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Queen Chrysalis

Queen of Changelings

0 · 314 views · located in Canterlot

a character in “Against a Hive”, as played by Pxu5

So begins...

Queen Chrysalis's Story


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#, as written by Pxu5
The Queen was confused by the sudden bulge of infor.. er.. was unimpressed. "Time stallion, what kind of bluff is that?"

Honestly, she had never seen such a obvious lie before, even she could lie better than that... Th-that is, she could lie extremely well. Of course, she is the QUEEN of Changelings no one can out-lie her.

"It seems you are unwilling to cooperate. Guards, teach this pony how to respect his Queen's intelligence."

As the door slammed shut behind her, the guards brought up a heated brand. They smiled, baring their fangs. This was gonna be fun.


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Character Portrait: Doctor Whooves Character Portrait: Queen Chrysalis
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"Bit over the top, doncha think?" the Doctor asked innocently enough, eyeing the brand carefully. "And honestly, it's no bluff. Time Stallion. Last of 'em. I come from the planet Gallopfrey in the constellation of Canterborous. I'm 903 years old and this is my tenth incarnation." The smile fell from his face, replaced by a terrifying emptiness. "And if you force me to I'll prove it. I'm the thing of legends. Look me up. I tend to be less friendly when provoked."