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Amato Akhter

If we had inherited Sin from our earliest ancestors, perhaps we inherited the loss of a second chance after the Collapse.

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a character in “Aether”, as played by Varanus



A native to the once thriving city of Tubqal in the great desert, Amato shares the typical traits of that region; he's skin is tan and the irises of his eyes have a grayish tint. His hair is thin, black and long, tied in a pony tail. Standing at an average height of 5'11" Amato has a built physique and of a skilled warrior. He recent attire consists of a long brown pants, a vest and a cloak. He wears a thin headband and has a golden loop earring on his left ear. His left shoulder bears a tattoo of the the insignia of the Tubqal Sentry.

Elemental affinity: Air


Undergone training as a sentinel since the age of 15, Amato, now 24, can be very emotionally controlled when on a mission or during fighting. He is very calculating of his immediate environment and is quick to react when necessary. At the heat of the moment, he doesn't hesitate and focuses to complete the assignment and gets the job done as quick and efficiently as possible. But this is when is sentry-mode switch is on. At heart, Amato is a very expressive and passionate individual. He has a passion to help, aid, and protect the innocent.

However Amato is one who can easily swallow pride and admit to his limitations. If confronted with a situation that he believes he cannot win or resolve, he will shamelessly back down. Why risk your life on a single moment when you can preserve it for many future instances which usually further benefits the majority? (Clearly he's never been in what he's ever believed to be a "final battle"). But thanks to his nearly-military experience, it takes a lot for him to actually back down. He fights to protect. He trains and has the will to improve in order to 'better' protect. But he doesn't fight to show off or obtain glory or fame.

Despite his selflessness, he can be (when his mode is off) a smart mouth and occasionally be an instigator whenever challenging the point or opinion of another. If someone's annoying him, he'll let the person know. If he needs someone's assistance, he'll ask for it. If it's appropriate, he's always willing to give his advice or opinion.


Amato is equipped with two swords as his primary weapon. The sheaths are strapped around his vest. He has a belt loaded with shurikens and a small knife. He also carries a waterskin canteen, a compass, and retractable spyglass.


Amato was born and raised most of his life in the city of Tubqal situated at the edge of an oasis in the great desert located in the south central region of the continent. The city was the center of trade and was a major node to roads and passages that stretched across the continent. Amato was born of relatively poor family, living with his sister, mother, and father. Amato decided to become a city sentinel at the age of 15 in order to obtain money to support his family. In addition, Amato always wanted to serve and protect the innocent, as he grew up in the crime-ridden area of the city. The city's sentry division, historically developed to guard the precious oasis from hoarders and those that may pollute the water, morphed as the city's major law enforcement power.

Amato was 23 when the Celestials had returned to the surface of the Earth to punish those corrupted. When the Celestials had appeared with notions of violence, the higher authorities responded immediately to fight back. The end result was the near total destruction of the city. And in what appeared to be a "final blow" from the Celestials, a fierce sandstorm swept across the ruins of Tubqal. Amato, after nearly surviving his own encounters with the Celestials, was leading a group of citizens out into the desert for safety when the sandstorm hit. The sandstorm lasted for what appeared to be well over a day. Eventually the group found shelter within a small valley of exposed rock and waited out the storm. When it had ended, Amato headed on his own back to Tubqal in effort to find any survivors. When reaching the ruins of the city, only few people were present after returning to fill up on water at the oasis which was still present. But there was no sign of his family.

Ever since then, Amato has been traveling far distances to foreign cities and countries to find answers behind the actions of the Celestials.

So begins...

Amato Akhter's Story