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Oscar Freeman

"I would not want to live in these housey things, the stone sky could crush me".

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a character in “After Dark Day”, as played by Marxism_smiles



Full Name: Oscar Freeman
Age: 16-17 (he isn't quite sure)
Date of Birth: Sometime during Winter
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Scout, hunter and "adventurer"


Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel

Body Type: Fairly athletic and tough, to quite thin - he just does not eat enough
Distinguishing Features: He is very particular about being clean shaven, a dangerous habit considering he only has a rough knife to do it with. Oscar say's it's what his Pa used to do, or at least, that's what he remembers. His cloths are all made out of deer hide leather and what they can find out in the woods, Oscar boasts he is 100% free.


Education Level: Oscar does not know how to read or write properly, Dinah has been teaching him a bit while resting during hunting trips though he can only write down his and Dinah's name and read old world signs... slowly. He has always been stubborn about this sort of thing, he thinks it's a waste of time and consequently knows little about even basic old world subjects. Oscar is however very accurate in his assessments of distance and wind speeds and the like, though he does not know the formula, He seems to have a talent for almost instantaneous measurement.

Notable Skills: Measuring distances and the speed of "objects" in motion (helps with his aim), moving silently, camouflage, archery, living on the land, hiding, covering up his scent, shaving without scratching up his face too badly, cutting things with precision (such as hair), climbing and has a basic understanding of forest plants - such as the difference between a nice spice and a deadly poison. Oscar has been trying his hand at traps recently, though hasn't gotten it quite so nailed down yet.

Notable Disadvantages: Does not know how to read or write properly, is disturbed by fire arms, a terrible cock, overly independent - he thinks he can handle himself when he can't, does not really know how to handle himself in a fight against an armed human let alone a vampire, is afraid of closed walled spaces and stone roofs, he can tolerate a wooden one (wood is light so it won't fall down)

Persona [b]: Oscar is naive and childish, which is a bit endearing in a world which seems to extinguish youth at a young age. Though Oscar would object to it, he seems to remind everyone that he is a kid through his temperament - which broadcasts the old teenage stereotypes of "invincibility and knowing everything about everything". Most adults in the world would have thought to have found Oscar dead by now or brought down to earth and reality, but while Oscar might be childish, stubborn and rash, he also knows his way around the forest and takes his survival seriously enough.

Though Oscar is dismissive of much of the old world, he is fascinated by the strange world around him. Oscar has never been in a town for more then a day and is curious about the strange habits the humans and vampires there follow, he often watches at a distance, occasionally following a caravan for a mile but never goes into the town, still afraid of his previous experience there.

To other people, Oscar is friendly enough though he does not listen very well, his attention span is quite limited and if someone has seated him down for a chat he might as well give up. Oscar does not like other people telling him what to do, though he will listen and do if Dinah tells him to, just do in the case of Cyrus and just listen in the case of the leader. To gain Oscar's attention, one must prove he is not helpless and is "a hunter of prey" as Oscar puts it, without those credentials, a person can count with five fingers Oscar's attention span to what he has to say.

: Oscar does not remember his family much, only a few little bits and pieces. He came to the forests about 10 - 20 miles from Avonward with his older brothers when he was about twelve and remembers a period before in which he walked a lot from a place to the North called Scotland because of human bandits moving in on his group's (probably other bandits) land. The three brothers lived alone in the woods for two years before one of their number had been killed by the retinue of some Jackson fella. Oscar and his brother ran and ran into the Feral group where they stayed for a time, together.

Oscar's brother, Archer became dedicated to avenging his brother and began spending many nights, alone, observing the Jackson mansion and leaving Oscar in the feral camp. One day, Archer sneaked off in the dark, Oscar followed him into the town but lost sight of him, Oscar slept in a hidden corner among old derbies. The day later Oscar tried to find his brother, hours later and after night fall he inadvertently came to the Dogfights arena where he saw his brother fighting wolf people and getting torn to shreds. Oscar saw his brother struggle but was too afraid of the wolf people to intervene, when Archer collapsed. Oscar shouted for his brother, and was then noticed for what he was, a "feral" and was grabbed by the guards who beat him out of his senses.

Oscar later woke up later in the woods, still hurting but otherwise fine. He still can't quite remember what happened though sometimes he dreams of a dark stone cell and an "old man" standing over him with white in his face from the other side of some bars. The truth is, though Oscar is too frightened, ashamed and disorientated from the experience that he was let go, on a whim of a vampire who wanted to see "how far a petty human's quest for vengeance could go".

Oscar has since learned his brother tried to kill some Jackson fella, Oscar does not know exactly who he is angrier about - the Vampires, his brother for dying on him rather then living for him or his own powerless self unable to do anything about it. Ether way, he came to the feral camp and has since drifted in the woods though always returning to the camp, ether each day or after an occasional month or so alone.

In a strange way, when Oscar learned of the werewolves in the group he wasn't intimidated, frightened at first but over time somewhat jealous of their power. Oscar does not want to be helpless, and sees the werewolves as being strong, he admires the feral wolves for it, particularly Dinah who is friendlier then Cyrus. Oscar feels safer around their company, though not so much with the other feral's.


So begins...

Oscar Freeman's Story


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Rabits where silly little creatures, a bit stupid but a conveniently small and nutritious prey. Rabbit against Oscar was 5 to Oscar and 2 to Rabbit this week, but those had gotten lucky - they saw a glimpse of their future as roast meat in a flash of prophetic vision, and decided to move in the last second, changing the world... maybe.

Oscar wasn't too hungry now, he had eaten well enough today. When he could not fetch the rabbit there where plenty of berries, some of them edible , and even one nicely red apple for a late morning snack.

He had stopped to rest on a tall oak who's leaves hadn't fallen off yet, surprisingly, though most of them seemed to be decaying into brown. Oscar didn't believe in forest clearings, too clear, too exposed - hunters tired from hunting became prey to keener hunters. The branch was old and strong, Oscar could trust this tree - the tree may not be a hunter, but this one was a survivor. Oscar hoped such a tree would favor him accordingly while he paused for a short while.

Oscar sank his teeth into the apple and tore off a bite, it was a bit sour, but still a luxurious treat. As the distinct flavor of the juice swept through his mouth, Oscar wondered if that's how vampires measured the experience of taste. Did they note differentials in blood? was there good or bad tasting blood? and did the red juice give them a similar satisfaction as this simple little apple?

Oscar grinned, he was sucking apple blood...

With apple picked cleaned of it's treasures, Oscar sighed in satisfaction and rested his head on the branch's rough wooden surface. Between the crumbling leaves, Oscar had a pretty good view of leaf stripped forest and it's surroundings. To the South was vamptowen, smoke columns rising against the horizon and joining the clouds above. To the East where the hills, where the hideout was located, suitably hidden from prying eyes. To the North was the main body of the forest while to the west ran a small river. Beyond an occasional horse drawn cart or motorcar moving past the vamp road, some miles away, Oscar felt secure in the reprieve he had found.

Oscar closed his eyes for a few minutes, then a goose broke up his vacation and brought his instincts and adrenalin to bare. Oscar crouched firmly against the tree branch, and lay still, attempting to blend in with the leaves. The goose went on screaming for a while, and a few distinct splashes clearly told the story of a battle - and probably a larger opponent by their scale. Oscar didn't recall a water source in that area, and guessed that is was probably a region in the forest he hadn't yet explored.

After a few minutes, the goose was silent and peace returned to the forest. Once Oscar felt secure enough several minutes later, he climbed down the tree to investigate what had happened. After about five or ten minutes, Oscar found a small creek and some torn feathers, Oscar was ready to conclude the whole thing as a fox having lunch but then noted a small hut, with a small fume of smoke marking the presence of habitation.

Oscar stayed low among some bushes and scanned the house for perhaps fifteen minutes, waiting for the inhabitant to emerge - but he didn't. Oscar didn't like going into a building he didn't know, he could be cut down by the resident, it was best here where his bow's range would keep him safe.

Normally, Oscar would have discreetly left the scene, but he decided to stick around, curious of the hut. Oscar waited another ten minutes, then he picked up a fist sized stone, sneaked to the hut's door and proceeded to toss it at the door. Oscar then ran back to the bushes and waited to see if any one would come out.


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Her memories were dancing with the smoke of the fire. Vasily had light brunette hair that was tangled in wild curls. Harsh grey eyes that cast around the room, but through those harsh eyes, their was a deep love. His strong jaw, was covered in a heavy light color beard, it scratched Afanasiia soft cheek.
Her blue eyes opened slowly as her hand touched her cold left cheek. The noise was distracting and interrupted her memories. Each year that passed her memories of her father faded. A dead yawn escaped her lips as she turned toward the noise on the side of the hut. She lifted herself up and snuck around the back of the hut to avoid going straight toward the noise.
Afanasiia felt no fear. She only felt curiosity and bit of hopefulness. She was tired of having only a skinned fox to converse with. But in spite of that she gripped the pelt tightly to her body as she moved away from the hut to get a clear view of whatever was making the noise on the side of the hut.
It was a man.
An everyday ordinary man.
"Who are you, and what are you doing?" Her words were in Russian and created a confused look upon his face.
Afanasiia paused and spoke again in a thick accented broken English. "Who you? What you doing?"
She looked closer and realized she had been mistaken. He was not a man at all; he was just a boy. His hair was just a tangled, black, shaggy mess. Confusion filled his deep hazel eyes.
Afansiia couldn't help but smile at his travel worn leather clothes. She could sympathize. She was wearing stolen dress clothes from a homestead she had passed months before. Her hands checked the scarf around her neck to make sure it was still covering the scar on her throat.


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Outflanked! thought Oscar when he saw a figure come upon him... and quite neatly too, Oscar would later admit to himself; he hadn't checked the hut for alternative exit points, which every hideout from the vamp's would obviously employ in one form or another for a quick getaway.

Oscar's instincts told him many things at that moment, jump backwards and get some range, toss some dirt at the person and run away or raise his bow and let loose as quickly as he could.

But, these thoughts of action did not become action on thought, Oscar concluded that had someone come up on him like this and wanted to gut him, he would have been gutted already.

With fear and instinct partially subsided, Oscar now took a good look on the resident; she seemed young, a kiddo, and yet something was strange, eyes older then the face and an unflinching stance which conveyed such confidence Oscar was convinced only foresight could allow it.

The kiddo seemed concerned and said something strange, Oscar wondered if maybe stories of witches and forest spirits where true and looked towards the trees, concerned the girl was calling on the forest to punch him up or something like that.

A strong gust of wind moved the trees, many of the leaves on the oak Oscar had sat on now fell, Oscar tried not to show it but he was beginning to feel quite haunted.

The girl's next words still sounded strange, as if she had come here from some other realm but it was English of a sort, and Oscar could make sense of it - it wasn't fair of him to hold her accent against her anyway as people here didn't often understand what he was sayin, something to do with coming from far North.

Oscar still could not quite quite figure out what was going on, but for the moment he was weary, all his instincts where telling him there was more to this then he saw - maybe the girl really was a spirit?

Oscar carefully put down his bow, to show his willingness to talk rather then fight but not in a hasty manner which conveyed surrender. He then stood up from the bushes, but realized he would be inconveniently tall for a proper conversation. Besides, maybe standing up could offend a spirit? Oscar was not about to take any chances, and simply crouched down besides the bush though not behind it.

"Err, I am Oscar, Oscar Freeman, I hunt around here". Said Oscar carefully, trying not to give away too much information before he knew more about this girl.

"I do hope I, ah, did not intrude on you. I was curious, never seen this hut before so I wondered who lived here. Who are you? do you have a name or somthin you are called by?" Asked Oscar carefully, he then remembered he still had another apple and opened his small back, taking a single red apple out and handing it over to the girl.

"Already ate one, so only fair you get one - they are quite juicy, full of vit-a-mins, you know, things that are good for the blood".


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A gust of wind picked up and whipped her thick hair around to stick to the bottom of her moist lip. The smells of fallen and broken leaves floated around the boy and girl and masked all the other smells of the forest. The strong smells and enchanting noises heightened the memorable moment. Even with the sun overshadowed the forest remained rich with fall colors. The reds, oranges, yellows and browns were lush and breath taking.
Autumn was shared between the two and it was completely peaceful.
His words fell out of his mouth, but she waited and listened to him very carefully. It was clear as day that he was a bundle of nerves. It was cute to see his hazel eyes full of innocence and Afanasiia couldn't help but smile at him. Oscar's movements were slow and careful, yet behind his actions there was a sense of awe more than of fear.
He pulled out an apple and Afanasiia could feel herself crying with excitement on the inside. The apple was a deep red like the ones she had shared with her parents a lifetime ago. But the apple was a symbol more than an actual apple.
"Ox-cure Fri-mam" Each word came out, falling completely flat. But it was not meant to be heard. Afanasiia had to move her mouth in a way that was completely foreign to her.
It had been twenty years sense she had spoken the language. It would take a while to get it down again. Though it was hard to sound out the correct pronunciation, she was lucky to have been taught well.
Her fingers pointed to herself while she spoke.
"Afanasiia." It came out quicker than she had meant to.
Her pale, cold hand reached for the apple and as she gripped her small fingers around the fruit a finger slipped and touched the boy. Carefully her smile widen, all the while she make completely sure that her fangs were never exposed.
"Good- for- blood." She nodded as she kissed the apple.
"Living close?" Her blue eyes stared deep into his.


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Oscar's earlier concerns where consistently, though gradually wavering away. Maybe it was the kiddo's smile, maybe it was her obvious difficulty with to speak, but Oscar was confident enough to assume this was just a case an abandoned child - lost for maybe a few years in the forests and forced to live out a life away of "the pack".

Oscar quietly noted her paleness, and coldness of hand, but just as quietly dismissed it, he didn't want to put in doubt his relief at finding a conveniently "normal" explanation to this situation.

Her beaming reaction to something as simple as one red apple was all Oscar needed to consider his fears closed.

Oscar sat down on the remains of a fallen tree, the victim of last winter's snows maybe and wondered what should his next actions be; should he stay and make sure the kiddo is safe here? should he maybe take her back to the camp?
The kid's prying question into his residence, brought the second option's sensibilities to his thoughts, even if the kiddo had been safe this long - it could not possibly last, she would be found by ether bandit Vamp or natural predator - the group was much safer and would welcome her in so long as she worked a bit here and there, more as she grew older.

"Sometimes", answered Oscar, avoiding giving away a solid location. "I am curious though, how long have you lived hear? how have you fared? did that hut belong to your parents?. Ya know, it's not easy to live out here alone, most people ether live down with the vamps or in bands, don't know so many independents".