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Kade Pierce

"My mother says I'm a lot like my father. But I hardly see it."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by tigerz


"Sometimes you have to believe that heroes exist."



Kade Pierce


I Honestly don't give a damn about what people call me


May 28th












25% German 25% Danish 50% Puertorican
The Puertorican part tends to surprise people...






I guess my personality is a bit complex. My mother always said I was so much like my father. Where as Emma told me I acted so differently from what she was used to from the children of Ares.

Kade isn't your average Ares. She's actually very charming, kind, inviting, and humorous that it's earned her many friends. She makes herself easy to approach to talk. And the fact that she appears so adorable an innocent really helps her draw the attention of the ladies(wink wink). Not only that, she's also the most laid back child of Ares with the most patience you could ever get out of one of them. Of course she has a breaking point, and that is never fun for anyone considering how easily she can knock you on your ass. Kade isn't easily insulted, but if you say anything about her family or friends or are dumb enough to hurt them... Let's just say it was nice knowing you.

Choosing her head over her heart is something Kade does very often. She never fully trusts people and let them completely in to see her vulnerable because she sees vulnerability as a sign of weakness. At least, that's what Ares told. She's also not the kind of person to say 'I love you' because she never has. She's also never been in love. But this doesn't stop her from being a flirt.

Kade isn't very impulsive(I know, shocking) but she has her moments. Sometimes she'll act quickly and impulsively, other times she'll think things through and access the situation. She's actually pretty intelligent. Her best subject is history(mostly because it's the only class she pays attention in). Kade is that type of person that if you get her interested, you'll have her undivided attention. If not, then she won't care about anything you're saying and probably tune you out if you're a teacher. She also has a hard time with authority and doesn't like being told what to do.

Kade has so many aspects to her that's hard to really pin her whole personality as set and stone. She's just complex.


Captain America-He's just a bad ass
Music-An Ares child likes music? Get this, I even play guitar and sing a little. How strange, right? I guess I'm kinda good too but no where near as talented as the Apollo kids.
Cigarettes-I don't smoke often but it's pretty nice. I'm also the one who buys Dimitri his packs so he might as well share what I paid for.
Hamlet-I read it because it's Dimitri's favorite. Now it's mine. Gods help me.
Martial Arts-Being the daughter of Ares has its perks. One of them being I'm awesome at martial arts. Just saying.
History-I just love it. Plus it's fun learning about wars and stuff. I'm actually really good at it too. It's kind of shocking sometimes.
Sports-They're easy for me
Pepsi-Pepsi is love. Pepsi is life.
Video Games-No one can beat me at Call of Duty
Ferrets-I own a ferret and he's the cutest thing to walk on this earth
Flannel-It's the best and most damn comfortable thing ever created for clothing


Chess-I don't have the patience for it
Math-It just doesn't make any sense to me
Losing-Who even likes losing?
Disappointing Ares-He's my dad. I want him to be proud of me.
Most Athena children-It's not that I hate themor anything. It just frustrates me that they always beat me at academics and make me feel dumb.
Coke-It's not Pepsi
Dresses or skirts-I hate them so much
Authority-I'd rather think for myself and make my own decisions
Conformity-Who cares what other people think?


☠Spiders-All bugs pretty much scare me but spiders are the worst of them all
☠Not being good enough-It really does scare me every time I train
☠Not being able to do what is asked of her-I know why we go to this school and what's expected of us. But what if I can't do it?




115 lbs


A hypnotic bright blue


Kade is very slender but extremely toned from training


What sets Kade apart are her eyes and smile. They seem to help her attract people and make her seem more inviting and charming. She's also known for her tomboyish sense of style and the fact that she almost always wears flannel over anything.



Alexandra Pierce|Would be 37|Mother|Deceased
Emma Larsen|Unknown|Guardian|Alive
Derek Pierce|Would be 68|Grandfather|Deceased


Kade has a strong relationship with her father. After her mother died, he revealed himself to her and made frequent visits. He was the one that trained her and helped her learn how to utilize her abilities effectively in battle.


Ares and Alexandra immediately hit it off and there was a point where Ares did love her. They had Kade and Ares had to leave. He promised Alexandra he would come back for his child when the time was right. He then kissed Kade on her forehead and disappeared. Alexandra missed him dearly and always told Kade how she reminded her of the good parts of her father. Alexandra was a very stubborn woman and never wanted help from her father until she had Kade. Alexandra willingly moved back in with her rich father so she could properly support Kade and give her everything she needed. Though this didn't stop Alexandra from getting her own jobs since she refused to use her father's money for herself. It was only for Kade.

Not too long after they moved into Derek Pierce's house, a young woman moved in down the street. She became Kade's babysitter and almost like a second mother to her. In all the years she's been with her, she's never seen her age.

At the age of 8, Kade's grandfather passed away and put in his will that Kade would get everything(which is what her mother told him to do). Kade was sad but she also didn't have a very strong bond with him since he was always in his office doing business while Kade was running around the halls with her babysitter, Emma. After his death, Emma was around more often to help her mother with raising Kade. They always tried to pay Emma, but she always refused the money.

Not too long after, Kade's mother became sick. The doctors said there was nothing left to do for her other than let her die in her home happy. Kade spent as much time with her mother as possible. She would even curl herself into a small ball at the foot of her bed so she wouldn't be in the bed. When she was in school, Emma would stay with her. She always seemed to be a bit happier after Emma's visits. Like she was in less pain.

Alexandra finally died when Kade was 10 years old and Kade watched her fade away. The conversation is on repeat in her head:

"Come here my brave little soldier. It's time to say goodbye."

"But I don't want to say goodbye."

"I know, honey. I know. But it's time."

"No! It's not fair! I'll do whatever it takes for you to stay! Please stay, mommy! Please don't leave me!"

"Your father would say the same thing. You're so much like him sometimes. But so different too. You care so much for others and I'm so proud of you. He is too. He knew you'd be destined for great things and I can see it now. I love you, Kade."

Kade wept at her mother's bedside until she eventually passed out. Emma picked her up and carried her out of the house. Emma then brought her into the arms of a mysterious man. A man that felt familiar to her. Like she'd known him once before. This was her father. This was Ares. He held her in her arms and looked down at her. "It's okay. Daddy's here" Kade began to cry again and he comforted her. He then told her the truth about her origins and who he was. This was when her training began

Ares would visit her every so often for many years and train her and teach her how to use her abilities. When Ares wasn't around, Emma acted as her legal guardian and taught her how to be kind and patient. She also filled the motherly role. Kade also learned that Emma was a demigod and the daughter of Hestia which explained her motherly nature and the fact that she looked like she never aged. Ares was the one who found her and sent her to keep on eye on Kade and help out when he couldn't be there. She also told Kade about the academy and when she asked Ares, he said that she should go. And she did just that.


Kade loves all of her powers and can't really pick one. If she were forced to, she'd pick controlling negative emotions and being able to summon any weapon she can think of. They've both proven to be most useful to her.


Face Claim: Danielle Campbell
Ares Face Claim: Joseph Morgan
Emma Face Claim: Claire Holt
Pet: A blonde ferret named Achilles
Other: She speaks both English and Spanish fluently

"I'm always here, Kade."

So begins...

Kade Pierce's Story

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#, as written by tigerz

ImageKade's alarm went off for the third time and slowly got louder and louder as usual until she woke up. She moaned and grabbed her phone to turn it off. Kade slowly opened her eyes and stretched her limbs out before climbing down the steps of her loft bed. Kade was most definitely not a morning person and she wished for it to still be summer so she could stay up late and sleep until noon. But sadly, today was her first day back for her last year at the academy.

Kade jumped into the shower and then back out in five minutes. She used a towel to dry ring out her hair before brushing it and then got dressed in joggers, a tank, flannel, and some high tops.

Kade looked herself over in the mirror. I look amazing.. Then she checked the time and it read 1:45 A.M.

"Kade, hurry up before your food gets cold and you miss your plane."

"Coming!" Kade raced down the stairs at an unbelievable speed to be greeted by a glorious breakfast. she took in a deep breath and let all the smells consume her before sitting down and letting her guardian, Emma, serve her.

Image"Do you have everything packed?

"Yep. I had some of my stuff shipped early and the rest is in the car. Do you know if Ares is gonna stop by?"

"I would assume he would want to see you off on your last year at the academy." By now, it'd become customary for Ares to drop by and say goodbye to Kade on her first day every year. "Have you talked to Kiren?"

'Of course." Kade finished her breakfast and checked the time again. "I gotta go! Bye, Emma!" She gave her guardian a kiss on the cheek and ran off just as fast as before to grab her stuff. Emma said something else but Kade couldn't here it because by now she was out the door only to be stopped by her father, Ares.

Image"Did you forget our tradition?" Kade grinned and threw her arms around him. "Of course not. I almost thought that you did."

"Now why would I forget something as important as my daughters senior year?" He opened the car door and drove her to the airport in no time arriving at 3:00 A.M(the perk of having a god for a father). He handed Kade her bags and looked her in the eyes. "I want you to make me proud, Kade. Show them what it means to be a desendant of the great Ares." Kade nodded. "I'll try my best."

"You're not going to just try. You're going to do it. Trying is never good enough." Kade nodded nervously before grabbing her bags and waving goodbye as she entered the airport. What he was asking put a lot of pressure on Kade and she was scared she couldn't do it and make him proud. Especially with the talk about rebelling against the gods. Would Ares be mad at her if she became a part of that? Kade shook the thought off and found her plane. Before stepping on, she sent a quick text to her girlfriend, Kiren:

Good morning, Sweetheart. Can't wait to see your beautiful face again. XXXX -Kade

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Day Outfit
Kiren had gotten to the academy a day before orientation just because she had nothing better to do. That night she stayed up late settling back into her old dorm making it feel all homey like she has over the years. After fixing up her room Kiren went to sketching random things but ended up drawing Kade instead which drew a blush to her face. A small smile grew on her lips before she sighed happily and closed her sketch book placing it on the nightstand. Her shelves were stocked with different kinds of herbs and small potion bottles that were filled with liquids of all colors. Pushing herself up from her bed the young demi-god tiptoed over to her window and opened it letting the fresh outdoor air into her room which now smelled like vanilla and wet dirt which she thoroughly enjoyed.

When morning rolled around Kiren was still wide awake slipping and sliding across the floor of room with her headphones on listening to SuperLove by Charli xcx. Her head was moving to the beat and so was her hips, Kiren was having a blast brewing one of her little potions. The child of Hecate was glad that non of her friends were around to see her dancing in her pajamas, especially Kade because she was sure they'd laugh at her but if it was Kade then it was fine. Kiren would have laughed along with her and continue dancing. She was feeling the music through her body as she grabbed one of the dried flowers from one of her many jars and crunched it up into her pinkish looking liquid.

Her concoction was just about finished when her phone buzzed rather loudly. Grabbing it from the foot of the bed where she tossed it late last night Kiren saw that she had two text messages, one from Zoe and another from her lovely girlfriend. Smiling Kiren slid back over to her odd looking concoction, put her goggles over her eyes and dropped two cinnamon sticks in it that popped and fizzled for a minute before answering the texts.

Zo :
I missed you too! I'm still in my dorm, been up all night drawing and messing around with my little mad lab of a room. Gimmie about fifteen minutes to get dressed and I'll meet up with you! xoxoxo

Her thumb pressed the send button when she heard multiple small knocks at her door. Quickly opening the door she greeted her roommate Marilyn with an odd but funny sight of Kiren wearing her goggles and looking a bit silly. "Hello there Mari, yes I'm still here." she answered with a smile before sliding over to the small kitchen they both shared and grabbed a mug while turning on the stove and running back into her room holding her bowl of magic juice. "Gonna meet up with Zoe in a bit, made one of my magical energy tea's, want some? I promise this one doesn't taste bitter!." she exclaimed before putting the pink liquid in a pot and over the stove. "Should taste like pomegranate with a hint of cinnamon."

Kiren pulled her phone up to her face so she could answer her girlfriends text.

My Goddess:
Aww so flattering :) Got to the academy a day early and running on zero sleep! Can't wait to see you! Gonna give you a big kiss <3

Kiren finished her text with a selfie she took with her goggles on looking adorably silly and sent it to Kade with a big smile on her face. Over the summer Kiren had changed her girlfriends nickname on her phone to her goddess and if Kade ever saw that Kiren wouldn't be able to fight off the deep red blush that would consume her cheeks. Running into her room real quick the demi-god threw on her outfit for the day since she took a shower around earlier and ran back out taking the tea off the stove and shut it off. "So what will it be hun? Wanna test it out?" she said with a slight playful tone in her voice.

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#, as written by tigerz

ImageLike most nights, Dimitri didn't sleep at all. Instead he popped some caffeine pills and laid in his bed waiting for his alarm to go off. Kade called him the day before to pick her up from the airport in her truck that she'd left there over the summer knowing Dimitri could use it since he never left the academy on account of having no family to come home to. It's not like he'd even want to if he did anyways.

As soon as his alarm went off, Dimitri jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. He grabbed the keys, brew up a quick cup of coffee, threw his lighter in his pocket, and was out the door and into the truck in no time. The trip to the airport was easy since it was close to the academy and Dimitri waited at the drop off for Kade.

After maybe 30 minutes of waiting, Kade walked out with two bags and threw them in the back before walking to the driver's side. "Out." She commanded and Dimitri followed by getting out and moving over to the passenger side.Kade then tossed him a fresh pack of cigarettes. "I got your favorites as payment for taking care of my baby while I was gone." She grinned at him and he responded with and opened the pack of American Spirits and offered one to her. Kade took one and lit it up before giving him her lighter. Dimitri used it to light his up as well and the two headed towards the academy smoking a cigarette like they did every time Dimitri picked her up.

Image"How was your summer?" Dimitri shrugged. "So it was super boring because I wasn't there." Another shrug. "Well my summer was great. I got to train and eat awesome food. It would've been better with Kiren there though." Kade laughed and Dimitri just nodded. This was how most of their conversations would go. dimitri didn't say much but kade could say a lot and it just kind of worked for them. maybe because Kade was too stubborn to let Dimitri try and push her away. Or she was just good at understanding him and didn't try to push him to open up. She let him be himself.

Kade's phone began to buzz once they were stopped at a red light and she looked at it and smiled before handing the phone over to Dimitri. "Tell her 'I can't wait' with a winky face." Dimitri typed what he told her to and then hit send. A couple minutes later they were at the school and Kade was looking for a place to park. "Now text her saying 'I'm here babe. Time for that kiss' Dimitri did just that and Kade parked and took her phone back. "Well, it's time to go get my prize. I'll see you at orientation." Kade killed the engine and hoped out. She went into the school and Dimitri followed a couple minutes after. Honestly, he wasn't ready for this. This year would be his last year with Kade. The last year with someone who understood him and the one he beat up all his bullies.

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Day Outfit
Kiren giggled at Marilyn's comment about always brewing something because it was kind of true. If Kiren wasn't hanging out with Kade or any of her friends she would either be entertaining herself with something scary to read, netflix or brewing up something new. When Mari went off into her room to grab the present she mentioned, Kiren realized that she missed her roommate. They have been roommates for so long that it just felt normal when she came back to the dorm, like she never left. Smiling to herself because of that thought Kiren snapped out of it went Marilyn came back into the room. The demi-god felt touched that her roommate got her a gift and eager to see what it was but to Kiren anything from Marilyn was fine because they both almost have the same taste in things plus it's the thought that counts. Her phone suddenly vibrated in her pocket but since she was busy being excited she didn't feel it.

When Marilyn came back out and handed the bracelet to her, Kiren gasped softly with a sparkly look in her eyes. "Holy crap! It's beautiful Mari!" she said rather excitedly as she rose it up to the light in order to view the flowers better. "Honestly, it's awesome, thank you." Kiren smiled before giving the girl a tight hug and slipping the bracelet over her wrist. "I'm going to wear it all day, but I wish I could have gotten you something . . . " she trailed off for a second. "I really didn't go anywhere for the summer and was stuck in the house most days so there really wasn't anything worth buying that was worthy of my friends, you guys are just too awesome. " her lips tilted up into a smile at the end before pouring some of her potion into Mari's mug.

"I'm going to meet up with Tess and Amanda after this myself. Grab some breakfast before orientation!" said Marilyn and Kiren nodded while pouring herself a mug and blowing on it softly so it'll cool down faster. "Sounds fun! Matter of fact I was about to head out also to go see Zo but I wanted to wait until Kade got her-" her phone vibrated again and Kiren noticed this time taking it out and reading through two texts that were sent by Kade. All of a sudden that smile reappeared on her lips again as her cheeks lit up slightly just at the thought of seeing her girlfriend again. "Speak of the devil, Kade is here!" her smile didn't fade and her heart fluttered in her chest.

Sipping at her potion that actually tasted really good Kiren began to text back.

To My Goddess:
YAY! I'll be out my dorm in a second.

By the time she finished that text Kiren had already nervously sipped through half her mug. Right before she was about to put her phone away though it vibrated again this time a text popping up from one of her closest friends, Shyroe and her little sister Otter.

From Roey:
Hi Kiren! I was wondering where you are, I'm just about to go outside to see if I can find August.'

To Roey:
I'll meet up with you in orientation, we can do something after! Hang out? Have some fun maybe with friends? See you later my lovely love! :)

From Lil Sis:
Hey! When are we catching up? I miss my sis. (:

To Lil Sis:
You my little one I have missed a lot even though I texted you just last night, lol. You my dear are special and if you want we can hang out tonight and watch, wait for it, MOVIES! :D Just binge watch on whatever we want!

With that sent Kiren swallowed the rest of the pink liquid that was now a bit cooler so it didn't burn as much when it went down. "Okay, that's done! Should be feeling the kick of energy in about ten minutes." she spoke as her feet moved across the floor over to her room as she retrieved her wallet from the night stand and came back out. "I'm all set!" she smiled before giving Mari a peck on the cheek and waved good by. "I'll see you at orientation, let's grab a bunch of friends after and do something fun."

Kiren was halfway out the door by now when she stopped for a second. "Thank you for the gift, I love youuuuu!" her voice echoed a bit as she let the room, she still could be heard saying the 'you' part even as she reached the end of the hall.

Once outside Kiren shun her eyes from the sun as she squinted. It took a second for her eyes to adjust but after they did she was on her merry way to meet Kade, well, she had to find her first. Wandering for a couple of minutes her mind went back to Zoe. Ah, Crap! Pulling out her phone quickly Kiren sent out a fast text to let Zoe know that she would meet her at orientation, Kade just got here and she needed to see her. Honestly Kiren really was looking forward to hanging out with Zo before orientation but she hasn't seen Kade all summer and wanted to hug and kiss her girlfriend right now.

After a few more minutes of walking Kiren finally saw Kade in the distance. The butterflies that were in her stomach earlier had returned and her heart was pounding louder and louder the closer she got to her with each footstep. When Kiren finally got to her she smiled and gave her a big hug, oblivious to anything she was holding. Hugging Kade right now made her feel good, safe and happy. When Kiren pulled away from the hug her hands instinctively placed themselves gently on the side of her head as she closed the gap between their lips. The young demi-god stayed like that for a couple of second before pulling away once more with a goofy, love-drunk smile on her face. "Hi." she giggled before her cheeks flushed a deeper red when she noticed Dimitri behind her. "Hi there Dimitri." she greeted with one of her rare shy smiles. The girls sparkling eyes wandered back to her girlfriends, smirking as she did.