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Thelma Greens


0 · 243 views · located in World Of Rock!!

a character in “Age Of The Rockers!!”, as played by PansylovestheBeatles


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Name: Thelma Sandy Greens
Stage-Name: (Um,Thelma Greens?)
Age: 28
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Role: Upcoming Reporter


Likes: Reading, writing, reporting, researching, Star Trek, computers, typing, apple computers, cats and classical music

Dislikes: loud sudden movements, her boss, rock n' roll, alcoholic beverages, soda pop, un natural yogurt or any unnatural products.

Fears: losing her virginity, her cats dying, being fed unnatural products, killing an animal or hurting one, having her computer destroyed.

Personality: Thelma is very shy nervous and kind of loser-ish. She was always a goody two shoes, and a nerd, who enjoyed being introverted and writing oddly erotic fan fiction with her beloved cats nearby. She only got into reporting because her parents wanted her to get out of there house and into the world a bit more. Thelma is a sweet girl, and is greatly misunderstood. She can also be kinda weird and creepy, but hey, interviewing a band for a while can't be too bad right? She's sure she'll get assigned to a nice professional group of classical composers. In fact Thelma is mainly clueless.


History: Thelma was raised by your average American family, she was raised with those same values of trying hard and doing good. As a young kid her parents put so much pressure on her she didn't develop proper social skills(which is why she makes a rather dorky reporter)and was always teased and picked on as a kid. The few friends she had usually unfriended her once she started being her awkward self. She was an only child and had nothing stopping her from blocking everyone else in the world out of her life completely.
In high school she completely disbanded herself from the normal teenage population, tried being a band geek but had little success since Thelma didn't have too much musical talent. She got into writing, typing and would have gotten into computer designing if it'd been available, after high school she lived at home for four years, acting like a shun in in her parents basement. Her parents had finally had enough and kicked her out, convincing her to find a school and to get a job, so off she went to school for two years, came out with a reporting degree, got a job for the local news and has been trying to make her way up since. Recently she's gotten an job offer to report for a band and she can't wait to see where everything goes from there.

Theme Song:

Other: She's a vegan

So begins...

Thelma Greens's Story