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Castor Lancaster

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice. If you are a man(or woman), you take it."

0 · 744 views · located in Aeonis Academy, Greece

a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by tigerz


"Go to work, get married, have some kids, pay your taxes,
pay your bills, watch your TV, follow fashion, act normal,
obey the law, and repeat after me: I am free."

Mischief Brew| Lowly Cartpenter



Castor Lancaster
Yes, I get it. My name is funny. And yes, I am named after one of the twins from the Gemini constellation.


Cas, Gemini, Mr. L, Oh Captain My Captain
The last one is my favorite


March 29th




The big guy


Or as I like to call it, 'the class where I teach students how to think for themselves and question their government and the gods'.




Sex with women is great but when it comes to relationships, I want a man.


50% British 50% Scottish
100% American raised







Castor is very passionate about the things he talks about and this can make him seem rather intense to his students(maybe it's the eyes). He loves teaching politics because he has a big opinion(and he loves sharing his opinion) on it. Castor really wants his students to leave his class as free thinkers just like him and really pushes it on them how they have to create their own opinions and think for themselves. He's also very rebellious because he likes things to be done his way instead of another which can make him seem stubborn even though he's actually quite patient.

Castor is a big flirt and tends to get a new person in his bed almost every night. It's usually women since he only uses them for sex. He'll often flirt with and tease many of his coworkers when he's not teaching a class. He's also very confident to the point of arrogance like all other Zeus children. He thinks that he's great and could spend hours talking about how he's the 'eternal stud'.

Castor is very caring when it comes to his students. He wants the best for them and he has a lot of respect from them. Maybe it's because he's still fairly young or because he seems intimidating. But when a student needs him, he's there.


Questioning authority
Encouraging students to think for themselves
Dead Poets Society
V for Vendetta


Today's governments
Being underground
Students who think they can get away with cheating
When students don't participate
When women want more than just sex


☠Being underground
☠Losing to Zeus


Elizabeth Lancaster|50|Mother|Alive
Pollux Lancaster|28|Twin Brother|Alive


Castor had once been fairly close with Zeus when he was younger but that all changed once he became an adult. Castor began questioning his father and his motives. That's when he decided to become a teacher at his school. He wants the students to go against the gods as well.


Castor's mother met Zeus her senior year of college at a frat party and the two had a one night stand. His mother gave birth to two beautiful baby boys who wouldn't find out who their father was until about 12. Castor and Pollux both went their separate ways when they became adults and weren't as close as they used to be. Pollux grew closer with Zeus and acts like his 'champion' whereas Castor resents Zeus and wants to destroy him.


Castor doesn't use his powers often but he does enjoy the intimidation factor of causing a storm in front of students.


Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder
Pet: A black cat named Enzo


So begins...

Castor Lancaster's Story

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Mark didn't linger in Miles doorway for too long, instead he merely shouted the abuse at his roommate before returning to his own room of the dorm, no doubt everyone would be eating breakfast together and catching up with their friends and he had stupidly eaten the food in his kitchen, but then again he could go for a second help, not like the staff would complain, or even know for that matter.

Just as he contemplated going to the cafeteria for his second breakfast, his phone buzzed along his shelf, snatching the phone he smiled at the message, he hadn't messaged anyone but Amanda and he hung out with her over summer, Izzy messaged him first and prompted him to message a few others, replying to her first of course.

[From: Isabel Nolan]
[MARK! Party, tonight. You, me, a bunch load of alcohol and some of your fresh made fruit.
Please and thank you.
Your fav, Izzy]

[To: Isabel Nolan]
[IZZY!!! I feel like you're only using me for my sweet fruits :O I am mortally offended, all one of my man feelings hurt! xD Jk of course I'll be there, hey I saw this video while I was home, we're doing this tonight! Hopefully I'll see you at breakfast for a bit :3
From one of your many favs, Mark, obviously]

Mark flicked through his contacts till he found Hugo, he opened to send him a message but it took him a few minutes to think of anything to send him.

[To: Hugo Rojas]
[What up my Puta? I'm heading to the cafeteria for my second breaky! Doubtful they'll have any soda or fadge, wtf is a Norn Irish man to do with himself if they aren't included in breakfast!!! :O]

Mark had taught Hugo a few of his native slang words and Mark hoped Hugo hadn't remembered the teachings, that way Hugo could think Mark was talking about a fizzy drink and that his summer home turned him straight or bi, when in reality, all he was on about was 2 types of bread.

He then found Marilyn's contact and typed her a message,

[To: Marilyn Tsinajinnie]
[Hey Mari! I have most certainly missed you getting my slang wrong! Although if you do it these year, I think I may have to give you an F on your Northern Irish citizenship test :D I'm heading for breakfast, see you down there? :P]

Mark grabbed his keys and pocketed both them and his phone before leaving his dorm and making his way for the cafeteria for a second helping of breakfast and a chance to see his friends again. Mark even wondered what Castor was doing and how his summer was, but going to see a teacher on the first day before all of your friends would be an unwise move, even if he was enjoying his company more than was professional, but they were both adults and the Academy is founded by Greek Gods, they don't really care what goes on, but either way Mark decided to just message Castor instead of actually going to visit him, before pocketing his phone and heading on to the cafeteria.

[To: Castor Lancaster]
[Hey you, what's up? How was your summer?]

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#, as written by tigerz

Castor was working on getting things ready for orientation and his first class. He had decided to take a short nap on his desk when he heard the lightning crash. Castor immediately woke up and nearly fell out of his chair from how loud the noise was. He cursed under his breathe and picked up the papers that fell on the floor. "Well great. Daddy's here..." Castor prayed that Zeus wouldn't be paying him a visit. He wasn't in the mood for a 'father-son' chat with the big guy.

Castor finished his work and made sure his outfit was perfect. He looked himself over using the camera on his phone as a mirror when a text appeared from his favorite student. Castor's lips curled into a devious smirk when he read it and then he responded:

Hey you. I just finished up my work for orientation. My summer was wonderful but I'd rather you tell me about yours later.

Castor sent the message and out his phone away before grabbing his messenger bag and coffee and leaving the classroom. He decided he wanted to go pay his two favorite coworkers a visit and figured he'd find them together. After a few turns down the halls he stopped at the counsellor's office to find the two he was looking for. "Hello ladies." He said with a charming and seductive grin on his face. "You two look positively lovely today."

Castor noticed Terry and acknowledged him by giving a friendly nod.


"Spencer?" Her roommate called. "Are you awake?"

Spencer groaned into her pillow and flipped over onto her back. I am now... She tossed her sheets off of her body and got out of bed. She then wiped the sleep away from her eyes before realizing her roommate would want an audible response.

"Yeah, I'm up. I'm getting dressed now."

Spencer flicked on the light in her room and made her way to her closet to pick out some clothes for her first official day at the academy. Spencer eventually picked an outfit and put it on before opening her door.

"Uh, hey roomie." Spencer said awkwardly. Both of them had been here early. Ruth was her before Spencer. Spencer tried to come as soon as possible for the sake of getting out of her hell hole of a house but she didn't know why Ruth came early. It's like she really cared if the girl told her or not. [color=#00006]"So what do you need?"[/color] Spencer asked figuring that would be the only reason why she would wake Spencer up so early.