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Saras Nilin

Objective Record Keeping.

0 · 650 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by Arke


Saras Nilin : Unofficial Log
"As it is made, not as it is perpetuated."


Name: Saras

Nickname: Book-Keeper

Title: He-Who-Watches-Unobsctructed

Race: Unknown

Visual Age: About the early thirties

Factual Age: Unknown

Gender: Believed to be male

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Role: Prefers to take the role of Support, but can extend into others when necessary.

Class: Enchanter/Enchantress

Theme Song:Megalith Agnus Dei- Ace Combat 4 remixed by DarkIce


Hair: Oily sleek black hair, slicked back at a medium length.

Facial Hair: Assumed to have none

Eyes: Empty black pits surrounded by white, no iris to be seen.

Eye Brows: Assumed to be black

Ears: Compact and round, hugs the head and has no lobe.

Nose: Pointed downward, straight, broad, and medium length.

Lips: Pale, thin, cracked, as if unused to being used.

Build: Mesomorphic, though on the low end of the spectrum.

Skin Tone: Supposedly pale.

Height: Five feet, ten inches tall.

Weight: Around 500 pounds

Voice: Quiet with an unsure tenor in most cases. Low range. Sounds young.

Handed: Right Handed.

Body Markings: A very long Tattoo of a centipede wrapping around his upper left arm.

Scar Tissue: None

Unique Body Features: Skin is strangely hard and unyielding, and as mentioned earlier he weighs far more than he appears. Nobody really knows what his face truly looks like, as Saras instinctively will hide and fight anybody who tries to lift the mask. When eating, he will lift his mask slightly to reveal part of his nose and his thin, cracked lips.


-Compulsion, almost obsession to know things.
-Unusually trusting to specific people. Claims to be able to see honesty.
-Will often fall silent, always mid-sentence when he feels that something (be it the topic of a conversation or a physical situation) is wrong.

Virtue/Creed: It must be known. Objective. Unbiased.

Motivation: A very distinct urge to fill his tome with new things.

Goal: To cover the book, end to end with writing.

-Damage to the book. Is willing to sell out allies and friends to ensure it's safety.
-Dying before it is complete. Willing to abandon others if it means living another day in very extreme situations.

[*] Knowledge, though not necessarily understanding it.

[*] Writing

[*] Traveling

[*] Reading

[*] Others he can trust, those he can see honesty in.

[*] Blackmailers, Thieves.

[*] Leaving loose ends untied

[*] Running out of writing materials in the middle of a trip

[*] Discussion about his past- frankly he cannot tell you much either.

[*] Not knowing things. Ties in with his dislike of discussing his past.

-Strong Enchanter
-Can function as multiple roles. Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Archer, you name it.
-"Knows" many things, can be consulted if confused about an object or being.
-High tolerance to fatigue and pain

-Though he can substitute for multiple roles, (aside from Enchanting) he cannot perform as well in a role as someone who specializes in it.
-Knows, but sometimes does not understand. For example, if given a physical puzzle he cannot tell you how to solve it, but rather must solve it himself.
-When possible, he will always take a very passive role during events that can be argued as "major". It is to "keep the data objective".

Personality Description: With a hunger for knowledge, Saras finds himself almost unable to handle himself when it comes to talking with people. Inadvertently, he finds himself ending up on people's bad sides because he pries too far into their lifestyles and personal secrets, whether or not his assumptions are correct. His tone usually is tense and unsure, and given his appearance he is quite used to being assumed as "boring". In fact, he quite enjoys company, but his arbitrary sense of trust on what can seem like random people can put others off when it comes to interacting with him. He is not boring for certain, but is definitely an oddball.

What is interesting to note is his very strange obsession with knowledge. He cannot describe why, but he has frequent and powerful urges to know the unknown. He can sate this "hunger" by learning new things, but he is never truly satisfied completely. Will go through withdrawal symptoms such as back pain and mood swings when "deprived of knowledge". He believes there may be an underlying cause to this, but as of now has no clue on how to even begin looking up this strange psychological behavior.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Above Average] Hand-to-Hand Combat: He has an innate sense of body mechanics, and purposely exploits it to his advantage. Dedicated martial artists easily outstrip him in skill and knowledge, which is why he often seeks to end all fist fights as quickly as possible.

[Above Average] Melee Combat: His ability to sense body movements comes in handy with weapons, and he is experienced with most kinds of melee weaponry whether it be from a book or by handling it for any period of time. However, he's still no match for dedicated users of a weapon, and seeks to bolster his shortcomings with enchantments or ingenuity.

[Average] Armed Combat: About as good as any Joe Shmoe with a bow, crossbow, or otherwise. Should not be relied on for any sharpshooting unless absolutely necessary.

[Excellent] Magic Combat: Provides powerful enchantments that bolster various attributes, or just simply provides a shield or otherwise to improve his performance in combat. This can extend to his allies. He cannot directly attack with the magic, but is skillful at making precise and stealthy weaves that are hard to detect, and can be mistaken for natural talent.

[Average] Mounted Combat: Has been forced to fight on horseback before, and thus has experience on it. However, is not a very good dedicated fighter, and as always, skilled horsemen will be able to best him every time if he cannot gain an indirect advantage.

Racial Abilities
[Perfect] Transformation: In any situation, he can morph into a centipede-like form, encased in a hard shell with high maneuverability. The opening is where his face is, and is where most of his attacks come from. While in this form, his defenses and endurance are heightened, and he can attack physically with forms of Black Magic, but cannot enchant or communicate with others until he transforms back. The transformation itself takes a total of ten seconds to become the centipede, and about fifteen minutes to shed the body and assume a humanoid form once more. He is very vulnerable to attack during both these periods.

[Excellent] Memory: Can recall any memory with near-flawless clarity, but needs prompting to do so. Often uses this to recall facts that may be relevant to the situation at hand.
[Average] Problem Solving: Saras possesses an innate ability to solve problems, either by reading about it or trying it out. Often excels at physical puzzles while riddles and wordplay takes much longer to solve. It is an untapped ability, as he often leaves the solving portion to partners he might have in order to "keep the data objective".

Class Techniques
[Good] Buffs and Debuffs: Can enhance and degrade various attributes such as strength, speed, agility, and sometimes cognitive thought in any being. However, if attempted to be applied to others, Saras must obtain permission to do so, or else be subject to forcefully wringing out the person in question in order to buff/debuff him. It is very often more trouble to break into somebody's mind to get permission than to just kill them, so his augmentative skills usually only apply to his allies or friends. Can enhance skills up to three times the original, but the strength of the buffs/debuffs are directly proportional to the amount of energy required, and buffs are temporary, lasting up to about three hours at the very most.

[Excellent] Enchanting: Unlike buffs, enchantments are long-term buffs, and cannot be applied to sentient beings. Saras can bind powerful attributes to things such as weapons to grant them extra perks that will last depending on the conditions of the enchantment. For example, he can make a sword that never needs to be sharpened, but perhaps it will draw upon the user's strength at a very slow rate to resist blunting.

[Above Average]Primal Black Magic: When transformed, Saras gets to utilize a form of unfermented black magic. It cannot be used for clerical purposes, and is limited to mostly offensive abilities. He can send bolts of dark energy at his foes, corrode machinery from the inside out, or attack people from the shadows, using the shade as a disguise.

Learned Skills
[Excellent] Literacy: Saras has quickly learned to become literate in multiple languages, mostly due to his compulsive drive to become knowledgable for unknown reasons. Can write anything from an elegy to a sonnet to a research paper.

[Above Average] Organization and Maintenance: When processing a lot of information, a good organizational ethic can go very far. Saras is very prim and clean when it comes to organizing everything, and is very good at maintaining most pieces of weaponry and otherwise. He even utilizes enchantments to keep his work properly logged and filed away.

[Above Average] Humanoid Self-Defense: When not transformed, Saras initially lacked any abilities to defend himself. He took up some training, and learned to defend himself using weapons and his hands. That's really all there is to it, his sensitivity to the anatomy of most creatures helps him in combat, allowing him to get a sense of how his opponent may move.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Average] Hunting & Tracking: Has been traveling for quite some time, learning to hunt and track comes with it if one wants to stay alive. He isn't the greatest, but can probably nab a rabbit for dinner if pushed.

[Average] Survival: With travel comes tips and tricks to survival. He isn't dedicated to the wilderness, as there is little he can learn from what he mostly knows. He prefers a city, perhaps more so a library.

[Below Average] Stealth & Guile: Lugging around a giant tome that he absolutely refuses to leave means he can't really be stealthy. His guile is alright, but he lacks the physical ability to sneak around as freely as most people. His transformed appearance is too large to be stealthy, and since he cannot communicate with others in this form, there's little guile to be had.

[Above Average] Barter: Can haggle very well, mostly deals with information brokers where haggling is most useful in getting bang for the buck.

[Poor] Leadership: His very odd mannerisms and inability to do certain things makes him unsuited for any leadership role.

[Below Average] Tact: Very often will initially attempt to pry into people's lives. He doesn't intend to hurt people's feelings, but his obsession with knowing is very hard for him to resist. Once people let him in, he finds it extremely difficult to stop asking. He gets better after initial contact, but sometimes initial contact is all it takes to judge somebody.

[Below Average] Honor: Has no real differing opinion from the norm about Honor, though he doesn't necessarily abide by it.

[Below Average] Courage: Very unwilling to go into on suicide missions, would likely run and live another day than risk his life for strangers. However, in his transformed state he knows nothing of courage, and his hesitant mentality changes to that of a beast with an alliance.

[Above Average] Bloodthirst: While not a blood-lusting beserker in his human form, when he is transformed it is all he can do to stop tearing into one foe and to move to the next. Will go as far as to consume enemies if feeling hungry.

[Average] Wealth: What funds he does acquire by exchanging information with brokers or selling books, he uses it to eat and find more information. It is a tenuous balance.

Strength: As noted earlier, he is very heavy despite his mesomorphic stature at around six feet tall. How he contains five-hundred pounds within his body is unknown, but attributes to his strength in the fact that most people can't move him, while he uses his weight to move most people. In his centipede form, he is much larger, and is stronger due to his thick limbs and large body.
[6]Barrel Chested (human form)
[9]Doomsday Pecs (centipede form)

Perception: When in human form, Saras is quite paranoid and fears for the safety of his tome. He has heightened hearing, eyesight, and smell. However, when transformed his senses are dampened as all inhibitions are released when he reverts to his primal stage.
[6]Alert Coyote (human form)
[4]Unsuspecting Trout (centipede form)

Endurance: In humanoid form, his skin is tough and his body is resilient to pain and fatigue. In his centipede form, he has touch armor to protect him from many forms of damage along with his heightened resistence to pain and fatigue. Even things such as corrosive acids and flames find it hard to damage his exoskeleton when in centipede form.
[6]Hardy (human form)
[8]Flame Retardant (centipede form)

Charisma: He is an oddball, and many people find it hard to enjoy being in his company for long periods of time due to his out-of-place obsessions. It gets even worse when he is in Centipede form, where it often intimidates others. Saras can only barely tell friend from foe in his centipede form.
[4]Peevish Librarian (human form)
[1]Misanthrope (centipede form)

Intelligence: Storing so much knowledge in his head has to account for something in intelligence. Though he sometimes lacks true understanding of it, he does know the subject matter, and that's usually what counts. When in centipede form, all the information temporarily flies out the window.
[7]Smarty Pants (human form)
[3]Cretin (centipede form)

Agility: Though very heavy, Saras manages to move fairly normally for a human. He can jump, run, roll, and dash just as well as the next person. In his centipede form, he can scale walls easily and move quickly despite his size.
[5]Under Control (human form)
[7]Knife Thrower (centipede form)

Luck: There isn't much to go on here, luck doesn't play much of a role in Saras's life that differs from others in any significant way..
[5]Coin Flip (both forms)


Head Long, gray hood, with a painted mask that conceals most of his face.


Chest Gray waistcoat that attaches to his head above a black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt.

Back See above, May also don a cloak if the weather is unforgiving.

Arm/Shoulder Leather shoulder pads to provide some medium of protection.

Right Hand Tough, brown gloves.

Left Hand Tough, brown gloves.

Right Accessory Copper bracelet with an inlaid diamond for enchanting purposes.

Left Accessory None

Waist Thick belt with side-bags and a sheath for his weapon.

Legs Slightly baggy, comfortable fatigues with large pockets.

Feet Sturdy, thick-soled traveling boots.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name:The Da Dao

Weapon Type: CQC sword

Material:Steel, Wood, Cloth.

Ammo: Arm strength

Length: Little under three feet (handle is 14 inches, blade is roughly 15 inches

Weight: 2 lbs

Weapon Description/Info: A powerful hacking weapon, it was not made with finesse or technique in mind. It could be easily wielded due to the two-handed hilt, and has very easy balance for it's size to swing very quickly. Unfit for stabbing in any way, it makes up for it's shortcomings by being a very frightening bashing and slashing weapon that can cleave through flesh with virtually no resistance.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name:Hunting knife

Weapon Type: Multi-functional tool

Material:Steel, wood, ruby.

Ammo: Arm Strength

Length: about 1.5 feet.

Weight: 1lb

Weapon Description/Info: It is more or less a regular hunting knife, with the exception of the pommel where a ruby has been added for enchanting purposes. It is a last-ditch weapon, and enchanting tool in the case that his accesory with the diamond fails or is missing, and his Da Dao is broken/missing.


Items A backpack that carries a very, very large tome (think webster's dictionary large). He also carries a pouch of money, a canteen, some rations, some spare clothes, and writing utensils on the bag. On his belt he carries his knife.

Magical Devices Enchanting copper bracelet with inlaid diamond.

Weapons Primarily the Da Dao.


Marital Status Single

Relatives Unknown

Birthplace Unknown

Occupation Information Broker/Enchanter

Recruitment While on a quest for information, he joined the party in the understanding that he would finally be able to find out about collosi without risking his life too much.

Bio/History There isn't much to talk about. Saras woke up in a daze somewhere in the Stranglethorn Jungles unable to remember anything except his name and a purpose: To fill this gigantic empty tome next to him with as much information as possible. A scrap of paper in his hand only raised more questions. Reading "Drab as a fool, aloof as a bard. When Finished you come back to the start", he could only continue to ponder it as he grudgingly got up and began lugging the tome around.

Initially, he had no writing utensils, so when the strange withdrawal symptoms kicked in and he had to write something, he did so with his own blood. There were brief periods of unconsciousness where he woke up consuming the flesh of random animals, which frightened him. However, as he grew wise to his actions, he realized that as he starved himself to find knowledge he would unconsciously revert into his centipede form and hunt animals. What happened to the tome during his transformations were unknown, but it was always beside him whenever he woke up again. What he wrote in the tome at first was little more than a strange pattern of gibberish, but he eventually escaped Stranglethorn, and ran into a tranquilite monk. The monk, interested in Saras' odd goal, decided to help him and brought him to Sha'tar in the Almac Plateau. There, he became educated, learned to control his powers (after an initial shock when he decided to transform for his benefactor), and became "knowledgeable". He never did truly become a tranquilite, but he did quickly pick up on enchanting as his calling card.

Eventually, he left as tensions rose in his indecision to become a tranquilite. The Monks were accepting and friendly, yes, but it was only so long before a guest overstayed their welcome. Thanking his benefactor, he left and began to wander, poking his nose where it usually didn't belong and acquiring more and more knowledge that he stored away in his large encyclopedia. He used the knowledge to sustain his lifestyle, becoming a part-time information broker. For a good deal of time, he did nothing but wander and absorb as much information as he could- he even picked up his weapon, the Da Dao during this period. However, as he learned more and more, he realized new information was getting scarce, and the one place where he still had vast reserves of such a resource was the Collosi. Knowing he couldn't possibly go near them without having a very good chance of dying, he met a party on their travels that were collecting Collosi souls and asked to join. It took a bit of persuasion, but they eventually let him join. Mostly due to his talents.


So begins...

Saras Nilin's Story