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Ai Lin Han

"I heal wounds, not boo-boos."

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a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by Arke


Ai Lin Han : Fiery Cleric
"Seriously, I will not magically heal your papyrus cut."


Name:Ai Lin Han


Title: The Fiery Cleric


Visual Age:mid-twenties

Factual Age:21


Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual



Theme Song:Luna Forest


Hair: Jet black, long, tied up into a single ponytail

Facial Hair:None

Eyes:Deep brown, tinged with a faint crimson.

Eye Brows:Soft and expressive

Ears:Round, lobes are attached to the head with no visible accessories

Nose:Round, small, hooked downward

Lips:Thin, pale, but smooth.

Build:Thin build, almost ectomorphic.

Skin Tone: Slightly pale

Height:5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 123 lbs

Voice: Calm, practiced, low-pitched but with a distinct feminine tone

Handed: Right-handed

Body Markings: Symbolic tatto on the back of her neck and around her wrists

Scar Tissue: Long, thin scar stretching from the left side of her left knee up to her frontal pelvis

Unique Body Features: None


-Always tries to appear calm
-Easily flustered by teasing from familiars
-Likes to hold grudges for long periods ot time

Virtue/Creed:"Your patients are your family, no matter who you are with or where you come from. They are your family, and you must protect them with ever fiber of your being."

Motivation:To finish her training as a Cleric, and open up a temple as well as heal those that others may not be able to.

Goal:To make enough money to settle in one place.

Fear:She fears failure. She subconsciously fears the horrible power to be able to have a person's life at her fingertips, waiting to be saved or damned.

[*] Singing (privately)

[*] Staying busy

[*] Homely comforts (Hot baths, Tea, couches with pillows)

[*] Witty banter

[*] Healing the sick and helpless

[*] Arrogance

[*] Staying idle

[*] Traveling

[*] Fighting

[*] Performing last rites on the deceased

-Intelligent- Priviledged and educated means she can understand or calculate things the regular sellsword would not.
-Intuitive- Her intuition is sharp, and easily able to deflect false facades.
-Calm- She can assess and sensibly think under pressure due to extensive training with healing on the near-mortally wounded

-Strength- Smart and calm as she may be, she cannot hope to beat somebody in a fist fight or lift heavy weights.
-Spoiled (slightly)- So used to the comforts of her old temple home, she is tempted by anything that may have value as a luxury item
-Attack- Cannot defend herself well despite her knowledge in magic. Must be provided a guard if in battle.

Personality Description: Witty, collected, and strong-willed is what can describe the Priestess. She loves wordplay of any kind, from Kennings to Limerick to Prose. Engaging in banter is fun to her, as she can truly exercise her mind. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, though her soft tones often make it hard for her to make input when raging arguments are about. Her intelligence is something to be remarked. She constantly enjoys making references to literature she has read, and often incessantly tries to decipher messages for hidden meanings that may not exist. She can quickly calculate many things, but often just uses her knowledge to formulate healing buffs and spells for her comrades. Very often, however she remains quiet- never really speaking to others unless spoken to, at which case she will explode with activity given the person is somebody she knows well. She isn't easily phazed, but is easily riled up by teasing from friends, and will often use her hands to try to convey the meaning of what she says to her audience. She is polite to people she meets at first, and often tries to maintain a professional and cold distance from those who are not going to be seeing her regularly. She absolutely hates arrogance, and hates dead things. Anything that she dislikes will not be addressed directly, as she tries to cover her own weaknesses as well. She has a strangely adult level of maturity, but it is easily broken under extreme duress.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Poor] Hand-to-Hand Combat: She is of a dimunitive size, easily picked up and tossed about. She knows nothing of hand-to-hand martial arts, and her body is fairly weak. There's not much else to say, other than she won't be winning any arm wrestling matches. Not even against lanky Uncle Jim.

[Below Average] Melee Combat: She has some skill with a dagger, but it is not enough to last in an actual fight. She knows enough that she can try to get the jump on the enemy, but once her element of surprise is gone she can easily be beaten.

[Very Poor] Armed Combat: Simply put, Ai Lin cannot hit the broad side of a barn. Though she is intelligent and knows how the weapons work, putting it into practice is a different matter altogether.

[Excellent] Magic Combat: Ai Lin is amazingly proficient at magical combat. She can easily read what her opponent wants to do, and throw up powerful wards that will defend herself from it. Her large magical reserves of strength are enough that she can outlast many battles against powerful mages, but since she is a healer pledged to do no malicious harm, she cannot attack back and relies on tiring out her opponents before letting her comrades take care of him or fleeing.

[Average] Mounted Combat: The Fiery Priestess can use her wards and healing skills while on horseback, and has gotten used to the bumpy rides the beasts give. She still cannot attack in any way which is very detrimental but has more mobility and can get to wounded targets much more quickly when provided a horse.

Racial Abilities
[Good] Adaptability: As a human, Ai Lin adapts to many situations extremely well. Using her brain, she can efficiently determine the best solution for many given situations, which makes her a brilliant tactician as well as survivor. Well, she would be a brilliant survivor if she were more fit.

[Good] Rationality: Subject to cold, logical thinking, humans are not as easily deterred by illogical or irrational ideas. They focus on the straight, and what makes sense, and why it makes sense. Using this, Ai Lin can easily solve most puzzles given or decipher scripts without references by looking at patterns.

[Average] Moral Compass: Without a moral compass, men would be little more than lawless beasts. The act of protecting, healing, giving, or the opposite is a result of what direction the moral compass spins. This ability is not visibly inherent in just humans, but what it does do is help humans act the right way- so they do not destroy themselves or waste resources fruitlessly assaulting or attackign when a diplomatic solution can be reached.

Class Techniques
[Excellent] Magic Reserves: Being a Cleric means healing, and healing requires tremendous amounts of power. The storage of power is granted by the head priest, and the process (for her own temple) is described as incredibly painful, but incredibly useful. One could even say that the gods themselves give the healers large reserves of magic, power levels only seen in archmages because it is only used to heal- and breaking that contract will cause the reserves to dry up.

[Good] Mend Physic: Understanding the body is an importan aspect of being a Cleric. By becoming one, and going through the processes of becoming a Priest/priestess one can gain a more intimate knowledge of the life forces that flow through the body. Known by the far easterners as "qi", it is something no ordinary learned doctor can see. Only Clerics can manipulate and see this power, which they use to heal or augment their targets.

[Good] Enchant Buffs: Ai Lin's special ability to augment her allies is not something all Clerics can learn. Depending on the way one learns magic, one can get an idea of what is required to augment or decay parts of the body. She can provide temporary boost of strength to her comrades as "buffs", but she cannot intentional inflict harm due to her strict "do no harm" tenet enforced by her temple and deity. Buffs can range from simple strength and endurance boosters to enhanced night vision and slight regenerative properties in the skin.

Learned Skills
[Excellent] Fiery Wards: A dead medic is a useless medic, so when it comes to becoming a Cleric it is best to be able to preserve your life as long as humanly possible. Ward training is the most important thing, aside from the actual healing in the profession. Wards were the magical shields that protected the user against attacks, both magical and physical. Wards were dependent on the user, and the diety some worshipped. Ai Lin's Wards are powerful shields from her Goddess, focusing on defense from magical and ranged attacks, but had some perks that made it easier to deal with physical attacks.

[Excellent] Art of Healing/Enchanting: Healing is the greatest asset a cleric provides, and Ai Lin is able to provide proficient amounts of medical help, magic or non-magic. She can make poultices, brace bones, and disinfect wounds without her magical strength, but for more dangerous gashes or injuries she will resort to powerful regenerative magics, which give her surgical precision when knitting open cuts together. However, magically healing wounds require large amounts of power, which is why only Clerics can heal efficiently due to the reserves granted to them by dieties or objects of worship.

[Good] Readings and Education: As a priestess, Ai Lin is much more educated than the average footsoldier or sellsword. She can read, write, and speak intelligently, and easily provide useful feedback on locations not visited, but read about in a book. She can read texts and scriptures in other languages using her knowledge of words and how roots work. With education, she can learn quickly mannerisms, understand foreign currencies, and use her wordplay to easily bypass obstacles that illiterate men and women could not.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Poor] Hunting & Tracking: She's read about it, but she's never put it into practice, nor is she really cut out for the physical exertion. She can advise somebody on doing it, but she truly can't do it herself.

[Average] Survival: While her physical fitness leaves a lot to be desired, what saves her from being a slab of meat in the wilderness is her brain. She knows exactly what is necessary to survive, and can be extremely efficient with what she does. The two factors cancel each other out, as even with all her worldly knowledge on survival she still lacks the fitness to be able to accomplish many of the tasks it demanded.

[Above Average] Stealth & Guile: While her stealth abilities are lackluster, she is very cunning and is able to easily discern who is lying, how she can manipulate others, and attempt to use rhetoric to her advantage. Since she relies so heavily on her smarts for many situations, she focuses on training it a lot more than she would trying to balance out her brains and her brawn. Building up her muscle would take far too much time for little pay off.

[Above Average] Barter: Wordplay. She loves talking down merchants. She can easily bluster her way through a trade just as easily as she can talk her way through one. Her learning also dipped into economics through Merchanting, which gave her a medium of knowledge on how things were valued, how she should haggle, and how to stop a merchant from scamming you.

[Below Average] Leadership: Despite her demeanor, she lacks the physical ability to lead with an iron fist. She tires fairly quickly when under stress, and lacks the charisma to effectively pursuade men into riding for her cause. She prefers to take orders, as they are simple enough to carry out given enough information. She hates having to make a decision that will affect the lives of others- Healing already does that enough.

[Good] Tact: She understands how far to push, how hard to push, and when to push. Despite her quiet exterior, she is quite easy to talk to, because she knows how to treat a delicate situation most of the time. Humans, like any other sentient creature will make mistakes, and she's quite aware of that- but she does not change from those mistakes, she learns. If her usual demeanor causes somebody to cry, she learns. She knows to curb her words to not strike so hard. She doesn't stop being direct or cool to become a compassionate puppet or pillow to cry on.

[Average] Honor: It's as far as one would expect from an average person. She doesn't particularly care for the limiting nature of Honor, but she does love benefitting from it since she is a lady.

[Good] Courage: A medic on the battlefield has very little means of retaliation available. They are subject to the whims of fate, and if it is decided that they die from a stray arrow or angry beserker, so be it. They still have to do their duty. And that is what Ai Lin does. She charges fearlessly into battle whenever she can if it means she can save somebody from an untimely death. However, she isn't throwing caution to the wind either. The Cleric is one of the important pieces in the field, being able to heal quickly and efficiently is something a party requires to function well. She knows when she needs to pull back, but it doesn't mean she likes it.

[Poor] Bloodthirst: She sees enough blood treating the injured- she doesn't want to spill any more.

[Average] Wealth: Her wages aren't terrible, as her job is important but she does often complain that she doesn't have enough spending money when in towns. She curses her temple's requirement to join a party/caravan for experience, as the pay they offer is so low in comparison to running daily medical runs as a professional doctor.

Strength: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[3]Doughy Baby: While she is hardened from travels, she is by no means strong. She loves living the pampered life, and while she has the strength to swing a dagger, she has will never last in a brawl. She prefers burying her nose in a book or bantering with a friend.

Perception: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[7]Big-Eyed Tiger: She has no magical augmentations, but she is extremely sharp. She can spot discrepancies in texts, mannerisms, and environments with a measured glance due to her extensive education and reliance on wit. She can sleep lightly, easily roused by unusual noises and the ability to react very quickly toward any trouble spots. Think of her like an alarm- She's either alert, or ringing wildly.

Endurance: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[5]Stain-Resistant: She'd be more or less dead if it weren't for the fact that she has been traveling for quite some time. She hates it, but it's necessary to complete her training. By no means is she lazy, as she throws herself into her work with all the intensity of the sun, but traveling on the dusty road where bandits, trolls, and dangers litter every mile is too exciting for the aspiring Priestess.

Charisma: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[5]Substitute Teacher: While she's nice enough when acquainted with, she retains a slightly introverted personality that prevents her from talking to complete strangers unless she had reason to do so. The two cancel each other out, basically. She loves words to the point where it may be confusing to those conversing with her when she devolves into quick bouts of rhyming or text-referencing.

Intelligence: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[8]Know It All: She has spent years poring over books, sponging information, and washing over with numbers during her childhood. She is highly educated, and is highly gifted with an extreme appetite for knowledge. Quickly able to identify most things, be it a landmark, line of poetry, or organ that needed healing, she is often regarded as a genius, but she consistently insists that her education is still incomplete- despite being able to speak several languages, read, write, heal, and enchant.

Agility: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[7]Knife Thrower: Her agility is mainly focused in her mind and hands, as she needs both to perform well when operating on injured patients. Her surgical precision is what makes her so effective when healing, as she can go in, get out, and move on to the next person while conserving strength. It gives her an advantage, but outside the world of medicine her agility is middling. Her footwork isn't great, but she isn't a klutz.

Luck: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[5]Coin Flip: Her luck isn't anything special. Many people insist that she is the luckiest person around to be able to safe them from the clutches of death on his gray horse, but there are the days where she wakes up with enduring bed-hair, loses her favorite tunic, or trips and falls through a patch of brambles. Ai Lin, however, is still thankful lady luck doesn't seem to interfere too much when she is busy operating on the wounded- but that may just be the result of exceptional preparation.


Head ImageA white Noh mask, the mouth and nose pieces infused with filters stuffed with herbs in the belief that it can filter out poisonous gases or malignant plagues transferred by air. She only really uses this mask when operating or while on the battlefield, otherwise she keeps it tied to the side of her head. It is lupine in design, with four large horns protruding from the upper left and right sides with red and blue lines decorating the white sides.

Neck She wears a simple amulet dedicated to her Goddess. It is held together by black string, laden with wooden beads and a small cut ruby.

Chest She usually wears a fitting, dark brown robe with grey long-sleeves, stretching down to her upper thigh. It is padded, coarse, and provides warmth. It can be buttoned with four, large gray buttons that dot along the middle, held together by some sturdy string. The collar is neatly folded outward, dyed the same gray color as the cuffs of the sleeves. Under the robe she usually dons a drab, aged tunic, mostly for layering as well as wrappings for her chest. She has to retain some modesty, after all.

Back In cold weather, Ai Lin likes to wear a plain, black hooded cloak. It's as simple as it can get as a multi-functional weather cloak- thick, woolen with leather skin, and heavy to protect against lashing winds or driving rain.

Arm/Shoulder A bandolier in which she carries various pouches filled with herbs or otherwise. When not in use, she usually keeps this stored away.

Right Hand Thin Surgeon's gloves. Sterlity is an imporant part of healing without magic.

Left Hand Thin Surgeon's gloves. They are white in color.

Right Accessory None

Left Accessory None

WaistA large, wide, and form-fitting sash covers up most of her waist and torso, hiding the buttons from view. It acts as a layer of protection for the robes, as buttons are costly to repair for somebody like her. It has looping straps that go around her neck and waist to secure it to her body, and is white in color.

LegsAi Lin doesn't really like to wear baggy pants as they catch on things, but instead wears fairly tight pants, dark in color and smooth in texture. Flexible, but not very resistant to wear and tear. It allows her to move about, but in some cases she will just don some trousers if the environment doesn't allow it.

FeetAi Lin prefers wearing a pear of flat-footed, tough soled shoes that hug the contours of her feet and provide flexibility. The rubber soles are hard and resistant to travel, while the shoes were crafted out of a skin of tanned leather, able to resist the road. Normally she'd just wear some slippers or socks, but she is traveling after all.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Steel Dagger

Weapon Type: CQC Bladed weapon

Material:Steel, Wood, Leather.

Ammo: Arm Strength

Length: Eight inches

Weight: 4.5 lbs

Weapon Description/Info: A simple steel dagger to defend herself with. It is a durable weapon, sturdy with the trade-off of being fairly heavy for a dagger. It's weight compensates for her lack of strength and technique, but all in all Ai Lin still searches for a blade more fitting to her form.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Doctor's Syringe

Weapon Type: Steel Medical Tool

Material: Steel, Glass, and drugs (optional)

Ammo: Drugs (not completely necessary)

Length: Six inches

Weight:2 lbs

Weapon Description/Info: It's not meant to be a weapon, but when shit hits the fan Ai Lin will use this to stab her opponent. Usually, it's not fatal unless it goes through the eye or heart. However, since she probably will only be using this while operating, it will probably be filled with a drug that will incapacitate an opponent no matter where it is injected.


Items A multitude of pouches kept on her waist and bandolier that includes:
-A canteen of water
-Pestle and Mortar
-Small book
-Dried lemon spices, a treat to eat while on the road.
-Various drugs and powders

Magical Devices An enchanting crystal she uses as a focus.

Weapons A simple steel dagger


Marital StatusSingle

-Ai Shen Qi- Father (Status unknown)
-Ai Tian Ken- Mother (Status unknown)
-Head Priest Vandheer- Guardian (Alive

Birthplace Unknown, discovered in a basket in front of a temple as an infant

Occupation Medic/Cleric/Priestess

Recruitment Like all the temple girls ready to go out into the world, they needed some experience before they do something rash or naive. So, reports are posted in local villages when the temple is ready to let a girl go for world training, and it just so happens Ai Lin joined the ranks. It was not long after that bands of mercenaries came to the villages, interested in the girls for more reasons than to hire them as healers. Of course, this was definitely a problem, but the mountains around the remote area were always bristling with seclusive mountain trolls that would scare away the normal band of sellswords. In order to hire a girl, a band must go up and retrieve the head of a troll, fresh from the kill. This attracted only the serious groups, who needed a healer for their work- not pleasure.

One such group did so in less than a week, returning with a head belonging to Ysvial Ur, an old Mountain Troll so feared that even hardened mercenaries that visit the villages tread carefully in his domain. The head priestess was surprised the band did it not for a temple girl, but for a job. A bloody job. Either way, they were apparently without a specialized healer. After some heated debate, she joined the motley crew, feeling out of place with all the exotic men and women around her.

Bio/HistoryShe was found in a basket carrying a letter in front of a temple. With her letter dictating what she was named and who her parents were, they pleaded that the priests raise her. Of course, with the parents probably long gone, the priests could not let an infant waste away on their front steps. In the northern lands of Wralandir, Ai Lin grew up in a temple in the mountains on the eastern Almac Plataeu being educated, learning to be a Cleric, and becoming close friends with many of the other priestesses. It began with basic reading and writing, then chores, then heavier material to learn as a balance between mind and body. She didn't concern herself too much with her past, as the Head Priest was more or less her father since she was left at birth. Her natural intelligence and curiosity would prove to give her an advantage over other girls, as she quickly mastered basic healing spells and wards long before the other initiates. However, after an incident where she tried to heal a bruise and instead caused a dangerous tumor to erupt she was harshly chatised. After being repeatedly told that her arrogance and pride caused such a medical disaster, She leveled out and became a calmer, more conservative person who sought to learn until she knew it all. That way, she would never fail again, and nobody would be hurt because of her. Time is a blur at this point, as it consisted mostly of training, studying, and socializing with other girls. Her life would only begin to roll when a group of mercenaries asked to stay at the temple overnight, hauling the head of the feared elder troll. Surprised, the head priest asked if they wanted a temple girl. The band was surprised at the offer, displaying ignorance at the custom. Therefore, he immediately grabbed Ai Lin and asked for them to bring her along. They were very obviously reluctant to take such a young girl, but they did not appear to have a specialized healer, and they were assured she was the best of the bunch. Ai Lin is one of the newer members of the group.


So begins...

Ai Lin Han's Story