Lucius Daniel Evans

"I would date mother nature if I could,"

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{"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."}
-Hellen Keller
Shine On You Crazy Diamond || I Want it All || Money


|{Full Name}|
Lucius Daniel Evans

One he admittedly dislikes, his mother used to pretend he was a girl and called him, "Lucy."

Twenty three, his birthday falls on the sixteenth of April.

|| 40%English || 30% German || 2% Spanish || 8%Polish || 20% French ||


|| Stretcher ||

It is a simple, grey, slightly rusted, lighter, which he has had since the age of twelve. It was a stormy day, when he had attained it, the day of his parent's funeral. He had already cried enough alone, he wasn't about to cry in front of all these strangers. He stood there, the rain pounding the dirt, the people gathered around that he didn't even know, the priest droning something about wonderful people. He continued standing there, when people began to leave. He looked up to realize that the funeral was over. There was a business man, looking at him, with a peculiar mix between sympathy and satisfaction. Lucius stared at him, but then the man turned around, Lucius saw the lighter, and it was shiny. Something told him not to take it, but he knew who the man was, it was the man who had caused the death of his parents.

It'll serve him right, Lucius thought, as he snatched the lighter from the man's pocket. The man turned around shortly after, but Lucius was already gone. As soon as he had flicked the flame, he reappeared somewhere completely different and unusual.

A crowd of Chinese children stood around his fallen body. "What... where am I?"

The unfamiliar language confused him, everything was all different, strange and he had no idea where he was.

But somehow it was exciting, and somehow, he gained a time travel device. His charm and him are bonded well, however the truth was, he didn't care about how well he and his charm were bonded. The charm's recharge was far quicker than he really needed it to be, of six hours.

Admittedly, after having stolen the lighter, Lucius loved stealing things just for the fun of it. The thrill of sometimes even running away after a chase, or maybe the thrill of taking things and the loud heart beat sound that thrummed in his ears was what caused him to love staying with the stretchers. It was only for the thrill, the fun, the excitement of living on the edge with someone else's stuff. Money was important to him, but it was only the after rewards. His feeling towards the group is literally, "I'm using you so I can not only have money, but I can also steal stuff, and stealing is fun." If he were to go off and steal on his own, he'd find himself unable to sell anything, because of his lack of knowledge and skill in the department. So joining the stretchers was ideal. About the whole ordeal with Artemis? He doesn't actually care, but he can understand why both sides are angry with each other.

{"To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all.”}
-Oscar Wilde


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|

▪Talks to himself a lot
▪Whenever he sees a pile of ants on the ground, he likes to spit on them and watch them panic
▪Likes to sit with his feet on the chair
▪Brushes his hair back constantly
▪Hats are a lot of times, a thing

||Spring||Cats||Forests||Nature||Stealing||Running||Playing Guitar||Eating||Sleeping||Dawn||Smiling||Games||Cooking||A Good Book||Music||Peace and quiet||Graveyards||The Sky||Adrenaline||Very Busy Cities||Freedom||Children (most of the time)||

||Winter||Cold||Suburbs||Boring areas||Being Arrested||Plans||Aristocrats||Government||Law||Stuck up people||Entitlement||
|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|

Brilliant thief, almost unnoticeable
Quick on his feet
Outgoing and social
Can survive in the wild, quite well
Able to wield a dagger or short sword well
Cooks well

|{Flaws || Weakness}|

Very messy, as if the room he walked into suddenly had clothes strewn everywhere, and tables flipped
Unable to use any other weapon
Weaker than average male, physically
Impatient to learn

Pick pocketing is one of his favorite, depending on the era he is in, could cause a chase. It's not necessarily required to pickpocket on his mission, he just loves doing it. He visits his parents' graves a lot, and has an occasional smoke over it, to reminisce of his parents who were once smokers. He also loves long walks in forests or the wild somewhere, where there's only him, the birds, and bugs. Sometimes he enjoys walks in the city, as people around him walk, always solemn and serious. He likes playing guitar in big cities like New York City, bringing smiles to the faces of children.

øBeing locked up forever, he has been locked up, but never as far as a great long time.ø
øNever able to see a city light again, but also never allowed to see a tree again- mainly, lack of variety.ø
øLoneliness, something he believes many fear. He hates the idea he's completely alone in the world.ø

He is actually grateful of his parents deaths, for without their deaths he would have never gone out into time traveling, the lighter would have never been dropped, and he'd be a boring business kid
During a mission, he failed completely because Freddie Mercury was preforming and he was enraptured, and he made an insane excuse and pretended it wasn't a big deal.

{"Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me."}
- Freddie Mercury

| Curious | Flirtatious | Laid Back | Suddenly Agressive |
Anyone who met Lucius would immediately call him flirtatious. Admittedly, Lucius has a tendency to flirt with everyone he meets, smiling and complimenting. Somehow it seemed to stick with him in his teenage years where everyone was game. He has an unusual love to party, yet somehow enjoys quiet walks on the beach. His personality often reflects the saying "all in or not in at all," in a curious way.

Lucius is a very laid back person in general, sleeping on the floor is okay, eating crappy food is okay, waking up with a broken bone is okay. But his sense of curiosity still lays within his soul, and he can get overly excited over something he hasn't seen often. In a way, he admires nature because of this. Yet he loves humans all the same, their variety, how every single one has a story to tell.

Lucius isn't one to think through his problems, which could be an impulsive side to him, but he isn't very energetic about it. The times when he shows energy is in the middle of the wild, or singing to an audience for the fun of it, and running away from someone who found out they'd been pick pocketed by him. The idea he is without energy isn't so true when it comes to such activities as these.

His laid back-ness and lack of energy is very controversial however, when it comes to parties. Lucius absolutely adores parties. He loves anything when there's high energy around him he can't help but be immersed. Though it may sound weird, he loves body heat, he loves the sweat, he loves the soreness that goes into parties, parties are everything fun. Jumping around, drinking alcohol, some may as well say he turns into a completely different person during these times. Concerts are no different.

Other days, he feels like walking about the woods, doing nothing but staring at the reflective objects in the dirt, or the little specks that fall when it rains. Some days he may feel like picking every new and unusual leaf and smashing it with a book. He enjoys nature, and yet loves society. Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter.

When it comes to games however, you can hear Lucius's scream from a mile away. He's frustrated easily by the few pixels on the screen and swearing goes from almost none to a high amount of nine hundred sixty three per minuet, even if it isn't possible. Yet after having a horrible rage about the pixels of PacMan being eaten again and again, when interacting again, he'll smile and pretend as though it were no big deal, when in reality he wanted to clench his fist and punch every single person around him.

A habit he had all his life was talking to himself, it was only something he had done to fill up the silence. Sometimes he doesn't talk to himself, sometimes he speaks to the trees in the forest, or perhaps squirrels, and in some cases, a small, sprouting plant. He isn't afraid of silence, he just feels as though it understands what he's saying. "Practicing" on everything, Lucius is able to hold a one sided conversation very well.
"I'm pretty sure I'm sane."

{"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."}
-Søren Kierkegaard


|{Place of Origin}|
America: Ohio's Countryside, Chicago, Illinois

|{Family Tree}|
Father (Daniel Jr. Evans)||Deceased
Mother (Mary Antoinette Evans)||Deceased
Sister (Unborn||Deceased

|{Happiest Memory}|
From the country sides of Ohio, Lucius was ecstatic on the day they decided to move to the city, to open a watch store. It was exciting, he watched as people prowled the streets going about their business. It was a sudden change, but it was exciting, the people, the sounds, the cars, everything was simply overwhelming. And came the first customer, there was a child his age, his name was Sasha. It was as though he had seen human beings for the first time, and it was simply amazing. Sasha asked him many questions about the country, while he equally learned more about the city. It's accurate to say, his first time interacting with another human soul other than his parents and fat farmer Joe is his happiest memory.

|{Saddest Memory}|
In the little town shop with the watches lining the shelves, his parents, at first, seemed to do wonderfully. Business went in and out, and more and more customers. His father had sacrificed everything to move to Chicago, and it was succeeding. However, that is, until a new business man came around, offering to buy up the shops in the block. His father refused to sell his small shop to the man, and business began depleting. Lucius remembers during that time, he had never seen his father or mother look so tired, the rings underneath their eyes. Sometimes he saw them fighting with each other, about what they should have or shouldn't have done. They lived in the back of the shop, and Lucius often helped them with selling. One day, Lucius was cleaning the counters of the shop, and it was eight o'clock, the time to open up the shop and get business going. Their money had been running low, Lucius thought the alarm clock hadn't woken up his parents. He traveled to the back of the shop where the bedrooms were, and he opened up the door to his parents' rooms. They looked like they were sleeping. Lucius ran up to them, "Mum, Dad, it's time to wake up." They showed no response, and their hands were cold, their necks weren't pulsing. On the bed stand next to them, a little orange container with the white top off.
He barely remembered what happened next, he might have called the police, it was all a blur. But he remembered clearly, the feeling of the corpses' hands in his own, the fact that they weren't moving, their eyes shut like they were sleeping. His world was frozen. The police eventually concluded it was suicide from drug overdose, and the man that had tried to buy them out had stopped business from going through. The fact was, they had just given up, and decided to die together. However, that wasn't the saddest part, it was the part where they had forgotten their only son's existence.


Two collage kids met in a university, centered in the city of New York, by the names of Mary and Daniel, two known smokers on campus. They fell in love, five years later, Daniel knelt down to Mary and asked for her love. Another year and Mary was walking down the hall in a white dress, to meet her lover with a passionate kiss which sealed their marriage. Despite all the protests all of their relatives made, the two of them bought a small farm in Ohio. Three years later, Mary gave birth to a son, whom of which together, they named Lucius.

Mary had wanted a daughter, and Lucius was who she turned to, and began calling him, against his will, "Lucy." Lucius continued to grow, often cooking for his parents who were busy working on the livestock, the farm, and any other business. He was home schooled, as both his parents were very intelligent. They only decided to move out to the wild because the grass only seemed greener on the other side.

At the age of eleven, Lucius realized his mother was pregnant with a child who would soon be his little sister or brother. They constantly called the unborn baby, his little sister, though unconfirmed. Then came the news, his mother and father decided they would move to the city, because they wanted to raise their new child as a city girl. Lucius was excited, as he had only been in the city few times, and it was often strange and mysterious.

Curiously, Lucius's father decided it would be best to open up a watch shop, but his father was a watchmaker after all. But everyone agreed, and they moved to Chicago, with their bags packed full of everything they had. Their chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, and fields were all sold for the money it would take to rent up the shop for a year without profit. They moved into the back rooms of the shop, and his mother with his unborn sister wasn't able to work, so Lucius often took on the responsibility to run the shop while his father was gone shopping, in which they would switch roles, and Lucius would cook.

Around the age of twelve, a businessman came around, pestering to buy the shop. It was constant and annoying. Lucius remembered his words, "You'll regret not joining my company." Slowly, the business decreased, and both his parents were confused. But the new factory produced watches were cheaper, and the businessman was behind all of it.

It was about time his sister was born, as his father rushed them to the hospital. They waited in the waiting room, for a while, and finally the news came about. It was a baby girl, like his parents had predicted, but there was more to it. The girl wasn't breathing.

The snapping point of his parents was at that moment, their arguments became loud, and Lucius hated it, and often left the house to join his new friends he made in the city. A month later, his parents were broke, there hadn't been enough business, as the factories out priced their watches. He remembered them crying, before he found them, the next day, deceased upon their beds, a jar of pills on the bed stand next to them.

Lucius did cry, however, not at their funeral, which went in a flash. There, at the funeral, he took a lighter from the man who had caused their snapping point, their bankruptcy, and finally, the deceased baby. The lighter turned out to be a charm, and he accidentally found himself in China.

An old woman took him in, and fed him disgusting food he had no idea. But after staying for a week, he found the lighter in his pocket, thought of home, and flicked it. There he was, in the watch shop, once more.

"I need to get away from here," The watch shop was closed down, his face was all over wanted and missing signs. A place that spoke English?
Another day passed, and he hid within the abandoned shop without food or water. Everything he owned was gone, and all he had was the cheap fabrics he wore on himself, from China.

Flicking open the lighter, he prayed, and wished to be in London. There, somehow, somewhere, a stretcher found him, and brought him in. There, he learned more about charms, the art of pick pocketing, and other important skills.

Five years later, at the age of seventeen, Lucius Daniel Evans officially joined the Stretchers.


Lucius is in fact, very good at cooking, as he has often done so for his parents during his farm days, it just simply isn't his passion. A big side note here: I said he liked to flirt, I never said he was very good at it.

|{Face Claim}
Jackson Rathbone
Character Dialogue || #006607

So begins...

Lucius Daniel Evans's Story

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{ Present || Fletcher Mansion || 11:40 am }

Wearing a red leather jacket, an old Flash Gordon t-shirt and wine-colored Chuck Taylors was a young man sitting on the rooftop of the Fletcher mansion. He swung his feet back and forth while they dangled off of the edge. A small, lime-green radio sat beside him, playing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

"Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry, you don't have to worry...'Cause baby there AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIIIIIGH ENOUGH," Frank foolishly sang in a high octave, "AIN'T NO VALLEY LOOOOOW ENOUGH. AIN'T NO RIVA' WIIIIDE ENOUGH TO KEEP ME FROM GETTIN' TO YOU BABE..."

Now that he had a radio for a charm, singing on top of the Fletcher Mansion became an everyday occurrence. There was a piece of pink 'Hello Kitty' notebook paper in his hands, which he scribbled on using a maroon-colored crayon. He was making a list. It wasn't any ordinary list - it was an important list that would be shown to all of the Changers. Ultimately, it was a list that would determine their organization's fate.

Suddenly, a beep from the watch on his wrist made him drop the crayon, and come to a stop. A wild smile appeared on his face. "WELL IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME." he said as if speaking to someone, "Hopefully this works..."

His put one index finger in both of his earlobes, and stared at a tree over to the right side of the house. "Three...two...one...FIRE IN THE HOOOOOLE!!!" In that instant, a storm of grass and dirt flew up into the air, and Frank's giddy laughter could barely be heard over the sound of the explosion.

Jude Fletcher wasn't the only one who had to keep charm dust. When Franklin Dragonelli broke his charm in order for one part of Fletcher's plan to be completed, the psychopathic twenty something-year-old made sure to keep a few tiny specks of dust for himself. He had planted the dust inside makeshift bombs, and had just tested one out on the unsuspecting groundhog that had eaten the plants in Jude's garden for a week. Now that he knew that they worked, it was time to start his mission.

He crumpled up the list and put it inside of one of his leather jacket's pockets. He then grabbed his radio, leaving the box of crayons behind as he climbed down the house. He stopped by one of the windows, seeing Ondine nearby. He swung his legs forward, shattering the glass, and flying through the gap he had just created. "Hello Ondie." he said in a suave tone that mocked elegance. "Woops." he quickly turned his head around, surveying the wreckage he had just created. Even though he stared at it for a few seconds, the damage didn't seem to phase him.

"Okay," he began, unfolding the list from his pocket. "Read this, and get the items on it. It's for the Changer King." He then handed her the pink Hello Kitty paper, and ran off before she got the chance to ask him any questions. That was Frank's nature - always allowing himself to be vague whenever the opportunity arose.

"Hey Jack-ass," he said to his friend Asmodeus when he passed him by. A mix of 'Jack the Ripper' and his own name, Asmodeus's genocidal-maniac status allowed Frank to call him by the vulgar nickname. "I'm going out. Make sure to read the list I gave Ondie. It's muy importante..."

With a utility belt on his waist and a knapsack over his left shoulder, Frank headed outside to the front of the house. Suddenly, he saw a figure slinking in the shadows over to his left. "DAMN IT." he cursed, seeing that the groundhog he had just attempted to kill was miraculously still alive. He sighed, pressed one of the buttons on his portable radio, and closed his eyes.

{ July 30th, 1478 || Florence, Italy || 8 pm }


When he opened them, Frank come across a grand masquerade being held right in the center of the square. There were lanterns shining over his head, and dozens of costumed lords and ladies dancing to the charming melodies of the music. Irritatingly, Frank ripped off the black mask that covered his eyes. He found masquerades pointless. What was putting a mask over your face going to do to conceal your identity? It certainly wasn't going to help the man Frank was pursuing.

He knew his target was here, he just wasn't sure where to find him. Suddenly, he stopped, pulling out a piece of parchment from his knapsack. He held up the piece of paper to the small man he was inspecting, and smiled once he realized it was the guy he was looking for.

"Hello there" he said to his victim, who he had managed to trap in a dark alleyway, a dagger against his throat. "Let's skip the formalities minor Harry Potter character...I want to make this quick."
The man raised his brow. "What?"
"Listen, you've made something that I need. It's granted you eternal life, and it's one of the greatest creations mankind has ever known."
"Why thank you."
"Now, I need to know where it is," Frank rested the dagger on the man's belly, "or I'll slit you up one side and down the other so that you can watch your own stomach drop to the ground below."

The two locked eyes at each other for a while, making Frank impatient. "Well, if you're not going to tell me...
He rammed the man into the wall, raising his dagger and aiming for his chest. "Wait, wait! At least let me say something..." the gray-haired man stuttered in fear, "All I'm going to tell you is this: I gave it to a group of individuals who are known for their collection of things. Some call them thieves, I call them vigilantes."
Frank smirked and chuckled. "And you know what I call them?" he said, "Assholes."

Frank then scratched Nicholas Flamel's stomach with his blade, making him yell and grunt in pain. A group of men instinctively came over to question his actions, but they were blown into the air once Frank dropped the tiny bombs he had hanging on his belt. Not only did they create tiny explosions, but they also sent out blue smoke. It made people cough like crazy, and it allowed Frank to make his getaway. He hoped he wouldn't feel nostalgia over his next destination.

{ Present || The Temple Bar || 11:45 }

Frank entered the bar casually, not worrying about anything he'd have to face up ahead. Frank remembered this crowded bar from his Stretcher days. Nothing had changed - not even the old bookcase in the storage room that guarded the secret entrance to the apartment upstairs. He crouched down beside it, pulling the red book towards the bottom shelf, and shook his head as he watched the bookcase slide away, revealing the spiral staircase.

Once he got upstairs, Frank frantically searched the apartment for the item he needed - the Stone of Philosophers. "Yoohoo..." he called out, knocking over books, pots pans...anything that got in his way. He was creating a mess, and it wouldn't be too long until he broke something. He entered another room, checking every crevice and corner for the red glittering gem he desired. Of course, he didn't see Lucius Daniel Evans laying on the ground beside him.



{Present || Castle Aetas || 11:45 am }

When Beatrice's leg had caught with hers, Sadie lost her balance, and caught herself on the wall before her knees reached the floor. She laughed. "Trying to kill me, Bee?" Sadie smiled, gently nudging Beatrice in the shoulder to signify that everything was okay. She kept herself close to her friend, and continued to hike down the long castle corridor. "So Beatrice, tell me where you went. I'm curious." She listened to everything her fellow Watcher had to say. Once she was sure Beatrice was done speaking, Sadie began to tell her something that she had been wanting to tell her all day. "So at breakfast this morning, I overheard a couple of people talking about who's going to take over now that Artemis is gone." She kept trudging forward, approaching the castle breezeway. "Apparently, it's going to be a whole voting-thing. Like, we'll have to nominate people, and then we choose one of the people who's nominated...I have no idea when or where the voting is going to take place, but whateverr it is, I hope it doesn't get crazy. I just don't want it to be like parliament, if you know what I mean..."

Sadie came to a stop. Beside her was a dark brown door that seemed to contrast with the other chestnut-colored doors nearby. Behind the door lied Artemis Fletcher's abandoned office. She slowly turned the knob and opened it, revealing a small yet spacious room. It was completely illuminated by the natural light that poured in through the windows towards the back. " I was ordered to clean this place out, and put everything that isn't a shelf or a desk into the storage room." She laughed. "To be honest, I didn't even know we had a storage room." she said, "I thought this was the storage room."

She invited Beatrice inside the office. Perhaps they could find some interesting things lining the walls or hiding underneath the desk. Out of the corner of her eye, Sadie could spot cardboard boxes lining one of the walls. Clearly, someone had already done part of her job for her. She grabbed one, and began placing the dusty, ancient books inside. She chuckled once she came across one with a navy blue cover. The title read "The Art of Dance: Moving And Shaking From the Stone Age To the Modern World". The book was published in 1989. "Here, Bee," she giggled, holding out the book for Beatrice to see, "This one's for you." Sadie then placed it on Artemis's desk, and got back to work cleaning the shelf in front of her.

Sadie sighed. "I still can't believe she's gone..." Brushing her hand against the side of the bookshelf, she stared blankly at the covers. Every one she gazed upon triggered a memory she had with Artemis. "I remember when I first came here...I was sixteen and so confused...she helped me so much. Helped me sort out my problems, inspired me to do something about them...she was irreplaceable. In a way, I thought she'd never die."

For a few moments, Sadie just leaned on the bookshelf, staring out the window, listening for Beatrice to say something. And then suddenly, a peculiar little object on Artemis's desk brought her back to reality. Whatever it was, it was glowing a bright red color, and making some sort of high-pitched alarm sound. Sadie approached it, observing that it was a tiny crystal ball. It almost looked like a snowglobe. "Disruption in the time stream," she said, reading the words that appeared inside the glass object, "July 30th, 1478, Florence, Italy. 8 o'clock pm." She turned towards Beatrice, a confused yet stunned look on her face. "Do you think this is how Artemis knew what orders to give us?" She stared at the object for a few more moments. "Y'know what, we should probably get moving. If we don't do something soon, bad things could happen. I'm gonna go grab some stuff real quickly. If you want to come along, Bee, meet me back in here when you're ready."

With that, Sadie quickly ran out of the office, heading towards the direction of her room.

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{ Present || The Temple Bar || 11:45 }

Lucius was actually beginning to enjoy the comfort of hugging the floor. The quiet in the old room was nice, and the wooden floor was cool. His headache had dissipated moments ago, leaving everything much clearer, but he felt much too lethargic to actually doing anything. But before he could actually decide whether or not he wanted to get up, the doorway opened, and he heard footsteps coming from a different room. "Yoohoo," he heard in the distance, and tons of clattering.

What on earth was this guy up to?

The footsteps gradually neared the room, until the person actually was inside the room. They proceeded to look about the walls for god knows what. For a moment, the figure seemed much to busy to pay attention to Lucius, but Lucius realized it was more than that. The person didn't even notice him.

"Seriously, how dull do you have to be to not notice me lying dead center of the floor?" Lucius pulled himself up using a nearby shelf, dusting himself off. He rolled his neck about, than twisting his back, letting the many satisfactory cracks fill the silence.

The figure in front of him was taller than him, with slick black hair. The unfamiliar face somewhat shocked him for a moment. But it seemed to work out perfectly. Someone to enjoy wine with, why not this pretty boy?

"Hey I haven't ever seen you around, are you new here...?" Lucius began, a sly smirk on his face, about to continue with some cheesy pick up line he thought of, than decided against it. Instead, he proceeded to pull out a bottle of wine, "No matter, however, you must sit and enjoy a glass of wine with me now that you're here. I did need someone to drink it with me, I'd feel bad if I drank it all myself."

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{ Present || The Temple Bar || 11:50 am }

Frank's search for the stone came to a halt when he noticed a silhouette arise behind him. He drew one of his daggers, pointing it at the black-haired man. He rolled his eyes. If this guy thought he'd be able to stop him, he was shitting himself over.

"Seriously, how dull do you have to be to not notice me lying dead center of the floor?"
"Seriously, Johnny Depp," Frank retorted, "how dull do you have to be to just lie in the middle of the floor? Like, use a goddamn chair or something..."

"Hey I haven't ever seen you around, are you new here...?" said the man after filling the silence with cracking sounds that came from his back and neck. Frank lowered his brows, and tightened the grip on his dagger. Whatever this guy was up to, it was really fishy. And Frank knew the definition of fishy. Suddenly, the man pulled out a large bottle of wine. Frank came a bit closer, his eyes wide, and his hands ready to strike.

"No matter," he said, "however, you must sit and enjoy a glass of wine with me now that you're here. I did need someone to drink it with me, I'd feel bad if I drank it all myself."

Who was this guy, the Mad Hatter? Only instead of tea, he offered wine...
Frank looked the guy right in the eyes, then stared at the bottle, then looked at the guy again. A few seconds passed, and then all of a sudden, he shrugged.
"Meh...What the hell. Didn't eat lunch yet anyway."

He then quickly sheathed his dagger, and walked past the man into the kitchen. He put his belt on the counter, and removed the six tiny balls of metal that had been slung onto it. "Don't touch these," he said to Lucius, "They're bombs." Frank proceeded to the fridge, and gazed upon his options for lunch. He discovered a box of Chinese food right in the front, and opened it to find frozen lo mein inside. He nodded, found a bowl, and dumped the whole box into it. Since it was frozen, the lo mein came out in a cube-like format. He then put the bowl in the microwave, and set the timer for three minutes.

Frank sat on a stool near the counter, placing his knapsack on it as well. "To answer your question, fancy-pants," he said, "I'm actually not new here. I'm old. I got kicked out of your little club, and now I've been replaced by a bunch of new people. So I guess you can say I'm...vintage."

He took out a pack of cigarettes from his jacket, and put one of them in his mouth. "Gotta lighter, fella? I need to smoke this bitch up."

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{ Present || The Temple Bar || 11:50 am }

The part about the stranger that made him mildly nervous, was the part where he took out his dagger. But anyone would drink to that, right? He wasn't completely sure, but waited for the response which came out much more lighthearted than expected. "Meh, what the hell. Didn't eat lunch anyways,"

Frank proceeded towards the kitchen after sheathing his dagger, comfortingly, as Lucius followed him. He told Lucius not to touch the bombs stuck to his belt. It was at that point Lucius wondered who the stranger was. Lucius grabbed two wine glasses from the pantry, washing off the accumulated dust, and drying them off. Lucius concluded the man wasn't even part of the stretchers, judging by his near violent reaction to Lucius, but he was still making himself comfortable eating yesterday's Chinese food.

Lucius searched through the drawers for a bottle opener. He successfully found one from the disorganized drawers, and continued to open up the bottle. The stranger began speaking to Lucius as his lo mien was heating, "To answer your question, fancy-pants, I'm not actually new here. I'm old, I got kicked out of your little club and now I've been replaced by a bunch of new people. So I guess you can say, I'm... vintage."

Lucius found his choice of words interesting, but poured the wine regardless. He was probably there to steal something, which was a very stretcher move. And what Lucius had done should have been proceeded against him in combat. Problem was, Lucius only knew how to fight with one thing, and not to mention was physically weak. And so there was nothing he could do about it, other than notify someone. Who actually knew how to fight.

But first, came the wine. "Gotta lighter, fella? I need to smoke this bitch up." And apparently smoking.

If there was one thing Lucius wouldn't do, it would be handing him his charm. If there was one thing Lucius didn't know, was if there were any lighters inside of the apartment. He briefly considered lying and saying he didn't have one. But that didn't seem too great either. He pulled out his charm, and lit the cigarette for him instead. He figured it'd be awkward for the stranger, but the stranger was bold enough to accept a glass of wine. But still, Lucius avoided eye contact after doing such an awkward thing.

"Here, ya go," Lucius handed him the filled glass of wine after, "got this from Italy somewhere. It's probably aged a couple decades. I don't even know if it's that good, stole it from some bartender who was buying groceries. He didn't call guards or police or whatever was happening that time, on me, which I still find funny."

"But hey, regardless, why'd you get kicked? Hell, I don't even know your name..." Lucius sipped from the glass, still smiling, finding the wine much more tangy than he expected, not to mention it went down without too much bite. Maybe it was actually good quality wine, which was probably why the bartender ran a marathon to chase Lucius down...

And Lucius would get in trouble for not protecting whatever object this guy had in mind to steal.