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Jack Clement

"I hate being toyed with."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by almostinsane


"What gives you the right? What gives you the right to toy with my life and say it's for my own good? I'm not even the right gender in your eyes, am I?"

Linkin Park| Numb



Jack Clement


March 21






Half Irish, Half English; American (Nationality)




Jack is a cynic with a mile-long sarcastic streak only matched by his own stubborness. Some would say that his stubborness borders on hubris. After all, he has spent much of his free time openly defying the wishes of his own mother, a powerful goddess in her own right. Due to a lack of a parental figure when he was young, Jack is accustomed to taking care of himself. As such, he has a profound dislike for being or appearing to be helpless.

Jack is a drinker. He is unsure if he inherits it from his mother's side of the family (technically, his uncle is the god of whine and half the stuff his grandfather did to women had to be under the influence of something) or his father's, but he doesn't care. Wine cheers a man's heart and the fire of liquor going down his throat makes him feel alive. He also doesn't say no to the company of women, taking a great deal of pleasure at the irony of his mother being the goddess of virginity. He has trust issues a mile long, however, and none of his relationships have ever lasted long, something he tries to shrug off but privately eats at him.

Jack does have some redeeming qualities, however. He is loyal to a fault. He doesn't make many friends, but when he does, he never forsakes them, even if it means going through a lot of trouble he wouldn't bother with otherwise. He loves animals, though he tries to hide this, particularly dogs. He cannot stand people abusing them isn't afraid to tap into his powers for some well-deserved retribution. At heart ,though, Jack is just a person who is struggling with figuring out just what the fuck he wants.

Combat/Martial Arts

His mother
Foster Care
Cruelty (especially to animals

☠Dying alone- Jack has severe abandonment issues. Though he often pushes people away, he fears dying alone with no friends of family more than anything else.
☠Freezing to death- Jack has almost frozen to death many times. It is a frighteningly easy way to die.
☠Being some god's pawn- Jack values his independence above all else and mythology is filled with jerkass gods using mortals and their children. Jack does not wish to be one of them.



???|| Father (?)

Relationships between the gods and their children run the gambit between an almost normal, tender relationship to an extremely bitter enmity. While Jack doesn't really despise his mother, his feelings towards her are decidedly bitter. They have only ever met once and that was for her to tell him that she wiped his father's memory of him and placed him in the foster care system to "keep his influence away from [him]". Jack is resentful for this and has tried to find his father since then, but to no avail.

Jack has the misfortune of being born to a mother and father who had falling out shortly before he was born. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurence at this time in the world. Unfortunately, one of Jack's parents happened to be divine and had the power to assert her will in a way other mortals would never be able to do. Shortly after he was born, Artemis erased Jack's father's memories so that he would never remember her or the fact that he had a son. Shortly after this, Artemis entered Jack into the foster care system with his current name and returned to Mount Olympus, leaving her son in the care of total strangers.

Do you know those idealized stories of adopted kids finding a home and family in the care of their adopted parents? Jack never had that. The less he speaks of his time in the foster care system, the better. When he was 12, Jack had enough and escaped his current foster home. For two years, he lived on the streets, stealing and begging to survive unti his mother appeared. She was... Not what he expected. She appeared as a girl younger than him and if it weren't for her literally teleporting them to Aeonis Academy, he wouldn't have believed her. She informed him of his heritage and insisted that he was better off not knowing his father. This did not go well with Jack for obvious reason. His last words with his mother were bitter and hurt, but he had no choice but to attend the school as she wished him to. Still, during the Summers, he has secretly been doing all he can to find his real father.

It comes as a close tie between his skills in weaponry (particularly archery) and his ability to communicate with animals.

He has a pet golden retriever named Skipper

So begins...

Jack Clement's Story

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It was good to be back at Aeonis, Cyrus decided. He loved his father. Truthfully, he did not know of any other person he loved more, but over the years, Atlanta had just stopped feeling like home to him. He could never tell anyone he knew there about his life at school without lying or omitting a large part of the truth. Nor could he find himself becoming as interested in the activities his friends took part in. Over the Summer, he always missed Aeonis. He missed its crystal blue waters and verdant forests. He missed the other students with their extraordinary abilities and forceful personalities. One in particular always seemed to come to the forefront of his mind, however...

Cyrus shook his head, sheathing the short blade he had been practicing with in the gym's training room. Truthfully, he preferred the spear, the weapon of his mother, but that was no reason to neglect his training with the blade. He loved training alone. It gave him time to think. It was almost like meditation and today, he would need it. He would almost certainly see Belladona today and he needed to keep his head clear for that inevitable meeting. Even if he could avoid her, he wouldn't. Interacting with her was like playing with fire and Cyrus was always bad at resisting a challenge.

Checking his watch, Cyrus decided that it was high time for breakfast. With that thought, he made his way to the cafeteria. Quietly, he got himself an apple, some bacon, and bowl of oatmeal along with a blueberry smoothie before sitting down. As he took a bite out of his apple, he took out a book, The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek. It was a good book to reread.



If there was one thing Jack had in common with his mother, it was his love for archery. There was just something about the "thwack" of an arrow hitting its target in precisely the right way that calmed him and that was saying something considering his personality. He had set up a fear targets in a courtyard and currently, he was taking aim for particularly difficult one he had set up on a tree branch when he heard a burst of thunder. he cursed as the arrow went wide, whizzing past a teacher. He looked up at the heavens and grimaced.

"Goddamn it, Grandad. Okay, I will say it. I like Yahweh better," he grumbled, hoping it pushed one of the old man's buttons. Getting no reaction, he decided to visit the cafeteria, but not before texing a friend.

[To Abby[
[Hey, hope you didn't have a crappy Summer. I'm buying a tray full of bacon cheeseburgers at the cafeteria. Maybe a few will be left when you get there. ;)]

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In Jack's not-so-humble-opinion, bacon cheeseburgers were definitely the food of the gods. Forget ambrosia and nectar. Sweets had nothing over the sweet greasiness of a food guaranteed to kill you by the time you reached 40. Skipper was already whining for his share and, with a softened expression, the normally guarded young man fed his companion the last bite of his burger. True to his word, he had bought enough for two and he dutifully refrained from grabbing his friend's portion of the meal. Still, he felt somewhat annoyed. It wasn't often he felt like being generous and here he was, sitting alone. Well, not alone. He scratched Skipper behind the ears and the golden retriever tilted his head up in appreciation. Animals didn't need to talk much. It was one of the reasons why he preferred them to humans.

As he scratched his companion, Jack noticed another person with a canine companion eating breakfast. Jack grinned. He liked Naveen. Truly, he did. At least, he refrained from lecturing him about their mother, even if he was a teacher. his classes were fun at the very least. Grabbing his trey of food, he walked over to join his older brother.

"Hey, Nav. What's up? Pick up any lost strays lately?" he asked, referring to the wolf pup that was now sniffing at Skipper who, for his part, had only licked him once, and perhaps other strays of the more human variety. Naveen had a habit of always wanting to help people. While Jack liked him, he still didn't like the thought that, in his brother's mind, he was just another kid who needed help.

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Naveen had just finished sharpening his knife when his student Daniel came over to talk to him. The son of Zeus was stressed. That much was obvious. The poor fellow had just gotten a complicated response from the girl he liked. If Naveen knew anything about love, it was seeing it in others and recognizing it. At least, when they were as obvious as Daniel Keisuke.

Naveen placed his knife in it's sheath and grabbed a cup of tea before resuming his seat. He liked the old fashioned tea, with seven sugar cubes. Naveen liked sugar. It was yummy.

As Naveen cradled his cup and Cody began playing tug of war with his boot's laces, Jack Clement appeared with his golden retriever, Skipper. Naveen loved Skipper, the dog was adorable and loved him. All animals loved him. Except for sharks... That was a story he didn't tell.

Naveen smiled at the golden retriever and gave a slight wave to his student as he hunched in his seat and took a sip of his tea. He didn't speak until Jack did, giving Jack all of Naveen's attention. He lifted his chin slightly to be sure he made proper eye contact. Naveen was confident in himself and had no problem making eye contact with anyone, escpecially his students.

Naveen considered Jack's words before nodding slightly and scratching at the slight scruff on his chin. "I'm doing well, thank you. I have not though a couple of strays picked me up while I was in Alaska," Naveen stated simply as he took another sip of his tea.

It was then Naveen realized what Jack was truly saying and smiled broadly. "Clements, you ought to know better. This is the same pup that followed me last year and the year before that. I suppose I shall introduce him to everyone this year and not just the seniors... His name is Cody, mother gave him as a graduation present. If you get a doctorate in shool, perhaps mother will give you a similar present," Naveen stated encouraginly, at first slightly confused before realization had dawned on him. .

Jack was his younger brother, and he was a good kid. He cared. He had trouble in love as all demigods did, but he tried. The more he tried, the more he would succeed in life.

Naveen, knowing it would only be rude to not do so, prepped himself to ask Jack how it was going. "How about you Jack? Nice summer? Anything exciting? Been practicing?" Naveen asked with a smile and a slight raise of his eyebrow as if chastising him but doing so lightly and jokingly.

He was an older brother and a teacher and a friend. He wasn't half related to Jack, but it was just the same to him. Naveen ran his hands through Skipper's hair, messing with the dog's ears as he sent a message of happiness and joy to the dog through their connection before giving the complaining Cody who was whimpering from not recieving the attention. The wolf pup was adorable. And so was Skipper.

Naveen wondered if Jack would want to try to show his practice, but devided he wouldn't offer. He had already spoken a lot. If Jack asked another question, so be it. He would answer, but why talk more when you can listen and watch?


Tess looked up when she heard someone sit down to see Mark Buik take a seat next to Marilyn. Tessa liked to think of him as the car. It was simple. It helped her remember his name. And she liked cars, therefore, she must have liked Mark in some way or another.

"Boys are so... infuriating. And I wish they could pick up on how girls feel but at the same time if they did then he would know how I feel and then everything would be so screwed up because he'd be like 'Oh, Tessa, how could I like a small little blonde like you who is socially awkward for the most part and always has grease on your face?'" Tessa asked, rushing and upon talking as "him" dropping her voice an octave. It was probably comical from another person's point of view. Tessa, upon finishing her rambling, let her head drop onto the table again, sighing.

She thought about her words for a second before sitting up, her wringlets flying to land on her back as she looked between Marilyn and Mark. "Do I have any grease on my face?" She asked innocently and hopefully, not wanting to deal with it.

Tessa dropped her head down again before letting it roll so it was resting on her arms. She sighed. "Thanks Mark... Maybe how to respond when the guy you text texts this back to you when you text him the first time?" Tessa asked softly as she plucked her phone away from Marilyn and pushed it towards Mark.

"Am I being too stressed? Why am I talking so much?" Tessa groaned as she let her forehead go back to the table and sighed again, her arms hanging limply at her side. She groaned obnoxiously, wanting Aphrodite herself to show up to figure out her love life but not daring to pray to her. She was screwing things up as it was. Or maybe that was her son... Tessa wasn't even sure anymore.

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Jack's expression grew sullen at the mention of their "mother". He did not hear anything else his brother had to say. The thought of his mother deigning to "reward" him with a small gift for anything he did pissed him off beyond belief. He laughed bitterly and could not stop the words that came next.

"Yes, I am desperately seeking my "mother's" approval. I will definitely study hard for my doctorate so "Mother" will deign to notice me and give me a little present. 'Hey son. Congratulations on making something of yourself. Sorry I fucked up your childhood. This will make everything better. No thanks," he snorted.

"I won't forget being shunted from foster home to foster home just so she could get back at my dad. My dad who she made forget all about me."

After a few moments, he regretted his tirade, but he couldn't bring himself to take it back. Being reminded of his mother set him off and as cliche as it sounded, he couldn't ever forgive his mother for what she did. Not with her continuing to thwart his every attempt to meet his father or even find out who he was.

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Naveen looked to his younger brother, waiting and wondering if he would see a reaction. He watched as Jack seemed to lose the pep in his step. Naveen nodded, and looked down to Cody. Few people had a good relationship with their godly parent. Naveen had a semi okay one. She woud make appeareances when Naveen was entirely alone on camping trips that his father abandons him on. That happened more often than Naveen would have liked.

Naveen looked back up to Jack and might have winced at Jack's laugh if Naveen was different. The way he was, he held sympathy, but not the kind someone would have when they think someone else is pathetic. Naveen has sympathy for Jack because he remembered how he used to feel about their mother. He still tolerated her and was glad when she said hi, but she was not their mother.

As Jack spoke, Naveen observed and listened. He didn't dare speak until Jack was done. Naveen rarely spoke without being directly spoken to, but he felt certain circumstances were exceptions.

When Jack was done, Naveen spoke to him softly. "Jack, you done with the language?" Naveen asked like the older brother he was. He hated inappropriate language and few students actually cursed in his class as they knew he called them out on it in front of everyone.

He then looked down at his dirty dishes before looking back up at Jack and speaking softly. "Jackie, I say she gave it to me because I studied and graduated early. Perhaps if you ask me in a less public place I'll tell you what was going on around the time I got my doctorate. And I got my doctorate because I wanted to help people, not because I wanted to have Artemis notice me. Besides, bitterness does not suit you Jack, we all have plenty to be bitter about," Naveen stated simply, giving a hint of bitterness in his tone towards the end but leaving it at that. Immediately the bitterness was gone and his face was more like a big brother talking to a little brother.

"Really, we are more similar than just being the children of the gods Jack. If you ever want or need help or begin to lose faith, come find me," Naveen stated simply before standing. He gave a wink before leaving Jack at the picnic table, making a clicking noise so Cody would know he was leaving. The young pup jumped after Naveen as Naveen walked towards the faculty building.

He had spoken so much! But he was there for his students, and other demigods. His younger half siblings especially.

Naveen walked into the faculty building and wrinkled his nose slightly. He couldn't stand being official. He was wearing sweatpants for crying out loud. He walked into his office, one on the first floor that had a sliding door Naveen had installed. He liked that he could open it and sit on a chair he hat outside. Cody had a little doggie bed in Naveen's office and immediately went there.

Naveen spotted a little bag on his "desk" which was really just a coffee table. Desks were stupid. Instead, Naveen had a couch and a coffee table and a side table with the coffee table serving as his desk. It worked for him. He smiled at the goodies before leaving Cody to fine June.

He found her, and Terry, and Priscilla all in June's office. Naveen froze slightly at the crowd before shrugging inwardly and stepping up to the door. Thanking people was allowed in his repertoire of reasons to speak.

"Thank you June," He stated with a smile and a nod as he gave little waves to the others in the room. He gave one final smile before moving to leave, not really wanting to have to make his own conversation starter to have to stay. He wouldn't really mind them asking him to join, but that was equal with him sitting outside and practicing knife throwing.


Tess looked up as August sat down. She shrugged, her face not happy still but she sat up at least. She pulled her invention project back, working on that again to avoid feeling like there was a lot of people. She liked that everyone was near her, that she was getting attention, but she hated that it was only because they seemed to think that she was upset. Why couldn't people give her attention just because she was Tessa?

Tess again attempted to fit the fingers into the mechanical hand but failed. Then another person sat down. She felt her shoulders hunch as she wasn't sure what to do. She found that the piece finally fit but that she wasn't sure what to do with so many people.

She wanted to escape and looked to Marilyn to see if she would mind. If it had been people she was close to, like Otter and Marilyn and Hugo and Priya, that would have been different, minus Hugo since he made her nervous no matter where he was.

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Aiden watched, impassive, as Otter and Daniel conversed. It would seem that things were going well on Otter's part now that she had calmed down. He only wished that she wouldn't be so hard on herself just for not being perfect, something that was statistically impossible to begin with and consequently pointless to worry about. He was about to leave when he heard his name get butchered by the other male.

In response to the jab, he quirked a brow and flashed a warm smile, the one he used to disarm unsuspecting victim and faculty staff, in Daniel's direction. "Why? Are you planning to ask me out too?" he responded just before snapping his fingers. Aiden's features immediately softened, taking on more feminine features while his hair lengthened until he had shoulder-length curls. His body also gained curves, and the simple shirt and trousers he had been wearing were replaced by a low-cut dress. It was a simple illusion meant to change one's appearance and was taught to all children of Hecate on their first day at Aeonis, but Aiden had to go an extra length and developed a way to trick the ear as well.

"Take care, love." It was a distinctively female and accented voice that bid goodbye to Otter as she retreated back into the safety of her dorm, and it was definitely not a man's face that winked to Daniel now that Aiden's disguise had been completed. "As for you, I will definitely see you at the party tonight. Have a nice day." Before he could hear Daniel's response, Aiden left so that he wouldn't keep his sister waiting. Once more he phased through the walls so as to join the few students who had not made their way to the cafeteria yet.

His phone let out rang again just as he had reached for it in his pocket. It was Amanda again and he lamented the fact that his illusions can not fool cameras yet else he would have sent her a 'selfie'. He was quite proud of his latest disguise after all. Instead, he had to settle with a simple text message again.

        To: Amanda Cartwright
        I'd reckon that an animal is easier to care for than a woman. It's a deal! Would I still get tax deduction if I were to wed it though? High school parties are a breeding ground for social faux pas. No gate will keep me away from bearing witness to such historical moments in a student's high school career.

Not to mention that he would get to keep an eye on the person courting his half-sister. Just thinking about it left a bad taste in his mouth, so he went and got himself another cup of jasmine tea, shrugging off his disguise in the process, and filled his plate hash browns and baked beans.

Just as he was looking for a seat, from the corner of his eye he spotted a few new faces wandering into the cafeteria with uncertainty: fresh meat, new to the scene and unable to read the numerous signs pointing in the direction of the cafeteria. They had eagerly picked up what appeared to be a bowl of cereal and orange juice. Liquids, just perfect. Aiden took a seat near the unfortunate bunch and waited.

As soon as they began to look around for a seat while carrying their tray of food, Aiden shifted his attention to their legs, giving them a mental push and tripping them. The majority of them caught themselves with superhuman reflexes, children of Ares most likely, but one of them wasn't as lucky and tumbled forward, sending the content of their tray flying.

A mixture of milk, cereal and freshly pressed orange juice took off, forming a gigantic net of liquid, and fell in the direction of one gloomy-looking Jack Clement and, as karma would have it, Aiden who had seated himself a bit too close to the warzone.

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Alex Verlin (0040BF) and Ryuu Morimoto(404000), 1 September, Orientation Day, Cafeteria

Alex had absolutely zero clue where to go. thankfully, Ryuu did, and the duo had met up with the other members of their batch. Alex would've much rather go to sleep instead of talk, but since there were no beds around Alex leant against the wall and crossed his arms, closing his eyes.

Ryuu smiled as he chatted with the others, feeling like he was at the top of the world. Oh man, this was awesome! Ryuu still couldn't believe it. A boarding school that allowed him to stay away from home, and unless he kicked up a fuss his father could do nothing about it since he had a scholarship and everything, and since Ryuu planned on being the ultimate normal student Raiden Morimoto would never have to come to the academy unless absolutely necessary. He was already making friends with a lot of people and had managed to familiarise himself with most of the others (even if it was only through sight), which was already pretty good in Ryuu's book.

He grinned happily. Yup, life was sweet, and would be more sweeter from here on out especially now that he and a few others were going to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Thanks to travelling here Ryuu hadn't eaten breakfast yet, he was starv - no wait, extremely hungry. Starving felt different. More painful, for one thing. He made his way to the wall Alex was leaning against, bumping into a girl going in the opposite direction.

For a moment that was more like a blink, Ryuu winced, and his hand went to his right upper arm. He immediately covered it up with a sheepish smile and turned around to apologise, but the girl had already gone off, chatting with her friend.

Ow, Ryuu thought, rubbing his arm gently. The large bruise on it throbbed from the impact. He'd gotten it two days ago, along with a few others scattered on his abdomen here and there from when his father lost it at the dinner table. The bruises on his thigh and shoulder were almost healed, along with the smaller one almost below the newer bruise, but it still hurt.

Ryuu still had no clue what had set him off. Work maybe? Or something Ryuu did?

It was probably the latter. Ah well. Rearranging his face into a smile, Ryuu approached Alex and shook him lightly. "C'mon, sleepyhead," he grinned cheerfully as Alex's eyes blinked open, "Rise and shine! A few of us are gonna get breakfast, want to come with?"


Alex still felt sleepy, but less like falling asleep on his feet. Ryuu introduced him to Celgi, Killian and Glen, who were children of Hephasteus, Ares and Hermes respectively and had absolutely no clue where the cafeteria was. Alex didn't say much, but Ryuu more than made up for it by talking a mile a minute. They didn't seem to mind that Alex wasn't really a talker, which Alex found himself grateful for.

After finding the cafeteria and getting their breakfast, they went off to find a seat, jokingly mocking each other's choice of of breakfast. Alex was in the middle of debating with Killian on just exactly why Cookie Crunch were infinitely more superior than porridge when -


- All of them tripped. Glen and Killian, having superhuman reflexes thanks to their godly parents, caught themselves and quickly grabbed at the person closest to them to prevent them from falling. Celgi's breakfast fell to the floor, but since it was wrapped in plastic it didn't matter... leaving Alex just enough time to think Oh shit- before he landed on the cafeteria floor with a thud while his tray flew out of his hands.

People were yelling, and with a dawning feeling of horror in his stomach, Alex looked up and saw in what felt like slow motion his breakfast falling towards two students sitting at tables.

Still half outstretched on the cafeteria floor, Alex's hand shot out almost reflexively and turned the falling milk, orange juice and cereal into ice.

Within seconds, the white and orange liquid mixed with cereal turned into brittle ice that would shatter upon contact, but it was too late - gravity was doing its work, and Alex couldn't stop the net of ice from falling.

Jackie Pineman (BF4000), 1 September, Orientation Day, Dorm room - Cafeteria

Adjustments done, Jackie stretched her arms and decided to head to the cafeteria for breakfast. Pulling on a dark blue sports hoodie over a white shirt with a stylised black skull logo and black jeans, Jackie slipped on her trainers and headed out of the room with a bag slung around her shoulder, containing gym clothes, a few books and her wallet. Classes would be boring today since the first day of the school year was normally spent by everyone (even the teachers) reorienting themselves back to school life and patching up with friends, so Jackie planned to spend the day catching up with everyone in real life and relaxing in the gym or sparring.

After she ate, though. Jackie's stomach growled, and her steps quickened to a brisk trot as she made her way towards the cafeteria, fully focused on getting food to appease the dark growling pit that was her stomach. Jackie frowned and clutched the sling of her bag tighter. Geez, it felt like her stomach was trying to digest itself! maybe she should've eaten breakfast before making all those changes to Vladsmire...


Jackie dismissed that thought almost as soon as she had thought it. Her character was even more awesome now! The tiny white haired midget could move faster, for one thing, and Jackie had managed to give him a pair of cybernetic upgrades that enhanced his healing factor and defence. She grinned to herself. No friggin' way she would lose against those-

The smell of food hit her like a punch to the stomach, and Jackie suddenly remembered that she was incredibly hungry and that thoughts relating to game characters could wait until after her stomach stopped threatening to commit suicide if food wasn't in it within the next five minutes. Running to the counter with the shortest queue, Jackie ordered a cheese omelette, some bacon, toast and a glass of apple juice. She crossed her arms impatiently as she waited for the food to arrive, almost cheering out loud as the delicious looking meal finally made it's way onto her tray to be whisked away to the nearest seat.

Balancing the tray on one hand and grabbing a piece of toast with the other, Jackie stuffed it into her mouth and chewed as she walked around the cafeteria to find a seat. Thanks to the first years and other members of the school coming in, the cafeteria had gotten more crowded and noisier, and now it was pretty hard to find an empty seat. Jackie gritted her teeth as a second year bumped into her and nearly caused her to spill the plate of food balanced in her hands, disappearing before Jackie could do anything. Dammit all, she really should've gone earlier-


Jackie grinned gleefully as she spotted an empty chair. She charged straight for it, miraculously not spilling her food or juice, and slid into the seat with a sense of victory. Spying Tessa and some others on another table nearby, Jackie beamed and waved at her before consuming her breakfast with a ferocity only seen on lioness defending her cubs. Someone yelled behind her, but Jackie ignored it in favour of eating her food.