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Wilhelmina Bismarck

"Embrace the end."

0 · 49 views · located in Fantasy Earth

a character in “Age of the Colossus”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Wilhelmina Bismarck

Nickname: Mina

Title: The Undying Will

Race: Lich

Visual Age: 32

Factual Age: 853

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Role: Mage

Class: Necromancer


Hair: The constant sun exposure normal dead bodies are kept away from has left her with somewhat of a mess of white hair that manages to reach down to her neck at the back and sides. Since it would be too much of a bother to alter the color it will inevitably return to, she has decided to just leave it like it is.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Again, the lack of constant pigmentation given to normal, living bodies has led to an unnatural color for her eyes in that they are now a vivid red.

Eye Brows: Thin and significantly less sun bleached than her hair.

Ears: Exactly what you'd expect.

Nose: Indeed

Lips: Thin

Build: Thin

Skin Tone: Fair, she uses minor magic to keep her lack of blood from making her look like a walking corpse.

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 268 lbs.

Voice: Distant and somewhat somber during most conversations; emotions add a bit of femininity to it.

Handed: Ambidextrous

Body Markings: None

Scar Tissue: None

Unique Body Features: When she's not consciously raising her own body temperature to accomplish some task or experiment, her skin remains at room temperature with the occasional variations if the temperature of the outside changes.



Virtue/Creed: "Knowledge is the foot upon life's neck."

Motivation: Having a mostly cooperative and living female body to allow further research into the physiology of such a thing.

Goal: Create an undead body that is virtually indistinguishable from a living one in both appearance and functionality using magic instead of the usual assortment of organs and flowing blood.

Fear: Dying before completing her work.

  • Challenges
  • Puzzles
  • Animals
  • Warmth

  • The cold
  • Irrationality
  • People
  • The inability to feel
  • Survivors

Strengths: Long-lived master of the necromantic arts whose life is almost impossible to end.

Weaknesses: A social pariah with one very fragile weak spot.

Personality Description: Spending the majority of her long existence alone in her manor and absorbed in her experiments and studies, Wilhelmina doesn't have the best mind for conversation. She usually remains quiet and refuses to talk when it isn't necessary, often finding it hard to turn a mind carefully calibrated to absorbing vast sums of information quickly to the task of responding to the stimuli she's involved in. When she does speak, she often does so in a calm, distant, matter-of-fact tone that does little to hide her uncaring attitude to the majority of everyday life. When she does stumble upon something she truly finds fascinating, that is when her voice will be raised and quick to blurt out words she has not spent her time haphazardly piecing together in a mind not fit for the task.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

ImageCombat Prowess
Above Average Hand-to-Hand Combat: Her definition of bare hands is a bit different then most since the morphing of dead skin and bone tend to change a battle of fists into a one sided battle where her fists have been replaced by a sharp blade.

Very Poor Melee Combat: She has never swung anything other than a book or disciplinary stick at others and would likely have an issue with getting a feel for the mechanics involved.

Very Poor Armed Combat: The physics behind things such as bows and the like are well understood by anyone capable of analyzing such things. The application of this knowledge is much more difficult.

Perfect Magic Combat: She has spent more time studying and practicing magic than most people have spent breathing and her natural affinity for such skills aren't to be overlooked either.

Poor Mounted Combat: She can vaguely remember the times when she needed to use a horse so that much would likely be doable after a few tries but actually aiming her magic would likely end in plenty of missed targets.

Racial Abilities
Perfect Undying: She has no need for food, water, sleep, air, or warmth.

Perfect Phylactery: Her soul is kept either in a safe and highly secretive place, or right on her person due to the amount of security she herself is able to provide. This allows her to continually regenerate without taxing her energy too much until her phylactery is destroyed. When that happens the soul goes into her current body and if she doesn't construct a new one, the destruction of her body would mean her death.

Excellent Reconstruction: A lich's body is best compared to a puppet for the soul of the wielder and therefore is impossible to permanently destroy without doing the same to the phylactery. If her body does not suffer too much damage in too short a time she will be able to restore everything that was lost without much effort. If substantial damage does occur, the body will be abandoned and a new one will appear near the phylactery within about two weeks.

Class Techniques
Perfect The Scourge: Control over the mindless wretches that inhabit the same race as her is both simple and expansive. It's not hard for a mortal necromancer to find his forces quite numerous and exceeding the usual time limit of life certainly doesn't impede one's improvement. There are two main ways of assuming control over the lifeless. The first is to simply command the dead that are within your range who will react to your commands directly and remain still when you are absent. The second is to put a bit of yourself into the body, giving it a spiritual connection to you and it will therefore act as you would in its situation regardless of where it is.

Excellent Ceremonial Dust: Most people attempting to share the wonderful title of necromancer seem too stuck on the notions of bodies and spirits. When basic logic creeps in you'll find that the dead reside all around you as the ashes fertilize the soil. The most useful of these is bone dust which can be obtained from any skeleton and turned into a multitude of things from skeletal warriors to spears.

Good Cooling Touch: The cold is the natural state of the undead and therefore is something many learn in case the hordes are unable to accomplish a task. With just a touch the temperature can drop by magnitudes and the energy can easily be put in the form of a blast or nova if needed.

Above Average Soul Weave: The ability to manipulate the souls of the dead to achieve a varying array of purposes is one of the most advanced spells a necromancer can learn. Mina delved into the technique with hopes that it might help her goal but found it to be a dead end and dropped it after some of the side effects became bothersome.

Learned Skills
Above Average Pragmatic Magic: While mainly focusing on fire based and electric spells, this covers a wide range of different schools of magic that she has either learned out of boredom or out of some expected need for it in the future.

Excellent Autopsy: She investigates the dead for whatever knowledge that may lead her to accomplish her goal. It's usually fruitless but was the only way to study the living without a willful volunteer.

Above Average Empath: The study of a living body would be incredibly inefficient if you need to depend on the unbiased and clear minded feedback of the subject. Therefore Mina has studied enough to be able to register both the sensations themselves and the locations that are responding to the stimuli.

Excellent Education: While she was merely taught to read and write as a child, it has been many years since then and as such she has pretty much mastered her native language, the formal version at least, and has learned to read in a slew of other languages to accommodate the occasional foreign text.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Very Poor Hunting & Tracking: She's never had to hunt down so much as a mouse and will merely send something else after it if it is truly in need of exterminating, and even this is in her own home.

Poor Survival: It's rather difficult for her not to survive no matter the circumstance so she really has no idea what this would really apply to.

Average Stealth & Guile: By lifting her feet off of the ground using her magic she can move without much noise and she has been known to occasionally trick people into not fighting her or, for instance, becoming a specimen for research.

Below Average Barter: Most of her supplies were obtained in less standard ways and that left her exposure to merchants very limited to your standard shops with regular prices.

Above Average Leadership: She's not going to lead an underdog army against a mass of steel and pointy things, but you do need some strategic ability to command undead hordes effectively, and they don't have troublesome things like needs and morale.

Poor Tact: She normally knows when not to discuss certain topics but, for the most part, she is horrible at speaking and doesn't talk very much.

Poor Honor: Honor is for the idiots who find themselves challenging the lumbering beasts to fair fights only to become fertilizer for the ground it treads upon.

Above Average Courage: While you might not be able to call her charging an army of deadly warriors courageous since she can't really die, feel pain, or effectively be contained, but would you prefer her risking the destruction of her very soul to satisfy your desire for a non-issue?

Average Bloodlust: She's not going to go out of her way to slaughter someone for the smile it brings to her face, but if someone has wronged her she will be sure to return the favor with the possible increase in the severity of the returned punishment.

Good Wealth: When someone has a lack of physical needs and seemingly endless time to achieve your tasks, not being able to see a rise in your personal spending potential is less a mark of poor economic knowledge and more a sign of a person who shouldn't be left alone in an area where sharp things exist.

[7]Beach Bully: The thing is that she doesn't have muscle mass or any true physical strength; she relies completely on her necromantic powers for anything more complex than simple movement and a measure of her strength would be a measure of how much force she's able to put behind her body through those powers.

[5]Wary Trout: Unfortunately, not many magics are available for the improvement of one's sight so the most Mina can hope for is to have perfectly healthy set of eyes, albeit dead ones.

[9]Bullet Proof: While her bodies not really going to stand up to every abuse the world can throw at it, that all becomes moot the minute she fixes up all the damages due to a complete lack of pain or a body to truly call her own. Her phylactery on the other hand could easily be destroyed by a simple laborer given the right tools to do the job.

[1]Misanthrope: She has spent the better part of almost four centuries completely alone and devoid of any need for conversation. Her mind has become attuned to dealing with absorbing knowledge and working with that inside of her head, not redistributing it in a vocal sense. Sometimes it can take her almost a minute to respond to something that shouldn't take a normal person more than a second or so.

[9]Genius: Years, decades, centuries have all been devoted to study and perfection of her talents and it surely shows. Having more time locked away in study than most have in their entire lives is a sure fire way to broaden one's grasp on the world around them, theoretically anyway.

[5]Under Control: Without the enhancement of her magic, Mina is able to walk gracefully and occasionally quicken her pace without causing damage to her body. When she, for some reason, feels the need to move faster or prove more agile, her powers take over and give her the ability to move as fast and as nimble as her mind is able to think.

[5]Coin Flip: She doesn't necessarily believe in luck, owing most of her achievements and status to pure talent and study, but she's never fallen down a random pit or somehow tripped herself while calmly walking about.



Silver Necklace

Heavy-weave full body suit

The occasional cloak to prevent excessive bleaching of her skin.

Thin metal plating to reinforce the suit.

Right Hand
Thin, silk gloves cover the hands to prevent too much interference when performing delicate tasks.

Left Hand
Thin, silk gloves cover the hands to prevent too much interference when performing delicate tasks.

Right Accessory

Left Accessory


The lower leggings are reinforced with metal plating in much the same way as the forearms.

The feet obviously require more durability so there's similar plating in the toes to prevent dropped objects from causing too much damage and to make a foot to the face more effective.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Urn of Sanctimony

Weapon Type: Urn

Material: Plated Iron

Ammo: Imbued Bone Dust

Length: 1'7''

Weight: 243 pounds

Weapon Description/Info: Family tradition dictates that, in the crypt near the manor, the ashes of the deceased are to be stored in one urn until it has reached capacity. These urns tend to be rather durable and, with the addition of Mina's parents, the most recent one is close to being full. This particular urn, disturbingly enough, was used in her practice of the necromantic arts and have since become been filtered and added to so that it now contains nothing but bone dust.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Deceased Recompense

Weapon Type: Body

Material: Ash and bone

Ammo: Dead material, magic

Length: 5'7''

Weight: 268 lbs.

Weapon Description/Info: Mina is capable of performing quick and rather elaborate transformations with her body and an incredibly dense fist or a blade made of bone are very efficient at warding off those who might try to bother her.


Research notes
Magic texts
Reference books

Magical Devices
Urn of Sanctimony



Marital Status

Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased

Almac Plateau

Scientist, Necromancer, Shut-in

The group would have likely died in their very first encounter if it weren't for her stumbling upon the thing, and with the possibility of finally getting a living specimen she opted to go with them for now. the only reason she remains by their side is Ai Lin Han's presence there.

Wilhelmina was born to a low-level nobleman whose name will go unmentioned in the annals of history for his incredible lack of remarkable characteristics. Her mother is even less of a mark upon history, having only her marriage to a certain noble as her claim to importance. The child, living upon land that a peasant could never be able to tread but a person of prestige would scoff at, grew up without companionship and spent the majority of her time amongst the multitudes of books kept within the manor. This was when she came upon magic and found an escape from an overly dull life and started exploring into the many schools that are there to see.

Eventually, this led to her discovering an affinity for necromancy and inevitably led to a certain pair of unimportant people stumbling upon such a sight and being quickly dispatched by what was a dancing skeleton moments prior. This occurred around the age of thirteen and afterwards she took to the somewhat lasting stores of necessities they had and continued practicing until the food dwindled to nothingness and she needed to venture out to continue living. She managed to find a town nearby to purchase what she needed along with a few extra books with what remained of her father's treasuries and returned home.

She continued this routine for a short time until someone noticed the absence of the local noble and went to check upon the missing soul, only to find, as her parents had done, Mina practicing her necromancy. The man, less inclined to die like the other two victims, ran back into the town where he gathered a group of people to go up to the manor, all sharing the same fear of necromancy that was commonplace in the world. When they arrived, torches and sharp things looming over their heads, the teenager butchered every last one of them and marched their bodies into the center of the town square where they stood there for an entire day, only reacting to people who attacked them. After the day passed and either a fear or respect for her power had been established, she withdrew her control and the bodies collapsed into a rotting pile for the citizens to clean. After that only the occasional brave soul managed to build up the courage to try and defy her warnings only to be met with a challenge they weren't expecting.

With the freedom brought by being completely undisturbed besides the occasional seeker of glory who wound up skewered on the previous one's sword, she went on to master her art and perfect many of her abilities. She sought out ways to continue her work when she saw he frailty of the natural world coming down upon her and so went about studying the ways of the phylactery. After many years of reading through thousands of books on the subject and experimenting with the process to determine the specific form she needed to create, she accomplished the task in her early thirties and spent the next few years ensuring the absolute safety of her soul.

Having successfully ostracized herself from society to the point where years would go by without contact with living, sapient beings, she continued her study of necromancy and a variety of other magics to make the passage of time seem less tortured and empty. Finally realizing the boredom that the inability to feel anything significant brought about, she turned to another major project after about a century of life as a lich. Her goal was to craft a body that could mimic the functions of a less dead body and inhabit it for the purpose of giving her back some semblance of sensuality and because of the fact that such a thing has yet to be known, or at least recorded, and becoming the first to accomplish such a task is an interesting endeavor.

So begins...

Wilhelmina Bismarck's Story