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Krakerot Solassi

"You will see that I'm not evil. Then you will apologize."

0 · 101 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by TheFinalOne


"If you aren't scared of death; you haven't lived."



Nickname: His name translates to DeathWing in the language of the Ancients; the language used now only for naming people. That is because nobody in the last thousand years has spoken it properly. They are not sure if the spelling and pronunciation is correct. So instead of his real name he prefers to use Deathwing. Sometimes he'll even introduce himself as KRAKEROT SOLASSI.

Title: KRAKEROT SOLASSI, which translates to "Eternal Peace" or death in the native language of a tribe he met three years ago. It was a tribe of Cambions living near Eden in the Brimstone Abyss. He clearly remembers the warm welcome he got, spears pointed towards him. Quite interesting that day was. They thought that because he had appeared in the town the same day the heir of the tribe had died in a mysterious fire, he was the one responsible. Maybe he was, but he didn't blurt out that. He let him go when they realized the neighboring tribe was responsible, but the name of Krakerot Solassi stuck.

Lineage: Descent of Annapolis, the first dragon centaur.

Nationality: Though originally he was from Khaz Modan, but then since his kind are despised there, they ran away to Nexus. Dragon centaurs are a rare bunch, less than five hundred exist, half-breed or otherwise(actually, his father his the only true breed dragon centaur alive).

"We fight to live; we live to fight."

Race: He is a dragon centaur mixed breed, that is half dragon centaur, half tiefling.
Dragon centaurs are centaurs who have been blessed by the dragons with wings, as the legends go, for betraying their own kind. They do not suffer from the shorter legs that normal centaurs do. But very few dragon centaurs can actually fly because of their massive body size. Deathwing has not tried to fly yet but a Cambion once told him that he may be able to, considering he can magically increase the strength of his wings.

Factual Age: 45. This makes him about 20 in human years. Though some may consider it too early to have set out on a journey, his father believed he may learn much more if he traveled, even if the risks may not be worth the effort.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: We all know what centaurs did in all those ancients story, do we not?

Role: Attacking Support. Yes, he can one-punch a man to death. Yes, he can decapitate a man with one kick from the hind legs. He is powerful in those regards but he is not agile. It is difficult to move backwards with the body of a horse. It is impossible to move laterally. So he does not go on a mad rush to murder the universe. Instead he stays back. He does have healing spells and whatnot, but lack of skills make these abilities rusty. His true strength is his Mime attack (see below).

Class: Mage. One can call him a mage or a wizard. He believes that a wizard is a more powerful, more experienced version of a mage and so it makes him happy if he is called a wizard. But he is young. Though he has traveled many places in the last ten years and learned many styles of magic reserve manipulation, he is not proficient in any. so by his own definition of the term, he is still a mage.


Hair: Long flowing black hair of amazing strength. It is rare for his race, as rare as they are, to have both long hair and great big horns. The horns have not grown like a tiefling's(a tiefling's horn is ram-like) and the hair not like a dragon centaur's(their hair is short and orange), but more important is that he has both hair and horns; it is a symbol of greatness within dragon centaurs like him.

The hair are braided and the end is kept from opening back up by a strange wine that grows on just one tree in the Almac Plateau (no, not one type of tree. Just one big old tree. The tranquiles were not very happy when he did that though they did manage to regrow what was lost). It is said that the wines provide a man with the courage and the determination to win anything and get anyone.

The horns grew in stages, clearly shown by the weird rings around them. Each time his horns stopped growing for a short while, in an attempt to make them look more like a ram's and therefore like a tiefling's, they were beaten and hit until they bent. But that never happened. Instead, his horns grew crooked, angling back forwards. In the end, they stopped beating it when the horns grew too thin to be bent without breaking.

Wings:This is the main difference between a centaur and a dragon centaur(the longer legs hind legs are not as noticeable). Wings of a dragon centaur come in various sizes and shapes. Mostly they are about eight feet in total wingspan and have hollow bones, and are white. Deathwing's wings are wider, at ten feet, but they do not have any bones, only muscle, and are black. This allows him to hide (often wings cause trouble as they obstruct) the wings easily under his long flowing hair. But, a keen observer will spot the wings. Even if he doesn't, Deathwing introduces himself as a dragon centaur. Why should he associate himself with those dirty centaurs?

Facial Hair: He has no hair at all on his face. But he is still young, so they will most likely start to grow in a few years.

Eyes: His eyes are unlike his father or mother. They are small, compared to his face and body, and glow reddish yellow. The slits on the bone for his eyes form a 'V'. Most people fear red eyes because that is the color of the flag many use to signal danger. But some people, don't judge them, may find tranquility when peering into his eyes though be warned, if you do so, you may begin to trust him. However nice he may act, he is still a half dragon centaur. These are centaurs whose forefather Georgis Annapolis, a centaur, betrayed all his people to the dragons just so he can have wings (he never was able to fly though, the idiot).

Build: Whatever air of danger around him his deer ears might have removed, his body regains. He is more muscled than an average centaur. It is safe to say that his upper body size to head ratio is comparable to a dwarf.

But even his muscular chest is overshadowed by his big hands. There are easily bigger than his head; bigger than any head of any of the races. Truly, mixed breeding screws up people. With white fur covering his hand, who even knows how many fingers he has. He insists he has five but they insist he is a dragon centaur and so even 'demon-er' than a Cambion.

The white hair looking thing that grows from his hand and reaches his head is actually a symbiotic plant. It stores magic for him. It can also harden to protect but he does not know that because the opportunity has never arrived.

His horse lower body much similar to any other horse. It can be compared to a draft horse. One thing special is that the pattern on his back and hind legs are natural.

Height: [Here, I'm confused. Most horses are easily 5 to 6 feet ground to back. Then if you add the upper half of a man, they should be easily 8-10 feet. 7 feet feels too short]

Weight: Because of his size, he weighs in at 2200 pounds.

Voice: A younger John Petrucci

Handed: From day one he was taught how to use both hands. "You will one day lose one hand. It's inevitable in times like these. What will you do then? Will you have the time to relearn?" He cannot write using the normal quill and ink though. His hands always manage to crumple the quill into uselessness. He uses charcoal stick shoved inside small iron tubes if he has to write.

Body Markings: He has no body markings or tattoos of any kind. Anything that will add to his devilish looks will only make him Public enemy number One. For him personally, tattoos are the vain efforts of ugly creatures to beautify themselves.

Scar Tissue: If you ask him, he will tell you that he has never fought a real battle. That is true, as his lack of scars show. Usually when he faces opponents who wish to kill or devour( horse meat is tasty) him, he runs away.

Unique Body Features: The ears and the symbiotic plant are pretty unique. And so his is skin color, hair pattern on his horse and of course, his horn. And his wings, which stay hidden under his hair. Pretty unique all around.


  • Long silence: Sometimes in the middle of a conversation Deathwing stops talking because he is thinking what to say next or about something completely different. This causes awkward pauses in conversation, though Deathwing remains completely oblivious to it.
  • Makes up random lies about unimportant things for no reason.
  • Writes with left hand, but does everything else right-handed. Again he can write with right hand and do everything else with his left hand too, but he prefers it this way.

Virtue/Creed: Each day as it arrives. He has never planned ahead, even where to go next. Usually on the last day he will ask the people where they wanted to visit, and then set out for that place.

Motivation: "Revenge for Annapolis..." When he was younger, he was told how Annapolis, the first Dragon centaur, never betrayed anyone. It was a ploy by then king of the centaurs. So he set out, trying to better the reputation of dragon centaurs. It is quite a dangerous mission, more so because he is one of the few dragon centaurs left. He has never really tried that hard, he only believes he should be doing this is because he respects his father.

Goal: To convince the world that Annapolis was not evil and that dragon centaurs are not betrayers. His occasional running away doesn't help that is mostly when he is facing insurmountable odds. He has his doubts though. Except for all centaur and most elves, no one really cares about what Annapolis, or even who Annapolis. They just want to eat him, because horse meat is tasty.

Fear: Meeting a centaur and having to fight just because something may have happened many, many years ago. "I mean seriously, get a life." Beating a centaur is not the problem, his ego says, it is having to fight in the first place. He has met only four centaurs till now, and all went for his head. "What? Is there like a price on my head?"

  • Silence/being alone: He loves silence. Keeping up appearances just so people stopping hating on him is tiring. He'd love some Self Time[TM]. In that time, he likes to stop thinking about all this nonsense going around him and wonder about smaller things in life, the flora and fauna.
  • Magic: Magic has always fascinated him. When his father discovered that Deathwing wanted to be a mage instead of a warrior like him, he was angry. But somehow his father agreed to not kill him for his insolence. Perhaps he considered that the dragon centaurs were already too rare to have unnecessary infighting.
  • Cooking: He loves to cook. Travelling in forests and desert and other varying environments, he has learned the importance to using what is available. Though people don't eat what he has cooked, he is a betrayer after all.
  • Reading: “Books are the real Angels and Demons.” It takes effort to not destroy the books, but it is worth it ( One traveler told him that if he used tongs, he would be able to turn pages easily. Thank You, kind stranger!).
[list][*] Centaurs and Elves: Whenever he meets a centaur or elf, he always seems to into trouble; usually with them.

[*] Cowardice: “The brave die once; the coward rule for an eternity.” Of course, if the odds against you are stacked like a hundred Mount Everests then trying to fight is a foolish things to do. Deathwing himself would run away to fight another day rather then getting himself squashed like a bug.

[*] Bards: He hates those singers very much. They always talk about how good a certain place is compared to the one they are currently in. They talk about that place treats everyone equally. It’s always a lie.

Strengths: The strength he considers more important is his ability to wield magic in an unconventional way. For example, he can uses magic to 'teleport' his punches to the opponent. And since very few mages are as strong as him physically, without any buffs, it tends to confuse opponents.

Weaknesses: No one is perfect and he knows that too. He fears that someone might get through his disguise. Or worse, make him angry. After what he did to his own mother, one should not anger him; at all.

Personality Description:

Like all creatures he too is like a coin. One side tells how he is when things are relatively quiet. The other side tells us how he reacts when shit gets real. The edges are for all the times he does not know if the situation is good or bad. It is quite a thick coin.

He may suffer from Multiple personality disorder. He talks to himself in his mind. Most likely that is because of his ever changing personality. In reality, he is like a chameleon, blending into the crowd, personality wise. All his actions are well thought in advance. Much like gold, he is malleable. Who knows his true personality? Not even he knows. It has been lost in the sea of expectations.

When things are quiet, Deathwing is quite content with his life; except for the times when he remembers the life he left behind. He has accepted that however powerful he gets, there will always be someone more powerful.

He is a carefree and merciful sort of person. Mistakes are made, it is only natural. But they should be only punished harshly if they cause major problems or if in battle causes the life of a fellow person. Then, he is excessive and ruthless in punishment.

He carries with him a book in which he writes about his adventures for those who follow him to read. Like while speaking, the words in the journal are frank and honest, that is, easily considered cold-hearted. He feels lying does achieve anything; it might help you in the short term but in the long term the lies will just pile up and cause one to lie more.

But that does not mean he does not bullshit about small things. Of course, he will never lie about something important, but come on, who does not lie about how they caught a small fish bare handed? He has caught larger fishes bare handed, because they were slower. Those little slimes are the impossible to catch.

His mannerisms can be called immaculate and gentlemanly. He does not disrespect, insult or belittle anyone. After all, he has heard how in the tales related to disrespectful men, these men are transformed into monsters and evil, vile creatures bent on destruction(Georgis Annapolis). In reality, they may have just called someone a fool, but these men are dead now; they cannot protect themselves and their reputation from these allegations. He hopes that his reputation as a nice person precedes him so people don’t assume bad things about him and act all suspicious.

He is an able and alert person. He understands more about this world that he lives in. He understands why one has to die, why there is a life. “Without death, there is no life.” Only because all the sentient beings die, they understand the importance of life. He may know much about life now, he still does not understand the irrationality that people, including him, have. This is how sentience is defined? Irrationality? How he’d like to find out.

But life is never rosy; hell, it is rarely rosy. Sometimes, in each one’s life, one has to fight. Be it with his brother over a girl, with his mother over her possessive nature, with demons and dragons and everything in between. And when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. Most likely, he wont be going anywhere.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Average] Hand-to-Hand Combat: Sure, he can murder you with those big hands. But why bother when he can keep you away with magic? If push does come to shove, his legs are always there.

[Poor] Melee Combat: He does not use any of the normal weapons like swords. He does have a staff and a shuriken-of-sorts, but they are currently with a friend.

[Below Average] Armed Combat: Again, what will he mount? Nor, will allow anyone to mount him.

[Excellent] Magic Combat: He is very good at what he does. Is, in all probability, helped by the symbiotic plant.

[?] Mounted Combat: I can only wonder what can support him. A dragon?

Racial Abilities
[Perfect] Adaptability: This is the only reason he has survived this long. Dragon centaurs are hated everywhere centaurs and elves are present. If he could not show that he is really a good person, they would have torched him a long time ago. (Okay, maybe a few times, his acts of kindness are staged. But it does still count.)

[Average] Rationality: He is rational as far he can be. After that, one must understand that dragon centaurs have urges like any other creature.

[Very Poor] Moral Compass: "Just accept it. You are too insignificant to change anything." He will help someone only if he can get something out of it.

Class Techniques

[Perfect] Shards of Oblivion: This is his basic attack. It involve throwing a blast of air towards his opponents.

[Very Good] Dragon's Fury: It is a move that can make him faster, stronger and last longer. This is more passive ability on himself. He can buff others too but it doesn't work that well on others. It only works well in short bursts.

[Excellent] Mime: It is an interesting attack. It involves what he dubbed 'energy ventriloquism'- the ability to transfer attacks. This allows him to hit an opponent up to thirty meters away with his hands. What happens is that when he punches, the effect of the punch is felt near the opponent. So, like in ventriloquism the voice seems to originating from somewhere else, the punch seems to be originating near the opponent.

[Large/Excellent] Magic Reserve: It is mostly because of the symbiotic plant that his Magic reserves are that large.

Learned Skills
[Perfect]Magic: From Akimbo, the magical technique to control movement, taught in the Almac Plateau, to Krav, taught by a Dragonkin in Dragonrend, he has learned many ways of magic manipulation and can safely say that he is proficient in most, if not all. Each style offers his variety. Whether to choose Sinosh, a technique that uses the opponents strength and momentum, or Xenei, a berseker technique?

[Above Average] Languages: He has traveled many places to improve relations of the people with dragon centaurs. To communicate with the local people and learn their interpretation of Annapolis' story, he has learned their dialects and local language, usually only enough to have a normal everyday conversation.

[Excellent] Cooking: Travels have helped in many ways. Now he can cook hundreds of dishes! Make new dishes!


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Very Poor] Hunting & Tracking: He has never had a arch nemesis. All his enemies are dead or cannot bothered with petty feuds any longer. He hates remembering the time he spent eight days finding "Kraken's Den", a bar, in a small town; not realizing the bar was behind his hotel.

[Good] Survival: He has traveled all over the lands. A testament to his Survival, I'm sure.

[Average] Stealth & Guile: He is no Rogue; but he is no Bard either.

[Average] Barter: He never has much to offer. In his travels, he has exchanged gift from one village with gifts from another village. Hell, he still doesn't know what was in the menacing looking black box that seemed to scream, "Box o' Don't Ask".

[Below Average] Leadership: One'll be better off not following him.

Poor Tact: Not being much of a charmer has really affected his chances of improving people's opinion on the dragon centaurs.

[Poor] Honor: Consider him a loose canon.

[Good] Courage: He will fight stronger opponents without fear, but only if there is no way out.

[Below Average] Bloodthirst: If he doesn't have to kill, he won't. Even if he has to kill, he will consider maiming or knocking out an opponent. Except centaurs though; they don't hold back trying to kill him, why should he?

[Poor] Wealth: "Travelers are but beggars."

Strength: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[7]Beach Bully: Just look at those muscles. Also, he is a horse.

Perception: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[6]Alert Coyote: He know what is happening in the world. He know who is who and what is what and how to go about doing things. But he is not good at figuring out people and why they do whatever is it they do.

Endurance: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[7]Tough-as-nails: Much like his strength; he can endure more punches than most people.

Charisma: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[5]Substitute Teacher: He will get along. But most people ignore him/are unimpressed/hate him.

Intelligence: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[5]Knowledgeable: He knows quite a few things about life. But then again, does he truly know anything?

Agility: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[3]: He has realized that brute strength is not something that will win you your battle; it's surviving a battle. But, he is a horse.

Luck: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[6]Stacked Deck: He has survived. He must be lucky.


He does not wear a dress. He has his natural coat to protect his dignity.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Jakuri

Weapon Type: Staff

Material: Wooden interiors. Covered by steel platings. On the ends there are two blue gemstones, that use the user's ki or magical energy to form a nice particle effect.

Ammo: Stamina

Length: 8 feet

Weight: 15 kilograms

Weapon Description/Info: Given to him by a merchant hailing from Veritas, this staff said to be same one used by a king many years ago to win a battle.
Years ago King Ladile, ruling over a small country in Khaz Modan, survived an assassination attempt. The next day the army, of the country from where the assassin belonged, attacked Ladile's country. While Ladile slept the other army spread false news of Ladile dying.
That morning Ladile's army was tense. In front of them stood an army twice their size. Suddenly, King Ladile appeared with the staff. As the other army's captain got confused as to what to do next, Ladile raised his staff and shouted, "Today we fight!" With King Ladile's army's moral back, they routed the enemy. But unfortunately, no one saw Ladile or the staff again.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Circe

Weapon Type: A small circular ring with spikes at the end; meant to be thrown.

Material: Cast iron

Ammo: Stamina, Hand-Eye Coordination

Radius: 8 centimeters outer, 4 inner.

Weight: half a kilo.

Weapon Description/Info: As he left to join the band of Legend Killers, he was given this by a man in whose house Deathwing had stayed. One day the town where the man lived was attacked by bandits who knew that the town was filled with pacifists.
Deathwing was just passing by the road and decided to help them.The bandits were no pushover. But seeing some stranger helping them, the people got their acts straight and helped Deathwing. And so, he turned a town away from pacifism; not something he is proud of. They made and gave him the weapon.


Items: He has no items of sentimental value enough to not be willing to exchange them.

Magical Devices: The Staff.


Marital Status Unmarried.

Relatives He has a father who is a pure breed dragon centaur, which is extremely rare. So rare, in fact, that he might be the only one alive at the moment.
He had a mother, who he killed.

Birthplace: Somewhere north of Elysium.

Occupation: Traveler.



He was born to a Tiefling and a dragon centaur near a small village. The villagers were actually surprised to another dragon centaur. They are not sure where he came from.

Apart from his father, he has never seen another dragon centaur and so he looks up to him. As he grew up he was told about the King who betrayed Annapolis and all other centaurs and then put up Annapolis as a scapegoat because the king was jealous of his wings.

[Most likely this was done by the king not because Annapolis had wing, but because his hind legs were not as short.]

When he was fifteen, he was asked to kill his mother according to traditions. When his mother begged him and told him that his father was lying, he lost it and killed her; in accordance to the tradition.

When he was twenty, still a child (his father thought that seeing an innocent dragon centaur child) by centaurian standards, he was asked to set out and disprove to the world that dragon centaurs are evil. At first, he was reluctant. Was father trying to leave him on his own? Did he not love anymore? But when his father told how he would become the next Georgis Annapolis, his concern had been quenched.

He has traveled many places in the last few years. Usually he has little trouble, though only if there were no centaurs or elves around. He really likes those isolated places. Even if they want to cook him, alive, at least they do not judge his character based off of a legend.

He has been wandering here and there. When he heard, a month ago, about the legendary Legend Slayers he set out to find them. In his mind he thought if he manages to help them kill evil, the people would accept dragon centaurs. He barely managed to get there before the voyage began.

So begins...

Krakerot Solassi's Story