Ellie Ravierie

"Sorry, it seems I don't care!"

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a character in “Ahhh The Medieval Life.”, as played by AngelBell


Ellie is the proud owner of fiery red tresses that fall down to her hips, though she usually braids it all up and out of the way. Her startling blue eyes are quick and mishevious, matching her small plump pink lips, often drawn into a smirk. She is small and pale, sickly looking, standing five-feet tall and weighing barely 90 pounds. Her face is angular and sharp, the bridge of her nose sprinkled with freckles. She has long, fair eyelashes that she uses to distract her victims. She is only 16, but she boasts the curves of a fully-grown woman. Usually wearing short tunics and leather breeches like a man, she stays barefoot, and is often dirty looking from living on the streets.

Name: Ellie Ravierie
Age: 16
Apperance: (See Above)
Personality: (See Below)
Traits: (See Personality)
Lover? -None, she doesn't care for anyone enough
Children? -Not a chance
Job? -Thief, if that's reall an occupation
Other. (See The Rest)


Quick, sarcastic, clever, sly; all are words to describe Ellie. She knows what to say to charm someone into agreeing, and knows how to distract anyone, if given enough time. However, deep down, she is sad, scared, and lonely. She likes pretty gowns and sweet breads, spending time in the moonlight, and running through the forests whenever she pleases. She wishes for a mother, but is content being alone, as well.


Ellie carries a single silver dagger, in case she is ever attacked, and wears a white wool cloak for those cold nights on the streets. She carries only what she can, often nothing at all, stashing everything she steals in a cave in the mountains near the forest.


The orphaned daughter of a peasant and his wife, Ellie has been alone since she was 8, resorting to stealing and lying to survive. She used to daydream of being adopted into the royal family and living her days out in luxury, but she has long since given up her childish dreams. Now, she lives alone in the forest, happy and content to finish out her days alone.

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Ellie was reclining on the roof of the bakery, happy to just be alive and in the sunlight. Her stomach grumbled for a moment, then quieted, but Ellie ignored it. It was pointless to put food in, she didn't truly want it, and it would make her feel sick.