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Nesteph Russon

"This cagro seems pretty interesting. Wonder what it is."

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a character in “After The Curtain Falls”, originally authored by MaxStokes, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Nesteph Russon
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): He invites people to call him Ness if they want since it has fewer syllables. His girlfriend calls him Kevin.
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Position: Engineering Officer

Description: Average height with a slightly skinny build. He has tan skin with dark brown hair, big bushy eyebrows and a face full of short hairs. His eyes match his hair. Ness normally keeps a rather unkempt appearance. Well, rather, he doesn’t keep his appearance. He cares little for things such as “fixing his hair”, and would rather spend his time doing other things. So he simply lets his appearance take it’s natural course. His non-standard implants mostly deal with enhanced data acquisition, storage, and processing and are all synced directly with the neural pathways in his brain. He has tweaked them a little to give him more control and personalization by enabling administrator status in them. This gives him the ability to load third party software and tweak their processing settings, along with giving him greater access to “crashing”. Which is a process of sending your brain into sensory overload by feeding it massive amounts of information through data acquisition implants. Most of the interaction he does with the ship is purely brain to source, which means he doesn’t need the use of his hands or any other medium to engage with the ships systems as long as he has a wireless or wired connection.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Dark fist sized birth mark above his right hip on his stomach. Someone once told him it looks like a magician, he thinks it looks more like a walnut.

Birthplace: Mars, Ecumene
Citizenship: Ecumene
Religious Affiliation: Non-practicing Soulist. Soulism is a mix of Philosophical Taoism and Reincarnation theory with a few rituals and meditation thrown in. Rituals are very cultural, but ultimately a little religious dogma and relatively simple in basic concept.

Family: Henio Russon (Father-living), Sheria Russon (Mother-living), and Arrymo Reedav (Paternal Uncle-Deceased)
Friends: Jesse Kellee (Brotherly Childhood Friend-living on Mars)
Spouse/Lover(s): Mari Bennes (Long Distance Lover)

Intelligence: Undergraduate major in Cryptology, minor in Fractal mathematics and incomplete masters in Cryptology. Starving intellect with near addiction to problem solving and analysis. Scored in top .5% in long term analysis during university examination and .1% in over all knowledge off academic information. Skills at multitasking scored barely in top 20%, though the use of implants was prohibited.

Sense of Humor: Hyperbolic

Personality: Ness mostly a very genuine and mostly happy person. He truly enjoys interacting with most people, learning about them and their experiences. Though he cares little for what he deems to be superficial things such as pleasantries or most modern cultural themes (think sports or celebrates). He would much rather engage in a conversation about something such as the death penalty or the sociological impacts of people living forever. He is engrossed with learning new things and analyzing information. Analyzation that can sometimes put him on a one track path to problem solving something that momentarily peaks his interest. Over things like this he can seem a little obsessed. However, he never ceases to complete his duties, and eventually will move on from the topic. He has a romantic view of helping the weak and the downtrodden, so he has sort of a superman complex. He also is on a constant search for his own “meaning to life” and is somehow convinced that he has to find a justification for being alive and in relative happiness.

His thrust for knowledge also has led him to start “crashing”. A process where you use implants to feed massive amounts of information into your head while your consciousness experiences a sort of sensory overload. While not necessarily dangerous, many would call him addicted to the process because of how much he enjoys it. It also has the side effect of leaving tiny bits of information “stuck” in your subconscious, so you end up knowing random things that you didn’t know you knew.

Personal Quote: “We live, we grow, we become more complex. But is that all there really is?”

Equipment: L96 Nanite Engineering Glove. Invaluable multi-tool that takes the from of a single fingerless love that is worn on the right hand. Synced in with normal implants it houses trillions of multipurpose self replicating Nanites that can be used to perform hard repairs on a anything from engine systems to coffee machines. The nanites can operate within roughly a one hundred meter range and also provide optical sonar for on site analysis. Most information is fed directly into the brain, but it also comes with holographic display system that makes showing information to those not synced with the glove.

History: Ness was born in the urban mega city under the shadow of Olympus Mons. His parents were upper middle class people who operated a family store. His fondest memories of his early childhood were of spending time with his uncle, who worked at a museum in the city. He would spend hours with the man, looking through all the relics of bygone ages. His uncle would take him through, telling him all sorts of information about the different artifacts and the young boy would just soak it up. The man unfortunately passed away before Ness grew into adolescence. However, it led him to want to know more about history, which in turn led him to discover that he could learn anything he could possible imagine and more through the inter-connectivity of this information age.

This led him to learn many things and inflated his thirst for knowledge even more. He also dipped into pre-modern utopia theory, which focused on stressing the plight of the poor and unlucky. He fell in love with this ideology as a adolescent, hoping to one day work toward helping all those in need. However, he quickly discovered that modern society quite different than when that ideology had existed. With most people living his prosperity, and those who weren’t had warranted it themselves, he felt as though he had found an lost his purpose in life. He eventually went to university, easily getting due to academic self motivation and ability to self teach. He spent time learning high analysis mathematics, but though it suited his interest in problem solving, it ultimately felt hollow.

Shortly after completing his undergraduate degree, which he did quickly and easily, he began to develop an interest in space travel. He thought that perhaps being closer the dangers associated with live aboard a vessel drifting in the vacuum of space would be more stimulating. Perhaps being close to death would help him find his “meaning to life”. After teaching himself how to be a on board engineering officer, he applied for a job. Setting his sights on TAF due to their archeological nature. At first they were skeptical given his lack of related credentials but he proved himself in some tests that they gave him. It also helped that he already had most of the necessary implants, ones he had previously gotten to help him gather and process information. During the interviews he really seemed to connect with one of the captains, who Ness liked because he looked like he had seen quite a lot.

So begins...

Nesteph Russon's Story


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Rogers was still amazed at the capacities of his implants , for most of his career he had worked with little more then basic implants and AI's that could not even run a decent chess game without crashing! Not to mention one particular 26th century exploration shuttle Maxwell Prime wanted for its museum in usable condition!

The day was basically a protocol day until the trouble with the 2nd dampener and the strange power fluctuations.

Naturally Delvia took over its repairer, she was young and Eger for experience who could blame her?

The engines themselves seemed fine; there was no indication of fault form his inspection… so far at least.

The slight power fluctuations worried him; it was not rare for such problems to occur but to happen so suddenly? Too fishy for Rogers nose.

No wonder the sensors couldn't figure out what was the problem with the internal dampener with so much interference.

Rogers didn't think the problem was serious or all three dampener's would have gone offline by now, however he would not bet on that assessment in Sarek's bathe or shave gambling house.

The only scenario that came into Rogers mind was that the problem with the number two internal dampener was cased by a random power surge.

With the instability cased by the loss of the dampener other systems had difficulty operating properly leading to power fluctuations cased by the automatic power distribution system.

One question remained, why didn't the sensors detect a power surge? Could it be possible that the power surge happened in the dampener sensors themselves? Or was the AI cracked?

Ether way it was currently not his job to figure it out.

The problem was that the majority of people who grew up with the implants relied heavily on them and the AI's.

They sometimes had problems with imagination or even common sense and could pointlessly scan the systems for days instead of thinking.

Delvia was not like that really but even she could have similar difficulties.

Oh well I will send her my suspicions; if she acts on them is her decision; she is senior on this mission after all.
Rogers hoped she didn't think the power fluctuations where simply random as he did before putting two and two together, was it simple coincidence that the power distribution system was operating 21% more then normal capacity? And that the power systems had gone into safe mode? Again why didn't the sensors pick it up until Rogers actually asked for the data? Too fishy for his nose.

A sharp stabbing like pain suddenly plagued his right shoulder; it was an automatic sensor alarm he had designed into his implants to warn him when the captain was near by, it was essential while on duty to avoid being ambushed by him during inspections.

He will most likely examine the internal dampeners first Rogers thought, should he send a warning to Delvia and Ness? Why not?

He sent both a copy of his alarm system as both already had experienced it before and would know what it meant.

Quickly cleaning up all his many scattered runtimes Rogers prepared for the captain's arrival.