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Dimitri Zarkhov

"I did something once. My ghosts won't let me forget it."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by tigerz


"They're always there... In my head. It's a bit strange, but I find it comforting. Even if it does drive me a bit mad."




Dimitri Oleksandr Zarkhov


Alex(Common), Oleks(By his family and Kade), Death, Freak, and Russian(Mockingly)


November 5
Remember, remember the fifth of November...












Brit of Russian descent







The first thing anyone ever notices about Dimitri is the fact that he's closed off. He has very few living friends and basically acts as a loner. He sits alone in a corner and talks to the dead over the living. Dimitri thinks this is easier than getting close to a living person. Maybe it's because they're already dead. He doesn't have to see how or when they will die or deal with the heart break of losing them.

There's no way to sugar coat Dimitri's destructive nature. Sometimes he gets pushed over the edge whether it be from his past or from falling asleep. Anything that causes him to snap never ends well for those around him. Especially since he can control darkness which only corrupts and heightens his negative emotions when he's like this. He does his best to keep under control. Part of that is not letting people see anything below his surface. To keep his past a secret.

Even though he doesn't have many friends, it's not hard to see how hurt Dimitri is. He looks like a wounded puppy which creates an innocence to him that seems childlike. He's also target number one to bullies because he's the easiest to pick on thanks to being a loner and permanently labeled a freak for talking to the dead.

It comes as a surprise, but Dimitri is incredibly intelligent for being the son of Hades. Dimitri has even been known to score just as well as the Athena children on tests(though this is because he gets help from the dead). It's possible this has caused the Athena children not to like him.


Talking to the dead-They're helpful at times. It's also the only way I can still see my mother and sister
Cigarettes-They help calm me down
Tylenol-Sometimes my powers give me awful headaches
Caffeine-I need to stay awake...
Dogs-Maybe it's a Hades thing
History and literature-It just makes sense to me
Hamlet-It's my favorite play


Sleeping-If I sleep, I dream. If I dream, they come
Seeing people die-I really hate being able to see someone's death
Getting too close to someone-What's the point? If I get close to someone, they'll just die anyways
Cats-I'm allergic to them
Math and science-I them becuase I can barely understand what's going on in class. The only reason I even do well is because they are helping me
Sex-I know I'm supposed to be obsessed with it like every other teenage boy, but I'm not
Oleksandr and Viktor ZarkhovI hate the man who raised me and I hate his son. My 'father' was an abusive prick who deserved his death. My brother deserved more than what he got after what he did to me. Of course they're still haunting me...
Physical contact-It's not that I hate hugs and stuff. It's just I can't stand them for very long. I also hate sitting next to someone being up against them for too long. I just can't do it.


☠Death-It's not that I'm scared of my own death... I actually welcome it. I'm more scared of others dying. Especially if I get close to them...
☠Sex-Alright, so there's a little more to not liking sex like 'normal' people...
☠Heights-It's a Hades thing
☠Large groups of people-Large groups aren't good for people like me. Or people with powers like me.
☠Oleksandr and Viktor Zarkhov-They won't leave me alone after what I did
☠Sleep-I can't sleep. I can't let them get to me.

H E I G H T:

I get it... I'm short...

W E I G H T:


E Y E C O L O R:

A lifeless dark grey

B O D Y T Y P E:

Dimitri has a thin but still athletic build

D I S T I N G U I S H I N G M A R K S:

Dimitri has an almost wounded puppy look to him that makes him so recognizable even though he doesn't want to be. He rarely smiles but when he does, it's incredibly adorable(even if his teeth are crooked). He's also distinguishable from the many scars scattered across his body. The most prominent is the deep white scar on his left cheek as well as the scars on his lips from being busted open so many times. He also has dark circles under his eyes from almost never sleeping.





Oleksandr Zarkhov|Step-father|43|Deceased|
Izabella Zarkhov|Mother|40|Deceased
Viktor Zarkhov|Half-brother|21|Deceased
Anastasya Zarkhov|Half-sister|11|Deceased


Dimitri didn't really have a relationship with Hades. He always thought Hades wanted nothing to do with him and had no idea that Hades was always there, always watching, and always protecting Dimitri. At least, that's what the letter says. Dimitri doesn't even know whether or not to believe it. He feels hurt that his siblings have gotten to actually know him Dimitri never really got the chance. Dimitri has no idea that Hades really has always been around. Hades appears to Dimitri like the rest of the dead he talks to and he's actually bounded quite strongly with him. He has no idea this 'ghost' is his father.


My past is dark... My mother and sister died when I was 12. My father abused me until the day I killed him. And my brother raped and abused me until I put a stop to him as well.

Oleksandr and Izabella married when they were young and had Viktor soon after. Many years would pass before Izabella bore another child, Dimitri. She had Anastsya soon after him. Only Viktor and Anastasya were Oleksandr's. His wife had convinced him that Dimitri was his child but he had a hard time believing it. The truth was, their marriage was awful. It was basically arranged by both rich families. The two hardly got along and Oleksandr had a tendency to be abusive towards his wife. The only child he was abusive towards was Dimitri whom he commonly referred to as 'that bastard's son' once his mother died.

Dimitri always had a feeling he was different. He had a knack for seeing things other people couldn't. Or rather, seeing people. He didn't discover his other abilities until the day his mother and sister died. Dimitri just knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as he watched them get into the car. Like he was there experiencing it with them. He saw them get out of the car. He could smell his mother's perfume. Hear his sister's scream when their mother was shot first and then Anastasya. He told his father this which only earned him a beating from him. His father later packed their bags and moved Dimitri and Viktor to England because Dimitri was drawing too much suspicion because he knew it wasn't just some mugging that went bad. Dimitri was 12.

Dimitri was constantly bullied in his knew school and labeled a freak because he sat alone and talked to the dead. His father would beat him when he got home telling him he had to act 'normal'. One day, Dimitri finally had enough. When his father's hand came down at him with his leather belt, Dimitri grabbed his wrist and wished for him to be dead. Oleksandr dropped to the floor with no pulse. They ruled it a heart attack. Dimitri was 13.

Viktor knew better. He knew there was more to the story. He began to dig through a box of his mother's old things and found a letter addressed to Dimitri. He learned of the affair his mother had with a dark and mysterious man that was Dimitri's true father. Viktor, Oleksandr favorite child and Dimitri's new legal guardian, was outraged with his mother's betrayal and took it out on Dimitri. He abused Dimitri worse than Oleksandr ever did and even raped him on multiple accounts. On day, Dimitri tried to fight back when Viktor was raping him but Viktor was much stronger than him and even used a pocket knife to slice at Dimitri's cheek which would require stitches. Dimitri had enough and did the same thing to Viktor as he did to Oleksandr. Dimitri was 15.

Right after was when a letter appeared addressed to Dimitri. It was from his real father, Hades. This letter explained everything to him and all of his abilities. It also told him to come to the school. Which is exactly what he did.


Dimitri's favorite power is being able to communicate with the dead. They're always there for him and help guide him. Well, the good one's at least. Some days he actually hates this power because it can also be too much at once giving him headaches. It also keeps him from sleeping because it's the most vulnerable point for the 'bad one's' to come visit him. It also has gotten him labeled as a freak at school since he spends more time talking to the dead than actual people. Despite this, he still loves this power more than the others even if it's a burden at the same time.


Face Claim: Jack O'Connell
Pets: A husky named Wolf
Other: Still has a Russian accent but it's not as thick anymore and it has an odd mixture with a British one


So begins...

Dimitri Zarkhov's Story

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#, as written by tigerz

ImageLike most nights, Dimitri didn't sleep at all. Instead he popped some caffeine pills and laid in his bed waiting for his alarm to go off. Kade called him the day before to pick her up from the airport in her truck that she'd left there over the summer knowing Dimitri could use it since he never left the academy on account of having no family to come home to. It's not like he'd even want to if he did anyways.

As soon as his alarm went off, Dimitri jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. He grabbed the keys, brew up a quick cup of coffee, threw his lighter in his pocket, and was out the door and into the truck in no time. The trip to the airport was easy since it was close to the academy and Dimitri waited at the drop off for Kade.

After maybe 30 minutes of waiting, Kade walked out with two bags and threw them in the back before walking to the driver's side. "Out." She commanded and Dimitri followed by getting out and moving over to the passenger side.Kade then tossed him a fresh pack of cigarettes. "I got your favorites as payment for taking care of my baby while I was gone." She grinned at him and he responded with and opened the pack of American Spirits and offered one to her. Kade took one and lit it up before giving him her lighter. Dimitri used it to light his up as well and the two headed towards the academy smoking a cigarette like they did every time Dimitri picked her up.

Image"How was your summer?" Dimitri shrugged. "So it was super boring because I wasn't there." Another shrug. "Well my summer was great. I got to train and eat awesome food. It would've been better with Kiren there though." Kade laughed and Dimitri just nodded. This was how most of their conversations would go. dimitri didn't say much but kade could say a lot and it just kind of worked for them. maybe because Kade was too stubborn to let Dimitri try and push her away. Or she was just good at understanding him and didn't try to push him to open up. She let him be himself.

Kade's phone began to buzz once they were stopped at a red light and she looked at it and smiled before handing the phone over to Dimitri. "Tell her 'I can't wait' with a winky face." Dimitri typed what he told her to and then hit send. A couple minutes later they were at the school and Kade was looking for a place to park. "Now text her saying 'I'm here babe. Time for that kiss' Dimitri did just that and Kade parked and took her phone back. "Well, it's time to go get my prize. I'll see you at orientation." Kade killed the engine and hoped out. She went into the school and Dimitri followed a couple minutes after. Honestly, he wasn't ready for this. This year would be his last year with Kade. The last year with someone who understood him and the one he beat up all his bullies.

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Location: Hallway
Dialogue: #B527EB

While the two were walking towards the cafeteria, Otter forgot that she'd had her phone out before for a reason. She wanted to text a couple of people she had yet to run across yet. Literally running into Daniel had completely sidetracked her from her original intent. She slipped her phone out of her pocket for a short moment to send two text messages.
||To: Kiren||
Hey! When are we catching up? I miss my sis. (:

||To: Dimitri||
Hey there, old friend. Care to meet in the courtyard for lunch? I could whip up some sandwiches for us. (:

With that she eased her cellular device into her back pocket again. She caught the tail end of Daniel's sentence, realizing he was talking about flying through the grand canyon again. Her brows raised and she shook her head as she had before.
"I'm gonna tell you this right now. My anxiety doesn't allow me to make any decision without making my palms sweat or make me lack breath, what on Earth makes you think I could ever go for an invisible carpet ride above not only the ground, but one of the largest canyons in the world where the average elevation is about 8,000 feet high? You can count me out White Lightning." She chuckled after giving him his classic nickname from her.
They rounded the corner in front of the cafeteria. Numerous tables had already become occupied by other demigods, chairs sporadically surrounding them, some tables containing three or four, others were more popular with ten people squeezing to get a foot to themselves at the table. She smiled. It was nice to be back here. She had missed it. Intoxicating aromas departed from the kitchen. She could depict the scent of maple syrup and bacon more than any other and her stomach tingled a bit. She had made herself a breakfast burrito before she had left her dorm, but maybe her stomach was telling her that she needed a little something more.
She grabbed a tray, assuming Daniel was right behind her as she went through the line, awaiting to be served.
She almost froze where she stood when she was almost positive that Daniel had just asked her to be his date.
The gap grew in the line between her and the people in front of her and she willed herself to move. She was so stunned. She had never been asked out before, even as friends.
"I-i-i-i-," She slapped her free hand over her mouth to keep herself from further stuttering. She couldn't even speak, she was so pathetic. She felt stinging at the corners of her eyes and she blinked rapidly to evade them, but she couldn't. The tray clattered noisily to the floor as she pushed past groups of people to get out and get out now!
She was not capable of facing Danny in this moment. She didn't know where to go once she was a good distance from the cafeteria. She shook vigorously, becoming even more terrified to speak. She decided on a whim that the safest place to go was her dorm room until classes started. At least there she could go and cry her eyes out and no one would have to look at her hideous face as she did so, nor would they judge or pity her.
She made it to her dorm room and threw herself onto the living room couch, sobbing and snotting into her cushion.

Time: 8:17 AM Location: Courtyard
Dialogue: #981818

After the blonde boy turned from threatening the boys, he caught the tail end of Belladonna retiring her phone into her purse. Again?
Yeah, checking the time my ass. As if you even care that much to be on time. So he knew that his presumption from earlier was indeed, correct. And Landon hated to be lied to.
Once outside, she answered his question trying to play it off smoothly. Too smooth. She was taking him for an idiot, but he wouldn't be played by her like every other guy was. It seemed like she forgot that they were of the same descent.
He fetched the cigarette from her yet again and with a couple of drags, he extinguished the cherry and threw the butt into his back pocket to dispose of properly. Yeah, he could be an ass, but he didn't believe in littering.
He looked to her expectantly, observing if the idea of a blunt would just be a tease like half of the other guys she played with. He chuckled to himself at that too real joke.
"So is that the person you have been lying to me about texting? You can tell me the truth. You aren't my girlfriend and you're free to talk to whoever you want, you know that." He gave Belladonna an encouraging smile.

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Day Outfit
Kiren giggled at Marilyn's comment about always brewing something because it was kind of true. If Kiren wasn't hanging out with Kade or any of her friends she would either be entertaining herself with something scary to read, netflix or brewing up something new. When Mari went off into her room to grab the present she mentioned, Kiren realized that she missed her roommate. They have been roommates for so long that it just felt normal when she came back to the dorm, like she never left. Smiling to herself because of that thought Kiren snapped out of it went Marilyn came back into the room. The demi-god felt touched that her roommate got her a gift and eager to see what it was but to Kiren anything from Marilyn was fine because they both almost have the same taste in things plus it's the thought that counts. Her phone suddenly vibrated in her pocket but since she was busy being excited she didn't feel it.

When Marilyn came back out and handed the bracelet to her, Kiren gasped softly with a sparkly look in her eyes. "Holy crap! It's beautiful Mari!" she said rather excitedly as she rose it up to the light in order to view the flowers better. "Honestly, it's awesome, thank you." Kiren smiled before giving the girl a tight hug and slipping the bracelet over her wrist. "I'm going to wear it all day, but I wish I could have gotten you something . . . " she trailed off for a second. "I really didn't go anywhere for the summer and was stuck in the house most days so there really wasn't anything worth buying that was worthy of my friends, you guys are just too awesome. " her lips tilted up into a smile at the end before pouring some of her potion into Mari's mug.

"I'm going to meet up with Tess and Amanda after this myself. Grab some breakfast before orientation!" said Marilyn and Kiren nodded while pouring herself a mug and blowing on it softly so it'll cool down faster. "Sounds fun! Matter of fact I was about to head out also to go see Zo but I wanted to wait until Kade got her-" her phone vibrated again and Kiren noticed this time taking it out and reading through two texts that were sent by Kade. All of a sudden that smile reappeared on her lips again as her cheeks lit up slightly just at the thought of seeing her girlfriend again. "Speak of the devil, Kade is here!" her smile didn't fade and her heart fluttered in her chest.

Sipping at her potion that actually tasted really good Kiren began to text back.

To My Goddess:
YAY! I'll be out my dorm in a second.

By the time she finished that text Kiren had already nervously sipped through half her mug. Right before she was about to put her phone away though it vibrated again this time a text popping up from one of her closest friends, Shyroe and her little sister Otter.

From Roey:
Hi Kiren! I was wondering where you are, I'm just about to go outside to see if I can find August.'

To Roey:
I'll meet up with you in orientation, we can do something after! Hang out? Have some fun maybe with friends? See you later my lovely love! :)

From Lil Sis:
Hey! When are we catching up? I miss my sis. (:

To Lil Sis:
You my little one I have missed a lot even though I texted you just last night, lol. You my dear are special and if you want we can hang out tonight and watch, wait for it, MOVIES! :D Just binge watch on whatever we want!

With that sent Kiren swallowed the rest of the pink liquid that was now a bit cooler so it didn't burn as much when it went down. "Okay, that's done! Should be feeling the kick of energy in about ten minutes." she spoke as her feet moved across the floor over to her room as she retrieved her wallet from the night stand and came back out. "I'm all set!" she smiled before giving Mari a peck on the cheek and waved good by. "I'll see you at orientation, let's grab a bunch of friends after and do something fun."

Kiren was halfway out the door by now when she stopped for a second. "Thank you for the gift, I love youuuuu!" her voice echoed a bit as she let the room, she still could be heard saying the 'you' part even as she reached the end of the hall.

Once outside Kiren shun her eyes from the sun as she squinted. It took a second for her eyes to adjust but after they did she was on her merry way to meet Kade, well, she had to find her first. Wandering for a couple of minutes her mind went back to Zoe. Ah, Crap! Pulling out her phone quickly Kiren sent out a fast text to let Zoe know that she would meet her at orientation, Kade just got here and she needed to see her. Honestly Kiren really was looking forward to hanging out with Zo before orientation but she hasn't seen Kade all summer and wanted to hug and kiss her girlfriend right now.

After a few more minutes of walking Kiren finally saw Kade in the distance. The butterflies that were in her stomach earlier had returned and her heart was pounding louder and louder the closer she got to her with each footstep. When Kiren finally got to her she smiled and gave her a big hug, oblivious to anything she was holding. Hugging Kade right now made her feel good, safe and happy. When Kiren pulled away from the hug her hands instinctively placed themselves gently on the side of her head as she closed the gap between their lips. The young demi-god stayed like that for a couple of second before pulling away once more with a goofy, love-drunk smile on her face. "Hi." she giggled before her cheeks flushed a deeper red when she noticed Dimitri behind her. "Hi there Dimitri." she greeted with one of her rare shy smiles. The girls sparkling eyes wandered back to her girlfriends, smirking as she did.