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A Home Away From Home.

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Lilith, The Albino Seer
The ivory-haired woman now scour the marble on her knees. The stubborn scuff mark would not wash away. She pressed down hard on the wooden handle of the brush, causing the bristles to bend in all directions. Her humming would reoccur once in a while the longer she stayed in the foyer. It took a while to mop the whole flooring. Her little feet, wrapped in muddy leather scraps, kept leaving trails of dirt mixed with the soapy water. It took her a while to figure it out. After the skirmish between her and the marble floor, she was able to wash until it gave off a reflexion. While clearing out the last mark, the sun reflected off the floor and into her crystal eyes. She blinked, rubbing them with a mixture of soap and dirt on her hand. Before it cleared up, she glances up at the glass panels again. The sun was a bit higher up, revealing how long she worked with the one room. Lilith dragged out a long, yearning sigh. She felt safe in the comfort of the sun. She drinks in the rays as she cleans. The warmth gave her a sense of euphoria. That was the case, until she heard scuffling in the other room. It echoed against the boundless walls of the foyer. She freezes in place, dropping the scrub brush. "Hello?" She waits for an answer. Of course, there was none.

Lilith slowly rose to her feet, broadcasting her minuscule stature. She slips back, pressing herself against the hot window panes. Lilith didn't expect the glass to scorch her skin, jumping forward and rubbing the back of her arms. Instead, she slowly crept over to one of the doors that lead to another corridor. Her head peeps out from behind the woodwork, searching for another source of life. She expected it to be another household staff but she rarely bumped shoulders with them. It was as if the silhouette wanted them to stay separate from each other. "Hello..." She whispers again. There was no movement in the dimly lit hall. That wasn't right. The door creaks open wide, her hand clasping the end of the knob in case she had to shut it quickly. Lilith shrugs, confused. She had to leave the foyer anyway so she hurries back over to her cart and mop. She picks up the brush and places it in the bucket that hung on one of the cart's handles. Inside the bucket, she also had a rag and bleach bottle. She trucks the cart along with her, one of the wheels bumping into the door. It smacked against the wall, creating an echo down the hall. Lilith didn't care. She was too busy cursing at the crimson carpet tangling itself with the other wheel. She takes her eyes off the dark hallway to rip the carpet from the wheel's clutches. Lilith was unaware of the other creature hiding and watching her, but she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of color emit from the darkest corner. Was it an aura?

Welcome to your new home, Chambers Plantation. I trust you will never leave us anytime soon.