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Delvia Plastt

I could probably fix that.

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a character in “After The Curtain Falls”, as played by Tainted Twinkee


Name: Delvia Plastt
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Del
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Height: 6'0"
Position: Engineering Officer
Description: Short and sturdy, Delvia has spent the majority of her money augmenting her body. Chiefly, her skeletal and muscular systems replaced with synthetics to double her strength and endurance and her eyes, with no attempt to hide their inorganic nature, improve the detail and range of vision, as well as allowing her to record whatever she sees. To aid in her work she's acquired implants that aided in data processing and storage, mostly using this to store schematics and ideas for system improvements. Del doesn't put much thought into her day to day appearance, tying her hair back and wearing whatever's most comfortable to work in; usually a t-shirt and jeans.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: A subcutaneous wire runs across her body giving off a soft green light. It's purely for aesthetic reasons.

Birthplace: Callisto, Jovia
Citizenship: Jovia
Religious Affiliation: Immortalist. They believe that the current universe was created as a means to create an ascended race and that the Immortals are the next step towards that goal. They seek to improve themselves through technology, augmenting their bodies and minds.
Family: Jonathan Plastt (Father-living) Marian Plastt (Mother-living) Jennifer Plastt (Sister-Living)
Friends: A few spread across the galaxy, generally only communicate over computers.
Spouse/Lover(s): None

Intelligence: Majored in computer systems with a minor in engineering. Has spent her life tinkering with machines.
Sense of Humor: Whimsical
Personality: Solitary by nature, Delvia would rather spend a night studying schematics than socializing. She does enjoy speaking with people if it involves something that interests her, but it's very easy for her to get lost in thought. Leading people to believe she's bored or absentminded.
She tends to see the best in everything, but strives to find a way to improve everything. She loves learning new things and will go out of her way if curiosity strikes her, even if it isn't in her best interests. It's not unusual to find her wandering through various parts of the ship.
Personal Quote: "It's good, but it could be better."

Equipment: A collection of tools that she uses to make repairs on the ship, or just to tinker with.
She also carries an ampule of nanites and a couple of small robotic drones that she operates through an implant. These are useful if she's working on something delicate or out of her reach.
She sees little reason to arm herself on board.

History: Born into a family of Immortalists, Delvia was encouraged to study anything and everything about technology. She followed her older sister to university and from there the two separated. The sister going on to develop implants, and Delvia began work as an assistant engineer aboard military vessels. She quickly found that her salary was too small to sustain her "spiritual growth" so to speak. She went into the private sector, seeking better work. Working for the military was all fine and dandy, but there's only so many times you can repair a leaky coolant line before boredom sets in. She floated from job to job, some times simple repair and maintenance; other times she'd be deep in the labs with R&D. All the while she bought and replaced implants as money allowed, seeking the Immortalists ideal of ascension.
Eventually she found herself with TAF, assigned to the Informal Gluttony.

So begins...

Delvia Plastt's Story


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At least one of them was already working on it in fact. Splayed out across the upper catwalk with a leg dangling over the edge; Delvia had blacked out her external vision, replacing it with a three-dimensional schematic of the ship with a real-time data feed. This allowed her to scour the Gluttony for any problems that may pop up.

She quite enjoyed it, but her duties didn't leave her dealing with hardware problems that gave her an excuse to use it very often. The inertial dampeners were technically Roger's domain, but she had nothing better to do at the moment and he could work on the dampeners in the engine room while she went data diving.

Normally the ship's automated systems would've found the problem on their own, but they were only finding slight power fluctuations that could point to any number of things. Which meant starting with the probable problems and working her way back. This could mean hours, maybe a couple of days, of number crunching and hardware analysis. She was ecstatic.

She started toying with the four little drones that had been floating lazily around her while she thought about what to do first. Del didn't need see them to know where the drones were, they had kinesthetic adapters that made them feel more like extensions of herself than tools. Jenny, her sister, had made them as a gift the last time she had visited home.

After flitting through the data feed, she decided that external sensors may need to be recalibrated. A faulty sensor could lead to uneven distribution of force. She dropped the schematic from her HUD in favor of a straight data feed, making analysis much simpler.

Her external audio had been shut off and replaced with some white noise that helped her think, causing her to miss the captain's entrance.


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Rogers was still amazed at the capacities of his implants , for most of his career he had worked with little more then basic implants and AI's that could not even run a decent chess game without crashing! Not to mention one particular 26th century exploration shuttle Maxwell Prime wanted for its museum in usable condition!

The day was basically a protocol day until the trouble with the 2nd dampener and the strange power fluctuations.

Naturally Delvia took over its repairer, she was young and Eger for experience who could blame her?

The engines themselves seemed fine; there was no indication of fault form his inspection… so far at least.

The slight power fluctuations worried him; it was not rare for such problems to occur but to happen so suddenly? Too fishy for Rogers nose.

No wonder the sensors couldn't figure out what was the problem with the internal dampener with so much interference.

Rogers didn't think the problem was serious or all three dampener's would have gone offline by now, however he would not bet on that assessment in Sarek's bathe or shave gambling house.

The only scenario that came into Rogers mind was that the problem with the number two internal dampener was cased by a random power surge.

With the instability cased by the loss of the dampener other systems had difficulty operating properly leading to power fluctuations cased by the automatic power distribution system.

One question remained, why didn't the sensors detect a power surge? Could it be possible that the power surge happened in the dampener sensors themselves? Or was the AI cracked?

Ether way it was currently not his job to figure it out.

The problem was that the majority of people who grew up with the implants relied heavily on them and the AI's.

They sometimes had problems with imagination or even common sense and could pointlessly scan the systems for days instead of thinking.

Delvia was not like that really but even she could have similar difficulties.

Oh well I will send her my suspicions; if she acts on them is her decision; she is senior on this mission after all.
Rogers hoped she didn't think the power fluctuations where simply random as he did before putting two and two together, was it simple coincidence that the power distribution system was operating 21% more then normal capacity? And that the power systems had gone into safe mode? Again why didn't the sensors pick it up until Rogers actually asked for the data? Too fishy for his nose.

A sharp stabbing like pain suddenly plagued his right shoulder; it was an automatic sensor alarm he had designed into his implants to warn him when the captain was near by, it was essential while on duty to avoid being ambushed by him during inspections.

He will most likely examine the internal dampeners first Rogers thought, should he send a warning to Delvia and Ness? Why not?

He sent both a copy of his alarm system as both already had experienced it before and would know what it meant.

Quickly cleaning up all his many scattered runtimes Rogers prepared for the captain's arrival.


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Startled by the captain's sudden appearance; Delvia shot up, the drones faltering a moment before she switched them to auto. Her optics blinked back on so she could see Troy's lips were moving, but no sound coming out. Then she realized her audio was still disabled. Switching that back on, and trying not to smack herself, she caught the last of what Troy told her.

“Oh, yes. I'll get right on it.” she stammered. Del had assumed that Masters was already working on it, but hadn't actually checked to make sure. Four years and she still wasn't used to being in charge of anyone. She would often took over repairs herself or expected others to take charge without her say so.

While she made her way down to the dampeners, the drones were sent ahead to remove the panels of the secondary unit and the sensor analysis she had been running shoved to the back of her mind. A brief look into the unit didn't reveal anything obvious, so she sent the drones in where she couldn't see, popping their visual feeds into her HUD.

It only took a few minutes of searching before she found it, a power distributor had burned out some of its wiring which would explain the power fluctuations. It was a simple enough repair, there were some spare distributors in storage and they were landing soon so they could take the dampener offline for a little while without any problems.

She dusted her hands off as she stood back up, the drones returning to orbit around her.

“Oh, Roger.” she said having forgotten that he was still there. “It's a faulty distributor. Could you take care of it after we land?” She still had trouble ordering anyone around, posing orders as requests.


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"Yea will be right on it" said Rogers still worried about the sensor failures.

"By the way Del, can you please try to sort out the mess with the AI's runtimes? It doesn’t have very good programming on how to deal with this sort of situation and has really messed up the power distribution systems. The constable of an AI gives me a hard time with all its protocols and regulations; you shouldn't have any problem I swear it's got a crush on you."

Looking for the spares and finding a few decent ones to choose from Rogers headed towards the dampeners. The ship's spares stock was growing scarce, Rogers would have to cannibalize equipment if they didn't restock soon.

"All right be back in a tick, see you in the naffy ". He said to Del before starting the repair.

The operation was straight forward, simply replacing the burned out distributor. the real time killer was connecting the new one to all the systems in question and then recalibrating the systems parameters to record and accept the change. Making the system accept the slightly different Mk7 was more complicated then Rogers expected, the system was built with the Mk7 in mind as an emergency changeover but the calibrations for the Mk7 where sadly lacking. Under normal circumstances Rogers would have used ether an Mk9 or an Mk12 like the once he was replacing but the distributors of these types he had where not trustworthy, the only reason the ship was using the Mk12 in the first place was because they where of the later model. The remaining replacement Mk12 where from the first batch and did not posses any of the corrections the Mk12 series had been given in the later models. The only remaining "old reliable" Mk9 was a highbred (Mk9/12) created during the factory switch to the Mk12, unlike the original Mk9 they where not known for reliability and played havoc with other distributors unless also Mk9 highbred.

Rogers decided he should reinform the captain of the situation and proceeded to send a direct message:

"Sir, we have few spares and need to stock up, currently we have nothing but Marmite. I have switched to the Mk7; I don't trust our replacement Mk12's and our Mk9/12's are a real constable. If you want I can start cannibalizing our remaining replacements into Mk7n's, the Mk7n's won't greatly affect the run of the ship but have slower processing capabilities and a few other limitations. Our remaining Mk12's should compensate but I need your premission for the go ahead. Masters out"


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“Huh? Oh, sure.” Delvia replied. She wasn't sure what he was talking about, the AI had been working fine for her, but it could be fun to tweak it some and not having to pull equipment apart to find such a simple problem again would make her work simpler. She popped a copy of the AI's coding into the back of her mind where she could read it and note any changes she'd like to make.

She started making her way back up to her spot on the catwalk when an alarm went off in her head. It had started as a means to keep her from working through meals, but now it only seemed to go off when she least wanted it to. The drones were recalled, nesting themselves into her hair as she headed for the mess. A moment passed before she remembered that Roger was still there and she doubled back to the engine room.

“I think that it's nearly time to eat,” she said, leaning over the catwalk railing, “You can leave those repairs for later.” She disappeared back down the walkway before he had a chance to respond.

Slipping into the mess she noted that no one else was eating yet. So she made for the couch, giving a brief nod to Ilia and Din, and sitting on the other end where she could wait until it was time to eat. The AI coding was pulled over her vision where she could better focus on it and transparent so she could keep track of her surroundings this time.


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Roger breathed a sigh of relief when hearing the captain; not every port had a repair station. Roger was glad for the free time; he would not have to calibrate the dampeners for the next few hours as basic calibrations would be sufficant for a short time providing Masters was linked with the AI every 15 minutes. The job would not take long, upon hearing Del's remark about grub Roger replied: "got ya mam, will be up in a tick.

Closing his eyes Roger sent a message to the captain, it took Rogers a significant amount of time to establish a mental link compared to the rest of the crew. Roger was not used to mental linking and had slower systems. For most starting a mental link was as easy as breathing, Rogers needed a certain level of concentration.

"Understood sir, can you please allow me to accompany you while examining the replacements? Anything expensive is probably cheap, anything cheap is probably near worthless and anything free is broke anyway. There are a zillion fakes, cheats, junked and copies out there, I rather make sure we get the right ones. Not sayin you don't know your Mk12, 7632, Ak15 generation Gama Standard Vickers & Pegasus Dampeners from your average Lal Mk 303 66A generation beta cheap skate copies, I rather see, hear, touch and taste a dampener before taking it into my action."

Within a few minutes the temporary repairs where finished and Rogers went into the Naffy whistling the old Freeside classic Sola Sola here I go.