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a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by Ezarael


Willow : The Traveller




Name: Willow

Nickname: While Willow does not have any particular nicknames she goes by there are usually some arbitrarily assigned by whomever she may be travelling with at the moment. Some of her more favourites were ent fiend, fey devil, and even tree-whore seemed to strike a smirk across her face.

Title: The other Dryad of her Grove have dubbed Willow “The Traveller” because she is the first of their grouping to have let the confines of the Eastern Isle of Shimmermist Isle just to explore the outside world.

Race: Genus- Fey, Species- 1/2 Dryad, 1/2 Ent

Visual Age: 30 years

Factual Age: 20 years

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Role: Besides being bothersome, mule-headed, and burdensome? It’s hard to tell actually, but she usually deals with the nature-related things.

Class: Druid

Theme Songs: Let's Go Together
Hearts Grow


Hair: Willow’s ‘hair’ is more comparable to a tangle of willow branches, moss, and the strange branches protruding from her head that appear almost like antlers. Most of this is due to her Ent lineage.

Facial Hair: Non-existent, at least that’s how it appears. For anyone knows she might sneak off to shave the moss off of her face every day.

Eyes: This particular Fey’s eyes are less orb-like than the others of her species, taking on more of an almond shape aspect, and their colouration is more akin to a pure-white snow-drift.

Eye Brows: Merely patches of green moss which does not seem to grow to unruly lengths and appears almost exactly like human hair, except for the colour of course.

Ears: Willow’s ears are pointed in much a similar fashion as Elves, but the last two inches of the tips are bright-red with a luminescent tip.

Nose: Cute and petite! It’s something she likes to wriggle at people or wrinkle during emotional times.

Lips: Sumptuous and full, but lacking the pink colouration of a humans.

Build: Slender, yet curvaceous. Her legs are much longer than her torso, comprising some two-thirds of her height.

Skin Tone: Pale white when exposed to the sunlight for long periods of time, but if she is able to stay out of the glare, which is something she tries to do, it tends to darken more to a chestnut brown.

Height: 6'. Her Ent lineage has given her a boost in height, but the Dryad heritage has kept her from reaching epic proportions..

Weight: 140 lbs.

Voice: Sultry, something that can make a man squirm with relative ease.

Handed: Left-handed, but she does try and make use of her right whenever possible.

Body Markings: Besides the obvious plant-growth? Her left-breast is home to a fungal growth, that is tiny mushrooms cultivate in the region. These are very poisonous if consumed by a humanoid.

Scar Tissue: Due to the regenerative capabilities of her body there are no scars from previous conflicts.

Unique Body Features: Unique? You mean besides the branches sprouting from head and calves, the mushroom factory on her breast, plant-hair, glowing ears, and abnormally long reddish-brown fingers? Not much really. Of course there could always be something else she hasn’t shown her current companions yet.


Quirks: Willow has a tendency to avoid direct sunlight wherever possible, and she stops at nearly every body of water to get a drink or try and find the water nymphs floating about. She can be kind of…friendly when it comes to other people, often-times bordering upon invading personal privacy with how touchy-feely she can be, especially considering the fact she likes making others uncomfortable. Shiny objects fascinate the Fey, and reflections, and small insects, and well…lots of things can distract her really.

Virtue/Creed: Have as much fun as she can, while she can, and when she can.

Motivation: Living her short life to the fullest.

Goal: Just to see the outside world.

Fear: She has never really thought about this subject. It’s just too depressing to focus on for her.






[*]People who don’t like music.


[*]The Sun


[*]Depressing subjects.

Strengths: Willow definitely has an affinity with nature, such as communicating with plants and animals nearby or persuading them to do things for her. In fact she has a tendency to persuade men to do a lot of things as well, even women; she just has qualities to which they can’t say no. Earth magic is definitely her strongest point, and she has great capabilities with using nature to her advantage.

Weaknesses: She’s not a “fighter.” That is to say she does not like to be up close and personal in fights, distance is more her speed when it comes to conflict. Thinking can be pretty tough at times as well since the Dryad are not really educated in much more than nature and people. Her Ent half also keeps her operating somewhat lacksadaisically most of the time, giving her a rather lazy nature.

Personality Description: Many things can be said to describe this particular half-breed. She can be infuriating, quizzical, slow, vicious, sympathetic, passionate, playful, flippant, energetic, lazy, easily bored, and all manners of things which could well negate what was just said. It really depends on the situation and her mood at the time.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
Poor Hand-to-Hand Combat: Yeah, she really does not like the CQC thing seeing as she doesn’t really have the body weight to put behind her punches and whatnot.

Good Melee Combat: Willow has learned how to utilize staffs for purposes other than poking other people in the ribs for fun, mainly because she likes distance between herself and her opponents.

Very Poor Armed Combat: Her Dryad traits have kept Willow's upper-body strength to a relative minimun, which hinders her from using any bows, and poor depth perception adds to her inability to aim the confusing weapons.

Excellent Magic Combat: This is one area she excels in, especially in concerns to magic manipulating the natural world around her.

Above Average Mounted Combat: Because of her ability to speak with animals Willow has made use of them many times to carry her to and fro, and since it allows for distance and an easy get away she has made sure to practise often.

Racial Abilities
Good Regeneration: Dryad’s are tree-spirits and as such they take on much the same properties of their Groves. Willow’s body heals naturally, but it will take some time depending upon the severity. Ent heritage also aids in this ability as her body is much more akin to that of an actual tree then just humanoid.

Excellent Voice of The Woods: Willow is able to “speak” with plants by making a physical connection to them. This can be very helpful when wandering through unknown territory, but interpreting the voice of the woods can be tricky at times.

Perfect Poison Immunity: One good thing about being green for Willow is that she need not worry about consuming any poisons, in fact her body metabolizes the substances with relative ease, using the broken down compounds as the basis of her mushroom patch.

Class Techniques
Good Animal Persuasion: Willow can persuade animals to perform tasks for her, but this is dependent upon the animal of course. Many are not so trustful of her companions, so this can detract from her effectiveness at times.

Above Average Transformation: This certain ability does not pertain so much as to transforming into other animals as it does modifying her own body when needed. She can manipulate her appendages to form objects, claws, or even create natural armour.

Excellent Tracking: This particular Druid may not be very intelligent, but what she lacks in wit she makes up for in perception. With that and her ability to communicate with nature she can find nearly anything if she has the motivation.

Learned Skills
Excellent Wood-shaping: This particular skill is somewhat of a mix between racial abilities and class techniques. Using her Earthen magic and knowledge of wood she can take any substantial tree-matter and form it into tools, weapons, and other such items as they may need.

Good Herbal Remedies: Willow has learned much about the plants of Wralandir and their effects upon humanoid species in her travels. She can use her knowledge to mix remedies and the like for particular illnesses.

Average Cooking: Since Willow can tend to be somewhat lazy at times her companions often decide to put the burden of cooking on the poor woman, despite her utter hatred of fire, and over time her food has become somewhat more edible.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Average Hunting & Tracking: Willow’s innate sensitivity to nature is excellent for tracking, and adding that on top of her ability to communicate with plant and animal life she can pretty much everything, but the hunting part is not of much concern. She’s pretty lazy, and since she does not consume meat it makes sense she would not have any desire to hunt whatsoever.

Excellent Survival: This is what Dryad and Ents do for a living. They survive of pretty much nothing, and all they really need is some water here and there to keep them going. Sometimes she consumes plant material for various purposes, but when she does so there is always some form of equivalent exchange made to keep the balance of nature.

Good Stealth & Guile: You might wonder why a tree spirit is not perfect in the stealth and guile area, but seeing as there are several downfalls to being attuned with the forest it makes sense. Usually small animals and the like tend to flock towards her presence, this not being a good thing when attention is diverted to more important matters, and secondly she is really only good at sneaking around in the forest. With a form such as hers there has never been any real need to sneak around in other places.

Excellent Barter: She can definitely flatter herself out of a wet-sack, and finding ways to bamboozle shopkeepers and merchantmen isn’t much different when you think about it. They’re always trying to tie a knot or jam you up somewhere, but a little friendly persuasion is all Willow really needs to, near enough anyways, buy at their loss.

Poor Leadership: Definitely not a leader-type, more of a go with the flow and if that doesn’t suit her she’ll just do her own thing.

Poor Tact: She pretty much doesn’t care about offending others or their “delicate sensibilities.” In face she rather enjoys it.

Below Average Honor: This girl is damn near shameless in some aspects. She won’t jeopardize her status with or her values concerning nature though.

Average Courage: She doesn’t like to run INTO trouble, but neither does she prefer running AWAY from trouble.

Below Average Bloodthirst: Being bloodthirtsty isn’t really much in her nature. She is exceedingly difficult to aggravate and never really cares to waster her energy being violent, it always seems to detract from the fun aspect of life.

Very Poor Wealth: Willow is not really concerned with the accumulation of wealth, in fact she doesn’t even see the need for such things. Nature can provide her with whatever she needs, and if not there’s always someone who she can convince to get it for her.

Strength: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[2]Beached Jellyfish- This particular Druid has never put much stock into exercising her upper body. It always interferes with rest and relaxation or running around to play with some fluffy animals. You might think she would like to climb trees seeing as she is a tree spirit, but instead she’ll merely use her magical capabilities or abilities to communicate with the forest to have it do the work for her.

Perception: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[8]Monocled Falcon- Willow may not be smart, but being attuned with the natural world has honed her perceptive abilities by allowing her to take notice and focus upon even the most diminutive of subjects, such as when she rushes to stop a comrade from tromping upon some dainty plant or near-microscopic insects.

Endurance: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[4]Handle With Care- The laziness factor cannot be stressed enough with Willow. She does not really try to do much physically so she can’t really keep up with brisk exercises or taxing times.

Charisma: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[9]Casanova- Willow’s best attribute has to deal with speaking to others, and most of that comes from her looks and voice more than anything, but paying attention to how others react to both jokes, insults, and flattery has given her a pretty good idea on how they will act.

Intelligence: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[3]Cretin- While living on the Eastern Isle amidst her Grove education was never really of import to the Dryads. All they really cared about learning was nature itself, so they pretty much shunned other aspects. As such Willow doesn’t know how to read, despite know how to speak in the Human, Elven, and Sylvan tongues.

Agility: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[6]Catlike- Luckily such a limber body allows for Willow to bend and twist a little bit better than others, thanks to her taking after a willow tree after all, but due to sheer laziness she never really tries to hone this attribute to its fullest.

Luck: Choose a number and description that best represents your character and place it here.
[3]Sickly Albatross- Despite other Fey seeming to have incredible luck, Willow seems to be stuck in the category of “if she wouldn’t have any luck if it wasn’t bad.” She loves to gamble, but unfortunately she never seems to win. Luckily she usually only ends up betting what she can get back anyway, her clothes.




Willow managed to find what she considers to be just an adorable green and brown blouse, to match the earthy tone of her being, that laces up in the front. It seemed her travelling companions were somewhat uneasy with her “free-spirited” nature concerning clothing, so she was pretty much forced into acquiring the blouse. To keep from being completely constricted she made sure to find one just a little too small for her frame so that it cannot cover everything.

Left: Completely bare.
Right: A make-shift leafed sleeve with a thin wooden should pad strapped across.

Right Hand
A wooden band strapped around her middle finger.

Left Hand

Right Accessory
Two beaded bracelets, one slightly larger than the other.

Left Accessory

A make-shift skirt composed of interwoven leaves.

Both of her calves are covered by sections of large leaves and fashioned together by straps on her ankle area. Her left leg has a semi-stocking running halfway up her thigh, but her right leg merely has a piece of cloth akin to a garter belt with stringed-beads wrapped carelessly around it.

Always bare. Dryad’s prefer to feel grounded with Mother Earth.


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name:
Mother Willow
Weapon Type:
Wood from her Mother Willow.
None needed.
7 ft.
10 lbs.
Weapon Description/Info:
Mother Willow is a 7’ long staff with about the same circumference as Willow’s wrist, approximately 6”, with a very smooth, yet strangely jaded appearance. Its colouration is that of a willow’s bark.

Secondary Weapon


She really doesn’t like to carry much on her being, she usually prefers to let others carry things.

Magical Devices
None needed.

The only weapon she really carries is a staff shaped from the wood of her Mother Willow from the Eastern Isle.


Marital Status
Do you really think she would tie the proverbial knot with anyone?

Her “relatives” on her Mother's side, so to say, are the fellow Dryad of her Grove on the Eastern Isle of Shimmermist Isle. There are usually somewhere between ten and twenty of them at any one given time. As for her Father, Ents pretty much stick to themselves and when they leave somewhere they stay gone for long periods of time, so she has never really met her Father.

Eastern Isle of Shimmermist Isle, more specifically the Willow Grove.

Preferably nothing, but usually forced into some form of work by her companions.

She found the odd group of adventurers/heros/rag-tag motley while traversing the plains one fine day. There was some nonsense about fighting a chimera, but all she was really interested in was the blue-haired individual with a tail and fuzzy little ears. He seemed fun enough so she decided to tag along and see what would happen.

Willow was born in the Willow Grove of the Eastern Isle of Shimmermist Isle. The details of Dryad birthing is not really clear, even to them, but they know one day they wake up and there they are, fully grown and ready to frolic around. It was a pleasant existence for about the first ten years, but being around the same small group of Dryads, they aren’t very social when it comes to strangers born out of their particular Grove, can become rather stuffy and boring after so long. Willow's half-breed status did cause some problems amongst the pure-bred Dryad of her Grove. They never truly accepted her into their fold, and oft-times found ways to playfully tease her for being much more tree-like than themselves.

This doesn't mean she did not enjoy living in the Grove and beings amongst her people, but the same old jokes just ran dry with her. It must have been the Ent heritage which fueled her desire to wander the lands and discover new things. That happens to be a rather odd phrase when coupled with the sloth-like Ents who never really want to get anywhere fast, but when you have all the time in the world to travel around why not hurry up and see what's out there?

That’s not to say one of their own hadn’t left the Grove before, but not with the intent of leaving Eastern Isle, much less Shimmermist Isle, and setting off to go adventuring around the land of Wralandir. So she set off to see what new experiences there were to have in the world and what kinds of people she could meet along the way. It hasn’t been very long since she left the Grove, only about ten years now, but so far things have been going pretty good for her so she doesn’t really plan on going back any time soon.

So begins...

Willow's Story