Emilie Scheinberg

"What? Oh, sorry... I was looking at the refraction of the light..."

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a character in “After Half-Blood”, as played by Kileon


Emilie Scheinberg



Full Name: Adelinde Emilie Scheinberg (She loves her first name but Emilie is so much cuter in her eyes.)
Nicknames: Emil
Age: 20
Godly Parent: Iris
Birthdate: March 3 (Pisces)
Sexuality: Pansexual, age, race, gender, doesn't matter to Emil.
Home Town: Geneva, Switzerland
Occupation: She's a freelance photographer for the Seaport Gazette.

Becoming Better Acquainted


Likes: ☼Sunlight☼Happy Thoughts/People☼Bright Colors☼Close Friends☼Cooking☼Art☼Plants☼Going Fast☼

Dislikes: ☁Gloomy Days☁Dark Clouds☁Negative Thoughts/People☁Bitter Foods☁Being Super Cold☁Conflict☁

Hobbies: ❂Painting/Photography❂Making People Happy❂Sun-bathing❂Dressing People in cute clothing❂

Fears: ϟThe Dark (She's powerless in it)ϟStorms (Childhood fear)ϟ

Secrets: ✖She's a secret nerd, freaking out over video games and tech.✖She finds the son of Hades very interesting and wants to befriend him but is scared (read: Absolutely terrified) of him.✖Calvin, the Child of Hermes, is her one true crush in life. She's drawn to him.✖

Distinguishing Features: She has dragonfly wing tattoos on her shoulders and back.

Exploring the Superhuman Side


Powers: Strong abilities over Photokinesis, can create rainbows and travel on them from place to place. Possesses supernatural speed and is able to change the color of objects with a touch.

  • She can only use her powers in light
  • Her Rainbows must be connected by two bodies of water
  • She's extremely scatterbrained if she doesn't try. (When she's running at high speeds, she can and will trip and fall very easily.)
  • When hurt emotionally, she'll retreat into her daydreams.
  • She has a hard time telling her emotions to others and will mask them.

  • The more natural the light, the more power Emil has.
  • She's extremely creative in her works, often using her powers.
  • Emil is willing to do anything for her friends, going to extremes to cheer them up.
  • She doesn't consider anyone not her friend.
  • She only gets mad if you mistake her for a child of Hermes, simply because her mother gets no recognition at all.

Exploring the Human Side

Personality: As the daughter of Iris, Emil is a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. She loves humans, just like her mother and often will try to cheer them up with a rainbow. She love little ones and will often play with the local children. She's very neutral in arguements, steming from her mother and her birthplace, Switzerland. She wishes that more people would build shirnes and what not to her mother but doesn't let that get to her too much. Also like her mother, she does what she wants, when she wants, regardless of social convention and all that rot. Sometimes, she can get mad, especially if someone mistakes her for a daughter of Hermes. But she just kind of sulks around and makes it very dark. Conflict is her least favorite thing and she will run away from it.

History: Iris had it pretty easy compared to most Demi-gods. Her mother stayed in her life for a year before completely disappearing, leaving her father, a talented artist, to care for their small child in the peace capital, Geneva. Her father married another woman, who had a son of her own, two years older. The four lived happily, with little conflict between her step-mother and father. When she was found to have dyslexia and ADHD, two signs Iris had warned Emil's father of before departing, he quickly tried to find Camp Half-Blood without alerting his wife. With a bit of help from her half-brother, Pothos, she found the Camp.

As she spent most of her days there, her family grew apart without the ball of happiness. Her step-brother was killed by a creature who was looking for her and her step-mother blamed her father for it, thinking it was him that killed her son. There was of course, no proof, physical or otherwise to prove that. But she left him anyways and traveled to another country. Her father would have killed himself had it not been for the letters sent to him with lots of pictures of his little girl and her new life, learning to control her powers. He died of old age right before she left the camp.

She heard a group of similarly aged half-bloods talking about moving to Seaport, and Emil asked if she could tag along. They consented and they all moved into a nice peach house that had been a dulled blue. Of course, Emil had to change it.

Anything else: She has a pet peacock named Iridium. If you are cute/attractive/pretty, in her eyes, she can and will make you dress up.

So begins...

Emilie Scheinberg's Story