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Jhunvat Rashael

"Honor, Duty, and Respect."

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a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by Ezarael


Jhunvat Rashael: The Seeker

"Honor, Duty, and Respect."


Name: Jhunvat Rashael -She often refers to herself as Jhunvat or is referred to in this way as is customary of Dragon-Kin culture. It is actually her clan name and Rashael is her given name.

Nickname: (To be determined)

Title: The Seeker

Race: Dragon-Kin

Visual Age: Late twenties to early thirties.

Factual Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Role: Survivor, long range support, scout, tracker, pretty much a person to go out on their own and find things or lead the group through dangerous terrain.

Class: Ranger

Theme Song: Theme Song
Hikari Sasuhou


Hair: None, but she does have scales which are of the ocher coloration. On her head is a mass of lengthy scales which resemble braided hair which does not even grow very long except for the very back side of her skull. She prefers to decorate the longer scales to look as if they are braided.

Facial Hair: None.

Eyes: Small, sunken, and golden in color.

Eye Brows: None.

Ears: No external ears and short cochlea, but electrical tuning makes up for what would otherwise be poor hearing.

Nose: Somewhat protruding snout.

Lips: None.

Build: That depends on who is speaking. For a Dragon-Kin Rashael is considered of an “average” size, but the more humanoid races might consider her “filled out.”

Skin Tone: Ocher

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 240 lbs.

Voice: Thick and sweet with a heavy accent.

Handed: Left

Body Markings: Clan-based tattoos cover Rashael’s arms and legs.

Scar Tissue: The oldest scars have molted off, but some of the deepest ones still dot Rashael’s scales, most easily recognized by their either pure-white or faded ocher coloration.

Unique Body Features: Besides being very Draconic in appearance there is nothing too distinct.


Quirks: Jhunvat never truly seems to be “at ease” wherever she may be due to her rigorous upbringing on the outskirts of the Wyrmrot Marshes. Most of the times you will find her pacing or trying to accomplish some menial task or goal, she does not believe that “taking it easy” is either honorable or desirable.

Every time she successfully kills another creature, either for sport or out of necessity, the Dragon-Kin stop and say a prayer to the dead spirits of the world in homage of their sacrifice. Jhunvat is very keen on Dragon-Kin cultural beliefs and their respect for everything living. She does not make exceptions to any of these rules.

Virtue/Creed: “Honor, Duty, and Respect. The three must be adhered to if one is to live nobly.”

Motivation: The duty of following in her father’s path of honor and glory.

Goal: Living to become as honorable a warrior as her father, Baldr the Vigilant.

Fear: Dying dishonorably.

[*]Following in her father’s footsteps


[*]Honorable combat


[*]Sketching maps

[*]Bringing disgrace and dishonor to the Jhunvat clan


[*]Someone not showing the proper respect to another

[*]Dishonorable beings


-Surveying the land
-Keen memory for previously visited areas

-Not completely fluent in the Common Tongue
-Somewhat gullible
-Rigid code of ethics forces conflict with others

Personality Description: Jhunvat can be considered the embodiment of the Dragon-Kin culture. She is honorable, dutiful, respectful, and every bit as martial as her culture appears from the outside, and in no way does she compromise her personal integrity for the desires of another or her heart. Most of the time she comes off as very stiff and unyielding, but the Dragon-Kin culture is rife with distance and “respectability” in both familial and friendly relationships. In all actuality she really just needs time to grow accustomed to new persons and will begin to open up with them, albeit very slowly. In the midst of her clan home Jhunvat is actually known as somewhat more of a comic than she appears, but most of the jokes she knows do not translate very well into the Common Tongue or are so contextually wrapped in the Dragon-Kin culture most would not be able to understand them.

Showing respect to all life forms of Wralandir is of utmost importance to Jhunvat, and she would never fall so low as to directly insult or show disdain towards another being, unless of course her draconic joke is taken in the wrong way. As long as someone can understand this aspect of Rashael’s personality they can get along with her just fine, but anyone who attempts to disrespect another who has only shown compassion, understanding, or acceptance will soon face the fiery wrath of a Dragon-Kin warrior. Sometimes this leads to undue conflict with others, but so far no serious grudges have been held.

When speaking of wealth, trade, and hunting many ideologies may come into conflict with one another, such as is selling the furs of hunted animals still respectful or selling your knowledge of the land for a small profit honorable? In all truth there has to be some form of sustainability in Rashael’s actions and beliefs to keep her going as is, and she has found peace with her lifestyle. To not properly utilize the remains of a hunted animal would be wasteful and disrespectful to their contribution to the cycle of life, if she can take an animal’s remains and put them to use helping others then respect is being shown for the creature’s life. If she has knowledge of an area’s ecosystem or has a detailed map sketched out it would be improper to not provide another with his information. This does not mean she will always try to turn a dollar or even make as much profit as possible, that would be dishonorable and bring shame upon the Jhunvat clan, and instead she merely sells what she needs to get by with the essentials and donates or provides the rest without charge.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
Above Average Hand-to-Hand Combat: If being 6’4” and 240 lbs. does not factor into the melee capabilities of an individual then being trained in a warrior-centric society such as the Dragon-Kin definitely does. While she may try to avoid this particular form of combat Rashael has no problems engaging another with her claws when necessary.

Above Average Melee Combat: Not knowing how to wield a blade or any kind of weapon in Dragon-Kin society is near enough to suicidal as one can get, but true weapon preference is left to the individual. Rashael understands the necessity of being able to wield a blade, but prefers other means to get the job done.

Good Armed Combat: The Jhunvat Clan has always been home to capable marksmen and their warriors have preferred archery to most other forms of combat. As such they have crafted a form of bow special to their region using materials and a process kept secret from outsiders of the clan. If any repairs are to be made to a warrior’s bow if will be done solely by its owner.

Very Poor Magic Combat: Rashael has no talent or knowledge concerning magic or combat utilizing magic in any way, shape, or form.

Good Mounted Combat: This is another crucial aspect of fighting in the Jhunvat clan which is not overlooked by its warriors no matter the reasoning. Being on the fringe of the Wyrmrot Marshes means there is much less swampy land with more availability to mount creatures and ride freely. Mounted combat is stressed amongst the border clans.

Racial Abilities
Good Inner Strength: The Dragon-Kin have been noted throughout the annals of history of being extraordinarily resilient under times of duress, and especially the much more so when wounded. Rashael has inherited such characteristics from her ancestors, but she always tries to ensure a modicum of restraint no matter the circumstances.

Above Average Enhanced Vision: One of the reasons Rashael is as skilled with a bow and able to examine her surroundings as thoroughly as she can is because of her vision which is just a bit better than the average humans.

Good Dragon-Kin Zeal: Many a battle had been fought in ancient times when an opposing army thought they had the best of the Dragon-Kin in battle, but the zeal of the draconic beings have lifted up many from the grips of death to beat back the unsuspecting foes.

Very Poor Cold Breath: Rashael used to have the capability of a breath weapon which could send forth freezing cold flames, but she lost her ability as she matured. As of now it has been many years since she has been able to even breath a small flame.

Class Techniques
Excellent Attunement with Environment: Wherever Rashael goes she seems to understand the environment around her and what she can or needs to do to gain the advantage of her surroundings.

Good Lure: Having spent a good deal of time hunting, tracking, and observing animals has left this Dragon-Kin with a decent idea of how to lead them where she wants them to go.

Average Animal Empathy: Rashael has an understanding of the animals around her, at least to a degree. She can most readily grasp the feelings of domesticated animals which are accustomed to interaction with humanoid races, but the more untamed and savage the beast the weaker her connection becomes.

Learned Skills
Excellent Bowyer: The Jhunvat clan reveres the bow above most other weapons for combat and passes down a tradition of crafting a particular bow unique to their clan. Each individual is taught to bowyer and entrusted with the clan’s secret style.

Excellent Quartering: Jhunvat’s meticulous nature and respect for others means she divides the food she prepares equally so that all can receive an equal portion.

Excellent Skinning: It is necessary for a ranger to know how to properly skin a beast so the meat can be cooked up to par, and it also helps to earn a few coins from the pelts so as much can be used form the animal as possible. Rashael spends much time ensuring this is done correctly, and more often than not will insist upon the task.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Excellent Hunting & Tracking: Even if you are travelling with one companion you must know how to hunt and track wild game, or any kind of being should it become necessary.

Good Survival: To traverse the majestic and deadly landscape of Wralandir would be suicidal if you are unable to survive.

Average Stealth & Guile: Despite being somewhat agile and knowing how to utilize terrain to her advantage Rashael is still a 6’4” Dragon-Kin with claws that clack against stone. Her element is the outside world, not traversing city streets, buildings, and corridors.

Poor Barter: Not having the greatest command of the Common Tongue, having difficulty in deciphering lies, and being very generous as a display of strength do not help one in the area of bartering. Rashael does not care if she is swindled as long as she feels she has not taken advantage of another.

Above Average Leadership: Merely understanding how to fight and just take orders is not the mark of a true warrior. While it is not in everyone’s fate to become mighty leaders or even the best it is still necessary for a true warrior to understand how to lead others in combat.

Poor Tact: Dragon-Kin tend to be more straightforward and honest with their speech than most other intelligent humanoid races due to their strict sense of honor and duty. This is not to say that she intends to insult others or even believes she is doing so, but cultures tend to clash the most in concerns to language.

Excellent Honor: To be honorable and bring honor unto the clan is the driving force of the Dragon-Kin way of life. There are always exceptions to this rule, but Rashael is not one of them.

Perfect Courage: To not have courage in the Dragon-Kin society is to be without honor. Rashael would gladly fight any battle which would come her way, but this does not mean she loses her head or fights without thinking, she merely knows how to put any fears out of mind.

Poor Bloodthirst: Rashael loves to fight for many reasons, to gain honor and respect, for her duty, and even enjoyment are among these, but fighting for the thrill or utilizing force to her advantage is not one of them. Glorious battle is welcomed with open arms, but dishonorable combat is not accepted.

Above-Average Wealth: Jhunvat understands the importance of having some form of monetary means or having something to trade in the land of Wralandir is essential. She has a head for spending and saving, and hardly indulges in unnecessary shopping. The best source of her income is derived from selling the maps she sketches, giving advice to those in need of it, and trading furs collected from the hunt.

Strength: [7] Beach Bully- Being descended from dragons and having a much larger stature gives the Dragon-Kin a natural advantage in strength over humans, but preferably living in the wilds and tracking animals most of the day keep the body in shape as well.

Perception: [7]Big-Eyed Tiger- A hunter would not be worth their salt if they we unable to take notice of the environment around them. Rashael does not focus so much on the little details as she tends to examine the entirety of an area around her.

Endurance: [7]Tough-as-Nails- Living on what you can hunt and sometimes having to do without tends to strengthen the body’s natural endurance. The children of Baldr are expected to be able to endure hardships which would destroy lesser beings.

Charisma: [4]Peevish Librarian- The biggest problem with Rashael’s abilities to charm another person is her strict sense of honor and duty, and while those are admirable traits they tend to make her look stiff and unforgiving. Another problem here is her lack of complete mastery of the Common Tongue, sometimes she mistranslates a joke or phrase and things just don’t sound right. Finally we come to the dislike of lying aspect of her personality. While this can be a plus because people know they can trust her they also need to know that she can be brutally honest and does not have a problem with it.

Intelligence: [5]Knowledgeable- This is more of an objective assessment of her intelligence. While Rashael knows a great deal about how to survive in the wilderness, understanding animals, honor, duty, respect, and the Draconic culture her understanding of the world outside of the Wyrmrot marshes is somewhat limited. There is also her lack of mastery in the Common Tongue which proves detrimental at times.

Agility: [6]Catlike- Never try to anticipate just how quickly or nimbly and individual can move solely based on their appearances.

Luck: [3]Sickly Albatross- Rashael did not make it this far in life by relying on luck to achieve her goals.



A leather thong holding fangs, attractive stones, and an obsidian pendant in the middle, this happens to be a pendant given to her by Baldr.

An animal hide vest covering her teats but also coupling comfort with flexibility.

Her quiver, bow, and a half-sling made for the Jhunvat Blade.

Overlapping steel plates are interwoven in the tops of her vest and vambraces are worn as well.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Right Accessory
Knives and flint.

Left Accessory

A mid-length skirt two steel plates covering her sides.

Steel greaves and cuisse. This is also where Jhunvat prefers to store map sketches which she donates or sells to individuals.

None, Jhunvat prefers to walk bare-footed.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Jhunvat Bow
Weapon Type: Reflex Bow

Material: Undisclosed

Ammo: Arrows
-10 Fixed-Blade Broadheads
-10 Bodkins
-10 Poison-Tipped

Length: 4’
Weight: 9 lbs.

Weapon Description/Info: The Jhunvat bows seem resemble simple Reflex bows, but is slightly heavier than you would be accustomed to finding.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Jhunvat Blade
Weapon Type: Machete-like

Material: Steel blade with a bone handle and leather grip.

Length: 4’
Weight: 7 lbs.

Weapon Description/Info: The Jhunvat Blade is somewhat larger than the typical machete, but it is used in much a similar fashion. The main reason for its larger size is to improve the fighting capabilities of mounted warriors armed with such a weapon.


-Skinning/Pruning/Whittling knives
-Map sketches

Magical Devices

-Jhunvat Recurve Bow
-Jhunvat Machete


Marital Status

-Baldr the Vigilant- Father, whereabouts unknown and Rashael is unaware of him missing.
-Jhunvat Clan
- Jhuntal, one of the northernmost regions of the Wyrmrot Marshes located between the Nexus and Ashlands.


-Joined the party supposedly led by her father only to discover he has been missing for some time

Rashael was the last child fathered by Baldr the Vigilant, and as such received somewhat more of his attention than the siblings who came before her, but this does not mean she was given more love or allowed more freedom than the rest. Instead her father, the Dragon-Kin who is more of a living legend than most beings one could meet, wanted his youngest daughter to grow up as strong and capable as her brothers. Her other sisters had been trained in the way of warriors, to some degree, but most had also been promised to other clans through arranged marriages at an early age, and Rashael assumed this was to be her fate as well. The arrangements were never made though, and every time the subject was broached by fellow clansmen Baldr seemed to have an adventure to begin or quest to set out upon, so soon the idea of marriage died completely.

She had been asked of her thoughts on marriage several times, been courted by suitors from other clans, and even inquired as to her situation several times, but there was never an answer to be given. Soon Rashael put the idea out of her mind completely and focused upon her training she had a goal in life to live up to the expectations of all Baldr’s children, to follow in his footsteps and become a renowned warrior who added honor and reputation to the clan’s name. She never trained to fight as a true warrior or knight as her father though; instead she focused upon learning of nature. Many said Rashael was simply born on the path of greatness which would lead her into the wilds of Wralandir, and it was with this thought in her head that she set out into the Ashlands to prove her mettle.

While tracking a beast she was somewhat familiar with, it was a creature she had hunted on the borders of both the Wyrmrot Marshes and Ashlands, she stumbled upon another hunter out for glory, a trophy hunter named Arhurr. He had been tracking the same creature for some time, but lost its trail after a short period, Rashael decided to help her fellow hunter since she was somewhat more familiar with both the land and the beast. After rediscovering its tracks and following them for some time they violently ended when another beast attacked them. It seemed something else had decided to hunt the intended prey as well, and if the two of them had not joined forces both would likely have died.
After their near-death experience Rashael and Arhurr decided to travel and hunt the Ashlands together, at least until they became more familiar with the land and sure of themselves. Assuming their paths would someday diverge neither expected to become accustomed to the other’s companionship and whose skills complemented each other so well. With an understanding that they worked much more effectively as a team than either could manage separated or with another group or partner the two decided to travel and adventure together.

So begins...

Jhunvat Rashael's Story