Lugh of the Raven

'The honour of a Paladin is unbreakable, even by death itself.'

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a character in “Aeronne, Realm of Ascension”, as played by AphoticDreams


A Stubborn young man with the will of nation. The most fitting description of Lugh. If he wants something, not even death can stop him in his conquest.

Born without any magic coursing through him, Lugh found strength in his weapons. Mastery of the duel wielded swords and an knowledge in falconry makes him a deadly opponent. He earned his title by training so many Ravens, he not only had a murder of them, he had an entire genocide of ravens. Many call him a Druid for his skill but those who know him, know that is was a mixture of luck and determination.

Lugh is named after a false God. His origins begin in a cult of people that praised made-up Gods. They believed him to be an incarnation but was soon let down when they learned he was more human than the next person. Banished young and left to survive with nothing but the clothes on his back, Lugh soon started his journey.

He travelled to Aeronne alone. He persevered through harsh winters and soon arrived at the tender age of fourteen. He found himself new within the warm embrace of the land he had stepped into. He remained magicless and sickly but that did not stop him. His stubbornness had only grown and his will to live became obsolete, Lugh started to believe that even in death he would face whatever Gods may exist and pull them off their celestial thrones.

Life was peaceful. He earned himself his title, he earned respect among the natives. Lugh donned armour and became a new man. He was no longer the boy who stepped into Aeronne. He wasn't the boy outcast because he was weak, because he wasn't what everyone wanted him to be. Lugh was now himself. And he owed it to the Ether. He never pulled from it, he never sought power. He believed all the warring parties to be weak. He trained and trained and soon, he cared not whether his opponent was eight times bigger than him or could blow a hole in him from twelve leagues away.

Lugh vowed to protect Aeronne. He became a Paladin of the land. To this day, he seeks only to protect it.

Mind: 50
Might: 48
Magic: 2

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Lugh of the Raven's Story