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Afraid of the dark

Afraid of the dark


Everything you feared when you were a child is real. Demons in your closet. Animal like things hiding under your bed. And it has a taste for blood.

735 readers have visited Afraid of the dark since Irish_McCray created it.


Children have feared them.

Adults don't believe them.

But we do.

We kill those demons in your closet, the faeries that pull on your hair, that beast that's growling at the foot of your bed at night.

Parents are idiots, their imagination destroyed from all the alcohol they ingested through their 20's. They don't understand.

Only us teenagers can do something about it.

Join us in killing these once fictional beasts before they cause real harm in society.

Before our childhood nightmares kill us all.

Toggle Rules

Don't pretend like you are god or I will crucify you <3

Don't be a mary sue

Don't be an a-hole

Be realistic to the setting

Everything else is game

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Silence seeped through the trees, the wind rustling the dead leaves on the floor. The moon was out, a crescent at the moment, and it left a sheen of light on the woods. But Sebastian didn't need it. He was in his element. With practiced stealth, he sidestepped his way around an old oak. Less than 20 feet away was an Amphithere, a snake like dragon with feathered wings, nursed at a wound on its side - something that brought courage into Sebastian's heart. Amphithere's were beautiful creatures, their scales glittering and their wings perfectly fluffed. The beast even avoided a fight, rather it chooses to leave the human population to their own undoing. Even so, as majestic as they are, they were creatures of the night - beasts that children feared. And to sebastian that painted a big red target on their hide. Silently sebastian thanked the gods (though he found "god" a phony) that he had cocked his gun long ago. He had a clear shot on the beast and nothing would stop him now. The Amphithere licked at the wound at its side, saliva drooling down its body. A slight sizzle could be heard as droplets of its spit hit the grass, the acid burning a hole into the earth. Aiming. Target locked. Suddenly the wind shifted, his hair tickling his cheeks as it blew by. Sebastian's jaw bunched as he froze, praying with all his might that somehow the beast had lost its sense of smell. Fat chance. The Amphithere's head lifted quickly, its nostrils flaring. The feathered lining the top of its head rustled in the wind, sending a shiver down the beast's long body. It had his scent and he was screwed. Quickly it lifted, its wings beating at the air and leaves flying away from it as if they were alive and suddenly terrified. Sebastian jumped from his crouch, running as fast as he could to get a clear shot before it flew away. Aim. Target spotted. Fire. The bullet shot out of the barrel with a loud crack, flew through the air and pierced the open belly of the feathered dragon. As soon as it had taken off the ground it was spinning back down, its body resembling a string floating on wind. It landed in a heap, blood already burbling from the bullet wound. But it wasn't dead. It writhed on the ground, groaning and biting at anything near it, fighting for its life. Sebastian had no pity. With one more shot the beast was dead. With a content sigh, sebastian unhooked the walkie talkie from the belt at his hip and pressed the transmitting button. "Target shot and killed, give me your location." The channel crackled with electricity as sebastian awaited his teams response.
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"Target 3, locked on, North East of you Seb - I'm behind that massive boulder. See it? This one is bloody massive! It's a big Daddy" she whispered, laughing softly. "I'm going. Back me up-"

Eighteen year old Lea Verrlone sat crouched behind a large gray rock with one of Seb's menacing-looking machine guns, a pair of her own knives for tackling smaller creatures, her favourite brown mud-covered army boots and her long braid of red hair flung over her shoulder. Thankfully, though there was a fairly strong wind, Lea was north of the beast and the wind didn't help the creature to pick up her scent - which, now that we've stumbled upon the subject, was apparently, according to friends on her team, apple-like. Pleasant, right?
She shoved the walkie-talkie in her pocket, not expecting a reply from Seb or any other team members, and crawled across the ground till she reached a closer, ideal shooting spot. Oh, damn. I forgot to cock my gun, yet again.. God, She inwardly cursed Seb for forcing a gun on her, knives are so much easier! she thought. She panicked for a few seconds, trying to think of a good way to attack, but finally she went with her gut instict as always, no plans ahead of time, and just leapt out from behind her hinding space.

Now that the beast was alerted to her, there was no problem! She cocked her gun quickly and began running full-speed at the male Amphithere, jumping over rubble and fallen branches from trees destroyed by the coven of beasts that had been living in this area for the past month. The Amphitheres had migrated here a little while ago, and the plan was to obliterate them all today, as was a normal day for people like Lea. The redhead skidded to a hault and aimed her machinery in the air a few metres, where the beast was trying to fly away, but with wings so big in such a small open space, he was having difficulty. No problem for me at least.. Lea smirked, and held fast on to her gun as the bullets came out in a torrent. Unsteadily, since she wasn't used to using guns, she held down fast on the machine gun and watched as the beast raged and finally collapsed on the ground. She noticed a few of her teammates step out from the surrounding area as Lea bounded across the remaining rocks and pulled out her knives to deal the final blow. The safest bet was almost always the neck, and with a slash of silver, the Amphitheres head crashed to the ground beside the redhead. "Phew..

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((I'm not sure whats happening so I'm taking a wild guess))
El scanned the ground as she hid in the trees hearing her walkie talkie "I have you covered from above." El took out her guitar case and opened it softly making sure not to make a noise, she pulled a shotgun out. El used it to cover her team mates she scanned the area finding Sebastian looked fine she scanned around and found Lea she looked at the tree between the two of them and noticed a monster El's eyes widened "behind the both of you!" she yelled into the walkie talkie she shot at it and just missed it all the sudden something grabbed her waist and pulled her out of the tree. falling out of the tree it felt like she was going to die right there, the walkie talkie slipped from her hand as something hit her hard on the ground making a unpleasant sound on her back. she reached for the walkie talkie flipping it on and saying "I need help now!" her back made another sound as she tried to get up and got hit again making her stay down.
((writers block))

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Sebastian spun and braced himself as another beast of the night - an amphisbaena - stuck its snake like tongue in his face, it's bright eyes glowing in the dark like golden globes. His teeth ground together and in the back of his mind he wondered if he would have any teeth to grind on by the end of this hunt. Why had he allowed El to join this hunt? She was still in training and in no shape to do this! Who was it that had begged him to let her go? He couldn't remember, but when he did that person would be smelling his or her own ass when he was through with them. At the end of the amphisbaena's tail was another head, its tongue slithering out and sucking back in - tasting the air around Lea.
"Lea! Can I trust you to take this down?" He yelled over at the girl, his muscles already tightening beneath the skin. He could trust her. But he couldn't wait for her answer. Quickly he leapt to the side, diving away from the giant snake like beast in front of him, it's jaws barely missing his hind end. Dust covered his face, shoved its way into his mouth and up his nose. But that didnt matter to him. Not far off was El and she was in a whole lot of pain.

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The demon stepped out in the form of a very keep-to-myself type of guy, obviously not wanting any trouble. he just wanted to know where he could get something to eat. "Uh...i suppose they're busy... and plus, they're exorcists of some sort..." Hotaru mumbled to himself, continuing to walk.

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Character Portrait: Hotaru of the night
Hotaru of the night

a very old demon who has not shown his head in millinums.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Delloy
Sebastian Delloy

Founder and leader of "mythological killers"


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