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Isabella Sophia Grace

There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demigods”, as played by Isabella Sophia Gray


I swear sometimes it's like you want me to hate you.

Artist:Nicki Minaj| The night is still young



Isabella Sophia Grace
Bella// Izzy// Sophie// Hot Head
March 8th, 1997
(10-12th Grade)
(On human parent side)
Italian// Spanish// Irish// Native American//
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Isabella is a rather unique individual.She isn't like the other children of Zeus. She has a lot of different sides, from meek and shy to rambunctious and cheerful. She appears optimistic and beautiful at first sight.

She is extremely shy at first, and will hardly speak to strangers. If forced to be introduced, she'd simply say hello, her name, all while smiling goofily and maybe blushing a little. She will dance in front of strangers, as she is a major dancer and has danced in front of them before, but she always has that slight discomfort towards people she hardly knows or people she's just met. She isn't that bashful when she opens up, though she can appear quite shy sometimes even if you do know her, and even if you know her well.
Following up on her opening up to people, she opens up quickly. From that point, she is extremely talkative, and will blab on about things other people might not care about but she has something to say, which can always be a good thing. It really depends on how you take your perspective on people who talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. She is one of those people, but she isn't annoying; she talks about things that are relevant at the right moment and thinks before she speaks, which is always a good thing as well.
Many people say "omg dancing is mah life ya rly yus". When Isabella says it (in a more intelligent way), she means it. When she's felt alone, she turned to music. When she feels heartbroken, music is the antidote to her sorrow and grief. Music can heal anything in life for this girl, and she can't help but obsess over it. If music was an addiction, she'd be on it all day, all night. She can't live without music, and if anyone were to criticize her choice in genres she would crush, kill, and destroy. She sings, dances, and plays several musical instruments, so she knows a lot about music, which helps contribute to her undying love for it.

Most girls hang out with girls, and guys hang out with guys. But she's different. She likes the company of guys more than girls. She enjoys hanging out with guys; it makes her laugh more than talking about lipstick and boys with girls. The guys just pull her attention more.

While she hangs out with all of these guys, she can be flirty at times. Though she isn't a huge player or a prep who walks around flirting with guys to make a living, she still flirts a little. Sometimes she fails at it, but she'll never admit it. Isabella isn't that flirty, to be honest. She doesn't flirt nonstop. It's usually rarely, with the guy she likes or one of her close guy friends.

If Isabella likes someone, she'll keep it secret at first. After that the word will spread to her close friends, and she will trust they will keep the secret from others, including the guy she likes. After that, if the word somehow extends to that guy, she'll go along with it, and then she'll end up admitting her love to him. Guys are unpredictable, so she's usually scared of what will happen... but she always hopes for the best and is rather afraid of rejection.

Isabella is a kind girl who had a fondness for animals. Isabella is often seen with her nose in an book paying no mind to the outside world. Some might say she's low key very quiet. Most suspect an innocent like a fawn. But this girl pays them no heed. She has no interest in the real world and rather just shut in her home. Alone She's also very intelligent and smart ass. She's not one to take insults lightly and will take them to heart. She's been known to hold grudges for more than a couple a months a record breaking two years. Making a person's life h*ll before finally letting it go. Isabella is also a bit cold she gives off that icy cold glare and you know she's pissed and will kill anything that makes her eve more pissed. Otherwise Isabella is very shy and bookwormish.

History: Isabella is the daughter of Zeus and Beryl Grace, a beautiful actress in her prime, but who had spiraled into alcoholism in later years. After Isabella's birth, Zeus left the Grace household (as is custom for gods) and Beryl became unstable. When Isabella was about seven, Zeus returned in his Roman aspect, Jupiter. Isabella noted that Zeus in his Roman form was more fatherly and stern towards her and spoke Latin very often. Within the year, Jason Grace, a Roman demigod, was born. Zeus felt obliged to keep appearing at Beryl Grace's house to please her, but departed a second time because she persisted him incessantly to grant her eternal beauty or a visit to Olympus. When Isabella was nine and Jason was two, their mother took them for a picnic, but when Isabella went to the car for the picnic basket, Hera/Juno took Jason away to Lupa, a she-wolf at Camp Jupiter. Isabella was heartbroken by her brother's death and called his disappearance "the last straw" with her mother and ran away from home, never to return, being this the reason why she only uses her mother's last name (Grace) only when it's extremely necessary.

Working out//Fighting//Yoga//Competitions//Healthy foods//

☠Arachnophobia, freezing up just when she sees a spider or anything bearing a close resemblance to one
☠Cyclopes, they are manipulative and can disguise their voices
☠ Achluophobia, fear of darkness, she always has a light on.
☠Amaxophobia,fear of riding in a car, Isabella got into a horrific car accident from her mother drunk driving.
☠ Thanatophobia or Thantophobia,fear of death or dying.Even though she is immortal she fears one day dying.



Beryl Grace//Her Mother// Human
Jason Grace//Brother//DemiGod
Zeus//Her Father//God
Isabella has had an on/off relationship with her father he comes and goes as he pleases but describes it as having a piece of him ripped apart.

Her favorite power is Electrokinesis: Isabella has electrokinesis (control over electricity and lightning) due to her father, Zeus, the god of lightning. Calling down lightning bolts are a lot harder than emitting static.
Isabella can send powerful amounts of static shock throughout another person's body on contact. She can emit static sparks when she is angry,which is described as being blue.

Dyslexia: since her brain is hard-wired for reading Ancient Greek instead of modern language. ADHD: Isabella possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
Fighting Skills: Isabella has shown to be a formidable opponent with her bow and arrows, spear, shield, and her hunting knives.

So begins...

Isabella Sophia Grace's Story


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Arthos awoke long before the sun had decided to show itself, along with the majority of the academy. This was the case most days, and he decided to start it the same as he did every day. He threw on a light sweater, grabbed a pack of cigarettes, and made his way into a small forest just west of the academy. The moment he crossed the threshold into the forest, he lit a cigarette, and began striding down the old familiar path he'd walked so many times before. He was glad it was still dark enough for the fireflies to be out. So much of his time had been spent fighting and arguing with his schoolmates as of late, it was a nice change to get out and have some time with his thoughts, not that they were any more positive. The world was falling apart around him, meanwhile the gods sat there and watched, gorging themselves on everything they have managed to starve the human race of. Peace was no longer an option, not that war was any more feasible.

He continued his walk into a slightly brightening abyss of blue, , before taking a seat on a large mossy log, and taking out his old Nokia flip phone. He didn't have very many peoples' numbers, most at the academy did everything in their power to avoid him. Venice, however, was not one of them.

To: Venice. Sun's coming up soon, didn't think you'd wanna miss it.

He didn't expect a reply, nor was he hoping for one. Arthos had never been very good at making friends, or establishing a connection with anyone. He preferred most of his time to be spent alone, or with a select few, he never had been good in crowds. The sun was just starting to peek its' way out from the horizon. He decided it'd be best to head back to the academy, before anyone was up. The roof of the school was looking very climbable, and the sunrise was worth watching today, the sky was lit up with pink and orange. He quickly made his way up there, sat between two windows on the west wing, lit a cigarette, and watched.


He sat up there for quite some time, until the everyday hustle and bustle began. Rumours of a guest speaker had circulated through the student body very quickly, and, according to the grapevine, it was during the introduction assembly that Arthos would most likely not be attending. As with any school rumour, everone had their theories, some wilder than others, some just downright ridiculous. He had serious doubts "Oprah" would be making an appearance, or Steve Tyler.

He climbed down off the roof, and made his way into the school, accidentally bumping into a small cliqué consisting of two girls and three boys. "Sorry." He muttered under his breath, completely inaudible to anyone else other than himself. The boys looked nervous, so Arthos decided it was just best to walk away before one of them said something stupid.

On his walk to the gym, he noticed one of the people he considered a friend walking in the hallway, Isabella. He gave a slight nod and wave before continuing on his walk.