Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Against all Odds with Newlyweds


12 young adults go with their parents wishes and marry each other, only having a week to fall in love.

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I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Currently in 2013 most people choose who they love and marry, but these 12 young adults agree to arrange marriages made by their power or money hungry parents. These 6 young newlyweds are determined to make it work, if it doesn't that's what divorce is for right? The young adults will have 2 weeks to basically fall in love before the wedding. You will stay at La Rose, a mansion located in London, England.

This is your home, learn to love it. :)


The foyer, where you will meet your new friends and lovers.

The pool, where you can relax and blow off steam with it rejuvenating whirl pool.

Ah, the library! A room where the dark wood gives an enchanted feeling of wisdom and power. A dream come true for the need-to-know-all's or just a quiet place to watch the fire place.

The bedrooms! Where it can be oh-so-romantic or just plain awkward.

Your in London!!! You've never been! Soak up the night life, breathe it in through your pores! Just make sure you save a slow dance with your soon to be lover!

Your wedding will be in 2 weeks! All of your friends and family will be there to witness you marry this stranger. You may have wild Bachelor and Bachelorett party's 3 days before the weeding. After the wedding is the honey moon, will you and your group stay together and live in this mansion or will you part and live separate lives? Will you keep your marriage alive or throw in the towel?

Character Skeleton
-Name| (First and maiden last name, you aren't married yet)

-Age| (Please around 20-25)

-Gender|(I hope you don't need help with this one....O_o)

-Appearance| (Typed out or image is fine)

-Personality|Who are you!! Does your character love the Harry Potter series? Does she/he have dreams of becoming the worlds next best Pastry chef like me?! Is he/she a homeopathy? (i.e.- Licorice root cures the headaches while Advil murders the liver?) I'm currently into that shit; lemon,lavender, sandalwood and dandelion root salve is great for acne. Google it. Are they into the whole 'Save the plants!!!' ludicrous or are they more like 'More trees = More Paper = More money!'

-Favorite color| Purple wins bitches! ^.^

-Eating habits| Vegetarian or carnivore? I dislike steak...4realzs. I never did like a giant slab of meat on my plate...eww. But I'm into that bacon shit! Also includes food your allergic to.

-Current profession| Are you a Victoria Secret Angel or a Grease Money at the local Car Repair? (nothing outrageous!)

-Pet(s)| (please no more than three. No like elephants or grizzle bears. You may have an F-1 or F-6 Feline, I actually have an F-1 kitty cat named A.C., She has 7 toes!!! F-6 are as close to a wild bobcat as you can get and only friendly to one person. Monkeys, dogs, snakes, even bats are all welcome, just make sure your character keeps an eye on them.) You may but pictures of your animals if you feel compelled to do so.

-Likes|(I like cake!)

-Dislikes| Soo Dislike boogers! I'm sure you can think of something less...disturbing than that right?!

-Favorite past time|(What do you do on the weekends or spare time? Read? Swim? Pick your nose? What ever you do when your bored.)

-weakness| Chocolate is my ultimate enemy, it's out to kill me!

-History| And then of course your history? Where you born bottom class and moved your way to the top? Did your dog die at age 15 and you buried him under the window so he wasn't so far away? Did you break out in hives when that super cute boy/girl asked you for a pencil during Algebra?

Reserved Characters|
Female| DyLAn:D
Male| Hallowed777

Simple little questions like your favorite color to whether you like stake or spinach will help your soon to be lover understand you more!!! It be more than weird if you got married after being with each other for a week and only learned he likes toilet paper with the aloe in it!!! How you learn something like that should be behind closed and locked doors by the way... Now if you cannot come up with all these details that's fine!!! Just work on your character during the RP, mix and match things up as we go along, doesn't bother me. I usually change something in my profile at least one a week.

Remember! Your in your twenties!!! You reckless and free! Your bound to drink a little to much, party to hard, and hopefully fall in love with your soon-to-be lover while doing so. Have fun!!!

Toggle Rules

No god modding
Romance is allowed but once it gets too hot and heavy move it PMs. This isn't a porn site :)
Respect other characters please!
If you would like to marry a same sex please PM me, and find a partner or I shall pick one if you do not find one. (Only two spots open)
Keep cursing to a minimum, personally I don't care, but someone might if you start and end all your sentences with the damn 'F-word'
Don't go over and beyond on the fighting, tempers will flare since you only have two weeks, but everyone has to live to the end please.
PM if you have any questions or concerns
Have fun

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Character Portrait: Aria Louise Strom


Character Portrait: Aria Louise Strom
Aria Louise Strom

"Love can only be earned"


Character Portrait: Aria Louise Strom
Aria Louise Strom

"Love can only be earned"

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Character Portrait: Aria Louise Strom
Aria Louise Strom

"Love can only be earned"

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Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Can i still make a female character?

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Yeah, we need several. I'll reserve one for you

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Hey Ἐνυώ! So I looked over everything and I was wondering if I could possibly reserve a male spot? I'm guessing that we need more males.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Hey Evuw, I hope you don't mind me posting this here, but an rpg I joined is still looking for players and there's plenty of spots left. Plus, every char has a Soul mate here too. It's basically another rpg about a fight between angels and fallen angels with humans caught in between this battle.

In return, I'll post about this rpg there okay?

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

OMegosh! no I didn't see you request. Yea I can do that! Sorry. :)

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

umm if u look down near the bottom of this page i asked if i could reserve a female character but u never responded. I dont know if its because u didnt see it or u ignored it but i would still like to make one and a male character if u need one

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Okay cool. I'll do him tomorrow. Spent all my creative juices to create Laurel.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Sure! That would be great! If you guys know any other males who would like to joined the Role play let them know :) I want to start this thing so as possible :P

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Say, if I am able to create a male too, I thought it be interesting if he was a sibling of the female char I plan on creating. That can add some potential drama and comedy into the mix.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

I see ^ ^ I have not tried the first person point of view yet, and I am relatively new as well haha ^_^

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Thanks!! I'm tryin my best with the whole First person point of view. New to the whole Role Playing society.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

aww thanks :DDD
btw you're also playing in "that crazy love story right" ? (: haha I must say that I really like your posts ^ ^ haha

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Okie dokie, it's done. No hurry. :)

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Yeah that would be awesome!
I would really appreciate it~ (:

I will have her up most likely by today or tomorrow

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Coolio! I'll reserve a female for you paokikipao if that is what you want.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

I've started on a female I'd that's OK and I hope to submit her by tomorrow or tonight.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

I like the idea of this roleplay,
May I please reserve a female character?

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

this sound's interesting i think i shall join. I will make a female for now but i can also make a male if u dont mind people having 2 character's

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Ya sure go ahead. I'll let you know if I need any male character. I don't care about the picture. :) Thats up to u.

Re: Against all Odds with Newlyweds

Okay I am game. I'll take a female for now, but if you need a male, I can always play one too. Also, are you picky at what type of image we can post? Wether it's Real or Anime? I prefer anime, but I can do both.