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a character in “After Angel”, originally authored by Guest, as played by HalliwellSlytherin


~ Ephemera ~


Angel of Lost Souls:


Name: Ephemera

Gender: Female

Language: English, French, Mandarin, Spainish & Russian

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Two "sistes" Azelma & Azkadellia

Physical Description


Weight: 5'1

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Blue

Limb Dexterity: Very Flexable

Detailed Physical Description:

A Pretty, short young woman Ephemera is known to carry herself with grace. Her Fair skin, is doll-like echoed in the curves of her body, being slender and frail. This wasn't always the case but, since being exiled to earth she's found putting meals on the table more difficult, and thus gone hungry more than once. her large eyes, shin like pools of water, and her tiny pout make her the ideal beauty to many fashion magazines. Yet, Ephemera is far to nieve to capitalize on such things and prefers to stay as unnoticed as possible.


Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Watching her lover be torn from her.

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Stright - Mild experience

Place/Type of Residence: Apartment over strip club.

Occupation: Stripper

Place of Work: Said Strip Club she lives over.

Work-related Skills: Dancing, naturally charismatic


It seems ironic doesn't it, that the angel of lost souls can currently be found at a strip club. In a cheap costume that only half resembles the wings she lost. Well, believe it or not, these are the people I've always tried to help. It was never my official title before the well, the fall I was just a lonely Seraphim with a passion for watching the less then desirables pull themselves out of the muck. I may have inspired a few too many people to do so, but It was all fine in my eyes as they were having a better life. So long ago now, she was in love with a brave charismatic angel, God's favorite son and in her foolishness followed him in an open rebellion. He clearly never felt the same for her, and when they fell didn't come looking for her, and so Ephemera was alone in a strange place.

During her confusion, and in a tone of innocence she was convinced to work for a gentleman's club trancing around in a cheap feathered bikini and polyester wings. This is where she was given the stage persona of "The Angel of Lost Souls." She lives in a tiny apartment over the strip club, which was given to her with the understanding of entertaining clients in privet who paid top dollar. Although it only happens a few times, she fights her bosses every time, and each time they dangle the contract in front of her and say "You're bound to us for at least twenty years sweety do as your told." and so, she must do what she must do to survive another day.


So begins...

Ephemera's Story


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There once was a man who loved a woman, and they had the entire heavens to marvel, together. That is

the keyword here, together no matter what happened, no matter what flood would ravish earth or what plague was smiting

the firstborns of Egypt, these two were together and oh so very much in love. However, how could a Seraphim and a Cherubim ever

truly be together? With much difficulty is the answer, and the woman even followed the man into a rebellion in the hopes that the

outcome would allow them to truly be together. Of course, things never end so happily ever after in the real world, and the two

lovers were banished from the pearly gates on to Earth. So now she is lost, placed in a place that doesn't understand her, with

people who gawk and eye her like a hunk of meat, say horrible things to one another let alone herself. In the end, she feels safe,

here it's a roof over her head and the locals are fine most of the time, as long as you drown out most of the words.