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Melissa Callaghan

Finished! (For the most part)

0 · 637 views · located in Aeonis Academy, Greece

a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


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Lilith Melissa-Akeldama Callaghan

Lilith{Strongly Dislikes}
As if it wasn't enough that her mother gave her the name Mel grew to despise her first name over time. Being named after a demon and fighting like she did at such a young age her name came to be wellknown in the underground networks. As such, she eventually came to dislike the name being used in public.
Melissa/Mel {Preferred}
Melissa being the most normal part of her name when she started to dislike her first name she started going by it. As such, it didn't take long for the nickname Mel to show up.

March 17th



12th Grade


Bisexual, Leans towards guys





{Hot-Headed, Reserved, Stubborn, Loyal, Free-Spirited, Caring}
Melissa has never been one for first impressions, nor second or third ones for that matter, but even so she always tends to make one. Melissa has a different face she shows to different groups of people, and though this is true for most the lengths she goes to keep up these acts are surprising to most. Though Melissa has very few friends, the few she does have she is very close to. Mel is completely loyal to her friends, going to extreme lengths to make this known to them. Despite how at odds it is for her personality Mel can be quite caring, supporting a friend through rough times, doing whatever she can to help them, is something she is known to do. Though she does like to keep to the quieter side of her group hanging out with Mel is always an adventure. She has been known to be quiet the wild child sometimes, coming p with crazy but surprisingly fun stuff for her and her friends to do. Even at school, though usually it is more her style to walk around with a glare, when her friends are around she'll take on an easy smile and her eyes soften. With her father Melissa is more formal in a way, treating him more like a sparing partner than a father. Strangers are usually the ones getting the worst of Mel's personality unless she approached them. More than once Melissa has been known to be reserved to the point of ignoring someone, sarcastic to the point of being cruel, or even being extremely blunt to the point of embarrassment(usually for the other person).
One of her major flaws, Melissa is someone easily equivalated to a pot of water, she has a good hold of her temper but she isn't the type to let that anger simmer for long, more likely being the type to boil over. Though she has a pretty good hold over her temper there are a few things that could bring her from 0 to 60 in seconds. Most of these topics have been discovered by either her friends or someone who unfortunately brought up the wrong thing to her. The worst one is her mother, the mere mention of the woman practically causing steam to come out Mel's ears. Another, found out by her friends, is talking about her life in New York, especially the fight clubs and the year she spent away from school. Though this doesn't set her off as quickly if one were to press on the issue it would. The second most prominent of her character flaws is her total disregard for rules. She has never felt, and probably never will feel, the need to follow someone else's rules. Though she has a strict moral code she holds herself this has gotten her into quite a few bouts of trouble both in school and out.
Though outwardly it can appear that Melissa has many different sides she has never felt that true of herself. More feeling that she shows only fraction of herself to each person, afraid of showing herself completely and being rejected. Though she would never admit it her mother helped and ruined her life in many ways. One, being the insecurity she has about herself. Though she has overcome this through sheer force of will, along with the added self-confidence from modeling, when she was younger she knew it was a big part of her. Having that feeling come back is what scared her into leaving Aeonis in the first place, afraid to settle in too much for fear of loosing everything. Also, If not for the fact that her mother was so cold Mel often feels like she would have been a completely different person and most likely her father never would have come into her life.
Ever since coming back to the school in the previous year Mel has had a slightly better handle on her temper and has become, surprisingly, a bit friendlier. Being more likely to where a smile even if she is in a bad mood or alone.

✔Scary Movies

✖Cold Weather
✖Shallow people
✖Non-Physical Conflict

☠Thunder Storms
☠Losing her Friends and Father
☠Being Considered Worthless



Bridgett Callaghan|38|Mother
Mel hates her mother just as much as her mother ignores her, which is a lot. Ever since she was little her mother had made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her and Mel got the message loud and clear. They never talk, unless her mom wants something from her, and they never spend time together. It's almost like Mel doesn't even have a mom.

It wasn't until Mel got into her first fight at six years old that Ares had any contact with his daughter. Even then, it wasn't until Mel was 13 that she met him for the first time and when he told her who he was she punched him in the face.
After that he saw her at least once a month if not twice and after a year of animosity Mel started to warm to him. Though they grew apart a bit when she left the academy since she returned thing have been pretty normal between them.

Growing up Mel's mother never paid her much mind, pretending she didn't exist once she was 5 and old enough to take care of herself in her mother's opinion. As such Mel grew up raising herself, the only help her mother provided being food clothes and a roof. When Mel was 6 she got into her first fight and lost horribly. Afterwards, when she got home there was a letter from her father telling her everything she had done wrong as well as money to take combat classes of her choosing. Though he continued to send money for her various combat classes Mel didn't meet her father in person until she was 13. She had just finished a fight in an underground club, having hustled someone out of 5,000 dollars, when he and a few if his buddies grabbed her. Before she could even put up a fight her father was there, taking on all five guys as if it was nothing. Once he was finished he turned to her but only got a gruff. "Thanks" and a slightly annoyed look. When he announced that he was her father, and she realized he was serious, she punched him in the face and stormed off after calling him an asshole.
After that Ares showed up a lot more often, going to see her during her martial arts classes or watching as she hustled in various fight clubs. At first she would ignore him completely but by her 14th birthday she had softened to him a bit, listening to his tips and occasionally sparring with him. When it came time for her to start her freshman year Ares encouraged her to go to Aeonis Academy and after a week in normal high school she agreed. After a year of going to Aeonis Mel grew bored and dropped out at, instead becoming a part-time model and going back to hustling both in fight clubs and playing pool at bars, some of her friends having taught her. After a year had passed after she dropped out Mel had grown bored with her career choice and had her father re-enroll her into the academy. After working extremely hard to catch up in the previous year Mel moved on to be a senior this year with the rest of her friends.

Though if asked she'd say her favorite power by far is the ability to conjure any weapon at will, truly Mel likes her ability to control 'dark' emotions (as she thinks of them) far more. Being able to turn the smallest bit of anger, envy or sadness into full blown rage, jealousy or despair is something she loves having control over both from the thrill of wielding the power and it's usefulness.



So begins...

Melissa Callaghan's Story