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Andy Buckskin

I'm the guy your mother doesn't want you to play with

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a character in “After Midnight”, as played by Froggiepril


Andy is a through and through punk, and pretty concerned with how he looks. He always wears black or marine jeans, black jumpers with the anarchy symbol over a tank top, and an impressive mohawk, the base always black, the edges changes from red, blue, green and yellow. Whenever he colors his hair, he wears jumpers to match the symbol. He's in the same gang as Devino; scorpions, but higher ranked. His dedication is shown by an impressive full back scorpion tattoo, the tail going all the way down the front off his left thigh, the claws extending one over his right side ribs and one over his shoulder. Andy has his chin right under his lower lip pierced. He's got the words "Lojaleco, libereco, respekto" tattooed on his left rib under the anarchy symbol, and the words "Oh the irony..." in small letters underneath it. On his right arm he's got a black tribal tattoo that's half ways filled up with names in white. To mention some there is; Spice, Misho Erusha, Onyx, Tommy Flinger, Hayden, Becky, Marcus


Andy is your typical "Happy go lucky" guy. His life is messed up, but he doesn't sulk because of that. He knows his gang crimes might ship him off to jail at any moment. He's at a high enough rank to live quite comfortably though, and rarely heads out into the streets, at least for smaller jobs. He's a sure shot, and fights what he has too. He's also one hell of a free runner, after years of outrunning the police. Andy is in-tuned with what almost everyone around him do and feel, and his awaken senses catches more than most people. He's nice, but not reliable, and he never stops to think about the consequence of what he does.


Andy always carries a 9mm gun on his left and a blue steel butterfly-knife on his right ankle. He also carries a cellphone, about 100 dollars cash, one condom and one pack of minty gum. He's also often accompanied by his dog Onyx, a rottweiler - doberman mix. He "saved" the dog from police academy, and it's beyond well trained, and never on a leash.


Andy was born in the "trailer trash" areas of New York, and raised by his very young mother. She had a thing with just locking him up in a room when he was to much to handle. When he got old enough to open the door and/or trash the room, she placed him in the back yard when he got angry, so he could cool off. At age six, he started climbing the fence, and was soon picked up by a local group of trouble makers. They saw a great advantage in having a youngster with them, and he has since that been raised on the street. Whenever he has been in to much trouble, he has skipped city.

There's only been one woman who managed to capture Andy's heart, and actually scratch it. He fucked up...

So begins...

Andy Buckskin's Story

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Hetra shook her head, too many words, she was still high as a kite... She blinked a couple of times, trying to make sense of what he said "You're supposed to be a monster" she eventually protested "it's expected of you be cruel. I'm the one thing that's supposed to be good in and about this world, there is no one left to trust if not but angels"

She started drawing in the air with her hand "Nihil unum oro obsecro vos ante. Ad vigilate vobis fugere tua charta alas media circa mundi donec succendit in aeris, misit te ..." she muttered, staring at her hand, it glimmered in all colors in her eyes, other than that she had very little hallucinations. She lifted her hand, waving it across them and crashed it into his stomach like it was toy plane.

"I could have killed you" she said simply "six years ago... One simple touch, and poof! Maybe not you, not an original..." she speculated "But I've killed hundreds of vampires and other monsters" she started laughing hysterically "Why the hell am I obsessed with one human" she hived in laughter. She quickly got up into a sitting position, one leg on each side of his torso "Why the hell are we even here!" she demanded "This planet is so fascinatingly dull! Humans wish to live forever, so they can do everything their puny lives don't make time for" her voice got more and more eager, and she placed her hand firmly on his chest "Do you love me?" she demanded, and the whole room spun ferociously around them, and was soon replaced by pitch darkness, only interrupted by lighting, and a roaring wind. The world around them was a fiery, chaotic fury, and they were raising downwards through thick gas "GUESS WHERE WE ARE!" Hetra shouted triumphantly over the intense sounds

Andy and Devino
Andy had eyed Devi's catch for a while, she seemed unhappy, and he could see why. His eyes took on a malevolent twinkle as he got a closer look at the dark girl dancing next to Devi. He ruffled Onyx's head "mind the door" he commanded. The dog sat happily waving it's tail, and growling at anyone who came close to the door that he didn't recognize.

Andy elegantly stepped out on the dancefloor, and as Devi was flailing his arms, he sent Skyy and overbearing smile, giving Devino a push so that he had to grab on to Skyy not to fall over. Devi kept his arms around Skyy, supporting himself until the song "Poison" by Alice Cooped switched on. He kept dancing with Skyy, clumsily, and bawling along with the music.

Andy slipped over to Jade, placing his hand carefully on her back "mind if I have this one" he muttered softly, then spun her around with the music, catching her with her back to his, and gently letting his hand wander over her belly "Your lips are venomous poison" his voice softly muttered along with the music, his hand carefully slipping into the inner of her jacket. If first seemed like he was groping her, but he then pulled out one of her catches, and winked playfully at her. Busted! Her move...

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Andy's smile widened a little "I'm not the DJ, I just work here" he informed, spinning her around again, even though it was out of style with the music "And you don't seem to mind the dance... I'll be keeping an eye on you" he informed, lifting her up to the music, swing style "But you don't have to worry about that" he grinned, his face close to hers as he placed the wallet he had taken from her in her hand, his playful smile still cruising his lips.

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Mali snickered, rubbing her face agains Azaels chest "you're way to sweet for your own good, and Jade is doing great! Did you see that hot guy who drove us here? One with the mohawk, he's your new brother in law" Mali was glad to have something to be a bit enthusiastic about untill she could get some sleep

Andy got a bucket, the tea and breadsticks and placed next to her before he crawled into bed, rubbing her back with one hand and eating a cinnamon bun with the other "anything I can get you or do for you?" en inquired

(I just skipped them in here)

Hetra tucked the covers close around Dante and kissed him good day and rest. She had no idea if he actually normally "rested" under covers. She was feeling restless, and knew what itch was wanting to be scratched. She was very thankful she didn't get the physical effects of comming of the drugs. She decided to lay next to Dante and count his hairs, even though she knew the exact number, or wait for him Devino to be ready to be picked up, witchever came first. After a while she got out of bed, and into Dante's wardrobe, borrowing sweatpants and a hoodie before she went out to get some good clothes. She figured she couldn't be showing up in cocktaildresses at the business meeting, witch was the only piece of clothing she owned. She spent about an hour getting the right clothes, an hour getting ready, the remaining hours on reading throught the file and familiarising herself with what she needed to do.

Devi was starting to sober up, always a crummy feeling. In additon, he'd for some reason decided that the door mat outside his house was good for sleeping on. Bad call... He stood up, finding his face soaked in energydrinks. He sat up, shaking his hand wet hand, and noticed it held his wallet with a bite mark in it. Suspecting the worst, he reached for his pocket, and pulled out, yup, a pocketed kebab. He checked his watch, ten... He had a job... He needed to shower... I noticed he had lost his keyes somewhere. With a sigh, and a loud snapping crackle and a bright red light, the door to his apartment was open. Seconds later he realised it wasn't his apartment, probably not even his building, and quickly made for the door, leaving some half chewed ten dollar bills to repay the door, and the half eated kebab. Half an hour later he'd broken into his own apartment and was out of the shower, the aspirin was kicking in. He went through his closet and found a pair of pants, t-shirt and sweather surprisingly not with holes in.