but since it was wrapped in plastic it didn't matter... leaving Alex just enough time to think Oh shit- before he landed on the cafeteria floor with a thud while his tray flew out of his hands.

People were yelling, and with a dawning feeling of horror in his stomach, Alex looked up and saw in what felt like slow motion his breakfast falling towards two students sitting at tables.

Still half outstretched on the cafeteria floor, Alex's hand shot out almost reflexively and turned the falling milk, orange juice and cereal into ice.

Within seconds, the white and orange liquid mixed with cereal turned into brittle ice that would shatter upon contact, but it was too late - gravity was doing its work, and Alex couldn't stop the net of ice from falling.

Jackie Pineman (BF4000), 1 September, Orientation Day, Dorm room - Cafeteria

Adjustments done, Jackie stretched her arms and decided to head to the cafeteria for breakfast. Pulling on a dark blue sports hoodie over a white shirt with a stylised black skull logo and black jeans, Jackie slipped on her trainers and headed out of the room with a bag slung around her shoulder, containing gym clothes, a few books and her wallet. Classes would be boring today since the first day of the school year was normally spent by everyone (even the teachers) reorienting themselves back to school life and patching up with friends, so Jackie planned to spend the day catching up with everyone in real life and relaxing in the gym or sparring.

After she ate, though. Jackie's stomach growled, and her steps quickened to a brisk trot as she made her way towards the cafeteria, fully focused on getting food to appease the dark growling pit that was her stomach. Jackie frowned and clutched the sling of her bag tighter. Geez, it felt like her stomach was trying to digest itself! maybe she should've eaten breakfast before making all those changes to Vladsmire...


Jackie dismissed that thought almost as soon as she had thought it. Her character was even more awesome now! The tiny white haired midget could move faster, for one thing, and Jackie had managed to give him a pair of cybernetic upgrades that enhanced his healing factor and defence. She grinned to herself. No friggin' way she would lose against those-

The smell of food hit her like a punch to the stomach, and Jackie suddenly remembered that she was incredibly hungry and that thoughts relating to game characters could wait until after her stomach stopped threatening to commit suicide if food wasn't in it within the next five minutes. Running to the counter with the shortest queue, Jackie ordered a cheese omelette, some bacon, toast and a glass of apple juice. She crossed her arms impatiently as she waited for the food to arrive, almost cheering out loud as the delicious looking meal finally made it's way onto her tray to be whisked away to the nearest seat.

Balancing the tray on one hand and grabbing a piece of toast with the other, Jackie stuffed it into her mouth and chewed as she walked around the cafeteria to find a seat. Thanks to the first years and other members of the school coming in, the cafeteria had gotten more crowded and noisier, and now it was pretty hard to find an empty seat. Jackie gritted her teeth as a second year bumped into her and nearly caused her to spill the plate of food balanced in her hands, disappearing before Jackie could do anything. Dammit all, she really should've gone earlier-


Jackie grinned gleefully as she spotted an empty chair. She charged straight for it, miraculously not spilling her food or juice, and slid into the seat with a sense of victory. Spying Tessa and some others on another table nearby, Jackie beamed and waved at her before consuming her breakfast with a ferocity only seen on lioness defending her cubs. Someone yelled behind her, but Jackie ignored it in favour of eating her food.