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Roger Masters

Any one for cards?

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a character in “After The Curtain Falls”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name: Roger Masters
Age: 37 (Freeside Nation has very limited anti ageing tech)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation:Female (no active romantic intrest)

Height:2.02 Meters
Position: Engineering officer
Description: Rogers is a well built man, his upper body is stronger then his lower body but this detail is not noticeable for the untrained eye.
he is not particularly good looking because of skin decay due to lack of sleep. His hair and eyes are both brown while his skin is white brown (the latter due to long exposures to rather powerful sun rays) his hair style is the average crew cut and he posses a rough beard.
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Rogers has a number of scars on his arms and hands.


Rogers enjoys the company of other crewmen, especially other engineers while on duty and also while off duty.
He is serious about his work and never neglects it.
Rogers takes pride in his work and sees his scars as precious landmarks for his achievements.
Rogers has had many chances to cure his scars and skin decay but for some reason Rogers refuses to even consider this option.
While not particularly bossy Rogers expects every one to take his word on the engines as law.
Rogers is useless when it comes to saving money and sometimes it appears he cares little for wealth.
He also has a drinking habit witch even with anti alcohol consumption related effects tech can case him very aggressive moods.

Rogers enjoys humor and readily jokes about his faith and the infamous history of his planets heritage.
Roger can joke about his handy work but is infuriated at any jokes about his engines.

Since his brother and his wife vanished Rogers has virtually lived on space ships returning home once in a year or two.
Rogers spends money and makes no effort to save it but due to the confines of space travel and his lack of interest in property Rogers ends up saving some amount of it after all if he doesn’t manage to waste it all on booze.

Rogers is a free soul but has a mixed belief in the 47th reformed Christian church.
Rogers believes in his engines more then he believes in his faith but when they fail Rogers will pray with greater urgency.
Rogers doesn't hold much loyalty to his faith and supports freedom of choice believing the entire church clergy is a pointless waste of funds at best.
He has no romantic interest at all and avoids talking about his wife,
Apart from his drinking habit due to sudden attacks of depression Rogers has a positive outlook but this changes rapidly if he fails to do his duty.

Rogers has no political interests and when asked simply says that every one should follow their heart.

Rogers enjoys playing cards and most board and stratagy games.



Roger boasts of fighting pirates with his bare hands but he still carries a Stun ray, Roger doesn’t particularly care for weapons and usually is seen carrying his high tech equipment in an old fashion tool box he calls Bessie (after installing an AI computer in it). Roger's Implants handle most matters for more delicate operations he uses a special Eye Inhancer of his own consruction.

Apart from his plain work clothing and unifrom Roger has a few fancy clothes he never uses and a selection of (old fashion) hard back Engineering books. much of his trunk has booze in it there is even a secret compartment for them if taking them is against the regulations of this or that ship.

Roger makes use of Bessie as his work computer but he also uses another computer for reserch and stratagy games when he has free time on his hands.

Rogers wares a strange hat while off duty, when asked why he wares the hat he replies "With the hat I know when I am off duty and when I am on duty"

One item that Roger tresures is his card deck; the card deck is an old relic of his family, once used by guards of the Lesser Maxwell beta prison and has been in Roger's family for generations.

Rogers and most Freesiders posses very primitive implants or none at all, due to his FNSF service Rogers has an aceptable level of implants but it is still very basic and primitive.


Birthplace: Rogers was born on the second moon of the planet Maxwell (name of scientist who found it 1000 years ago) the official name for the moon is Lesser Maxwell Beta but the popular name is Freeside Nation. The moon was originally colonized as a prison colony for the Maxwell System due to the repeated failures of terraforming, eventually during a civil war on Maxwell Prime between the original colonists on the greater continent and the new colonists of the lesser continent security was reduced in the prison eventually leading to a revolt that took over the only installations on the moon. Eventually due to the moons later importance in the civil war the faction of new colonists agreed to issue pardons for the lesser criminals in exchange for capture of the greater criminals and accesses to the newly discovered mineral wealth of the moon. 200 years later the civil war has long ended officially (but the more extreme of the original colonists continue an underground resistance) and the moon has become the unofficial main spaceport for the system because of its mineral wealth, the moon attracts opportunists due to its severe lax in law and order, the very prison that used function as such 200 years ago is now the only real center of government the moon has… every few years or so. The Maxwell system is on the frontier, because of the civil wars on the planet exploration into other star systems in its area has proven complicated and initial results have not been at all promising, the Maxwell system doesn’t truly belong to any of the great factions however Maxwell Prime is under the control of the Ecumene of Earth. Freeside moon due to its fierce pride in its independence has a Jovia Military Space station in orbit to guarantee the planet below never attempts to reclaim its lost moon. Lesser Naxwell Beta may soon join Jovia but it remains uncertain.

Roger's father is the owner of a canteen on Freeside's "wild west" territory his mother was once a combat pilot of the ragtag Freeside space service, it is rumored she along with the rest of the service used to go pirating but there is no conformation. Roger has two brothers one, the elder works with their father and the younger along with Roger's wife was part of an exploration mission into the frontier witch is ten years off its return schedule.

Rogers left his home at the age of 15 and worked as an aid for engineers on the old probes who mined the Maxwell asteroid belt.

Later he was aid to an engineer on an exploration vessel and after the engineer died of a power over load was able to repair the engine granting him the interest of the Maxwell academy (based on the earthlike moon of Greater Max; a gauss giant) After his studies in the Maxwell acadamy and the FNSF acadamy many other acadamies expressed interest in him. Maxwell at the age of 22 started serving on exploration probes and later cargo and passenger ships. Rogers served in the Freeside Nation Spacer force during some of the brief wars between Maxwell Prime and Freeside and the later great war.

At 26 years of age Rogers married however this would not last more then a year later his wife who was a doctor on ship left on a exploration vessel, Roger was supposed to serve on the ship but due to another skirmish against Maxwell Prime was forced to stay, his little brother who was following in his footsteps took his place. The ship that should have returned after three months would be late, so far 10 years late and presumed destroyed.

Rogers would devote every second of his life to his profession for the next 10 years giving him a very good record however a strange accident witch killed 2 crewmen in the engine room would force Rogers to serve on lower rate ships for the next 3 years, Rogers claimed the engine design was at fault but the company claimed Rogers was at fault, naturally the company 's word was taken in the court case as Roger who claimed to have had evidence failed to present any claiming it was wiped from the ships logs.

Rogers was also involved in the construction of a new model of vessel and still is, however his prestige suffered again when the prototype exploded for unknown reasons.

Roger serves mostly on Cargo vessels now, he takes his work very seriously but for him the Informal Gluttony is at the heart of things just another name in a long list of names he has imprinted on himself by the scaring of his hands.

So begins...

Roger Masters's Story


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Rogers was still amazed at the capacities of his implants , for most of his career he had worked with little more then basic implants and AI's that could not even run a decent chess game without crashing! Not to mention one particular 26th century exploration shuttle Maxwell Prime wanted for its museum in usable condition!

The day was basically a protocol day until the trouble with the 2nd dampener and the strange power fluctuations.

Naturally Delvia took over its repairer, she was young and Eger for experience who could blame her?

The engines themselves seemed fine; there was no indication of fault form his inspection… so far at least.

The slight power fluctuations worried him; it was not rare for such problems to occur but to happen so suddenly? Too fishy for Rogers nose.

No wonder the sensors couldn't figure out what was the problem with the internal dampener with so much interference.

Rogers didn't think the problem was serious or all three dampener's would have gone offline by now, however he would not bet on that assessment in Sarek's bathe or shave gambling house.

The only scenario that came into Rogers mind was that the problem with the number two internal dampener was cased by a random power surge.

With the instability cased by the loss of the dampener other systems had difficulty operating properly leading to power fluctuations cased by the automatic power distribution system.

One question remained, why didn't the sensors detect a power surge? Could it be possible that the power surge happened in the dampener sensors themselves? Or was the AI cracked?

Ether way it was currently not his job to figure it out.

The problem was that the majority of people who grew up with the implants relied heavily on them and the AI's.

They sometimes had problems with imagination or even common sense and could pointlessly scan the systems for days instead of thinking.

Delvia was not like that really but even she could have similar difficulties.

Oh well I will send her my suspicions; if she acts on them is her decision; she is senior on this mission after all.
Rogers hoped she didn't think the power fluctuations where simply random as he did before putting two and two together, was it simple coincidence that the power distribution system was operating 21% more then normal capacity? And that the power systems had gone into safe mode? Again why didn't the sensors pick it up until Rogers actually asked for the data? Too fishy for his nose.

A sharp stabbing like pain suddenly plagued his right shoulder; it was an automatic sensor alarm he had designed into his implants to warn him when the captain was near by, it was essential while on duty to avoid being ambushed by him during inspections.

He will most likely examine the internal dampeners first Rogers thought, should he send a warning to Delvia and Ness? Why not?

He sent both a copy of his alarm system as both already had experienced it before and would know what it meant.

Quickly cleaning up all his many scattered runtimes Rogers prepared for the captain's arrival.


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Startled by the captain's sudden appearance; Delvia shot up, the drones faltering a moment before she switched them to auto. Her optics blinked back on so she could see Troy's lips were moving, but no sound coming out. Then she realized her audio was still disabled. Switching that back on, and trying not to smack herself, she caught the last of what Troy told her.

“Oh, yes. I'll get right on it.” she stammered. Del had assumed that Masters was already working on it, but hadn't actually checked to make sure. Four years and she still wasn't used to being in charge of anyone. She would often took over repairs herself or expected others to take charge without her say so.

While she made her way down to the dampeners, the drones were sent ahead to remove the panels of the secondary unit and the sensor analysis she had been running shoved to the back of her mind. A brief look into the unit didn't reveal anything obvious, so she sent the drones in where she couldn't see, popping their visual feeds into her HUD.

It only took a few minutes of searching before she found it, a power distributor had burned out some of its wiring which would explain the power fluctuations. It was a simple enough repair, there were some spare distributors in storage and they were landing soon so they could take the dampener offline for a little while without any problems.

She dusted her hands off as she stood back up, the drones returning to orbit around her.

“Oh, Roger.” she said having forgotten that he was still there. “It's a faulty distributor. Could you take care of it after we land?” She still had trouble ordering anyone around, posing orders as requests.


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"Yea will be right on it" said Rogers still worried about the sensor failures.

"By the way Del, can you please try to sort out the mess with the AI's runtimes? It doesn’t have very good programming on how to deal with this sort of situation and has really messed up the power distribution systems. The constable of an AI gives me a hard time with all its protocols and regulations; you shouldn't have any problem I swear it's got a crush on you."

Looking for the spares and finding a few decent ones to choose from Rogers headed towards the dampeners. The ship's spares stock was growing scarce, Rogers would have to cannibalize equipment if they didn't restock soon.

"All right be back in a tick, see you in the naffy ". He said to Del before starting the repair.

The operation was straight forward, simply replacing the burned out distributor. the real time killer was connecting the new one to all the systems in question and then recalibrating the systems parameters to record and accept the change. Making the system accept the slightly different Mk7 was more complicated then Rogers expected, the system was built with the Mk7 in mind as an emergency changeover but the calibrations for the Mk7 where sadly lacking. Under normal circumstances Rogers would have used ether an Mk9 or an Mk12 like the once he was replacing but the distributors of these types he had where not trustworthy, the only reason the ship was using the Mk12 in the first place was because they where of the later model. The remaining replacement Mk12 where from the first batch and did not posses any of the corrections the Mk12 series had been given in the later models. The only remaining "old reliable" Mk9 was a highbred (Mk9/12) created during the factory switch to the Mk12, unlike the original Mk9 they where not known for reliability and played havoc with other distributors unless also Mk9 highbred.

Rogers decided he should reinform the captain of the situation and proceeded to send a direct message:

"Sir, we have few spares and need to stock up, currently we have nothing but Marmite. I have switched to the Mk7; I don't trust our replacement Mk12's and our Mk9/12's are a real constable. If you want I can start cannibalizing our remaining replacements into Mk7n's, the Mk7n's won't greatly affect the run of the ship but have slower processing capabilities and a few other limitations. Our remaining Mk12's should compensate but I need your premission for the go ahead. Masters out"


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Roger breathed a sigh of relief when hearing the captain; not every port had a repair station. Roger was glad for the free time; he would not have to calibrate the dampeners for the next few hours as basic calibrations would be sufficant for a short time providing Masters was linked with the AI every 15 minutes. The job would not take long, upon hearing Del's remark about grub Roger replied: "got ya mam, will be up in a tick.

Closing his eyes Roger sent a message to the captain, it took Rogers a significant amount of time to establish a mental link compared to the rest of the crew. Roger was not used to mental linking and had slower systems. For most starting a mental link was as easy as breathing, Rogers needed a certain level of concentration.

"Understood sir, can you please allow me to accompany you while examining the replacements? Anything expensive is probably cheap, anything cheap is probably near worthless and anything free is broke anyway. There are a zillion fakes, cheats, junked and copies out there, I rather make sure we get the right ones. Not sayin you don't know your Mk12, 7632, Ak15 generation Gama Standard Vickers & Pegasus Dampeners from your average Lal Mk 303 66A generation beta cheap skate copies, I rather see, hear, touch and taste a dampener before taking it into my action."

Within a few minutes the temporary repairs where finished and Rogers went into the Naffy whistling the old Freeside classic Sola Sola here I go.