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Otto Gentle

"If the hourglass of life were not nailed to the table, perhaps we'd all enjoy ourselves a little bit more."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by katyisaladybug



~ "Do what you will, but harm none" ~

{ A Great Disaster | Battleships }



Othello William Gentle

Mr. Gentle or just Mr. G (by students), and Otto (by faculty). Some call him "Dr. Frankenstein". Do NOT use that name in his presence if you value your life.

March 13th





Hails from Northern Ireland




Otto is a quirky, curious, somewhat awkward man living with the guilt of his past. It's not so much that he regrets the decisions he has made, but rather he regrets the decisions that have been inflicted upon him, despite the fact that none of them were under his control. Like his last name implies, he is kind, curteous, and always practicing respect. Rarely does he go off on a temper. Still, he can lose his cool, but that's only if you target one of his emotional weak spots. He's a small yet strong individual, and most of the faculty know that well.

However, despite his strength, Otto has recently hit a bump in the road. Once a jolly, happy-go-lucky kind of guy, he's been sinking further and further into the depths of depression. Every day is a challenge, and knowing that each hour may be his son's last puts him into a cage of stress and undiluted heartbreak. It's painful for others to watch, especially because he is a loyal, family-oriented kind of man. (Even around his students, whom he also considers family.) He may be impatient at times and phlegmatic to a fault, but he's got a good head on his shoulders and an even sturdier heart to match.

Being a bumbling, cheery, ingenious man with unconventional ways of teaching, there are many who consider his demeanor excessively odd. And those many have a right to believe so; Otto's dexterity acts as both a boon and a tragic flaw. Take his work at the cauldron for example: while he is capable of creating highly valuable potions and enchantments, he is also capable of creating messy disasters and other mad scientist-like moments. While some give him eye-rolls, others consider his enthusiasm inspiring and even adorable. Charming and attaining a scattered character that's hard to hate, Otto may not be able to fix his problems, but he will ALWAYS be there to fix yours.

(At least 5, I'd like it if you described why your character likes something, but it is not required)

(At least 5, I'd like it if you described why your character dislikes something, but it is not required)

☠ His son's death ☠ Losing his powers ☠ The rise of the titans ☠ Minotaurs and encountering one of the Gorgon sisters.

Comprehending Otto's past is crucial to understanding his disheveled personality. His background makes up the majority of who he is, and should not be taken lightly. Frankly, everything starts with his ancestry. He is the descendant of



Quentin Gentle // Son // 17 // Alive

Don't even mention Hecate's name around him. Honestly, he's surprised she hasn't even killed him yet. Otto hasn't seen her in over fifteen years, but if they were to meet again, shit would definitely go down. He is unsure whether or not she still loves him, but he knows that he has definitely lost all love for her. What hurts the most is that she has been present in his past so many times. The goddess of witchcraft practically makes up his childhood. The fact that she betrayed him is just so infuriating. Something powerful used to be there. Their relationship is still strong, however it is strong in a negative, sour, biting sense.

Seeing that he spends most of his time at a cauldron making potions all day, the answer to this question is kind of a no-brainer.

Of course, he loves Greek mythology with a burning passion, but everyone knows that Mr. Gentle has been wanting to teach chemistry for years. For some reason, the faculty won't give him the position. (Probably because of the few instances where he's exploded his creations instead of completing them.)

So begins...

Otto Gentle's Story

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{ 7 A.M. || Son of Hecate and Teacher of Greek Mythology || His room --> Hallways }

Out of all the days in a year, this was the one he considered the most festive. This was the day that he was always busy scrambling to find papers, learning the names of the new teachers, and preparing things to say to those he had not seen all summer. However, instead of doing these things, Otto just stood in front of the glass bathroom mirror, staring at his reflection lackidaisically. This time around, Orientation Day would be a bit different. Perhaps drastically different.

Three more days. Three more days until his son's eighteenth birthday. Three more days until Hecate's curse would finally take place, and three more days until his past mistakes would finally catch up to him. Just thinking about how many minutes Quentin had left made him cringe like a madman. The fact that he could do nothing in his power to prevent his son's demise made him cringe even more. It had been so hard to jump out of bed this morning. He couldn't even wrap his head around the mornings soon to come.

But despite the lack of hope in his utterly frail situation, was he going to give up? Was he still going to try and change things before it was too late? Those were questions he was still trying to find answers to.

He stared at his face, his eyes, his hair. Clearly, fatigue and age had marred him. Already, he was beginning to gain the appearance of an old man. Well, perhaps he was an old man, despite the fact the felt as though he still had much to learn. He sighed, shut off the bathroom light, and exited into his small dormitory's study. He draped a navy blue blazer over his white flanel shirt, snatched up a green clipboard resting on the table nearby, exhaled a deep sigh, and with his chin and posture forcefully risen, exited into the hallways of the faculty building.

As he scurried through the long corridors that appeared to be a bit whitewashed from the light of this dull morning, he figured it best to head to the security of his own classroom, where he would quietly eat his breakfast in peace. Otto had already decorated his room and prepared his syllabus a good two weeks in advance. He was a tidy man. Clumsy, but undoubtedly tidy. He liked to be prepared. It was a virtue taught to him by his parents at a young age, and his instincts always felt a bit frazzled whenever he had no plans. That was one of the reasons why he always kept himself busy. He had found the rush of activity to be much more pleasant than the power of relaxation.

Before his conscious began to pass into mindlessness, he found a silhoutte breezing through the halls nearby. He could tell from the figure's dark hair and broad shoulders that it was the respected and much-cherished man known as Enoch Nixon. In other words, the headmaster. In even more words, the god of medicine and healing, Asclepius.

To Otto, he was a wise man. Enoch's demeanor and effort to make everyone happy was always a pleasure to behold. The mythology teacher was grateful to have him as a boss. The more Otto thought about him, the more he realized the man's power in the world of Olympus. It was then, as he stared upon him from a distance, that the grey-haired man had an idea.

He sprinted up to Enoch's side, giving him a half-hearted smile. If not for depression and exhaustion weighing him down, it would have been bigger.

"Good morning," he chirped, trying to keep up with the headmaster's pace. His strides were a lot wider than his. "Erm," Otto stuttered, "if you don't mind, I-I need to talk to you. Preferably in private." He scratched the back of his head with his left hand. His other right hand tightly gripped the edge of his clipboard in sheer apprehension. "Probably later, I guess? You're most likely you usually are. I uh...see you've got some notes there. So later, maybe? If that's okay?"

Realizing that he was speeding through his thoughts and talking much too fast, Otto quickly composed himself and took a deep breath in.

"Sorry," he apologized, "It's just something really urgent to me, that's all."


{ 8:02 A.M. || Daughter of Athena || City --> School Grounds }

Heartbeats pounding like a hammer. Air in and air out. Silence and the smell of half-lit cigarettes.

These were the sights and sounds that littered the atmosphere of the dusty apartment room located outside of Aeonis Academy's campus. Outside of the perspective of the fiery-haired girl standing in the middle of the living room, the area was dark, morbid, and seemingly deserted. Even though there was a half-opened window bringing in delicate traces of daylight, the musty space continued to lack any kind of brightness. If a maid or any other stranger had walked into the flat at that exact moment, they would have questioned why on earth there was an alabaster-skinned seventeen-year-old standing there with a blindfold over her eyes and an actual katana sword grasped between her hands. Obviously, it was a rather strange sight. A sight you didn't see every day. However, for the girl actually holding the heavy Japanese blade, this circumstance she found herself in was completely, utterly normal.

The daughter of Athena stood there in anticipation; she was listening, feeling, and learning her surroundings rapidly like a blind bat caught in the dead of night. Her knees were buckling in weariness, but that was the fun of it all. To her, everything challenging was entertaining. This was a girl who found all television shows boring, parties absolutely worthless, and gossip a topic for the dull-witted.

To put it simply, this was a girl who took comfort in the abnormal, and banished everything society and well-mannered individuals deemed as appropriate.

Just then, she heard the quick pitter-patter of tiny feet swiftly approaching behind her. Like a flash of lightning, she pivoted on her heels and raised her sword up high, deflecting the blow of the other sword attempting to penetrate through her skull. She heard a loud clanking sound and valiant, "Kiya!" and with a twist of her hips, she dodged another blow. Her legs moved forward, and with an offensive mindset, she swung the sword forward, and then behind. She jabbed and blocked, and finally, her katana crashed with the other. She pushed, but the force was unwavering. The girl couldn't break free. And it was in that moment that her blindfold was cast away from her face. A Japanese man gazed upon her with intensity, his blade still connected to hers. Slowly, he cast his katana down, giving her a proud smile and two distinct words.

"Good job."


"Y'know, you did outstanding work today, Miss Reyes." the man raspily muttered after stopping at the red light in front of him. "For only a month of practice, you have the swordsmanship of Miyamoto Musashi."

The red-haired girl emotionlessly stared out the car window, observing the streets of the unsullied city that lay before her. Her hand was gently rested upon her chin, while a slender finger hung between her two thin lips. "Your praise is undoubtedly appreciated, Akio," she said, "but my real concern and attention lies in whether or not I have earned the prize you promised me. Have I passed your precious test?"

The man chuckled, and shook his head. "All this training I've offered you, and all little lolita cares about is her damn prize." He snickered, rolled his eyes, and then placed his attention back on the road. "You've passed, and the prize is yours. Of course you've earned it, Miss Ruth. Even though I think you deserve more than that useless junk."

While others fled the prestigious academy for demigods in favor of home during the hot summer months, Ruth Reyes always made the decision to stay upon the peninsula until school was back in session. She did this not out of hatred for her adoptive parents or because of a rebellious disposition, but out of a burning curiousity and a desire to learn everything she could about the world of Greek legend and mythology. The city folk near Aeonis knew a plethora about the gods and their might, and Ruth, with her mental metabolism, made it her goal to inquire them all. Fortunately for her, she had a place to say during the summer, and that place was the apartment of a demigod whom she simply called Akio. She did not know his last name, as he refused to reveal it to her. Most likely out of fear that she would figure out the terrible shenanigans he pulled in the past, she presumed.

Akio was odd, just like her. When she first came to the peninsula at the age of eleven, he was only city-dweller who offered her a place to stay. He saw something in her that most people assumed was insanity. He let her smoke and do whatever she wanted without judging her actions. As long as she "paid" him in return, (which meant making his adrenaline rise, as he had an addiction to dangerous, risky scenarios,) their relationship would always stay a good one.

"So," he started again, "Orientation day, huh? I remember starting school every year. How eager I was to start trouble on the campus. I doubt you're the same way, little lolita. I doubt you ever start trouble."

Ruth snorted. "You don't know how wrong you are, Akio. Unlike you, however, the trouble I start is never intentional."

He snickered. "Anyways, did you see the strange lightning cloud in the sky this morning? Freaky weather, I say. This place is always so abnormal. The sun's shining brightly, and BOOM! Almost made me shit my pants in bed..."

The girl's brows lowered as the car continued to accelerate forward. "Where was this cloud?"

"Just over the academy, I believe. Why do you ask?"

Ruth smirked. "Because that was no ordinary lightning cloud. That was Zeus."

Akio scoffed in surprise. "Zeus? What would Zeus with all his power and responsibility be doing at tiny Aeonis Academy? You know how lowly he thinks of the establishment."

The daughter of Athena turned to face him. "Well, that's the question I'd like to answer. Clearly he came down for an important reason. He wouldn't just leave Mount Olympus to have a chat over tea and biscuits, now would he?" In that instant, Ruth began to chuckle with glee.

Akio glanced at her in confusion. "Why the sudden laughter? You're a lunatic, you are."

She quietly shook her head. "Because this is a wonderful mystery that needs to be solved, that's why!" and with that, the car stopped in front of Aenois Academy's gates. Akio reached behind him, and from the back seat, drew a leather messenger bag that undoubtedly belonged to Ruth. "Your prize is inside," he said, giving her a quick peck on the forehead as though she were his daughter. "See you soon, little lolita. Take care" With a final nod and smile, the girl exited the car, and with her power of intagibility, passed through the steel gates as though they were composed of liquid.

She quickly strolled across the winding paths of the academy, eager to get back to her dormitory. She wasn't so happy to see her roomate, but she was excited to get back into the groove of the school year again. Suddenly, a jogger passed by. She recognized the runner as Zoe Yeoman, a daughter of Hermes, and judging by the music that blasted through her earbuds, a lover of classic rock music. Recognizing the melody, Ruth smirked, pulled out her phone, and scrolled through her list of contacts until she found the girl's name. Zoe Yeoman might not have had her number, but Ruth had hers. She quickly tapped the keys on her grey iphone and hit 'send'. The text read...

To: Zoe Yeoman
You have a great taste in music. I personally prefer "Paint It Black", as it is more emotional in my eyes, (the PTSD of a soldier after the Vietnam War is a very heavy subject to tackle,) but I guess the lyrics to that song are more motivational. Happy jogging.

Finally, Ruth entered the girl's dormitories, where she sauntered through the hallways until she found her room. She phased through the solid door, opening up her messenger bag and placing her labelled "prizes" (various blood samples of rare mythological beasts) upon the table nearby. She'd put the glass tubes in the freezer later, but until it was time to head to class, she'd do some testing first. After downing a pill intended to calm down her schizophrenia. Ruth looked around, and gingerly knocked on her roomate's door.

"Spencer?" she called, "are you awake?"