Sir Maurice Jackson

"Where do you desire to go? What has been your dream? I can supply it. Winter, spring, summer or fall--they can all be yours at any time. Apply to me and it will be easier and better"

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a character in “After Dark Day”, as played by Marxism_smiles



Full Name: Sir Maurice Jackson
Age: 196
Date of Birth: Irrelevant, he takes note of his "conversion" to vampireism, 18th of December 1964
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Entertainer, businessman and political figure


Hair Colour: Black/white
Eye Colour: Black

Body Type: B +
Distinguishing Features: A groomed Goatee and a clean dark business suite, occasionally wares a top hat and accompanies himself with an umbrella


Education Level: Jackson was classically educated (Latin, French, philosophy) and continued his university education in Oxford and studied Information, Communication and Social Science

Notable Skills: Knows Latin, speaks French and Russian as well as English, has a broad knowledge of the "old world", A hard negotiator, Charismatic, skilled orator, experienced with sword play and a good shot with firearms.

Notable Disadvantages: Uncompromising in his "end game", what he wants of his "life", void of any real connections to other people, is privately tired of the Vampire Order and immortality and is thus depressed, he has a tendency of alienating other vampires not under his own patronage, many enemies in the council of blood.
Persona [b]: Jackson is a serious "on the scene" and engaged kind of manager. His employees feel his presence at least once every day and some of them even have a dialog with the patron, so long as they have an expertise on an issue Jackson acknowledges.

Jackson cannot stand the idle moment and peruses many economic opportunities in his type of "grand game", when he does not have any appointments or ventures, Jackson is ether locked away in his study, reading or writing, or he is off hunting in the woods with a small retinue of trusted vampire associates.

Though this life satisfies his intellect, Jackson is conscious of how stale the world has become since the Great Day (dark day). In his "hearts of hearts" Jackson considers his life to be little more then a "grand game" of monopoly, designed to pass the time until he is eventually murdered by ether a human rebellion or his opponents on the blood council.

Jackson has taken to guiding his life through ancient works, in a way he assumes a character for say, a decade and manages his affairs accordingly. His current choice is the Machiavelli, though he decided to keep his Lenin appearance from his last "incarnation".

Consequently, since assuming this personality 12 years ago, Jackson's previously harmless political games have drawn attention from Vampire society. Jackson now views his goals as the Machiavelli as those of "the Prince", he wages a war through words, money and cunning to eventually assume the lordship of the land from the blood council... though he does not advocate this quite so openly.

: Jackson was born and raised in Cornwall, Britain but lived much of his adult human life in the United States as a "consulted" for the CIA against Soviet Russia. In practice, Jackson infiltrated suspected Communist intellectual circles during the "Red Scare" and later played a role as a double agent under the pretense of spying for the Soviets during the late 1950's and early 1960's. As a "sleeper" agent, left to quietly gather intelligence rather then take direct action and risk exposure,

Jackson lived under a number of identities and worked in numerous places from the States, to the UK, Paris, Berlin, Cairo and even Moscow. During his work, Jackson began to find strange leads which seemed to end in mystery. Jackson began to uncover inconclusive evidence of a large, powerful but elusive organization at work between the lines of the cold war. Jackson began tracking down these findings until one day, he discovered that this organization - was in fact the umbrella organization for both elements in the CIA and the KGB - both unknowingly influenced though the sidelines by a "third party".

Before Jackson could act on his findings he was captured, and held by agents of the "organization" on a secret Island in the pacific where other agents and people with information had been imprisoned. Jackson spent a two years on this Island where the populace as subject to intense conditioning, though never was it revealed whom had brought them there. One day, Jackson was abruptly summoned by the "organization" - he was asked if he wanted to "know" what was really going on, Jackson answered positively and was on that day turned into a Vampire.

Jackson discovered that it had been in fact Vampire agents of the organization who had prevented the otherwise inevitable third world war between the East and the West in numerous events such as the Cuban missile crisis and was even responsible in distancing Communist China from the soviets to that end. As a proven capable agent, Jackson served the Vampire cause as a means of preserving the Earth from the unpredictable and violent human population.

Jackson went along with the Great Day (Dark Day) with the thoughts that the human race had come to close to apocalypse and that it was up to the Vampires to directly intervene or risk the extinction of the Earth. Jackson served as a "trainer" and tactical deployment officer for werewolves during these years and oversaw many suppression missions against human dissidents. After the establishment of the new order, Jackson went on to serve in the security services for two decades until he retired, tired of the job, even disillusioned.

Jackson eventually left the United States and "toured" his old posts in Germany, France and Russia until he decided to settle in the United Kingdom, Avonward after another two decades of wondering. Jackson had come to Avonward a fairly modest vampire in terms of possession and settled in a small cottage in the outskirts of the town. He served as a security adviser for a number of "vampire lords" until he decided to strike out on his own. Jackson established the "Dogfights" works where he staged pitched battles with every idea of mimicking the arena's of Rome, the enterprise was a massive success and Jackson keenly followed it up with a gambling scheme as well as an agreement with the security services to train for them several werewolves in the works.

Jackson has expanded himself quite a lot these past 50 years, Jackson left his cottage and refurbished an old Victorian mansion for his needs in Greater Avonward. The Jackson Syndicate. , one of the few cooperation's in Vampire society has established "entertainment centers" such as the Dogfights in numerous towns and has also gotten involved in many other side venues - such as human trafficking, house renovation and even horse breeding.

Jackson is very popular among younger vampires and has a following though it is mostly disorganized, Jackson's power is centered in Avonward where many of his vampire retainers reside.

Recently, Jackson has brought several of the smoke factories in Avonward. Jackson is aware that the factories serve no truly productive purpose are
inefficient, something Jackson has recently decided is causing him a bit of annoyance. Jackson aims at bringing the profit margin back to industry while abiding by Vampire rules of not producing overly advance materials the humans may use. At the moment Jackson has two factories, A steel factory and a can factory. Jackson also owns several dozen workshops.

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