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Naveen Caspian

"Faith in one's abilities is what produces results, not threats or pain."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by Zoey26123


"I like giving many chances, but don't abuse them, as I have no problem taking them away if you decide to misuse my trust."


Naveen Harold Caspian

Dr.Caspian/Dr.Naveen || Some of his students insist on saying "dr" in front of Naveen's middle or last name, even though he insists them just call him by his first name. He does require students that are below their junior year to call him "dr" though they can decide whether to use his last or first name when they say "dr". He has "dr" in front of his name since he got a doctoral degree when he was twenty three in Medicine.
Guru || Naveen is kind of like a guru and has been called so by some of his students. He doesn't really care. Whatever floats their boat.

January 5th || 23


Weapons || Defense || Fighting


Polysexual || Demisexual

50% British || 16% Italian || 12% French || 10% Russian || 6% German || 6% Swedish



Gentle || Friendly || Calm || Caring || Laid Back || Protective || Loyal
Naveen is a gentle fellow. He prefers to ignore the worries and troubles of life. He is very gentle and has a soft touch to animals and those he cares for. He has a hard time making connections with people that he might want to be with. He prefers silence and rarely speaks unless asked a question, teaching, defending someone, advising, or is very close to someone. It is hard to be very close to Naveen since he is so against being close to many people, instead preferring a few close people so he might be able to grow very close with them, and be a family with them rather than being alone since he feels like his childhood was the way he wanted to live his life.

Naveen is friendly and likes to be friendly and open to people. He won't speak much, but he has no trouble with being friendly and smiling at people when they talk to him. He is great at giving advise and telling people when they need to apologize or just give up on their current actions. He is calm and only looses his cool when others are being cruel or extremely stupid. Naveen cares what others feel and how they are being treated and is constantly motivated to make sure people are happy or are on their way to happiness in the future, even if they don't like him at the moment. He always has others future in his mind and has the best intentions for everyone.

Naveen listens and he cares. He doesn't care how you are and believes people can change. He gives many second chances and tries to make people see that there is always hope and a chance no matter who you are or what you've done. He is very protective about people's feelings and has no problem stepping in when he sees others being treated wrongly or unfairly. Naveen is loyal and will not give up on anyone no matter what they face or what is going on with them. He has no problem being loyal to multiple people at once and definitely no problem being helpful and caring to others that might or might not need him.

Animals Weapons Reading Learning Listening Helping Kindness Cooking TV Shows London Nannies Climbing Trees Mountains Snow Rain Beaches Food Cats Camping S'mores Stars Wind Hurricanes Children The Idea of Love Intelligence Trying Things Multiple Chances Sweatpants

Tornadoes Disrespect Being Ignored Jerks Bullies Ignorance Stereotypes Mexican Food Spicy Food Last Minute Projects Pain Blood Old Food Swimming Driving Fighting Acting Before Thinking Cluelessness Confusion Being Dirty Dressing Up Cleaning Grading Monsters Maces Abuse of Powers

Loss || Naveen prefers to have a select few that he is close friends with. He fears the loss of any of these close friends. He fears the loss of any friends, but if he looses a close friend, he feels like he looses one of the few people in the world that understand or like him the way he wants and believes close friends should.
Ocean || Naveen will not swim in the ocean under any circumstances. He will only swim in areas that are connected to the ocean if he can stand and see all around him in the water. He has to know what is near him otherwise he fears he could be hurt from not knowing.
Cody || Naveen fears someone will hurt or take Cody away from him as does his little wolf. The wolf stays with Naveen all day every day, only leaving him to allow Naveen to teach by example in some of his classes he teaches.
Not Knowing || Naveen fears not knowing what is going on and what could be going on around him. By not knowing, he doesn't know how to react or respond, leaving him defenseless in his mind. He cannot be defenseless as then he feels his hope and beliefs waver which is even scarier for Naveen.
Senses || Naveen fears he will lose one of his senses whether it be sight, smell, touch, hearing, or taste. He can't even imagine a life without one of his senses.




Hugo Caspian || Biological Father || Alive || Adventurer/Mountain Climber
Artemis || Biological Mother || Immortal || Goddess
Agnes Orlanden || Nanny/Honorary Mother || Alive || Nanny

Naveen and his mother have a somewhat okay relationship. He talks to her through letters and messages through animals, but the two don't interact much outside of that. The two are what Naveen would call "friends" as he made it clear she wasn't his mother, but could be his friend since his mother was his nanny since she was the one who took care of him growing up. Artemis has accepted this and the two love to chat about what they've been doing and love reunions, but more like long lost friends who were very close rather than mother and son.

Naveen was born in Tibet when his mother encountered Naveen's father as Naveen's father attempted to make the climb to the top of Mount Everest. Naveen's father had been stranded on the mountain in a major storm, was one of the few remaining men alive considering everyone was trapped in their tents and running out of food and water. Artemis appeared and was interested in Naveen's father since he had been smart enough to survive even though he didn't know all of his other friends were dead from their inability to survive by themselves.

Naveen was raised in London where his father owned a flat. Naveen was raised by a nanny rather than his father since his father was always off climbing mountains and doing dangerous stunts. Naveen was alright with his father not being around, unaware that it was actually not normal for a father to not be in a son's life. Naveen grew up studying and hanging out in his flat, enjoying the company of his nanny who proved to be very kind and was very motherly. Naveen's father never told him that Naveen's mother was alive, instead telling Naveen that Naveen's mother had died when the two had been trapped on Everest those unfortunate days.

Naveen got into the wrong crowd when he was hanging out in the worse area of London and got caught up in a deal that had gone bad. Naveen was nearly killed when he was believed to be a part of one of the gangs and was lying that he didn't know what was going on. Naveen was sent to the hospital as he was nearly dead when he got out. His nanny came as did his father, both extremely concerned. Naveen's father stayed for longer with Naveen than ever before, deciding that the academy his girlfriend had talked about was where Naveen needed to go since Naveen didn't have anyone to protect him from the worst things in life.

Naveen's nanny was given the opportunity to go back home where her sister had just had a child and she was happy, though sad she was leaving Naveen. Naveen left for the academy in the same airport his father left in order to travel to Egypt to explore the pyramids with his team of adventurers.

Animals || Naveen loves that he can talk to animals. He loved being in the outdoors with them and calling to them, talking to them, telling them his worries and fears and hopes. Naveen used to communicate with animals in order to communicate with his mother though she never told him that she was talking to him through the animals on occasion.

Face claim || Orlando Bloom
Pet || A wolf named Cody. Cody was given to Naveen by his mother and shall stay the same size and age for the rest of his life, being one of Artemis's favorite pets. It was a gift to Naveen upon Naveen completing school in the are of medicine, his mother approving so much and wanting to give him a graduation present.

So begins...

Naveen Caspian's Story

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Naveen was tired. He had just flown from Alaska to the academy, a nonstop trip, then picked up his Jeep to drive to the academy while it was three AM. Normally, he wouldn't complain about things such as this. The thing that made him upset was that he hadn't had his tea at all. He needed tea, or coffee, but preferably tea.

He parked his Jeep in the teacher's parking lot for those that had cars. Some preferred to use the talents their parents gave them to get to the school. Naveen had access to a couple animals that could have led him through the woods and let him survive easily that way, but that was just complicated and took longer. It was easier to drive. That, and Cody liked to hang his head out the window.

Naveen grabbed his duffel bag, setting Cody onto the ground as he did so. The pup could jump, but it was a chance for Naveen to hold his little wold and he loved to hold his little wolf. He was so cute! Cody made a cute growling noise as he began to play with Naveen, tugging at his owner's boot laces in an adorable puppy way as Naveen swung his quiver and bow on his back. That too was a present his mother had given him. Nothing special, just a silver bow and silver arrows.

Naveen also grabbed his sheath and sword, his belt of knives, his collapsible spear he once won in a bet, as well as a little bag he had for Cody. The wolf loved his little lamb toy. Naveen made a clicking noise with his mouth to let Cody know to follow before leaving his green, cover less Jeep, locked in the garage.

Naveen and Cody made their way to Naveen's room. It was normally plain, empty for the most part. Naveen hung a bunch of things he had gotten around the world all around the room for good luck, happiness, and prosperity as well as a couple other things.

Naveen opened the door and smiled as Cody began running around, yapping adorably. Naveen tossed his personal belongings on his bed next to Cody's things before slowly taking off all of his weapons, checking each to make sure those that needed to be sharp were sharp, those that needed to be blunt were blunt, and those that needed to be unstrung were unstrung. Cody took his time exploring the room before whimpering by the door.

Naveen smiled. His pup was trained even though he had the body of a sixth month old. Naveen changed out of his t-shirt into a grey sweater and a pair of black Nike sweatpants. The goddess Nike would approve. Naveen also pulled his boots back on before grabbing his weapons, putting them all back on, and opening the door for Cody to make his way outside.

The two went outside, allowing Cody to do his business, before the two made their way to the dining hall. Naveen gave waves here and there to students who waved at him. He didn't speak much, and a wave was just as good as a "hello".

Naveen grabbed a few strips of bacon, a bagel, cream cheese, apple juice, and water before going to an empty table and sitting by himself. He put the cream cheese on the bagel, then put the plate with the bacon on it on the ground for Cody who began eating sloppily. The pup was racing through his big meal for such a small puppy. The water was right beside the plate, allowing Cody to drink that in between his big bites of the bacon.

Naveen smiled down at his wolf, enjoying his bagel as he surveyed the room, seeing multiple students of his. He could have eaten in the teachers lounge, but what fun was that? He liked to sit near his students, and most didn't care. He wasn't so hard on them. He let phones in class, but reserved the right to read aloud any texts that may come in, and any phone calls would be answered by another student. He only allowed gum on archery days, but that was more than most teachers.

Naveen liked to think he wasn't uptight. He wasn't. He only was when people were being dangerous, or really, really stupid. He sat in his little corner at his table with Cody, just watching, not listening, because he didn't like cursing and was sure if he listened he'd want to leave, or chastise anyone, and he wasn't sure how he felt about talking without being provoked at the moment.

Naveen finished his bagel and looked down to see Cody was long done with both his water and his bacon. Picking up the plate and cup, Naveen set them on the counter before pulling out a knife that had not been as sharp as it should be. He observed the duller side, remembering his use of it when he was in Alaska to cut a tree's limb since it was dead and was right over Naveen's camp site. Really it was under his father's friend's campsite and therefore he hadn't really looked around until after he had set up camp.

Naveen began sharpening his knife. He didn't use the tools for fighting as often as he did for survival. He didn't eat meat, but his pup did, and he would feed his pup. Plus, plants needed to be cut to get them, so he used it for that too! Knives were probably his second favorite, the first being the bow since his mother was one of the gods that specialized in bows and Naveen had been training for so long. He had only ever lost an official archery match once to his teacher, when he had lost his temper because two kids were fooling around and being dangerous. The teacher had asked if Naveen thought he was good enough to run the class and in the heat of the moment, which Naveen regretted, came the response of yes... He didn't win. His teacher was a son of Apollo, the archery teacher that is.

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Daniel received a text from The Enemy saying he was going to check on her. Daniel was thankful, letting out a breath he had been holding. She'd be okay then. She wouldn't be hurt in her room feeling like he was a total jerk. He sighed, finishing the stolen bacon before he read the rest of the text.

[To: The Enemy]
[It's only between you an me. She's out of it entirely.]

Daniel was meaning for it to explain that it wasn't because of Aiden. Sure, he hated the guy. Very much. But he would never get back at Aiden by hitting one of Aiden's friends. The closest he'd do to that would be to have one of Aiden's friends tell Aiden something Danny had said about him, not actually try to hurt someone else. He wasn't that big of an a$$hole to other people.

Daniel began tapping his fingers anxiously, waiting for Otter to say something back to him or for something. Anything. The talking around him got quieter as people looked to him and he shrugged. "I kind of... Well... I was a jerk." Daniel knew he wasn't really being a jerk, he certainly hadn't tried to be. It was easier than saying something like 'he scared Otter' or 'Otter freaked out'. He wasn't sure either was true and he would never voice it aloud. It would be rude and mean to her and he would never hurt her. Ever.

Everyone nodded and resumed conversation. Daniel found he wasn't feeling the talking so he stood and went to go sit with his teacher Dr.Naveen. He sat across from his teacher who gave a small wave and a smile, one that was sympathetic and showed he had seen what had happened. Daniel nodded reluctantly before petting Cody who had come to play with Daniel's shoe laces.

"Hey Naveen... What did I do wrong?" Daniel asked honestly wanting advise. He had asked his weapons and fighting teacher multiple times for adviser help. The guy was different, but that's what made him so cool.

Naveen seemed to weigh his words before speaking. His voice was a deep tenor and was rich but gentle. There was an edge to it that made people think he was not exactly what he appeared to be like. And he was nothing like he appeared. Well, he was, but he was far more capable than what he appeared.

"Daniel, I don't believe you did anything wrong. I do think you forgot who you were talking to," Naveen stated with nothing more. Leaving it at that. Daniel stared at him confused.

"I was talking to Otter," Daniel stated simply unsure what else Naveen could be meaning. Naveen shrugged but motioned to Daniel's shoulder.

Daniel looked and nearly had a heart attack as he saw Diaval on his shoulder and freaked. The bird let a bottle with a paper inside fall on the table before cawing and causing Daniel to wince slightly. He was shaking slightly and Naveen picked up on it before talking mentally to the bird. Then waving him off as he left.

Daniel shuddered. "Demon bird," He whispered and Naveen chuckled slightly as he picked Cody up and held the pup to his chest though Cody tried to lick his face instead of being held in a bear hug.

Daniel opened the bottle and read the note. Relief sweeping over him again. He looked to the sky, muttering thanks to the gods for what they had given him. He wasn't sure if he gave thanks to his father or Aphrodite, but either way, he thanked them.

Daniel stood smiling at a serene Naveen. "Thank you so much Naveen," He stated before running off in the direction of her dorm. It was after breakfast. Not technically, but Dan wasn't going to be able to eat anything more anyway.

Dan began walking as he got closer to her door, hearing voices, but before he could see the speakers, he heard a door close and looked down to see the hallway now empty. Dan frowned with raised eyebrows. What was going on?

Dan wasn't sure what to do, so he went and put his ear to Otter's door for a moment, hearing voices and immediately backing away. He would not eavesdrop. he sat next to the door as he waited for whoever was talking to Otter to exit. He hoped and didn't hope Aiden was in there. Either the... guy, was in there comforting Otter, or it was someone else. Dan wasn't sure. But he certainly didn't want to interrupt if it was Aiden to avoid him in general. They could occasionally tolerate momentary passes in the hall, but direct confrontation didn't work. They basically almost killed each other.

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In Jack's not-so-humble-opinion, bacon cheeseburgers were definitely the food of the gods. Forget ambrosia and nectar. Sweets had nothing over the sweet greasiness of a food guaranteed to kill you by the time you reached 40. Skipper was already whining for his share and, with a softened expression, the normally guarded young man fed his companion the last bite of his burger. True to his word, he had bought enough for two and he dutifully refrained from grabbing his friend's portion of the meal. Still, he felt somewhat annoyed. It wasn't often he felt like being generous and here he was, sitting alone. Well, not alone. He scratched Skipper behind the ears and the golden retriever tilted his head up in appreciation. Animals didn't need to talk much. It was one of the reasons why he preferred them to humans.

As he scratched his companion, Jack noticed another person with a canine companion eating breakfast. Jack grinned. He liked Naveen. Truly, he did. At least, he refrained from lecturing him about their mother, even if he was a teacher. his classes were fun at the very least. Grabbing his trey of food, he walked over to join his older brother.

"Hey, Nav. What's up? Pick up any lost strays lately?" he asked, referring to the wolf pup that was now sniffing at Skipper who, for his part, had only licked him once, and perhaps other strays of the more human variety. Naveen had a habit of always wanting to help people. While Jack liked him, he still didn't like the thought that, in his brother's mind, he was just another kid who needed help.

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Naveen had just finished sharpening his knife when his student Daniel came over to talk to him. The son of Zeus was stressed. That much was obvious. The poor fellow had just gotten a complicated response from the girl he liked. If Naveen knew anything about love, it was seeing it in others and recognizing it. At least, when they were as obvious as Daniel Keisuke.

Naveen placed his knife in it's sheath and grabbed a cup of tea before resuming his seat. He liked the old fashioned tea, with seven sugar cubes. Naveen liked sugar. It was yummy.

As Naveen cradled his cup and Cody began playing tug of war with his boot's laces, Jack Clement appeared with his golden retriever, Skipper. Naveen loved Skipper, the dog was adorable and loved him. All animals loved him. Except for sharks... That was a story he didn't tell.

Naveen smiled at the golden retriever and gave a slight wave to his student as he hunched in his seat and took a sip of his tea. He didn't speak until Jack did, giving Jack all of Naveen's attention. He lifted his chin slightly to be sure he made proper eye contact. Naveen was confident in himself and had no problem making eye contact with anyone, escpecially his students.

Naveen considered Jack's words before nodding slightly and scratching at the slight scruff on his chin. "I'm doing well, thank you. I have not though a couple of strays picked me up while I was in Alaska," Naveen stated simply as he took another sip of his tea.

It was then Naveen realized what Jack was truly saying and smiled broadly. "Clements, you ought to know better. This is the same pup that followed me last year and the year before that. I suppose I shall introduce him to everyone this year and not just the seniors... His name is Cody, mother gave him as a graduation present. If you get a doctorate in shool, perhaps mother will give you a similar present," Naveen stated encouraginly, at first slightly confused before realization had dawned on him. .

Jack was his younger brother, and he was a good kid. He cared. He had trouble in love as all demigods did, but he tried. The more he tried, the more he would succeed in life.

Naveen, knowing it would only be rude to not do so, prepped himself to ask Jack how it was going. "How about you Jack? Nice summer? Anything exciting? Been practicing?" Naveen asked with a smile and a slight raise of his eyebrow as if chastising him but doing so lightly and jokingly.

He was an older brother and a teacher and a friend. He wasn't half related to Jack, but it was just the same to him. Naveen ran his hands through Skipper's hair, messing with the dog's ears as he sent a message of happiness and joy to the dog through their connection before giving the complaining Cody who was whimpering from not recieving the attention. The wolf pup was adorable. And so was Skipper.

Naveen wondered if Jack would want to try to show his practice, but devided he wouldn't offer. He had already spoken a lot. If Jack asked another question, so be it. He would answer, but why talk more when you can listen and watch?


Tess looked up when she heard someone sit down to see Mark Buik take a seat next to Marilyn. Tessa liked to think of him as the car. It was simple. It helped her remember his name. And she liked cars, therefore, she must have liked Mark in some way or another.

"Boys are so... infuriating. And I wish they could pick up on how girls feel but at the same time if they did then he would know how I feel and then everything would be so screwed up because he'd be like 'Oh, Tessa, how could I like a small little blonde like you who is socially awkward for the most part and always has grease on your face?'" Tessa asked, rushing and upon talking as "him" dropping her voice an octave. It was probably comical from another person's point of view. Tessa, upon finishing her rambling, let her head drop onto the table again, sighing.

She thought about her words for a second before sitting up, her wringlets flying to land on her back as she looked between Marilyn and Mark. "Do I have any grease on my face?" She asked innocently and hopefully, not wanting to deal with it.

Tessa dropped her head down again before letting it roll so it was resting on her arms. She sighed. "Thanks Mark... Maybe how to respond when the guy you text texts this back to you when you text him the first time?" Tessa asked softly as she plucked her phone away from Marilyn and pushed it towards Mark.

"Am I being too stressed? Why am I talking so much?" Tessa groaned as she let her forehead go back to the table and sighed again, her arms hanging limply at her side. She groaned obnoxiously, wanting Aphrodite herself to show up to figure out her love life but not daring to pray to her. She was screwing things up as it was. Or maybe that was her son... Tessa wasn't even sure anymore.

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Jack's expression grew sullen at the mention of their "mother". He did not hear anything else his brother had to say. The thought of his mother deigning to "reward" him with a small gift for anything he did pissed him off beyond belief. He laughed bitterly and could not stop the words that came next.

"Yes, I am desperately seeking my "mother's" approval. I will definitely study hard for my doctorate so "Mother" will deign to notice me and give me a little present. 'Hey son. Congratulations on making something of yourself. Sorry I fucked up your childhood. This will make everything better. No thanks," he snorted.

"I won't forget being shunted from foster home to foster home just so she could get back at my dad. My dad who she made forget all about me."

After a few moments, he regretted his tirade, but he couldn't bring himself to take it back. Being reminded of his mother set him off and as cliche as it sounded, he couldn't ever forgive his mother for what she did. Not with her continuing to thwart his every attempt to meet his father or even find out who he was.

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Naveen looked to his younger brother, waiting and wondering if he would see a reaction. He watched as Jack seemed to lose the pep in his step. Naveen nodded, and looked down to Cody. Few people had a good relationship with their godly parent. Naveen had a semi okay one. She woud make appeareances when Naveen was entirely alone on camping trips that his father abandons him on. That happened more often than Naveen would have liked.

Naveen looked back up to Jack and might have winced at Jack's laugh if Naveen was different. The way he was, he held sympathy, but not the kind someone would have when they think someone else is pathetic. Naveen has sympathy for Jack because he remembered how he used to feel about their mother. He still tolerated her and was glad when she said hi, but she was not their mother.

As Jack spoke, Naveen observed and listened. He didn't dare speak until Jack was done. Naveen rarely spoke without being directly spoken to, but he felt certain circumstances were exceptions.

When Jack was done, Naveen spoke to him softly. "Jack, you done with the language?" Naveen asked like the older brother he was. He hated inappropriate language and few students actually cursed in his class as they knew he called them out on it in front of everyone.

He then looked down at his dirty dishes before looking back up at Jack and speaking softly. "Jackie, I say she gave it to me because I studied and graduated early. Perhaps if you ask me in a less public place I'll tell you what was going on around the time I got my doctorate. And I got my doctorate because I wanted to help people, not because I wanted to have Artemis notice me. Besides, bitterness does not suit you Jack, we all have plenty to be bitter about," Naveen stated simply, giving a hint of bitterness in his tone towards the end but leaving it at that. Immediately the bitterness was gone and his face was more like a big brother talking to a little brother.

"Really, we are more similar than just being the children of the gods Jack. If you ever want or need help or begin to lose faith, come find me," Naveen stated simply before standing. He gave a wink before leaving Jack at the picnic table, making a clicking noise so Cody would know he was leaving. The young pup jumped after Naveen as Naveen walked towards the faculty building.

He had spoken so much! But he was there for his students, and other demigods. His younger half siblings especially.

Naveen walked into the faculty building and wrinkled his nose slightly. He couldn't stand being official. He was wearing sweatpants for crying out loud. He walked into his office, one on the first floor that had a sliding door Naveen had installed. He liked that he could open it and sit on a chair he hat outside. Cody had a little doggie bed in Naveen's office and immediately went there.

Naveen spotted a little bag on his "desk" which was really just a coffee table. Desks were stupid. Instead, Naveen had a couch and a coffee table and a side table with the coffee table serving as his desk. It worked for him. He smiled at the goodies before leaving Cody to fine June.

He found her, and Terry, and Priscilla all in June's office. Naveen froze slightly at the crowd before shrugging inwardly and stepping up to the door. Thanking people was allowed in his repertoire of reasons to speak.

"Thank you June," He stated with a smile and a nod as he gave little waves to the others in the room. He gave one final smile before moving to leave, not really wanting to have to make his own conversation starter to have to stay. He wouldn't really mind them asking him to join, but that was equal with him sitting outside and practicing knife throwing.


Tess looked up as August sat down. She shrugged, her face not happy still but she sat up at least. She pulled her invention project back, working on that again to avoid feeling like there was a lot of people. She liked that everyone was near her, that she was getting attention, but she hated that it was only because they seemed to think that she was upset. Why couldn't people give her attention just because she was Tessa?

Tess again attempted to fit the fingers into the mechanical hand but failed. Then another person sat down. She felt her shoulders hunch as she wasn't sure what to do. She found that the piece finally fit but that she wasn't sure what to do with so many people.

She wanted to escape and looked to Marilyn to see if she would mind. If it had been people she was close to, like Otter and Marilyn and Hugo and Priya, that would have been different, minus Hugo since he made her nervous no matter where he was.