Ethan Thompson

I am against this, but I have no choice

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a character in “Against all Odds with Newlyweds”, originally authored by Zodia195, as played by RolePlayGateway


-Name| Ethan Thompson

-Age| 25 years

-Gender| Male

-Appearance| Image

-Personality| Ethan has an A-type personality, but with a lot of posh and manners. He likes things his own way and hates admitting when he's wrong. He has a lot of tenacity and will power to get things done. Despite his tough exterior, he has a soft spot and is a very kind person. He's very protective of his younger sister and is the only person he's completely open with. While he can be a perfect gentleman, once you're on his bad side, watch out for he doesn't get mad, he gets even. Unlike Laurel, he doesn't obey his parents every whim and stands up to them, especially when Laurel is concerned. He honestly doesn't want to get married, but if he wants to take over his father's business, which he does, than he has to marry.

-Favorite color| Anything neutral, especially grey.

-Eating habits| Carnivore, but does he his veggies. He also prefer organic food. However, he's lactose intolerant so he can't have dairy products.

-Current profession| Currently working under his father and ready to take over from him. His father is a CEO of 5 Star Hotel chain.

-Pet| None

Getting things done
When he gets his way
A good prime steak
Being outdoors

Anyone hurting others, especially his sister
His parents
Dairy products
Stuck up people
Not getting his way

-Favorite past time| He actually enjoys getting outdoors and rock climbing. He does play tennis also. And he enjoys traveling too.

-weakness| His sister

Ethan is the oldest of two from a very wealthily family. His parents were very hands on in his upbringing and instilled him his strong will and determination to do things his way. When his sister was born, he wasn't fully aware of her because he was too busy with schooling at the time. It wasn't until after their grandmother died did he start paying attention to her. Even at a young age, he became her 2nd rock and often encouraged her to 'be herself'. At the same time, he started emotionally detaching himself from his other family members when he saw how they treated others. He especially hated it when his parents suddenly became interested in his sister's life, though for not the reasons he wanted them to. Unfortunately, at the the time, he was getting ready for college and regretted not being there for his sister while he is away at college. After getting his MBA, he starts working for his father. When he finds out about the arrange marriages, Ethan refuses it at first, but when his father tells him he won't take over the company until his does. He's also doing it to keep an eye on his sister and hopes that the one she's arranged with turns out to be someone worthy of his sister.

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