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Jaxon Levine

"Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous."

0 · 624 views · located in Aeonis Academy

a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demigods”, as played by insouciance



“Words are everything. Words give wings even to those who have been stamped upon, broken beyond all hope of repair.”




Jaxon Jacobson Levine

Jax | common, used by everyone, disliked
Levine | occasional, used by enemies, tolerated
JJ | rare, used only by his closest friends, disliked
Son Of Hermes | occasional, used mockingly and because he doesn't act how the children of Ares are supposed to but rather how the children of Hermes do, disliked

30th November 1996


"The most ruthless of Gods."

Twelfth Grade


Asexual, Heteromantic

100% British

Dialogue [#000000] Thought [#61210B]



{ Ruthless • Cruel • Manipulative • Eloquent • Charismatic • Flirtatious }

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour.'

If you're looking to define Jaxon, the only word that seems to do him proper justice is Sociopath. He possesses all the charisma in the world and uses that to make you believe he's simply a charming flirt while underneath he hides his true, morally corrupt nature. Jaxon is often able to hide his violent ways under a façade of wit and charm, unlike most of his half-siblings he's somewhat able to control his temper. Although there are times when Jaxon finds he's unable to restrain himself and his ruthlessness is exposed. When he feels these violent urges, Jaxon will usually find somewhere private before letting his anger out. If he showed people who he really was, there's no way Jaxon would so easily be able to manipulate people.

Externally Jaxon is seen as a genuinely approaching person. He's great at charming people, because he knows how to get what he wants. Jaxon knows how to make people feel special, to ask people the right questions about themselves, and to generally be perceived as fun, likeable, and interesting. He possesses the ability to charm almost anyone, from kids to old people. Often calling people 'Dolly' and 'Buttercup' in a cheerful manner, not even slightly letting on that these nicknames are used condescendingly and to belittle the receiver. Jaxon knows exactly how to play people into believing most anything he says and doesn't hesitate to put people in their place if they say something against him [although he usually does this is private so as not to sully his reputation]. While Jaxon is outwardly calm, he can easily snap and get violent at any moment.

Internally, Jaxon's a whole other person. He's, despite his charismatic exterior, actually quite macabre. When Jaxon does something wrong, he is likely to accept none of the blame and to blame others instead, and is willing to hurt whomever whenever if it means that he will achieve his goals. Jaxon is a compulsive liar and will go to great length to get people to believe his lies [especially about his past]. When put in disturbing or upsetting environments Jaxon doesn't even bat an eyelid, he rarely feels anxious or panicked. There's always an agenda with Jaxon. He uses his wits to charm people and get what he wants. Jaxon knows that to advance in this world he first has to blend in with the crowd, which means knowing how to smile, greet people, and make everyone feel comfortable in his presence. H has to be in control of every situation and is often quite uncomfortable being around other strong willed people. When it comes down to it, Jaxon is so obsessed with himself that he simply doesn't care for others at all.

Anger, Jaxon believes that anger is the best weapon you can have because it spurs you on and makes you able to do things you could only dream of being able to do otherwise. Fighting. Naturally, Jaxon loves Being the leader, he lives for being able to control others and get them to do his bidding. Whenever he can he'll step up and take charge of a situation. Nicknames not for himself, of course, but for others and preferably along the lines of 'O my lovely' and 'Buttercup' as he finds these to be the most demeaning. Developing his powers Jaxon craves knowledge and finding out everything that he can about his powers is an obsession of his. He wants nothing more than to develop them to their full potential. Bloodshed is beautiful in Jaxon's eyes, it is someone's life seeping out of them and if Jaxon can be the cause of that bloodshed, no matter how abstractly he may have caused it, there's nothing that makes him happier.

Nicknames He may loves to give others degrading and condescending nicknames that make him look better than them but when people try and give him one back, Jaxon crushes it almost immediately, except for 'Jax' he can't seem to shake that one. People, a strange dislike as Jaxon, himself, is a person but people really get on his nerves, especially the uncontrollable ones. Flowers It may just be Jaxon's inner psychopath shining through but he despises the things; and it seems the prettier they are, the more annoying they become to him. Recreational drugs it is a rare day that you'll see Jaxon smoking or using drugs - He won't even touch a drop of alcohol. Jaxon believes it makes you sloppy and stupid which are two of the things he'll never let himself become.

Losing his power over people Jaxon never wants to go back to being that scared little kid he used to be, he loves the control he has over people and doesn't ever want to lose it. Jaxon is terrified of Others finding out about his past because he doesn't want them to know that he grew up on the streets, nor found out about his time in an Orphanage because they could use this knowledge against him, as far as anyone knows Jaxon had your average, mediocre childhood before Ares brought him here. Not being able to stop, what Jaxon means by this is being unable to stop himself in a fight, especially in training Jaxon doesn't know when to quit, he'll keep on attacking until there's nothing left./center]




Louisa Clarke | Biological Mother | 43 Years Old
Jaxon never knew his mother. The only thing she ever gave him was a name 'Oliver Clarke', a name that he changed soon after leaving the Orphanage. Jaxon was given up by his mother as soon as he was born and so he's only ever known what Ares says about her. He's told that she was a fierce woman, probably one of the things that attracted Ares to her. Louisa never wanted children and so keep Jaxon, or 'Oliver', was never really an option for her.


"Not to sound too cocky but I'm probably his favourite."

Ares is the one person Jaxon doesn't view as bellow him. He admires the God's bloodlust and love of violence, as Jaxon himself shares that unquenchable thirst for war. He doesn't blame his father for never acknowledging him until he left the orphanage, in fact, Jaxon thanks him for it. If he hadn't of been completely isolated for all those years, he may never have become the coldblooded killer he is today.


Jaxon was raised in an Orphanage along with fifteen other children. As a child, Jaxon was often called 'mute' because he rarely spoke a word to anyone, preferring to be on his own in his room, isolated. He hated it and he hated everyone. So, he decided that on his thirteenth birthday he would run away from this lonely world he was stuck in and attempt to make a life for himself else where.

When Jaxon turned thirteen and left his 'home' in the Orphanage for a life on the streets, he never thought he'd find a mentor; someone to look up to. Not until he met 'res, an old man that approached him one day while he sat in an alley, counting the money he'd managed to steal and hiding from the social services who wanted to put him back in that godforsaken place he'd managed to escape from. It took a while for Jaxon to get used to this man who claimed to want to 'tutor him', in fact at first Jaxon had simply run away, not believing a word he said. But the man always seemed to know how to find him, it was like they were connected somehow, bonded together by some unknown force. So Jaxon realised he had little choice but to do what the old man, this 'res character, wanted. And they started to train, 'res taught him how to fight like all the other kids on the street knew how to. Jaxon mastered combat much faster than he'd ever have imagined, but it didn't seem to surprise 'res, he seemed to know something about Jaxon but he'd never say what.

It was only when Jaxon came of age to be admitted into Aeonis [fifteen] that 'res revealed his true identity. Ares God Of War; his father. Jaxon was shocked to say the least, he'd only known the man two years but already trusted him wholeheartedly. Accepting the invitation to join Aeonis, that is where Jaxon has stayed for the past three years.


Without a doubt Jaxon's favourite power is the ability to control negative emotions as it helps him to manipulate others, by making them feel sorry for him when he told them sob stories to gauge sympathy and force people to feel anger against others to help his agenda [whatever that may be].


Face-Claim; Adrien Sahores

So begins...

Jaxon Levine's Story