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Headmaster Dawes


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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demigods”, as played by Desparadina


"It could be worse you could have a phobia of pickles. "

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"Dawes.... just Dawes... "

" Mr. D, Headmaster, that weird guy over there who looks nothing like a principal, you wouldn't believe the ingenuity of the students around here when it comes to nicknames, and I can't believe that I respond to them sometimes... "


Appears to be in his mid to late 30s

" And here I was thinking I could get away without having to mention it, not many people know this, but I am one of the fabled God's of lore, you know...the ones the humans want to string up on a pole and burn? The type who has children popping out of my ears...Difference is I hate kids though, you wouldn't find any of mine in this realm. Enough of that though, let me introduce myself as Phobos, God of Fear, though to get to the thick of the question, according to lore, my parents are Aphrodite and Ares, unfortunately I don't think I've inherited much from either heh... "

" far as I know... "

"Asexual, a rarity among Gods apparently. "

" I can possess bodies with the flick of my finger like any other God, plus I'm not so interested in the sections humanity has segregated themselves in it. Think of my real appearance as a light so bright it'd steal your sight. "

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One must wonder, how a God like Phobos came to become the headmaster of Aeonis, more importantly, when he himself refuses to follow the tradition of having bastard children in often times failed relationships. More over with humans of all species. 'Dawes' could not think of a time he did not do d himself interested and curious of these beings, always observant of the chemicals that would often produce the potion that is fear within their primate minds, it shouldn't be a surprise that he tends to think little of the humans, they are much like ants to him, but unlike his kin, who seek to Harbor the blessings they could offer mankind, he can at least agree that ants they may be, but they, like any being, deserves at least a chance at life. It seems as of this viewpoints not has softened over the years with him. Presiding over the Academy, he has seen and probably heard it all from his students, and being the Head of the Academy has often times forced him to be aware of what damage his own kind has cost the humans, and the children they callously disregard.

One wouldn't really say Dawes is a warm person so to speak, it would be more apt to say, that you have to be the one to warm up to him. Most of the time he plays the distant observer, watching for the minor details at all times. He is a witty fellow, and when becomes more acquainted to him he opens up cautiously, and you get a taste for of someone who is friendly, trustworthy, someone who is able to listen to your problems and not judge so long as you do not. For that, some students seem to hold Dawes or a much higher standard than one might think, he can come off as standoffish, hard to please, and even a little disrespectful at times if one tests his patience, but you really couldn't find a better drinking companion, or perhaps even a therapist, even if he hates being referred to as such.

Every weekend he finds a little time to himself to head to the theaters or buy a DVD somewhere, he's made it his goal to watch a new movie every week of the year, it's a craft he feels humans excell at.

Well...who doesn't love cookies, the distinction here is that the first time he decided to visit Earth he was given one of these and ever since then he can't deny himself the pleasure of having one of they are around.

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So begins...

Headmaster Dawes's Story


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"So, let me tell you a joke,  three Gods walk into a bar-"

"Oh please... Not this joke again... let me guess,  they all find out the patrons are all their children?"

Zeus, or rather, the being possessing the body directly in front of the Headmaster scratched at the stubble under his chin in frustration, as the Headmaster failed to diffuse the tense atmosphere between them, although he had to admit that he enjoyed his companions charm.

"Come on! You didn't even let me finish the joke this time... "

The Headmaster himself is rather confused as to why the seemingly all-powerful God is in his presence, of all days to be exact, a day in which some Gods look upon with embarrassment, and others complete obliviousness at the fact that they left their children in this realm, at the hands of someone like him. No one ever mentioned that he'd be babysitting when the offer came to him, babysitting for approximately ten years now. Hermes often had a way with words, so there was no doubt in Dawes mind ten years down the line that he phrased the offer ever so carefully that day. Hermes made it seem like he was going to be controlling an army of Demi-Gods, all fit to be his soldiers. Alas, no one told him that humans weren't that simplistic, so imagine his frustration during that first day a decade ago, feeling as if he'd been put in charge of a daycare.

Out of the long wanning silence between the two,  it was only Dawes that was forced out of his thoughts, he would skirt around the inquiry of Zeus' presence here, maybe even warm him up to the idea of becoming a part of this institution.

"You know, I was like any other God when I got here,  I saw no real reason to care for humans,  so much so that I couldn't see these kids as equals, but you know... I think time softened me,  you'd be surprised what you'd find here. "

Zeus snorted at the assumption that he wanted anything more than the most superficial association with the Demigods of the school, it was a losing battle as soon as Dawes mentioned it.  At this point Zeus turned to stare out the window; the  window of Dawes office,  a place rarely visited by any other. Dawes caught that snort with a loud,  and rather anxious sigh,  one that caused the other Gods head to turn slightly.

"So you wanna tell me why you're here of all days?  We both know that the Gods want little to do with their own earthly kin,  so what's changed?"

Dawes let himself lean against his maple wood desk, there was a stirring in his heart, one that was all too familiar to the God as he waited for Zeus' answer. When had he ever sensed fear from a force like Zeus?  Someone whose footsteps could cause the Earth to crackle,  and whose voice could rob you of your hearing. If he knew anything this was most definitely bad news, the creases in Zeus aged face seemed to bow, when he faced him, an aura of despair caught up with him, on one hand, for Dawes it was a most delicious feeling being near such unabashed terror, but it was causing an effect that resonated between the both of them for only a moment, so that only Dawes could truly know what lie ahead of them, an uncertain future, but a certain sacrifice, this he could feel pulsate within him. To a human it would have looked like only a second of acknowledgement between two friends, but the both of them could sense the urgency, the silence simply accomodated the atmosphere. The usual expression of laxity that Dawes had faded into a stern,  and worried one.  He looked Zeus in the eyes, addressing him as the leader he was.

"You need to tell me what's wrong,  and what we need to do to fix it. "

He uttered simply,  the other God quickly abandoned the pretense of fear before, it was a measure to make sure that Dawes could see the need behind this cause.

" You must be aware that this institution was a service of the Gods,  and while not everyone agreed with its establishment or its mission,  it was clear that there was one purpose of would serve-an ace in the hole,  as humans often say. The time has come for us to use this. "

Dawes swallowed at the suggestion,  his mouth suddenly dry as he ran through his mind forgetting,  and remembering that day, an effort he wished he hadn't taken. It was beneath him to disobey an order for the ruler of Mount Olympus,but Dawes could already feel the coming command.

"Phobos my dear friend... Hear me out... "

Dawes swore,  that was the last time he ever wanted to hear his true name spoken to him.



What was it about sun showers that brought an almost child like delight to people? Dorian would never know, but he knew he was caught here. An astoundingly beautiful morning on the terrace of the Academy, and he sat on a tree, his Owl form peacefully surveying the horizon, the whispy rays of sun reflected off the lens of the Owls eyes, conveying a picture truer than any TV could broadcast,  pixels couldn't have captured the moment better than actually being there, it was part of the reason why Dorian opted for this form on beautiful days like these.  The breast of the Owl puffed up as if taking a shallow,  relaxing breath,  and it's eyes continued to ponder at the palette of colors brimming in the horizon. His early bird habits were strictly because of sights like these,  not necessarily because he actually enjoyed getting up at 4am but for this, it was worth seeing another sunrise, because it really might have been his last. Light sprinkles of water, comparable to morning dew rained down on the Campus,  it was  hardly enough to warrant an umbrella, but he could imagine seeing some frizzy heads when he decided to head inside for the complimentary breakfast that started every year off. He hoped Dylan, was also seeing this wherever he might have been,  but considering that it was a long night just getting all the students settled back into their old rooms and schedules, he imagined that anybody would have trouble waking up early after a 2am flight.

While he sat, unbothered and completely at peace, Rei was bound to be around he knew, more importantly, even through the rather abysmal sense of smell his Owl form had, he could smell the cigarette smoke from only feet away. If owls could have a more apt set of expressions,  Dorian would have opted for annoyance as one. He turned his small body a few degrees,  to peer at Rei who was undoubtedly smoking on campus as usual. 

The Hades child waved lazily at him,  yawning carelessly, and then scratching his skull, wondering just why he was out here in the first place, he thought he sensed something, or there would at least be something interesting for this first day of all days. Usually,  there wasn't a reason to tread across Campus, but at least he found some joy in bothering his friend perched up on the tree.  As he was about to take another hit off of his cigarette,  a blur of feathers came his way,  swooping down on the lit stick,  causing him to unhand it, but Rei seemed largely unaffected by the action, as Dorian swiftly transformed in front of him. His cigarette in hand.

"Didn't I tell you that you should quit last year? Does the idea of lung cancer appeal to you in some way... "

Rei dug his hands into his pockets,  sighing, whilst so being utterly uninterested in trying to get the nicotine back. There was no convincing Dorian when it came to those types of things,  he was always sort of paternal about his friends well being, it made Rei reconsider their friendship more times than he could count.

"Lung cancer? Have you met my father? "

Dorian still had that disappointed expression of his face, and at Rei's response he was quick to throw it someplace where the other wouldn't even try to look.

" There are way healthier habits than that you know... "

Rei shrugged his shoulders, why keep himself barred from life's pleasures? Their time here was measly in comparison to the Gods,  even if they could live longer than humans,  and stopped aging after a certain time. " Yeah,  whatever,  let's get some breakfast,  see some old friends,  you know... like you do every year?"

Dorian brightened up at Rei's suggestion though he was curious. "You alright there Rei? You usually shut yourself in your room during the mornings..."

Rei stared at him one last time as if to test him.  "Fine then I'll go burry myself between my sheets or whatever if you don't wann-"

"No!  Of course I want you to come!  It's just so...unexpected... from you of all people. Anyhow, let's go. "

There was a sudden feeling of regret that Rei felt, as Dorian clasped his arm around his longtime rival and friend, they walked much too fast for Rei's likes towards the courtyard,  which already had a few scattering of students about, conversing with one another about things Rei didn't care for. He looked around at a bulletin board close by, before being dragged off by Dorian once again to locations unknown.

    All students report to the Dining Hall at 9:30th for the introductory ceremony. This year we'll be having a special guest speaking at the ceremony,  so please attend and be timely about it. "

"A special guest?  Guess there was a good reason to wake up after all."  

Rei thought to himself.