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Miles Reid

"Only you can allow yourself to be angry." WIP

0 · 1,013 views · located in Aeonis Academy, Greece

a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by Scarlet Loup


"The best fighter is never angry."
~ Lao Tzu

Artist| Song Name



Miles Felix Reid

Les, Milo || By those who are either friends or family
MF || By those who realize how poorly his mother chose his initials or by those who have a death wish

August 23rd



12th Grade


Bisexual with a slight preference for males

75% Scottish, 25% Welsh




Like most children of Ares, Miles angers far too quickly for his own good. To many, he's nothing more than a bully when he is in the midst of battle. Swinging about a sword, he has little concern for others, and he'll fight like the devil. As the sounds of battle fill the air, he tends to take the initiative and begin to hand out orders. For this reason, many believe him to be rude and pushy. It would be fair to say, in these situations, he becomes cocky and full of himself. Milo, on the other hand, finds that such judgements of his character are too shallow to fully characterize him. Perhaps he is right, but being as most of his training is training for battle, the side of Les that most people see is his arrogance and rage in battle.

Milo has this awful habit of becoming so lost in the moment that he forgets to hold back the blood lust he flies into. When he manages to pull himself out of this, though it usually takes him until he finds alone time, Les becomes terribly self-critical. He chastises himself for his temper more than anyone else does -- even his mother. He refuses to accept that he must be a senseless warrior because of his parentage, for that's what most people tend to reduce the offspring of Ares to.

He's smart, of course, but Miles certainly isn't the most intelligent person, and this often makes him insecure. Again, this insecurity stems from the worry that he has no skills besides those he has been bestowed due to his lineage. To slightly redeem his mostly violent and untamed ways, Les isn't a bad guy once someone gets to know him. His exterior, which is much like that of a bully, can be cut away to reveal an interior that is fun-loving and, especially, undyingly loyal. If you can win over his trust, he's one of the best allies in battle. At the same time, if you cross him or anger him, he can turn belligerent without warning. When he chooses someone he dislikes, Les tends to cling on to the past and refuses to forget unless, perhaps, he is apologized to. Eventually, all disagreements with others culminate in either an apology on the other party's behalf or in a fist fight. As much as he likes to believe he isn't as violent as he used to be, staying at the camp has only brought out Miles's violent tendencies more than ever before. He's just far more used to the violent culture he is exposed to every day.

Overall, Miles isn't a bad kid, but he's very easy to anger and is extremely insecure. It's a toxic combination that often results in unnecessary violence and an overall awful personality.

Battle || The rush provided by running into battle, weapon swinging, is better to Miles than any drug
Reading || Les is especially a fan of biographies and historical fiction
Sports || An accomplished and competent athlete, Milo's greatest passion (besides battle) is sports
Classic Rock || It's what his mom listens to, so it makes him feel at home -- plus, it's just good music
Spicy Foods || He has a penchant for spicy foods in general with buffalo wings often being his favorite
Small Animals || Perhaps a bit uncharacteristically, Milo's favorite animals are the small ones including rats, mice, and ferrets

His Temper || Though it often gets the job done, his temper causes insecurity and self-doubt when he has time to reflect
Failure || Especially when he feels as though he has failed his parents, Milo grows angry and his sense of self-worth falters
Taking Orders || Miles would much rather be in charge and give orders rather than receive them
Being Alone || When he's alone, Les tends to criticize himself or worry, so he prefers being around others to avoid doing this to himself
Pressure || Pressure from either friends or superiors tends to unnerve him and, eventually, anger him
Chess || He's never really had the patience or tact to correctly play the game, and it frustrates him

Being Reduced to an Idiot || He's terribly insecure when it comes to his intelligence, for he believes many think he's an idiot
Disappointing His Parents || The pressure of the God of War and a Latin professor as his parents weighs heavily on Milo's shoulders, and he often worries he is unable to make them proud
Not Being There for His Family || Even though he tends to get lost in the moment around friends, when Miles has to himself, he often thinks about his family and worries about them



Eileen Reid / 48 / Mom || Miles and his mother are extremely close, closer perhaps than he is with anyone else.
Serena Reid / 12 / Half-Sister || Miles and Serena were extremely close with each other until she found out about his godly origins. Her jealousy has driven a proverbial wedge between them, but whenever Milo is home, she tends to realize that she can't stay mad at him.
Phoenix Reid / 8 / Half-Brother || Phoenix has yet to learn about Les's father, so he looks up to Miles without any of the resentment Serena has for their brother.

Like most of his peers, Miles's father, Ares, has never been a large part of his life. He's lucky, however, for Ares has been there for his son at least once a year since, at ten, Milo learned who his father was. Most of the time, Ares would come to sports games and speak a bit with his son afterwards.

Eileen Reid, while working towards her Ph.D. in Latin and Roman Studies, took a trip to Italy with friends. While there, she fell hopelessly for a man she met at a football match. They

Certainly, his favorite power is his superior strength, for that is what separates him from children of other gods. It allows him to be one of the most -- if not, the most -- talented warriors on the battlefield. His least favorite power would have to be the ease with which he angers

Face Claim || Armie Hammer

So begins...

Miles Reid's Story

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Amanda was one of the last to arrive at the Academy after returning from Summer, her bags had yet to be emptied and sat in the corner of her bedroom, which for the time being was void of any mess. The wardrobe was empty and neither door was being used to hang any of her clothes and the drawer beneath the doors wasn't open to reveal a messy gathering of shoes, but instead the entire wardrobe was closed and looked as if it had never been used, but that's because Amanda was so used to it being a mess that the look of it closed and tidy was slightly off putting as she stared at it.

Amanda had her 6 hours sleep and wasn't as drained feeling as she should have been, flights usually drained the life from her but last nights was surprisingly pleasant and didn't leave her feeling groggy or drained at all. So as soon as her alarm went off, she rose with ease and even set about tidying her room... Well, arranging her room to how it should be. She grabbed the first suitcase and emptied the contents onto her bed and started hanging them back into the wardrobe, and placing the shoes back in the drawer, for now it was a relatively organised sight, give it a day and it'll be the mess it always was.

As she put the last pair of shoes away and looked at the suitcases, she was fairly surprised to see she was finished, her suitcases had been emptied and all that sat on the bed was the gifts for Jensen, the very sight of them made a slight gasp escaped her lips.
"Oh yeah." It was a barely audible whisper to herself as she snatched her phone of the bedside table.

[To: Jensen x]
[Hey you! I only got back last night! I missed you and have something for you! xx]

She held the phone in her hands, impatiently awaiting his reply, and it showed because she early ran the shell pendant along the chain or was checking to see if he had replied, even the phone didn't buzz or whistle to indict he had, and when he didn't reply instantly she knew he mustn't have been awake yet and so decided to message the others to distract herself.

[To: Markus]
[Yo ho! Why weren't you on my flight? :O xD x]

[To: Aiden]
[I seriously hope you've nothing planned for this Orientation Day! How's you kiddo? Missed ya :3 x]

[To: Mari]
[Guess who's back, besides all the other people that aren't me? ;P Such a difficult question, I know, even I can't get it xD x]


Mark lay on his belly, his face buried deep into his pillow as a light snore glided around the room, he'd been told it was a cute snore but he doubted it many times, snores are cute, snores stop people from sleeping, they can't be cute, he's slept with enough snores to know... One snorer is enough to know they are not good sleeping companions. As he lay there in some semblance of peace, it wouldn't last much longer as his tablet started it's alarm, and he'd set it to an Electro playlist, therefore the alarm would be loud and energetic and he also set the tablet on his desk, not his bedside table, meaning he'd have to actually get up and out of bed to switch the damned thing off, but it rarely ever worked in waking him up, he'd just fall back on top of the covers and start snoozing again.

This time he had no such luxury, as his phone buzzed and played a short tone, the vibration making the phone go over the edge just that bit much more and falling down underneath his bed. He dropped his hand and tried to grab the phone at the awkward enough angle and when he realised he couldn't, an irritated groan escaped his lips.
"Oh fuck me!" Mark pushed himself of his bed and stood over the bed, his pyjamas hung low on his waist and his torso exposed to the entire room, if there was an audience he'd be ashamed and try and hide but instead he just looked in the mirror and sighed at himself before getting on all fours and grabbing his phone. Reading the message, he blew an extra bit of air out his lungs, making a slightly humoured sound.

To: Amanda Cartwright]
[I was in the CockPit, flying high kid! xD Lol jk, could ya imagine me in a gay club :O]

He hit send and then lay back on the bed, he thought about messaging one of his other friends but he simply didn't know what to say, he felt 'hey missed you, what's up' was too generic, a bunch of random swear words was too Belfast a way to say hello and generally didn't like messaging people first in case he bothered them. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a fresh and clean pair of underwear, cyan Calvin Kleins with the black waistband, and a pair of socks, cyan with a black rim, an odd thing to have matching, but he liked to keep his underwear matching, it was an odd quirk he had but it bothered no one, because no one ever saw them, well saw it more than twice, so must just assume he did it for the night or something, either way no one ever mentioned it.

Having showered and prepared appropriately, he returned to his room and pulled on a pair of dark blue spray-on skinny jeans with a plain blue shirt before heading into the shared living space, and he couldn't quite tell if Miles was even up, the living space was tidy, but it always was anyway, and his door was closed so Mark had no idea. Either way, he decided to make, eat and clean his breakfast loudly to wake his roommate up and when he didn't emerge, Mark sighed and rolled his eyes, before storming into the son of Ares bedroom.
"Oi! Pay attention to me being all loud and shit, wanker!" He shouted into the room, his voice wasn't raised but instead had a joking tone to it."