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Theodore Evans

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

0 · 558 views · located in Aeonis Academy, Greece

a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by insouciance







Theodore Gilbert Evans.

Theo, commonly, [liked].
Teddy, close friends and family, [adored].
Four Eyes, old high school bullies and some particularly nasty students, [disliked].

13 | 06 | 90.





Dutch | Welsh.




『Dependable ▪ Hardworking ▪ Practical ▪ Articulate ▪ Perceptive ▪ Honest』

With just looking at Theodore, most would jump to the conclusion that he's the epitome of a nerd, and in some aspects they may be correct. He obsesses over mathematics; being able to recite the first hundred digits of Pi from memory, he tends to be reserved and is awkward among large groups of strangers - he means well but usually ends up getting flustered when spoken to. He's deeply into literature and would take a night in with a cup of tea and a good poetry book over a crowded party. Oh, and he wears glasses, because he just loves to live up to the stereotype that much.

But Theo is also so much more than what this stereotype confines him to. When with friends, or even his class, Theo is actually very eloquent. He talks with an intensity that a lot of people find quite captivating - especially when speaking of a topic he's passionate about. It is only in large group settings that he finds he'd rather fade into the background than be the centre of attention. He loves to rant, most often about people that dislike mathematics and how they don't actually dislike it, they just don't get it.

Some people may never see past his thick rimmed glasses and nerdy name; those people tend not to be the kindest and are the ones that have granted him the greatest honour of running around yelling 'Four Eyes' at him, and while Theo hoped the childhood nickname wouldn't haunt him forever, some of his more challenging students have taken up the old nickname once more. However, for those that can see past his appearance are granted with befriending a genuinely nice person. Theo's not perfect in any sense of the word but he tries to be the best person he can not just for himself, but for his students and everyone around him. He believes that he is an example to this impressionable youths and does not take liberties with that. That is why he's completely honest, lies just seem to end up ruining things. Even little white lies mount up and eventually you've caught in this web of lies with no way out so you just keep on lying.

Theo is that one person you know will always be there. The guy people turns to when everything just seems hopeless. He's a safety net of sorts, and while he definitely enjoys being the go-to-guy for motivation and love, Theo is never someone's first option when it comes to friendship or even love. Sure he's the reliable back-up who'll take you as you are, no matter what, and it's nice to know people count on him to always be there. But people only want him when what they had gets lost, broken up or just doesn't work out. Would he like to be comforted every once in a while? Sure but Theo also knows that as everyone's second choice, he can't be fussy. He'll take what he's given no matter how unfair that may seem, Theo feels as though it's just what he's worthy of.

Perhaps people always come to him when they need a pick-me-up because he's so perceptive. Theo can pick up on what most people are feeling when speaking to him, and especially whether they're lying to him. It's a power that Theo got from his mother but has made his own by years of observing people's expressions and body movements when feeling all manner of emotions. This ability isn't something that Theo was born with, he's hardly a natural at reading people and like anyone is bound to make mistakes but it's more often than not that his guess is correct. That being said, Theo's never accused someone of lying when they weren't, that is a gift that you can't fault.

Theo works incredibly hard at his job. When you teach a marmite subject like math [you either love it or you hate it], you have to be creative in your presentation and teaching of it. If Theo was the type of teach to just pass out textbooks and have people work from that you can be sure everyone would start slacking off. Instead what Theo does is keep it interesting, he likes to teach outside the classroom and takes frequent school trips. Say it were a glorious day outside - the sun's shining, birds a chirping - everyone's going to be staring out at the window, wishes to be out there instead of stuck in a stuffy classroom. So Theo does exactly what they want, he'll take them outside, find a peaceful area with a few benches and teach his class from there. Theo will do whatever it takes to keep him students interested and engaged in his classes; he cares far too much to let his teachings be wasted on distracted teenagers.



Mathematics|| of course as a Math teacher and child of Athena it's a given that Theo would love maths. Memorising Pi|| Believe it or not, Theo can list the first hundred digits of Pi off by heart; it helps to calm him when he's feeling particularly anxious. Order|| Theo needs order in his life, or else it would be meaningless. Classic Poetry|| Theo simply enjoys the pace and structure to classic poetry. Being called 'Mr. Evans'|| Theo won't deny he purely likes being called this because of how professional and grownup it makes him sound. Hearing it from a student never gets old, especially as he's really only a few years older than some. Classic Rock|| a math teacher liking rock? Yes, it may be slightly surprising but despite popular belief, 'boring ol' teachers' don't just listen to classical music, in fact, Theo has quite a large music taste. But nothing could compare to the likes of AC/DC, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Led Zeppelin.


Liars|| Being a child of Athena, Theo can easily tell when people are lying and so he really does not appreciate it. He believes everyone should be honest, even if it hurts it's for the best [in his eyes]. Coffee|| He'll drink it to keep himself awake, but Theo genuinely loathes the taste of coffee. People that don't even try|| Just because you think you won't be good at something doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be. That's something Theo thinks a lot of his students need to learn.


Become a bad teacher|| Strange but still a definite fear of Theo's. He never wants to become the type of teacher who cares more about their pay check than their students. Always being the second choice|| For now it doesn't bother Theo too bad, but he occasionally gets that feeling that what if he never finds true love? What if he's always just someone's back-up option. Agoraphobia|| This is the fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult, or help wouldn't be available if things go wrong. Theo is essentially afraid of large [and typically crowded] open spaces i.e shopping centres.


Father || Marcus Evans || Deceased.


Theo and Athena are on relatively good terms. As a child Athena visited him maybe three times from birth to the age of thirteen. However when he came of age to be admitted into Aeonis, Theo noticed his mother's visits increasing and after his father died last year, Theo has found that Athena visits him even more frequently. Maybe it's because she's his last living relative [apart from his half-siblings], maybe it's just to make sure he hasn't slipped back into the deep depression Theo was in after his father's passing - Or perhaps it's a combination of the two. Either way, he appreciates that Athena puts time into seeing him, even if it is only a couple times a month, as Theo knows that she's a very busy Goddess.


Theo very much so appreciates all of his abilities that were gifted to him by his mother. But he probably enjoys being able to tell when people are lying the most, especially as he is a teacher, Theo finds it very, very useful to use on his students.



He has three cats, Edgar, Allan and Poe [named after his favourite poet]. Edgar & Poe are brothers and tend to be very calm, often staying indoors and never found without each other. Allan, on the other hand, is slightly insane and will often be found zooming around campus, chasing butterflies and begging for strokes from the students.



So begins...

Theodore Evans's Story