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Felix Nox

0 · 262 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Age of the Colossus”, originally authored by Kurokiku, as played by RolePlayGateway


Felixis Nox : Phantasm
"Need something stolen, dead, or discovered? Look no further, friend; I’m your man as long as the coin keeps coming."


Name: Felixis Nox (fey-LEEKS-is NOCKS)

Nickname: Nox to most people, Felix (fey-leeks) to others.

Title: Well, Phantasm is more an alias than anything else, though he wouldn’t be caught dead using it. He thinks it’s unbelievably corny.

Race: Werecat/Nymph- To be technically precise, his grandmother was a water nymph of some kind, though the story was never properly related to him.

Visual Age: Early twenties

Factual Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: The Swiss army knife of the group, essentially. He picks locks, jimmies doors, eavesdrops like a pro, and used to kill people for a living, making him a fair hand with both poisons and CQC.

Class: Rogue

Theme Song: The Offspring- You're Gonna Go Far, Kid


Hair: Defies both gravity, being kind of spiky, and logic, by being kind of blue. It is hypothesized that his more aqueous heritage is responsible for this.

Facial Hair: None. Well, not before he transforms anyway, and that’s more fur and whiskers than hair. This is blue-black in color.

Eyes: Heterochromatic- one is blue, the other green.

Eye Brows: Blue

Ears: Also blue, usually. Technically, he’s capable of making them look like standard human ears, but he prefers the sensitivity of cat ones, so usually keeps them that way instead.

Nose: Yes.

Lips: Also present. There is scarring across both that looks eerily like some kind of wire was threaded between them, as if to keep his mouth sewn shut. The sticher was not skilled; the marks are irregular.

Build: Compacted musculature, suggesting fluidity rather than brute strength.

Skin Tone: Sun-darkened.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: I’m crap at guessing these… 170?

Voice: Light tenor, usually infused with mirth and joviality.

Handed: Ambidextrous, through careful practice.

Body Markings: The skin on his face has several blue markings on it, one down his forehead and nose, and two vertically ascending from the line of his jawbone on either side. Given that his mother had these where his father did not, it probably goes back to the undine thing again, as does pretty much everything he can’t explain about himself.

Scar Tissue: A few here and there, nothing too interesting unless you happen to catch him shirtless, at which point you’d notice that there are numerous lash-scars on his back. Though he’s always got wraps, gloves, or boots covering them, both his wrists and ankles are encircled with scar tissue as well. The ones on his mouth are not obvious unless you’re closer than he allows most people to get.

Unique Body Features: Uh, well, he’s got a tail. Like the ears, it’s not strictly necessary, but it does help him balance, so he finds it useful. His hands are clawed for the same reason.


Quirks: Though he can swim well, he doesn’t like being wet, unless he’s fishing, which he does with his bare hands. He can always tell when a body of water is in the vicinity, and can even sense it flowing underground if he tries hard enough. Embarrassingly, he tends to purr when particularly content and comfortable. May also growl and hiss before he remembers he can speak. He’s double-jointed, and sometimes contorts himself into odd shapes for the purpose of creeping people out.

Virtue/Creed: “Live today like you’ll die tomorrow. Because you very well might.”

Motivation: Adventure, monetary compensation, and the whims of pretty women, in that order.

Goal: Nox’s goals change with the all the flightiness of a summer breeze. Mostly, he seems content to do whatever amuses him at the time.

Fear: Imprisonment, chains, and anything else of the sort.

[*] Fighting, not always of the deadly sort, though that’s fun too.
[*] A good prank or joke, even if played on himself
[*] Napping
[*] Food
[*] Sketching- he’s actually quite good at it, too.
[*] Women; he’s not a lecher, per se, but he does have a soft spot for them, and a bit of a storied history, if you should happen to know a gossip who’s heard of him. These are mercifully rare.

[*] Things that smell bad
[*] Overly loud or harsh noises
[*] Authority
[*] Prisons, stockades, and similar forms of confinement
[*] People who take themselves too seriously

Strengths: Combat-wise, he’s a slippery little bastard, and useful in close-quarters situations. Otherwise, he has a number of skills geared towards information retrieval and certain less-than-legal pursuits that the more honest may not be familiar with.

Weaknesses: He’s not what anyone would call a tank, and he can’t use magic. Also, in certain places, he’ll be distrusted on instinct since there are still countries in which werecats are a slave species. Not all of them, of course, but some.

Personality Description: Smarmy is probably a good word for Felix’s day-to-day attitude. He relishes in the employment of sarcasm and backhanded flattery. He’s also something of a flirt where women are concerned, though he means no harm by it. This is all usually undertaken from behind the outward affectations of a slightly-foppish idiot, replete with grandiose statements and flourish-riddled bows. It’s all a subtle (or not so subtle) jab at the mannerisms of aristocracy, but he makes sure everyone knows he’s a rake underneath it.

After all, most people stop looking once they reach the second layer, thinking they’ve reached the “real” Felix (whatever the hell that is) which means his innermost sentiments and thoughts are his alone. Beneath the cad is an efficient criminal with the guts and wit to survive when he should be dead several times over, and below that is someone who just wants to be free of unnecessary obligation and a history he can’t quite shake. If there’s anything beneath that, even he’s not sure what it is, only that it’s hollow and rather sad. He studiously avoids it.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combat: They’re clawed and damn fast. He can use them in either form, and so he doesn’t bother much with weaponry.

Good Melee Combat: He’s handy with a knife or a shortsword in a pinch, but anything else is asking a bit too much. He’d rather just tear into someone with his claws anyway.

Very Poor Armed Combat: Despite having pretty good eyesight, he’s useless with bows, crossbows, slings, and such. He can throw things to certain places easily, but he can’t guarantee that a knife or whatever would hit the right way, just the right place, so he doesn’t bother.

Very Poor Magic Combat: He can’t do magic, and doesn’t know alchemy. He can mix a decent toxin, though.

Average Mounted Combat: Horses don’t like him, understandably so, since he’s instinctively tuned to hunt and kill them. He’d rather just transform and rely upon his more animal stamina, but he can stay a seat on something else if he must.

Racial Abilities
Excellent Racial Ability: Transformation A werecat is free to transform into a fully humanoid creature, a fully feline one, or anything in-between, though the intermediate stages take some practice and fine control to master.
Good Racial Ability: Sense Cats can hear and smell better than most creatures, and see just as well in the dark as they do during the day. It only works if he has the appropriate sensory organ transformed though. Except the nose. That seems to work the same either way. Not a plus when you tend to frequent taverns containing people who haven’t bathed in a while.

Excellent Racial Ability: Flex and Reflex Felix is… bendy. In ways that most people would consider uncomfortable. What’s more, he can whip himself into these weird shapes at a moment’s notice, making dodging an excellent choice.

Good Racial Ability: Allure Well, having a painfully-gorgeous ancestor does have some fringe benefits. Though nowhere near the enthralling capabilities of full-blooded nymphs, Felix does have an uncanny attractiveness to him, and he’s used it to worm his way out of more than one tight spot.

Below Average Racial Ability: Dowsing This ability has diluted with his blood, but he can usually sense bodies of water nearby, and chart courses by them if necessary. It also means he’s unlikely to die of dehydration, which is always nice.

Class Techniques
Excellent Class Technique: Assassination It’s not glamorous, it’s not pleasant, and it certainly isn’t pretty, but Felix is rather good at it. He knows where to hit a person to take them down in one shot, which arteries will bleed you dry the fastest, and all sorts of gruesome facts like that.

Good Class Technique: Toxic Love The ritual ingestion of numerous poisons has given him an acquired immunity to heavy doses of most deadly plants and chemicals, so if you need someone to test for such things, he’s your guy. He can also make a fair number of poisons and acids, which he loads into breakable vials and throws around occasionally.

Perfect Class Technique: Infiltration Need to get into a building? Pick a lock? Eavesdrop on a conversation you weren’t invited to? Get an aristocrat drunk and coerce him into spilling the beans? Pay Nox enough, and you won’t have to.

Learned Skills
Good Learned Skill: Disguise Sometimes, a charming werecat isn’t going to cut it. With a bit of time and a bit of creativity, Felix can fashion himself a new identity- and put on the mannerisms to back it up.

Good Learned Skill: Silver-Tongue Information is vital in his business, and he can be rather persuasive when he puts his mind to it. Helped along by the fact that he’s so damn pretty.

Good Learned Skill: Record-Keeping Felix makes a habit of keeping detailed journals, with lifelike images included, and he’s very good at remembering things that he’s written or drawn.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Excellent Hunting & Tracking: He’s made for it, put simply. Though the fact that he was raised in a city means he hasn’t been using those instincts for his entire life.

Good Survival: He knows his way around a forest, though not as well as he could. In terms of urban survival, there’s scarcely anyone better.

Perfect Stealth & Guile: The bread and butter of his lifestyle really. Thief, spy, assassin- he’s been hired to be all of them at some point, and he makes excellent money doing it.

Above Average Barter: Part and parcel with his other speech-based skills, but not one he’s spent too much time with, since he finds it comparatively unimportant.

Below Average Leadership: Felix has never really led anyone in his life. For the first part of it, he was taught only obedience, and even though that didn’t stick at all, he’s not experienced with giving orders, being mostly a loner in the line of work he has.

Excellent Tact: He usually knows the right thing to say, but unless he really needs to, he probably won’t actually say it. He prefers being sarcastic and a little brash, so most of the time this is not a talent that people find themselves acquainted with.

Below Average Honor: Ever heard the phrase “no honor among thieves?” It’s not exactly true, but he doesn’t have much of a concept of it. Felix will fight to protect his own, and he certainly does not betray those he gives his word to, but then he doesn’t really have any close associates and he’s not in the habit of making promises, so…

Excellent Courage: Damn near fearless, given the number of dangerous situations he’s been in. Still he’s not the sort to abandon caution, and will remind others of more prudent courses of action if he finds it necessary.

Excellent Bloodthirst: Battle’s a rush, and so is a successful heist, or the delicate work of a hit. Nox lives for adventure, and if it so happens to be a bloody adventure, well… all the better.

Poor Wealth: Well, he had a pretty good thing going back home, but he had to skip town in pretty short order after the local Thieves’ Guild fell apart, leaving behind most of his wealth and investments. He chooses to think of it as a chance to start anew and see what he can make of himself someplace with no recollection of him.

[6]Barrel Chested: He’s not a bodybuilder, but he is in good shape.

[7]Big-Eyed Tiger: His senses are excellent, where the cat half is concerned, and the fact that he keeps at least his ears transformed at all times means he’s pretty aware of what’s going on around him.

[6]Hardy: Nobody’s tank, but a bit more durable than your standard fare. He’s had to be.

[8]Movie Star: Quite charming (or intimidating) when he wants to be, this skill is aided by his ability to slip from one persona to the next without faltering.

[6]Gifted: He’s not really educated, but he can read and write, and he’s got a sharp practical knowledge about him.

[9]Acrobatic Marvel: This is the trait that werecats are known for, and years learning how to break into buildings and so on has only honed the talent.

[6]Stacked Deck: Despite his name, Felix has never been a particularly lucky individual, but he does have a way of making things work his way when they really need to- part luck and part willingness to cheat and get his hands dirty.


Head Headband, most of the time. The color and style changes with the day.

Neck Shirt collar

Chest Most of his shirts are sleeveless, to allow freer movement, though this doesn’t always apply when in disguise.

Back Same, plus a cloak in colder conditions.

Arm/Shoulder His forearms are wrapped, ostensibly for support, but also to hide certain scars.

Right Hand Fingerless glove

Left Hand Same

Right Accessory None

Left Accessory None

Waist Belt, belt-pouch, and orange tunic-style drape, often used to hide more weapons by folk in his line of work, but his is just for show. He also uses it and his belt to bundle the rest of his clothes should he intend to spend a length of time in cat-shape.

Legs Trousers, pretty standard.

Feet Boots, though he’s just as comfortable barefoot.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Uh… claws and teeth?

Weapon Type: Genetic gifts.

Material: Biomatter

Ammo: Stamina

Length: Variable

Weight: Likewise

Weapon Description/Info: You don’t need steel when you’re designed to kill things, really.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Third Fang

Weapon Type: Dagger

Material: Steel

Ammo: Stamina

Length: 1 ft

Weight: 2lbs

Weapon Description/Info: Honestly used for cutting rope and other such tasks more often than for stabbing, but you don’t always want it to be obvious that your victim was mauled by a large animal, no?


Small whetsone, compass, leather bound journal, charcoal, quill, small pot of ink, money.

Magical Devices

Third Fang


Marital Status

His aunt and uncle raised him, seeing as how his parents died not long after his birth. They both live as paid servants in some lord’s castle.

Veritas, the Ashlands

Presently? Adventurer, mercenary, vagabond, whatever you want to call doing the things he damn well feels like doing.

Some guy shoved a bunch of coin at him and told him to kill a golem. Hard to turn down an offer like that when you haven’t had a proper meal in a few weeks.

Born in Veritas, Felix was the subject of Tiefling overlords from the start. Slavery is not and has never been a foreign institution to the Ashlanders, and werecats are favored stewards and bodyguards, prized for their rather unique abilities. Few of them would deny that certain people also have odd fetishes, and well… those things are best not spoken about, perhaps. Felix’s mother’s family was especially prized for being so closely related to something as exotic as an undine, and the subsequent lengthening of their expected lifespans.

Regardless, the most common use for such servants is as entertainers or spies, sometimes both simultaneously. It’s a game the nobility plays, when they aren’t setting up arena fights between their slaves, anyway. Needless to say, the survival rate isn’t very high, and both Felix’s parents were dead long before he could remember them. His aunt and uncle, both with mercifully-bloodless jobs, raised him instead, though he was always a troublesome child, and for this reason targeted early on for the sorts of things that would require dauntless courage.

It might not seem the smartest idea to raise a slave to fight, but most of the time, the Tiefling are safe due to their command of magic, which werecats cannot have. Besides, it is a mark of great shame to be bested by one’s property, and for this reason, the nobility is most often quite vigilant about that sort of thing.

It’s actually not a bad life if you don’t require it to truly be your own and manage to stay out of the line of fire. Many of the best gladiators win respect and their freedom if they do well enough and honor their patrons. They tend to eat better than the lower classes, at any rate. Of course, if you get it into your head that you should be able to live for yourself, it can seem rather worse than death, and Felix had exactly that notion.

Though he hated it with a passion, he saw the fights as his way out of that life, and acquitted himself well enough, winning against much larger opponents with dexterity, cunning, and guile. Eventually, he won the freedom he sought, as well as that of his only two living relatives, and they left the Ashlands for The Almac Plateau. Turns out the skills he was forced to learn were relatively useful for making his own way in the world, and while his aunt and uncle set themselves up as household servants, he joined the local Guild of Thieves and started taking jobs.

That went really smoothly until internal fights that Nox tried to stay out of brought the whole thing down around his ears. Someone leaked records naming certain guild members and their associated illegal activities, so he got the hell out before he wound up with an entire garrison after him. He didn’t warn his aunt or uncle, knowing that being able to deny any knowledge of his whereabouts was a better advantage than running away with him and being assumed guilty if he happened to get caught.

Since then, he’s been wandering around, looking at the bright side and taking the odd freelance job here or there. Seems he’s in the monster-hunting business these days. Who knew?

So begins...

Felix Nox's Story