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"Ya t'ink ya so bombad, ja? Lookit mah hoodoo and be 'mazed!"

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a character in “Age of the Colossus”, as played by 7achary


Zokahn : Witchdokta
"Ya t'ink ya so bombad, ja? Lookit mah hoodoo and be 'mazed!"


Name: Zokahn

Nickname: Zok

Title: Witchdokta

Race: Troll

Visual Age: 30

Factual Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Role: Curses, hexes, and doomsaying

Class: Mage

Theme Song: Drum Babylon by Mux Mool


Hair: Muddy Green

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Ears: Long and pointed

Nose: Crooked and long

Lips: Small, thin

Build: Undernourished, gaunt

Skin Tone: Pale Green

Height: 7' 2"

Weight: 195lbs

Voice: Low, gravelly

Handed: Left

Body Markings: Mystical and tribal tattoos all over his torso and arms.

Scar Tissue: Many, all self inflicted ritual scarring.



[*]Likely the most calm and collected troll you will ever meet, it is a facade. Other trolls will recognize this as a sign of insanity.

[*]Cannibalistic. He is careful to hide it's practice, but nothing will make him forsake the old ways.

[*]When casting magic a sinister and dark aura will surround him, giving him a fearsome visage.

Virtue/Creed: "Mah ancestors be proud and mah folk gonna stay free."

Motivation: Revenge on his wife and sister, exclusively.

Goal: To lead troll war parties in retaking ancestral lands... after killing and devouring his wife and sister, exclusively.

Fear: Enslavement. Of himself and of his people.

[*] Communing with spirits

[*] Smoke, drink, and food of the gods (psychedelics)

[*] The flesh of his enemies. Only the strong.

[*] Competition

[*] Partying

[*] Elves

[*] Gods

[*] Travel food

[*] Tyrants

[*] Losing

Strengths: As hate filled as Zokahn is this makes his curses staggeringly potent.

Weaknesses: A weakness that he is aware of, making all that much more a thorn in his side. Zokahn is a sucke for a pretty smile and/or good food. He is also not as physically powerful as many of his kind. Considered a bit of a weakling.

Personality Description: Zokahn is friendly seeming, and wise in a bizarre and slightly twisted way. Every now and then he losses his self possession and reveals the lunatic beneath.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Prowess
[Poor] Hand-to-Hand Combat: Zokahn only ever used his fists in scuffles as a child.

[Very Poor] Melee Combat: He held an axe once; to chop wood.

[Average] Armed Combat: Every troll is taught from a young age to hunt and kill their own food.

[Excellent] Magic Combat: Zokahn has nigh perfected his dark arts, few can aspire to the heights he has reached. His incantations are delicate and enunciated, his deft movements are an arcane and mystical dance.

[Very Poor] Mounted Combat: "If'n ya t'ink I'm gonna get on dat den ya gots anudder t'ink comin', fo' sho'!"

Racial Abilities
[Good] Regeneration: Zok can quickly recover from any mundane wound. It only takes him hours to heal a scrape or a cut. Days to heal a gash or stab wound. And weeks to regrow a limb or other body part.

[Excellent] Spiritual Communion: When in doubt or seeking information Zokahn can use certain mushrooms or smoke to induce a dream like state where his ancestral spirits can give him biased advice and, if he makes a deal, information.

[Above Average] Rage: Each day when angered or pushed to the limit Zok will get a light edge to whatever he does for a short period of time.

Class Techniques
[Good] Versatile Cursemonger: Zok can hurl a great number of curses with different effects.

[Good] Lesser Curse: An almost unlimited repertoire of common curses is at Zok's disposal. These all have minor effects that make targets less capable or slow their movements.

[Perfect] Greater Curse: Zokahn can only have one of these curses active on a target at any time. This curse has a debilitating effect that can immobilize the target or even make them a stuttering fool.

Learned Skills
[Good] Spirit Con: During the last few years, since escaping from his tribe as an outcast, Zok has encountered many spirits that were foriegn to him. He has learned to gain a "feel" for new spirits and knows just what to say, most of the time.

[Excellent] Mystical Rites: Able to perform rites, read and write magical scrolls, even cleanse items of curses or put curses on items.

[Excellent] Arcane Knowledge: His mind is Encyclopedia Arcana. It's not all there, but chances are he knows what it is or where to find out.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

[Average] Hunting & Tracking: Zok, like all trolls, was raised in a jungle. He's had to feed himself more than once and keep an eye open for signs of enemies and predators.

[Average] Survival: Zok could live in the wilds for a long time.

[Below Average] Stealth & Guile: Zok could infiltrate an enemy camp on a dark foggy night if the guards were asleep.

[Good] Barter: Zok can be a cunning negotiator when he wants to be.

[Average] Leadership: While the elders avoided putting him in positions of leadership, his force of personality has balanced that out.

[Poor] Tact: "I dun care none 'bout no Tinshield clan or deir fiya-blowin' draggin''."

[Above Average] Honor: "Dey t'ink I gunna sell ya out? I t'ink we ambush dem."

[Above Average] Courage: "I dun be scared o' no ghost."

[Excellent] Bloodthirst: "Firs' Ima cut off ya fingas, den I'm gonna eat dem while ya be watchin'."

[Very Poor] Wealth: He spends everything he makes on strange and archaic rituals. Which are very expensive, apparently.

Strength: [4]Lightweight

Perception: [6]Alert Coyote

Endurance: [6]Hardy

Charisma: [7]Diplomat

Intelligence: [8]Know It All

Agility: [6]Cat-like

Luck: [1]13-Pitch Black Cats


Head Leather circlet of shrunken skulls

Neck Leather thong with a yellow raptor's tooth.

Chest Bare

Back Bare

Arm/Shoulder Cloth bracers with a triangular pattern

Right Hand Bare

Left Hand Bare

Right Accessory Two golden hoop earrings

Left Accessory A single golden hoop earring

Waist Leather belt that has a golden buckle with the head of a bird of prey in the shape of a triangle

Legs Kilt with a triangular design along the hem.

Feet Bare


Primary Weapon
Weapon Name: Thunda Calluh

Weapon Type: Wand/Rain Stick

Material: Bone

Weapon Description/Info: A hollow wand made from a bone taken from a thunder bird and filled with the debris from a rock split during a storm. It can call a lightning strike twice per day on a single target.

Secondary Weapon
Weapon Name: Hoodoo Knife

Weapon Type: Dagger

Material: Silver

Weapon Description/Info: A ritual knife that has been sanctified for rituals.



A leather sack with basic survival gear slung over his shoulder. A canteen and skinning knife.

Magical Devices


Marital Status Married to Razhia

Relatives A sister named Fidya.

Birthplace Stranglethorn

Occupation Witchdokta

Recruitment Zokahn met his fellow adventurers at a party.

Bio/History Zokahn was raised by his tribe, the scion of a disgraced and fallen wizard chief. His mother had led her people to near ruin in search of powerful artifacts of long dead gods. The avatar of the god consumed her and her apprentices were forced to kill her. Only two survived. One died later in the year of a magical plague, and the other assumed leadership of the tribe. He was just one chieftain among many in the Deepwound Tribe.

After the last female wizard had almost annihilated her people through ambition it was decided by the entire tribe that women should not be allowed to learn magic. The remaining female priestesses were sacrificed and eaten for their knowledge, wisdom, and power.

Zokahn and his siblings, considered ill fortuned, were not taken in by any one family, but were raised by the tribe as a whole. The young troll spent most of days near the elder's tent seeking to learn the mystical ways of his people. At first the elders were reluctant to allow the child of such a villain to become a hexxer, but he showed great promise and was carefully attentive.

As the years went on and he grew in power he met a young woman named Razhia. After a single night in her tent he was madly in love. At first their love was a wonder to him. When Zokahn and Razhia would walk hand in hand out of the forest mothers would smile and children would laugh. His life was perfect.

It wasn't too long before she began to ask questions about the teachings of the elders and hoodoo. In the beginning he was admant in his refusal to teach her, but as she grew more and more distant with each refusal his resolve crumbled. It was not too long before his sister was also attending his private lessons.

The elders knew something was bothering him. They suggested he go on a spirit journey to purify himself. He sat with the Yellowtooth, a raptor spirit he felt kinship with. The spirit saw a twisted thing coiled around his heart and did battle with the wyrm. This took many weeks.

Upon stumbling back into the village his head was clear for the first time but his body and movements sluggish. When he reached the tent of the elders to confess what he had done he found his wife and sister in the tent. They had bewitched and seduced the elders. Flying into a jealous rage Zokahn slew one of his elders with a dire hex. Though he was no longer under her control, he still loved Razhia.

He was bound and staked to the ground. He watched through a haze as his wife gained control of the tribe in a matter of weeks while he starved, only alive thanks to the almost constant rain of Stranglethorn.

His bonds eventually wore enough for him to escape. He has been on the run from his own people ever since.


So begins...

Zokahn's Story