Agent Phillip Coulson

The Principle Agent of SHIELD

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a character in “Age of Heroes”, as played by Protagonist


-Name: Agent Phillip Coulson
-Quote: "You're gonna lose. It's in your nature."
-Age: 48
-Appearance: Image
-Abilities: A master of SCARS hand-to-hand combat, and a highly-trained marksman.
-Weapons: The ICER gun, a non-lethal pistol is his primary weapon. During higher-stake ops he can request bigger guns, up to a light machine gun. He also carries a normal colt .45 and a police baton.
-Equipment: Lola, a hover car convertible. He's rather protective of it.
-Regular Teammates: SHIELD in general. He's friends with Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.
-Personality: He likes history, antiques, and Captain America. In fact, he owns a set of vintage Captain America trading cards. He has a cool-tempered, but likes to remain friendly. He is generally a cheerful person, and tries to keep a smile on his face. To some he seems like an annoying bureaucrat, which he sometimes likes use to his advantage. And besides, just because you're an alien from krypton, you still have to sign form section 3-Q.
-Bio: After leaving the military, he was contacted by SHIELD and offered a job. He gladly accepted. After a few years of training and doing odd jobs here and there, he rose up through the ranks and became a level 7 operative. Some people in SHIELD are considering giving him his own team sometime, but it's still in the air. He's recently been tasked with investigating odd occurrences in Gotham and New York.

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