"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."

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Name, Name you'd like to be called:
My name is Lilith.

Age, How old you are:
I am eighteen.

Gender, it's a fifty-fifty chance:
I am definably female.

Sexual Orientation, everyone wants to know:
I am interested in males.

Height, Are you tall:
I'm actually quite short. I am 4"9'.

Weight, Are you fat:
No, but I'm not too skinny either. I am average weight for my height.

Race, it could be the color of your skin or you are not human:
I am an albino seer. If it were by color, I'm caucasian.

Power, Let's see what you can do:
I am able to see what the future holds, see auras, Interpret auras, manipulate dreams (to an extent), and unable to feel pain.

Skills, how uncanny:
I can sew, write poetry, cook, and create soothing medications for burns and scratches with herbs.

Weakness, you can't be flawless:
I am not able to tell how badly injured I am, since I cannot feel it. Peering into the future leaves me quite disoriented and irate. The future isn't as always what it seems to be. It changes erratically.

Personal Quote, something you hold onto:
"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." By Leonardo Da Vinci.

Personality, Who you are under that fleshy facade:
Understanding, Good listener, Polite, Noiseless, Gentle, and Wise. Then again, I'm not the one to say. It's better to receive that sort of opinion from a close friend.

History, everyone has a past:
I was born in may on the seventh day. I wasn't always albino. Once I've started to receive uncontrollable visions about my future power, I started to lose my black hair and bronze complexion. It was as if it had melted right off me. My eyes used to be a murky clover green but have been replaced with clouded crystal orbs. I'm not complaining though. I rather enjoy my unique appearance. Anyway, this started happening on the day of my grandmother's death, in january on the eleventh day. I was but only twelve that year. Over the years, I have mastered control over the curtain between reality and image. However, I rather not peer into the unknown. I have been anything but myself during those times. It leaves me bitter and intolerable. One time, I went through the whole day without realizing it. It was as if someone pulled the wool over my eyes. All I could do was read the visions of the future. And then, here I am. It did not startle me as much as the vision had, since I've already seen myself walk around these corridors. Yet, I am still disheveled about the whole situation. I do not know why I am being held captive. But what I do know, is that if I defy whoever leaves me notes on my new bed in the morning, I'll end up being buried alive. The scariest part, I've had many perfect opportunities to escape. I've seen it in my visions. But whenever I try to depart, I could feel this irrational fear deep within me. I just can't leave.

Anything else you'd like to mention:
I believe that is all.

So begins...

Lilith's Story

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Lilith, The Albino Seer
'Don't wake up. Don't wake up. Stay asleep. Stay asleep.' Silent screams corrupted the depths of her mind. Deep in REM sleep, she jerks and twitches, wrestling with the gloom. The dark shroud surrounds and suffocates her, wrapping around her body like a wriggling snake. 'Don't let them take you. Stay asleep.' The scream, pulsating and forceful, pounds at the back of her eyelids. The seer chokes on the gloom, waving her arms out to nothingness, pleading. There were no walls or floors, she floated at the mercy of the darkness. A vast amount of space that contained her in her dreams. However, it wasn't as bad as it seemed. It was less fearsome than the world outside.


The young seer squirmed in the cold environment. She lurches forward, taking in gulps of air as if she had been dragged out of deep water. Her big clouded, crystal orbs flashed wide open. She was back outside, figuratively speaking of course. The albino seer, who went by the name Lilith, rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked down at her fingertips. A single white eyelash sat delicately on her index finger. She pursed her pale, chapped lips and blew, her eyelash taking flight. Lilith made a wish. "Let me leave." She whispered to herself. She gathered her consciousness and took a moment to drink in her surroundings. She was back in her little closet room. She used her elbows to hoist herself up into a sitting position. The old cot left familiar pains in her back, so she stretched to pop it out. Lilith noticed the cause of the cold chill was laying on the floor. She had kicked her blanket off while she slept. She picked herself up and began to straighten up her room. She dusted the shelves, made the bed, folded her nightgown; and lastly, changed into a simple, cranberry red dress. The silhouette, that had first took her, gave her only those two things to wear. She opened the closet door to check if there was any note left, taped against the woodwork.

Unfortunately, there was. Lilith ripped the note off and began to read it. It was a to-do list for the day. She was told to mop the floors all over the chambers home. It was not an easy task. Afterwards, cook a large pot of chicken broth to serve the household staff. Lilith slinked back into her room with the note. She took a moment to peer into the cracked mirror hung on the wall, opposite to her cot. She fingers the knots in her ivory white hair. Her bangs hung just above her eyes, tickling against her curled eyelashes. She licks her lips as she takes a whole handful of her mid-lengthed hair, tying it up into a high ponytail. Tuffs of short hair frame the sides of her face, refusing to be a part of her ponytail. She didn't mind though. It was enough to prevent her hair from becoming a nuisance while she cleaned. In the dark corner of her dim room, she grabbed a mop and cart to bring with her. She would have to work fast to cover up the whole ground and still cook dinner in time. Lilith would also have a hard time being distracted by all the colors that radiated off of the household workers.

It was strange. Even though she followed the same old routine for two years, she had a feeling today wasn't going to be just any normal day.

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Lilith, The Albino Seer
Lilith pushes the cart in front of her, struggling with opening the door. She was able to get out of her room and nudge the door closed with her foot. However, when her door closed, she heard another slam that echoed down the hall. Lilith didn't take any interest though. The wooden handle of the mop was held under her arm, dragging along the ground as she strode through the corridor. She was on her merry way down the hall of closet rooms. She was usually beckoned to dust those rooms but today was obviously different. "I learned to live... Half alive..." She started to sing, her words in mumbles. It was more of a hum. "And now you want me one more time..." Suddenly, a twinkling sound caught her attention. "You're gonna catch a cold...?" She lifts her eyes to one of the chandeliers that dotted the ceiling. It was barely swinging and she almost missed it, as if a steady breeze pushed it ever so slightly. Unsure of the cause, she speeds up her pace down the hall. "From the ice inside your soul..." A lump in her throat silenced her and she began to tremble. Was her captor watching her?

She left the hall of closet rooms and into the foyer where glass panels took up a whole side of the building. In the distance, she could see crops peeping up from the ground. Even further was the sun coming out of it's hiding place. She brought her focus back to her task for the day, dipping the mop into the cart filled with soapy water. She slapped the mop down on the marble floor and began to scrub. Lilith may be working, but her awareness did not dwindle. She was tempted to take a glimpse into the future to ensure her safety, but she knew the cost of doing so. Instead, her clouded hues darted in all sorts of directions. Watching, waiting, insecure of what was to come her way.

OOC: I made sure to note that the chandelier was barely swinging since she came out after yours hid back into the room. Just wanted to clarify.

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Phoenix, the Holloe Huntress
Phoenix waited by the her door as she listened to for the rustling noise earlier, it was distant, but still there. She hissed and moved back to her desk and looked to her hat. It sat on top of the biggest pile of books, like her stories were the pedestal and her hat was the trophy. She hadn't worn it since she got to this place, Master Shadow didn't approve of it's deformed facade, but at night Phoenix still liked to wear it as a reminder of why she couldn't leave this place, of why she wouldn't. The stones that were placed on the hat were the only source of light within her room, but for Phoenix it would be like the sun lighting a room would be for us.

"Go. Go. Outside, you must. Master Shadow will be mad," Phoenix whispered. She took a deep breath, her map wrinkled in her hand. She stepped out of her door, her eye looking at the ground as the burning eye's light had drifted towards her the hallway. She quickly scuttled to a shadow, the rustling noise could be heard in the burning eye's sight. While in the shadow she opened the map, tearing an edge slightly and began to quickly walk away from the hall of clear walls and deeper into the shadows.

"Tear the flesh. Rabbit fur and feather. Bloody in my hands. Meat for the Master," she muttered when she reached the kitchen. There weren't many jobs that she often did, cleaning wasn't her forte as her perception of clean came from living in a deep underground town, and cooking usually left the meat too raw if cooked at all and she didn't know what the spices were and often didn't like them as they took away from the taste of the meat, which left her to do the jobs no one else would like peeling the skin off the dinner meat, but also hunting them. Though for this latter she has had a hard time with because she wasn't allowed out of the yard so the best she could hunt were smaller things like rabbits and birds.

Thankfully the kitchens were empty, Phoenix figured on the request of Master Shadow. She walked towards where there was a small pile of rabbits and chickens. She didn't loose any time, but grabbed a rabbit immediately. From living in the caves there weren't a lot thing sharp objects to help cut the fur off so she used her teeth, tearing through the skin and ripping a small hole where she could dig her fingers in to pull the skin off. "Blood, blood, blood," she whispered to herself as she continued with the other critters, the blood from the dead animals dripping down her hands and arms on to her bare feet and off her chin onto her chest and dress. When she was done she dropped the feathers and fur into a bucket nearby and walked out, heading towards the bathtub that she used all the while licking the blood from her hands. As she walked down the halls she heard what sounded like humming and jumped into a hidden corner in the shadows like a startled deer. Her eye was steady as it looked frantically for the noise. Her hand grabbed her knife from its hidden spot, her tongue licked her lips, and her stringy blond hair fell over her eye.

"Come on little rabbit, the rat doesn't like those who hide. Hide in the shadows. Hide. Rat's job. Rat's place. Shadows. Dark," she whispered to herself as she waited.

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Lilith, The Albino Seer
The ivory-haired woman now scour the marble on her knees. The stubborn scuff mark would not wash away. She pressed down hard on the wooden handle of the brush, causing the bristles to bend in all directions. Her humming would reoccur once in a while the longer she stayed in the foyer. It took a while to mop the whole flooring. Her little feet, wrapped in muddy leather scraps, kept leaving trails of dirt mixed with the soapy water. It took her a while to figure it out. After the skirmish between her and the marble floor, she was able to wash until it gave off a reflexion. While clearing out the last mark, the sun reflected off the floor and into her crystal eyes. She blinked, rubbing them with a mixture of soap and dirt on her hand. Before it cleared up, she glances up at the glass panels again. The sun was a bit higher up, revealing how long she worked with the one room. Lilith dragged out a long, yearning sigh. She felt safe in the comfort of the sun. She drinks in the rays as she cleans. The warmth gave her a sense of euphoria. That was the case, until she heard scuffling in the other room. It echoed against the boundless walls of the foyer. She freezes in place, dropping the scrub brush. "Hello?" She waits for an answer. Of course, there was none.

Lilith slowly rose to her feet, broadcasting her minuscule stature. She slips back, pressing herself against the hot window panes. Lilith didn't expect the glass to scorch her skin, jumping forward and rubbing the back of her arms. Instead, she slowly crept over to one of the doors that lead to another corridor. Her head peeps out from behind the woodwork, searching for another source of life. She expected it to be another household staff but she rarely bumped shoulders with them. It was as if the silhouette wanted them to stay separate from each other. "Hello..." She whispers again. There was no movement in the dimly lit hall. That wasn't right. The door creaks open wide, her hand clasping the end of the knob in case she had to shut it quickly. Lilith shrugs, confused. She had to leave the foyer anyway so she hurries back over to her cart and mop. She picks up the brush and places it in the bucket that hung on one of the cart's handles. Inside the bucket, she also had a rag and bleach bottle. She trucks the cart along with her, one of the wheels bumping into the door. It smacked against the wall, creating an echo down the hall. Lilith didn't care. She was too busy cursing at the crimson carpet tangling itself with the other wheel. She takes her eyes off the dark hallway to rip the carpet from the wheel's clutches. Lilith was unaware of the other creature hiding and watching her, but she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of color emit from the darkest corner. Was it an aura?