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"Oh...hello there"

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a character in “Ah A Wonderful Cat's Life”, as played by mgoodwin2







Goals/Dreams:To meet my mom

Human Form:
Fatally beautiful and most stunning, no one who is fairer and ethereal-like, graced so beautifully as Vanilla did. Truly a work of lovely attraction, Vanilla's delicate, yet angelic features made men and women, alike, be enchanted and mesmerized by her. Blessed beautifully by youth, her creamy, porcelain colored skin is almost near flawless to perfection.

Her hair fell in platinum ringlets down her back and over her shoulders, flowing smoothly in freshly scented waves. Strangely miraculous, Vanilla's eyes is of a blueish hue, hinting of platinum swirls that sparkle, mischievously, in the light. Bodily, although not bone skinny, Vanilla has a thin waist but has large boobs, she is also very fragile and small .

A button nose, dainty arched eyebrows, heart-shaped ears, profound chin, pale pink dewy lips, and rose hued cheeks add as accessories to her gorgeous, enticing facial profile. Height wise,Vanilla is below-average. Lastly, her weight....well it's below average as well. Born from much wealth, Vanilla, naturally, cherishes raw-colored gems, diamonds, and pearls; jewelry always being adorned on her neck, wrists, and ears.Vanilla's, favorite, attire is always something elegant and refined, yet has a natural simplicity to it.

Cat Form:
Gaining most of her mothers physical features Vanilla has angel soft white fur, that is so soft when you touch her fur it feels like silk. She also inherited her mothers crystal blue eyes and small pink nose. Madame Marinna has a strange obsession with dressing Vanilla in different colored ribbons each day, and when she changes the color of the ribbon it changes the style of dress Vanilla is wearing.

Vanilla is the epitome of shy. Being kept in the house most of the time she never had any chances to make friend with other cats her own age. She is very polite being a pure-breed Vanilla is held at strict rule to not hiss or act rude toward guest who come to visit her master. Vanilla is also as sweet as her name, she kind is to all animals and humans. She is also very smart and bright for her age liking to go into Madame Marinna's private library and read stories. Vanilla is also very soft and fragile when it comes to her feeling getting hurt, and will cry if she is terribly upset. Vanilla has never met her mother or her other six siblings before all she can do is look at pictures from when she was born, but she would very much like too. Even though Vanilla knows her master is wealthy she doesn't let it go to her head, she is very thankful for what she has.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
oflowers getting dirtyx
omilk seeing Madame Marinna upsetx
onaps cold waterx

ocean (she can't swim)


Personal Traits
her smile as soft as clouds
usually napping by someplace warm
looking outside a window

Feelings about the strays?
"I don't hate strays at all. Madame Marinna on the other hand......................."

Madame Marinna
Vanilla loves Madame Marinna from the bottom of her big heart. She has been with Madame ever since she was a kitten and loves her to death.

After Madame Marinna husband died from lung cancer she had a huge hole in her heart that she couldn't fill. She didn't have any kids or grandchildren and felt all alone inside. Having come from a rich and royal British family Madame Marinna didn't have to worry about money or bills not being paid. She just felt alone. But, when she went to go visit her younger sister (Elizabeth) in London she told her that her pure-breed cat gave birth to seven kittens and she only wanted people in the royal family to have one. So she gave Madame Marinna,Vanilla. And she loved her every second of everyday, when Vanilla was a kitten she would feed her milk through a baby's bottle and take her on walks in a stroller. Madame Marinna's depression was swept away with the sweet smell of Vanilla. But, not being able to see her mother Vanilla felt a little gap in her heart that Madame just couldn't fill.

Theme Song:TBA

Other:Vanilla likes to stroll in the large garden in the backyard.

So begins...

Vanilla's Story