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Ondine Caudill

"Life without a purpose isn't a life worth living."

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a character in “Age Is But A Number”, as played by Verix



{"Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.”}
-Edgar Allen Poe
Oh No! || Pathetique Sonata - 2nd Movement || Monster


|{Full Name}|
Ondine Caudill
"Don't call me Dean."

24 - May 26th

10% French || 90% British


Butterfly Knife || Ondine has a complicated relationship with her charm, for you see she didn't acquire it by traditional means. It wasn't given to her, nor was it bought. She found it on the corpse of the man she put out of his misery. What possessed Ondine to pick it up, she doesn't know, but one thing was for sure; she didn't regret it
And it's because of how they both came to be that her charm sometimes acts on it's own will; despite being hers for nearly five years. Ondine theorizes that if it had been hers from the very beginning it most likely would have been a very powerful charm. But it isn't and only allows her to lock, teleport, and of course time travel. The second ability being where she has the most problems. Not only will it take her to the wrong month,date,or time, but it then takes at least two hours for it to be able to be of use again.

Ondine feelings toward her group is something akin to a group of friends who she wouldn't mind leaving. It's not that she feels any sort of disdain for them, she just could care less about anything that doesn't help her in one way or another. Keyword: could. Ondine does care about them though, just not enough to want to commit fully to them. They have though proven themselves to be dependable, which is one of the main reasons why she hasn't left.
As for the others groups she doesn't hate nor love any one of them, but if she had to pick one where she absolutely would not go, it would be the watchers. Maybe it's because they think they're law, or their new leader rising, but something doesn't sit well with her. Their only good trait would be the fact that their members are all strong in the art of time travel. She has no pity for the Breakers being framed, and feels that the stretchers are sub par and untrustworthy.

{"The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever.” }
-Ann Frank


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
❘❙ Bites her nails - "It's a bad habit that makes my fingers look absolutely horrendous." ❘❙ Little animals hate her- "Every time I approach a small animal they hiss or bark at me. I have no idea why, but if I had to guess it would probably be because they can sense I hate small things. Large animals though I adore." ❘❙ She wears blue with every outfit - "Dark blue represents knowledge and power, and as a plus it doesn't look bad on me."❘❙ Will only drink black tea - "It just tastes better."❘❙ She can stay up late and wake up relatively early. - "It's not all that healthy, but I do it anyway. What do you think that says about me?"

Classical Music || Philosophy of morals || Panthers || Rococo Architecture || Black Tea (Chai) || Darkness || Othello - Game || Thrill of the chase || Solitude || Expensive things || Change || Astrology ||

History || Bees || Rap music || Excessively socializing || Hard core law abiding citizens || chaos || Simplicity || Loud noises || Birds - crows || People without moral integrity* || small animals ||

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Art - She wouldn't call herself an amazing artist, just better than what the current world has to offer.
Combat - It's a given that with the things she does she's excellent in combat. Who would murder someone without the power to do so? If one attacks someone without the skills they deserve whatever comes to them.
Apathetic - While some may consider it a weakness Ondine would think other wise. It means her actions won't be influenced, and the outcome will be in her favor.
Observant - Ondine doesn't particularly care about observing people or things, but there are times when her talent comes into play, especially when running away from the authorities.
Dependent - Self-explanatory, she can do most things by herself and will come to the best conclusions without the help of others.


|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Impatient- Ondine will get impatient if your slow to do something or if you question her reasoning/morals.
Self-assured- That would be putting it kindly. She's a bit cocky when it comes to being elusive, and because of that it's her biggest weakness. She feels like no one can beat her, so she doesn't raise any of her physical guards.
Unfair- If in a situation where there are two people - one guilty, one innocent - whichever one would be most beneficial to her would be the one she'd help out, even if it's the 'wrong' one.

Knife Throwing || Swimming || Going to museums

øMelissophobia - Fear of Beesø
øLiving without a purpose and dying as someone unknown ø
øHer brother finding out what she's becomeø

She is on the Scotland Yard's most wanted list for various accounts of murder and theft.
Has gone back in time to learn how to paint from various artists.
Ondine secretly watches over her brother sometimes when she thinks of their parents. These times are few and far between, but enough to know what's going on in his life. "I'll deny it if anyone ever suspects me."
She is responsible for some of the missing paintings in time. Her favorite by far being Claude Monet's Waterloo Bridge in London.

{"If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”}
-George Orwell, 1984



- Insouciant - Cruel - Hopeful - Introverted - Noncommittal - Incisive -

___When people first meet Ondine they get the impression of an introverted girl with no special qualities. This is probably due to the fact that her sentences are short, and her face never seems to change from being perpetually bored. But it couldn't be further from the truth. The first trait is understandable, but the second, one would have to know her on a deeper level to create an accurate description. Ondine is someone who won't doing anything of importance without benefit, but when she does take on a task one can be assured that it'll be completed to the highest standard. Now, while some people may call her tactics unethical, she calls it second nature.

Ondine considers herself to be insouciant to things that don't involve her, but gets curious every once in a while. It is, after all, human nature to question things. But she is very careful not to stick her nose into things that are meant to be kept a secret. That is, things that don’t involve her. She finds that it causes fewer complications and keeps her innocence in case the other person’s secret gets messy.

Even though she murders all sorts of people, she can’t help but to feel a twinge of sympathy toward those who truly don’t deserve it. But if it’s to help herself; then the guilt disappears in an instant. It’s not like she enjoys killing, it just allows her to get farther in the unfair game called life. And whether she likes it or not all must play the game.

Now deep down inside of her soul Ondine feels as though there is another person living in the crevices of her heart; constantly yelling that ‘this isn’t really who she is’, but it’s become such a constant nagging that after a while she got used to it. Even though she’s immune to the guilt it doesn’t mean it’s gone away. It’s just hidden so well she can trick herself.

While she might deny this, it’s a fact that she does care for some people. Ondine might express it in a totally different way from how a normal person would, but the point is that she does have feelings. She just refuses to let them get the best of her.

"I'm selfish, but for all my right reasons."

{"Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you.”}
- Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye


|{Place of Origin}|
Reading, United Kingdom

|{Family Tree}|
William Caudill // Father // Deceased
Cecilia Caudill // Mother // Deceased
Adrien Caudill// Brother // Alive // 25
Rose Berkly // Grandma // Alive
Henry Berkly // Grandpa // Alive

|{Happiest Memory}|
Ondine's happiest memory was when she was thirteen and she finally beat Adrien in a Judo match, making her the number one in the competition. She remembered how he smiled at her and then patted her head with a silent, "Good Job." While she surpassed him in many areas before, he had never once said a congratulations. So for him to say that in one of the areas he dominated was very flattering.

|{Saddest Memory}|
It was during the Great Eighteen, and she had to sleep underneath a bridge because he funds were running low. It was a public bridge and in the morning she could hear the people walking and driving above her. She was still half asleep half awake when she heard familiar talking, and tried not to listen in but failed anyway. The group of people above her stopping to throw things into the stream underneath the bridge. It was after a few minutes that she finally put faces to voices, they were former classmates of hers. They then began to talk about their last days in High School and how scared they were when the gun men came in.

The conversation was sad, but it took a sudden twist when one person mentioned Ondine. They began to recall their fondest memories together, until the topic drifted toward "where is she now." At the time Ondine didn't know why she started crying, but after looking back on it it was probably because she knew that she would never be the person they mentioned before. It was the moment she realized she wasn't even Ondine, she was a murderer.

Image _Image


___Now as one might not expect, Ondine Caudill was born and raised in a relatively normal family as a second child. Her mother, Cecilia, was a nurse at the local hospital and her father, William, was a philosopher that generally wrote theories about moral evil and their part in society. She had an older brother by the name of Adrien whom she absolutely hated. Not because they were family, but because he always thought himself to be superior to her. Ondine hated his arrogance and his devil-may-care attitude toward life even at the early age of seven. Who was he to be all high and mighty when he was only a year older than her?

Life went on after her birth with her parents loving both children equally, always making time for them if need be. (Although, she being the naïve little eight years old she was she thought their parents loved Adrien more.) At the age of ten Ondine decided she would surpass her brother in every aspect, and so began her dedication to become the best. Her brother caught on a year later and decided to play as well. And because of their rivalry the two exceeded in all areas of their life. In Judo they both got their black belts much earlier than their peers, in school they were academically the best their district had to offer, and in love they were known to be the school’s heart breakers. For Ondine though it was because she never felt the butterflies in her stomach whenever she dated someone. She just couldn’t fall in love, and the ones that made her feel anything were few.

It seemed no one could defeat them expect each other. It was then that Ondine began to respect her brother; even seeing him as an equal for the first time in her life, but his ideals were still lacking and so she would constantly berate him for his apathy.

February, on a Monday morning sixteen year old Ondine came home to her mother and father crying, on the couch. It was understandable that she was confused, but when she tried to ask what happened, they wouldn’t answer but instead cry harder. It was then that she snapped and demanded answers; after all she didn’t like to be ignored nor uninformed. After what seemed to be hours of crying, she finally got the full story of why they were saddened. On Saturday Adrien went with his friends to a club downtown where because of his big mouth, he was almost beaten to death. If it hadn’t been for the security guards, and the fact the men who almost killed her brother were cowardly and ran away, he surely would have died that day.
Life was then referred to as pre and post Monday morning. Adrien couldn’t walk anymore and he became voluntarily mute. It seemed as if he just gave up on life. Ondine could not and would not believe that her once cocky brother could become something so pathetic.

It was then that she decided revenge was in order. After almost a year of tracking down his attackers, the now seventeen year old girl killed the men in an alley one night. She remembered what it felt like to see their lifeless corpses sprawled on the ground and by God did it feel wonderful. The next day after their bodies were found she felt the guilt begin to settle in. It was only after she compromised with herself that it was a life for a life - even if the other one didn’t die, but Adrien might as well have - that she could resume acting normal.

In late July* the year after her first murder, both parents were killed in a school shooting. William was doing a lecture at a high school and their mother was there as his assistant, having taken the day off from the hospital. She wanted to be there to support him on his latest philosophy novel. Not only were her parents murdered, but several other students shared the same fate. The three guns men escaped and once again Ondine tracked them down to end their lives. Once more to escape the guilt she thought it was a life for a life. Unknowingly, this was the beginning for the need of an excuse (read:benefit) in order to kill.

It kept her sane.

The school closed for the summer and having just turned eighteen she was legally independent, so she saw her chance and ran. Her brother, now talking and mending broken relationships, opted to live with their grandparents.
Ondine lived her entire eighteenth year off stolen money; trying to find herself in the process. During this year she began to develop her uncaring attitude toward anything not her. On the streets it was either do or die, and while she felt useless she still had the will to live. She checked up on her brother every few months when she felt the need but other than that she was solitary. It was also during the Great Eighteen as she likes to call it, that she earned her way into the Scotland Yard’s wanted list.

It was a few days before her birthday that Ondine killed a drunken man and stole his butterfly knife along with everything his owned. She hadn’t discovered it’s time traveling abilities yet, but a few days later when she did, to say it was a major shock would be an understatement.
She was nineteen and a half when Ondine discovered the Changers and joined them. And as sayings go; the rest was history.


- Will always call people by their first names, even if they want to be referred to as their nicknames. -
*By Moral integrity it means, for her at least, that they set up their standards and don't break them. So if you do she'll definitely not like you.
*UK schools usually get out around July and start in Sept.

|{FC: Natalie Dormer }

Character Dialogue || #140b77

So begins...

Ondine Caudill's Story

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{ Date (if in the present, just write 'present') || Location || Time }

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#, as written by Verix

{ 1875 || Rue de Miromesnil || 3:00 pm }

Ondine could only watch as the Caillebotte sat at his pedestal and began to sketch; the subject for his piece being a man wearing informal clothing watching the urban city before him. Nothing amazing was about to happen, but maybe that’s what made the scene so charming.

“René, s'il vous plaît déplacer légèrement vers la gauche,” (René, please move slightly to the left.) The artist instructed, to which his brother complied. Ondine was fascinated by their interaction with each other; formal but with a familial sort of love woven in. It reminded her so much of the relationship she and Adrien used to have. She hated it.

Forgetting about her brother she took out a notepad and began to draw the painter, sketching his brother. After having watched Caillebotte draft his piece Ondine could see the pattern to the way he drew. Wrist movements were fluid and the pencil markings never too harsh. She started as he did and drew the background first, making sure to lightly draw in the small detail; having then finished that she started on the painter himself.

He had a hardened face that most likely was the result of being in war, and a haircut that was reminiscent of the American Military crew cut. He wasn’t the most handsome man she’s seen, but he certainly wasn’t unattractive either. The way in which he held himself didn’t read untouchable, but rather focused and to not be bothered with trivial matters. Ondine appreciated him for that; many of the other artists she’s visited weren’t so silent.

“Vous avez terminé pour aujourd'hui, mon frère. Merci d'être mon modèle,” (You’re done for today, brother. Thank you for being my model.) René nodded and silently walked out of the room without as much as a glance toward her. “Avez-vous appris quelque chose Ondine?” (Have you learned anything Ondine?)

She only smiled slightly in response and ripped out the sketch from her notebook and handed it to him. He gave a nod of appreciation and gave it back to her. “Je reviendrai quand vous commencez à peindre,” (I’ll come back when you start painting.) and with that she left the room and took out the knife she kept in her pocket.

Ondine began to twirl it and closed her eyes willing herself back to the mansion. In a matter of seconds she felt the atmosphere change. No longer did it feel amiable, but rather stale and lacking charm. She didn’t mind it though; rather it was a welcome change. Being in one person’s presence for too long had a sort of negative effect on her, even if said person didn’t talk much.

Her stomach rumbled and Ondine knew it was time to feed herself. Hopefully she could finish before the loyal dog came down.

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{ Present || The Warren || 11:40 pm }

The silence was deafening. About eight minutes had passed, and still no one had stampeded into his office. However, once the clock struck 11:39, Felix could sense the silent footsteps of the figure behind him. Using his peripheral vision, he made out the distinct dark-colored hair and plastered scowl of Axel Wolff. He stood next to him in the same stoic fashion, observing the statues and barely making a sound. Felix quickly glanced at him, and then returned his gaze to the underwater sculpture of his father. There had always been distance between him and Axel. Felix could never tell if Wolff truly distrusted his leadership, or if he was just putting on a subtle facade of objection. He had never let people's opinions of him get to his head. He knew what his father had signed him up for. Still, he always kept a watchful eye on Axel's allegiance, his whereabouts, and his words. To put it simply, there was something fishy about him...

“Your father was a great man.” he said, obliterating the tension between the two. Felix remained silent and unchanged in position. “I hope to one day only join him out there in that garden with my ancestors as well.” Now he felt Axel's eyes on him. “I wish to fulfill this contract sir. It’d be my pleasure.”

Felix noiselessly turned his head, locking his hawk-like eyes with Wolff's. However, before he could say a word in reply, a booming voice joined their conversation. "Hold you horses hot-shot." said Otis, Roselin not to far behind him. "Someone else might want a crack at it." The tips of Felix's lips curled upwards into something that could pass as a small smile. The distinct humor of the Carters never ceased to amuse him. Their golden hair, as well as their vibrant, charming personalities brought light into the darkness of the Warren.

Otis's presence made Axel roll his eyes. Out of the corner of his own eyes, Felix noticed Sandara Barnett towards the back of the room. If there was anyone he was expecting to see at this moment, it was her. "So boss," Otis said, his hands placed casually in his jean pockets, "who are the targets?" Felix opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by Axel. "Listen, there are tons of capable people here that can finish this job." he argued, "But you know better than anyone here that some of us are just better than the rest. Capable doesn't always cut it."

"Yes, capable doesn't always cut it," Felix irritably shot back, "Especially when the power of your enemy is unknown to you. Then you fall prey to ignorance." He glared at Axel for a few moments, and then briskly prowled over to his desk. Still standing, he leaned forward over the sleek, black surface, and began to speak.

"Listen up," he projected, addressing everyone with individual glances. "When I said before that this contract was a 'big one', I meant it in a plethora of ways. As you already know, three targets have been specified in the contract. The client is willing to pay twenty-thousand pounds for each one dead." he said, his eyes turning darker, "So in total, that comes out to sixty-thousand pounds." he stopped momentarily, letting his words sink in. "To put it simply, that's a lot of money, and it's more than any contract the Breakers have had so far."

He grabbed the piece of parchment on his desk, and glanced downwards while continuing to speak. "Now to answer your question, Otis...I've done research on these targets, and they're not nearly the rag-tag sort of crooks we've all dealt with in the past." he rolled his head on his shoulders, glancing at him with a mirthless smirk. "No, these are homicidal psychopaths with extraordinary criminal records that have surpassed anything I've ever seen in my entire life." He looked downwards again, giving some sort of inaudible sigh. He knew there was going to be resentment upon what he was about to say next.

"Now, it's strange for a client to want one person dead, but three? It's intriguing. We can assume that there's a connection between these targets. Of course, our client could just have anger issues and wants all three of them assassinated for whatever offense they've committed in the past, but it seems somewhat unlikely. If there is a connection between them, I don't want anyone outnumbered in the heat of a situation. I know you're all capable of going above and beyond the call of duty, but some of these targets have killed more men than you. Some of them have killed more legends than you...It's not that I don't want to take risks, it's just that I want to go about this strategically and with caution. So I'd like to put everyone in groups of two while searching for these madmen. That way, while you're focused on one of them, another won't have the opportunity to stab you in the back." He continued before anyone could say anthing, "Plus, it's a large amount of money as it is. If there are six of you undertaking this, you'd each get ten-thousand pounds once the targets are all dead."

He sauntered in front of his desk, holding out his hand for everyone to see. On his ring finger, shining a mesmerizing shade of emerald green, was the famous charm that had belonged to every Breaker that had fallen into a leadership position. It was known as Death's Mirror, and it was one of the most powerful time-travelling devices in the world. "Now, to show you all who you'll be up against..."

Almost immediately, a hologram-like image of a long-haired man projected from out of the emerald ring. The man was displaying a condescending smirk - as though he knew everything there was to know about everyone, and was unafraid to use his knowledge for destructive blackmailing purposes. "Asmodeus Blakely. Twenty-six years old. Known for his intelligence, cunning, and psychopathic behavior. If you've ever heard of the legend of 'Jack the Ripper', this is him right here. One of his well-guarded secrets. He has been known for his homicidal rampage, having killed over a dozen women during the Victorian age." Felix then gave a smirk, "Plus, I hear he's got a thing for classical music."

Asmodeus's face suddenly faded into that of a beautiful blonde-haired woman. "Ondine Caudill. Twenty-four years of age. On the Scotland Yard's most wanted list for various accounts of murder and theft...Apparently, she's pretty handy with a knife. Cruel, calculating...she's dangerous. You all get the idea."

The last face was that of a greasy-looking young man. His face and hair seemed chiseled and organized, but his eyes crackled with mischief. "Last but not least, a man by the name of Frank Floyd. I couldn't find much on him...probably because he's using an alias. However, I did manage to discover a few things about him. Like Asmodeus, he's a psychopath. Apparently, someone saw him jump right in front of a train last year for reasons unknown, although witnesses claim that he was trying to hijack it. Unlike the other two, he doesn't have any wits. But what he lacks in brains he makes for up in balls. According to our good friends, the Watchers," he gave a fake smile, "he's escaped their custody five times. Murderer, gambler, and smuggler, he's really the whole package"

Frank's face faded out, and Felix leaned back on his desk, his arms crossed just below his chest. "And those are our targets, all of them time-travelers, just like us."

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{ Present || Fletcher Mansion || 11:40 am }

Wearing a red leather jacket, an old Flash Gordon t-shirt and wine-colored Chuck Taylors was a young man sitting on the rooftop of the Fletcher mansion. He swung his feet back and forth while they dangled off of the edge. A small, lime-green radio sat beside him, playing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

"Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry, you don't have to worry...'Cause baby there AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIIIIIGH ENOUGH," Frank foolishly sang in a high octave, "AIN'T NO VALLEY LOOOOOW ENOUGH. AIN'T NO RIVA' WIIIIDE ENOUGH TO KEEP ME FROM GETTIN' TO YOU BABE..."

Now that he had a radio for a charm, singing on top of the Fletcher Mansion became an everyday occurrence. There was a piece of pink 'Hello Kitty' notebook paper in his hands, which he scribbled on using a maroon-colored crayon. He was making a list. It wasn't any ordinary list - it was an important list that would be shown to all of the Changers. Ultimately, it was a list that would determine their organization's fate.

Suddenly, a beep from the watch on his wrist made him drop the crayon, and come to a stop. A wild smile appeared on his face. "WELL IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME." he said as if speaking to someone, "Hopefully this works..."

His put one index finger in both of his earlobes, and stared at a tree over to the right side of the house. " IN THE HOOOOOLE!!!" In that instant, a storm of grass and dirt flew up into the air, and Frank's giddy laughter could barely be heard over the sound of the explosion.

Jude Fletcher wasn't the only one who had to keep charm dust. When Franklin Dragonelli broke his charm in order for one part of Fletcher's plan to be completed, the psychopathic twenty something-year-old made sure to keep a few tiny specks of dust for himself. He had planted the dust inside makeshift bombs, and had just tested one out on the unsuspecting groundhog that had eaten the plants in Jude's garden for a week. Now that he knew that they worked, it was time to start his mission.

He crumpled up the list and put it inside of one of his leather jacket's pockets. He then grabbed his radio, leaving the box of crayons behind as he climbed down the house. He stopped by one of the windows, seeing Ondine nearby. He swung his legs forward, shattering the glass, and flying through the gap he had just created. "Hello Ondie." he said in a suave tone that mocked elegance. "Woops." he quickly turned his head around, surveying the wreckage he had just created. Even though he stared at it for a few seconds, the damage didn't seem to phase him.

"Okay," he began, unfolding the list from his pocket. "Read this, and get the items on it. It's for the Changer King." He then handed her the pink Hello Kitty paper, and ran off before she got the chance to ask him any questions. That was Frank's nature - always allowing himself to be vague whenever the opportunity arose.

"Hey Jack-ass," he said to his friend Asmodeus when he passed him by. A mix of 'Jack the Ripper' and his own name, Asmodeus's genocidal-maniac status allowed Frank to call him by the vulgar nickname. "I'm going out. Make sure to read the list I gave Ondie. It's muy importante..."

With a utility belt on his waist and a knapsack over his left shoulder, Frank headed outside to the front of the house. Suddenly, he saw a figure slinking in the shadows over to his left. "DAMN IT." he cursed, seeing that the groundhog he had just attempted to kill was miraculously still alive. He sighed, pressed one of the buttons on his portable radio, and closed his eyes.

{ July 30th, 1478 || Florence, Italy || 8 pm }


When he opened them, Frank come across a grand masquerade being held right in the center of the square. There were lanterns shining over his head, and dozens of costumed lords and ladies dancing to the charming melodies of the music. Irritatingly, Frank ripped off the black mask that covered his eyes. He found masquerades pointless. What was putting a mask over your face going to do to conceal your identity? It certainly wasn't going to help the man Frank was pursuing.

He knew his target was here, he just wasn't sure where to find him. Suddenly, he stopped, pulling out a piece of parchment from his knapsack. He held up the piece of paper to the small man he was inspecting, and smiled once he realized it was the guy he was looking for.

"Hello there" he said to his victim, who he had managed to trap in a dark alleyway, a dagger against his throat. "Let's skip the formalities minor Harry Potter character...I want to make this quick."
The man raised his brow. "What?"
"Listen, you've made something that I need. It's granted you eternal life, and it's one of the greatest creations mankind has ever known."
"Why thank you."
"Now, I need to know where it is," Frank rested the dagger on the man's belly, "or I'll slit you up one side and down the other so that you can watch your own stomach drop to the ground below."

The two locked eyes at each other for a while, making Frank impatient. "Well, if you're not going to tell me...
He rammed the man into the wall, raising his dagger and aiming for his chest. "Wait, wait! At least let me say something..." the gray-haired man stuttered in fear, "All I'm going to tell you is this: I gave it to a group of individuals who are known for their collection of things. Some call them thieves, I call them vigilantes."
Frank smirked and chuckled. "And you know what I call them?" he said, "Assholes."

Frank then scratched Nicholas Flamel's stomach with his blade, making him yell and grunt in pain. A group of men instinctively came over to question his actions, but they were blown into the air once Frank dropped the tiny bombs he had hanging on his belt. Not only did they create tiny explosions, but they also sent out blue smoke. It made people cough like crazy, and it allowed Frank to make his getaway. He hoped he wouldn't feel nostalgia over his next destination.

{ Present || The Temple Bar || 11:45 }

Frank entered the bar casually, not worrying about anything he'd have to face up ahead. Frank remembered this crowded bar from his Stretcher days. Nothing had changed - not even the old bookcase in the storage room that guarded the secret entrance to the apartment upstairs. He crouched down beside it, pulling the red book towards the bottom shelf, and shook his head as he watched the bookcase slide away, revealing the spiral staircase.

Once he got upstairs, Frank frantically searched the apartment for the item he needed - the Stone of Philosophers. "Yoohoo..." he called out, knocking over books, pots pans...anything that got in his way. He was creating a mess, and it wouldn't be too long until he broke something. He entered another room, checking every crevice and corner for the red glittering gem he desired. Of course, he didn't see Lucius Daniel Evans laying on the ground beside him.



{Present || Castle Aetas || 11:45 am }

When Beatrice's leg had caught with hers, Sadie lost her balance, and caught herself on the wall before her knees reached the floor. She laughed. "Trying to kill me, Bee?" Sadie smiled, gently nudging Beatrice in the shoulder to signify that everything was okay. She kept herself close to her friend, and continued to hike down the long castle corridor. "So Beatrice, tell me where you went. I'm curious." She listened to everything her fellow Watcher had to say. Once she was sure Beatrice was done speaking, Sadie began to tell her something that she had been wanting to tell her all day. "So at breakfast this morning, I overheard a couple of people talking about who's going to take over now that Artemis is gone." She kept trudging forward, approaching the castle breezeway. "Apparently, it's going to be a whole voting-thing. Like, we'll have to nominate people, and then we choose one of the people who's nominated...I have no idea when or where the voting is going to take place, but whateverr it is, I hope it doesn't get crazy. I just don't want it to be like parliament, if you know what I mean..."

Sadie came to a stop. Beside her was a dark brown door that seemed to contrast with the other chestnut-colored doors nearby. Behind the door lied Artemis Fletcher's abandoned office. She slowly turned the knob and opened it, revealing a small yet spacious room. It was completely illuminated by the natural light that poured in through the windows towards the back. " I was ordered to clean this place out, and put everything that isn't a shelf or a desk into the storage room." She laughed. "To be honest, I didn't even know we had a storage room." she said, "I thought this was the storage room."

She invited Beatrice inside the office. Perhaps they could find some interesting things lining the walls or hiding underneath the desk. Out of the corner of her eye, Sadie could spot cardboard boxes lining one of the walls. Clearly, someone had already done part of her job for her. She grabbed one, and began placing the dusty, ancient books inside. She chuckled once she came across one with a navy blue cover. The title read "The Art of Dance: Moving And Shaking From the Stone Age To the Modern World". The book was published in 1989. "Here, Bee," she giggled, holding out the book for Beatrice to see, "This one's for you." Sadie then placed it on Artemis's desk, and got back to work cleaning the shelf in front of her.

Sadie sighed. "I still can't believe she's gone..." Brushing her hand against the side of the bookshelf, she stared blankly at the covers. Every one she gazed upon triggered a memory she had with Artemis. "I remember when I first came here...I was sixteen and so confused...she helped me so much. Helped me sort out my problems, inspired me to do something about them...she was irreplaceable. In a way, I thought she'd never die."

For a few moments, Sadie just leaned on the bookshelf, staring out the window, listening for Beatrice to say something. And then suddenly, a peculiar little object on Artemis's desk brought her back to reality. Whatever it was, it was glowing a bright red color, and making some sort of high-pitched alarm sound. Sadie approached it, observing that it was a tiny crystal ball. It almost looked like a snowglobe. "Disruption in the time stream," she said, reading the words that appeared inside the glass object, "July 30th, 1478, Florence, Italy. 8 o'clock pm." She turned towards Beatrice, a confused yet stunned look on her face. "Do you think this is how Artemis knew what orders to give us?" She stared at the object for a few more moments. "Y'know what, we should probably get moving. If we don't do something soon, bad things could happen. I'm gonna go grab some stuff real quickly. If you want to come along, Bee, meet me back in here when you're ready."

With that, Sadie quickly ran out of the office, heading towards the direction of her room.

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{ Present || Fletcher Mansion || 11:40 am }

To say Ondine was annoyed would be an understatement; having barely eaten anything she had little to no tolerance for Frank’s antics. The said man had just jumped through the window after a rather loud explosion was set off, and she just hoped to her non-existent God that he didn’t break anything of value. After all, lavish things were meant to be relished not bombed, and if there was any one word to describe the Fletcher mansion it would be expensive.

“Hello Ondine,” he said a voice she knew he thought was charming.

“Frank,” She then added in a condescending glare to top it all off. This was exactly what her morning needed; a heavy dose of Frank and a three course meal of starvation, “Read this, and get the items on it. It's for the Changer King." She grimaced at the name ‘Changer King,’ knowing how Frank used it wasn’t vicious but rather with adoration. He was a puppy and a very loyal one at that. During the whole interaction, Asmodeus had been preparing a tea pot to boil water in, and though his hands worked in almost mechanical motions, his eyes were stuck on the mouths and lips of the other two, reading the words they were saying as "Gimme" by Beck played into his two ears.

What Frank had handed her was a piece of Hello Kitty notebook paper and a list written in crayon, his hand writing barely legible. He’s a third grader. Literally,she thought but instead said something different. “And for what reason?” but not to her surprise he was gone.

Ondine sighed softly and headed toward her original destination; the kitchen. The list could wait but her stomach could not.
Now at her endpoint she made herself cereal and sat down half paying attention to Asmodeus half reading the crumpled up list.

The Stone of Philosophers (In Stretcher possession)

The Winged Sandals of Hermes

Excalibur (In Stretcher possession)

The Book of Life (In Watcher possession)

A Golden Apple


The Brísingamen

In all her life she was never more curious as to why their leader trusted him so much to do his bidding. Maybe it was because he sacrificed his charm for their cause, or he just naturally favored crazy people. Whatever it was she couldn’t help but loath him for it.

But what the leader wanted, he got.

Ondine’s attention was now on Asmodeus and silently she waved him over to look at the crumpled up sheet. But the man whom had just been so kindly been called jack-ass had ignored the whole exchange in the end and had turned away once again when Frank had vanished, his eyes stuck intently on the small cup of ramen that sat on the counter in front of him. His mind had stopped for a second- the insult had seemed to jam his mind with too much idiocy for Asmodeus's good, until a light click dragged his hands to a pot filled with boiling hot water. Pouring the boiling hot water in, Asmodeus religiously closed the opened flap back down onto the cup, picked up a plastic fork and headed towards the area at which Ondine sat in. Music at full volume, Asmodeus sat down across from Ondine, left fingers tapping on the ramen flap (to the notation of Paganini's Capriccio No.24), right hand reaching forward for the flap of paper that he had noticed Frank pass to Ondine. It interested him, to say the least, that the idiot would have handed anything of worth to Ondine, and the occurrence (and explosion outside) was enough to pique Asmodeus's interest though he was annoyed with his earlier failure back in 1888. "What is this?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at the shabby tiny piece of paper.

"A list of things we need to get apparently," she raised the spoon to her mouth and took a bite of the out-of-date corn flakes. Not wanting to swallow she made a face of disgust, before she finally decided it was sitting in her mouth for too long. 'How long have we had this for? It's disgusting.' Ondine stood up, taking the bowl of stale cereal with her and pouring it down the kitchen drain. It was a wonder how no one in this mansion has died of food poisoning. "Oh." was all that Asmodeus said as he allowed his eyes to glance down at the small list of items. But looking at the objects listed only increased Asmodeus's already bubbling annoyance. "Of course it doesn't cross his mind to give more details as to exactly where these objects are." Asmodeus snorted out as he threw the paper away, allowing it to flutter down to the ground as he dug into his now cooked ramen. "Bloody useless, that brainless dolt." He muttered as he chewed, picking up the paper beside him again to look at the items on the Hello Kitty paper more closely. Drumming his fingers against the table, Asmodeus hummed a bit as he turned his head towards Ondine, sensing the other Changer would probably say something.

"I'm thinking about retrieving the Golden Apple, it looks relatively easy,"she glanced toward Asmodeus, raising an eyebrow. "Frank can expect the fruit to be in his possession by tomorrow, or midnight." Ondine purposefully said in a taunting manner trying to get a reaction from the man in front of her. It wasn't that she wanted to get him worked up, but to see the usually solitary man express an emotion once in a while would be nice, but then again she couldn't expect too much out of a psychopath. But Ondine only received a blank expression from Asmodeus.

"I would hope that you will be able to work on your claim you just set down, then." He said, finishing up his small cup of ramen before getting up and throwing it in the trash can. Asmodeus could tell, slightly, that Ondine had probably said the last sentence as a means of taunting him into action- but without actually hearing her voice, it was hard to say if he had deciphered right or not. "Well, then. Frankly, I have no bloody interest in whatever that dolt is doing, so I'll be on my way back to Victorian England to finish a job." The music in his earphones slowly started to die down as the last song came to a stop.

“You should get started too, Jude wouldn’t be too happy seeing you fall behind the rest of us. Maybe you should try and find the Mjölnir," She snickered at the thought of him being worthy, although she had no place to talk seeing as to she was in the same exact position as him. It sickened her how she had the use their leaders name as if he were an actual leader when at best he was a dictator. Ondine grabbed the paper from Asmodeus and searched for a pencil, striking out the item 'A Golden Apple.' It was a cocky move from her part, but did she regret it? The obvious answer was no. As much as she hated following her leader's orders she couldn't very well deny them either. In a way she was helping Asmodeus not get in trouble with Jude. Asmodeus's eyes flashed at her comment as his music started up once again. "Falling behind." The words lingered in the air as Asmodeus glared at Ondine, eyes filled with a searing anger mixed in with a certain madness that no one would ever mistake. "Jude wouldn't be happy seeing me fall behind the rest of you...?" The words rolled off of his lips as his eyes flickered between Ondine's lips to her eyes then down to the knife rack that lay on the counter beside him.

A second later, Asmodeus's laughter filled the room- a dark chilling laugh that spread throughout the kitchen. "Well, I'd love to be instructed in exactly how I shouldn't disappoint Jude Fletcher, Ms. Caudill." Sticking his hands in his pocket, he walked up to the other Changer, the taunting look that had been in her eyes reflected back in his own. "With my presence there, I would suppose that the probability of you failing and going against your word will be much lower, shall it not? Let's kill two birds with one stone. I'll go, you instruct." He leaned forward a small smile on his face, "But I would suggest you to keep a look on your back." Asmodeus took a step back, a large grin on his face as he looked at Ondine. "Your choice."

Ondine knew he was mad, utterly deranged and sick in the head, but maybe that's why she didn't want to cower before him. When he leaned forward she didn't take a step back nor did she go any further. She gave him a cruel smile and responded in turn.”I wouldn't have it any other way.” With that she left the kitchen and beckoned him to follow. If he was willing to follow she would direct, it was only natural. ”Asmodeus, do you know anything about the Golden Apple?" of course she wasn't expecting him to, but surprises do come from somewhere.

{ Unknown|| Cyrene, Libya || 9:00 pm }

But Asmodeus did not say anything as he walked up and grabbed Ondine's arm. Another step later, he was dragging her through time and space, plunging both of them into a pitch darkness that seemed to extend through all of eternity. But in due time, their feet hit the ground as a bright sunlight shined down on the two of them with a powerful vengeance. "It should be here." Asmodeus said, shifting uncomfortably in the toga that had been substituted with his own outfit earlier, grimacing at the scratchy cloth. Raising an eyebrow at Ondine's still casually twenty-first century styled clothing, Asmodeus let out a long sigh as he shifted the violin case on his back to a more comfortable position. "Let's first find you some damned clothes and something to hide my violin."

Ondine nodded and looked around, noticing one or two people outside wherever the Hell they were. It was at times like these that she truly hated the fact that her charm wasn't really hers, but she couldn't help but stifle a laugh at her companion. He looked ridiculous with his violin case on his back, earphones dangling from his ears, and all while wearing a toga. "Nice dress, you should wear it more often," and before he could say anything she ran in the direction of a woman with a basket in her hands. Ondine could only softly chuckle at the woman's soon to be fate.

Silent and efficient Ondine kicked the woman in the stomach and then wrapped her right arm around her throat, her left over the woman's mouth as to muffle the screaming. Her death happened in a matter of seconds and to say Ondine was guilty would be a lie. It felt good to play God once in a while; control over everyone's fate was simply to die for. Not wanting to leave the body in the middle of the street she dragged it to a nearby building and then stripped off her clothing. Ondine then turned a corner as to gain more privacy and started to undress and then redress herself in the span of a minute or two. She hadn't accounted for the sudden time travel so the bag she usually kept her clothing in was not with her, thus forcing her to leave behind her modern day attire. She then returned to Asmodeus with a glare that silenced many of her old victims.

Knowing the bastard was listening to music she leaned up towards him and pulled out an earbud."If I ever work with you again, you will tell me when you're going to time travel,"She made sure the steel in her voice was apparent before calming herself down- though her only response was a nonchalant look and a tug on his earphones to take them back. "Now let's find you something for your violin."