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Ain't no rest for the wicked.

Ain't no rest for the wicked.


Daeshawn finally made it big, he spent years in the underground rap circuit in Chicago and his dreams had finally become a reality. The life of crime that one has in Chicago however was extensive,he will learn there is no escape no matter where you live.

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The alarm clock went off in his room, he smiled actually at that thought because he forgotten about it. It wasn't like he wasn't up already laying his bed all night thinking about it. His song released two weeks ago and here he was with the knowledge it sold three hundred thousand copies or downloads. He talked to a Record company representative earlier that week. He got up turned off the alarm clock which played his song. No rest for the wicked, quite an ambitious first song he thought to himself.

He was looking the mirror thinking to himself he didn't deserve what he was given. He wasn't no hero by anybody means. He had shot at people and was known for being one of the more clever drug dealers in his neighborhood, he only did it because him got cancer, She had no way to pay the bills. Not like his dad was in the picture to really give them financial support. He grew tired at the prospect of living his life like that, he wanted out and found in it music. He stopped reflecting in the mirror and took a good look at himself. A young Black man hardly tattooed with a white shirt one and boxers. He noticed he needed to shave his goatee was a bit out of control.

He found his jeans in his dresser and picked them up and put them on and looked at his chain. The chain was gold and rested upon the top of his dresser. It the only gift left to him by his father not that it was an huge flashy chain. IT was a simple gold one with a thin cross on it. It same with a note when his mom gave it to him. She waited until he was eighteen to hand the chain to him. The note simply said, "Son remember There ain't no rest for the wicked." He laughed his fathers strong suit was not english but looking back at it now, His father gave him the inspiration for his big hit.

At this point he looked through his shoe collection, a modest collection for a hood rat. He had a few pairs of Jordan Retros but today he wanted to wear a classic. HE was moving to LA most of his stuff was already there so he only had three shoe choices. He wore the Black Airforce Ones, they were his fair pair of shoes he bought on his own. The condition on them was pristine. At this point he tied his shoe laces walked outside his room. IT was Seven in the morning. His house was quiet everyone had left for work or school. He looked for his iphone which lay on the Kitchen counter.

He picked it up and called his homeboy Rayquan. "Hey the plane leaves at 8:30 my Nigga, you down the block yet or whats good?" Rayquan answered the phone not that Daeshawn paid attention. The reply was short and sweet, look out the window. "Alright, sorry homie just get over zealous ya know what it is." He said to Rayquan before hanging up, he had no luggage because most of his stuff was already at the new home In LA, he got a huge signing bonus from the people at the Record Label company.

He got into the town car that Rayquan drove around the neighborhood. Rayquan was known as a drug dealer and in fact the biggest one on the block. He was famous to the Chicago Police Department. He did at least three bids. He was only thirty considerably older than Daeshawn but he was the one who helped fund the studio Daeshawn worked in. Daeshawn was only twenty-two so the age was a huge difference. "So dawg we just chilling when we get there? I can get some of the homies up there in a few days but you said the meeting just wanted you and the guy who has you signed. Thats me my dude." Rayquan laughed and Daeshawn looked at him and smirked but not at the joke but the stark contrast between them

Rayquan was dark skinned tattooed beyond belief and heck he had even been shot once in the arm leaving a huge scar on his forearm. It grazed the arm he was shot while running. Daeshawn vowed he would leave the dealing game before he had ever gotten to that level of violence in his life. His mom would have no one to support her. From what he knew he was dad was dead, died from a heart attack in his mid fifties. He would never become Rayquan. "Hey homie take a left, and before I forget don't do anything stupid and jeopardize my success remember you get a good ten percent of everything I make at that record company Queezy." It was Rayquan's nick name not one people used often toward him. It was usually one his mom who was dead used. People only used it when they were trying to be serious with Rayquan.

"Hey Dae look at me boy, I ain't failed you yet." He said as he stopped the car and it was parked in a spot in the Airport. Daeshawn listened to him while looking at the airport and hustling and bustling of it. Even to him in the city he never felt this busy in his life. He turned and looked to Rayquan and smiled. He saw Rayquan get out the car and he did so to. "Lets go man, a new start for us I promise." Rayquan said and Daeshawn got out of the car and looked at him from across the car.

"Lets not hope so. Come on Rayquan off we got into the new life brother." With that sentence spoken they turned and walked to the airport. Daeshawn was about to find out how right his father was.

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Daeshawn had gotten on the airplane hours ago. Rayquan sat next to him. It was actually first class something new to Daeshawn who had only ridden on a plane once in his lifetime that wasn't nearly as classy as what he was doing now. He put his headphones in and began listening to music. He wasn't listening to his own stuff because he wasn't bred that way. He relaxed and jammed out while Rayquan sat next to him.

Rayquan tapped him on the shoulder. "Stupid ass rules I can't bring no herb on the fucking plane." Daeshawn looked at Rayquan who started laughing. Daeshawn smirked a grin at him and went looked down at his ipod pausing the song. "Nigga I mean it I need my self some herb." Daeshawn rolled his eyes and went back to his song. Rayquan pouted and started to listen to his own music now.

Daeshawn eyes grew heavy and he began to doze off into sleep. He was sitting on the corner with Rayquan the leader of a clique he was a part of. "Aye yo nigga We going to go pick up this heat right quick? Demarcus running his ashy ass lips bout my homie." Rayquan said looking at Daeshawn who saw him speaking to Kendrick another gang member who smiled and pulled something out of his pocket. Daeshawn looked at intently realizing what it was nearly instantly.

"I already picked up this heat Ray, lets take care of this fool real quick. I got you a piece to homie." Kendrick handed Rayquan a .357. Rayquan picked it up and a guy pulled up on them. It was a friend Daeshawn noticed and looked toward Rayquan who already got in the passenger seat. Kendrick got in the back. "Hey fool get back here, we trying to creep on Demarcus." Daeshawn looked at him and got in the back. They began to drive down the street.

"Hey Ray it's that fool Demarcus." Rayquan looked at driver who said that to him after they had driven maybe two blocks. Rayquan wasn't on the right side to to do anything toward Demarcus. Kendrick was though. Kendrick pulled out his .45 colt and looked at him. "Ken be careful dog." The Driver and said and Kendrick got out of the car.

Daeshawn was staring at Kendrick. "Hey Marcus you running your mother fucking mouth. Try opening that shit with lead in it." Kendrick said this as he pulled out his gun and Shot at Demarcus who pulled out his own gun. In the seconds that Kendrick fired on him the car was filled with cheer except Daeshawn who saw at the corner of his eye a guy down the street running at them.

Daeshawn looked at Kendrick and screamed. "Kendrick get in the fucking car. GET IN THE FUCKING CAR NIGGA!" Kendrick looked at him and ran toward the car but got shot in the neck, falling down screaming in pain but firing bullets as he lay on the ground dying. Daeshawn looked at Rayquan and the driver the car was beating shot at. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Daeshawn roared.

Daeshawn woke up on the plane jumping in fright. Rayquan grabbed him by the shoulder and looked at him. "It's okay homie we just on the plane." Daeshawn looked at him with horror. "Hell we landing right now bro." He was in finally in LA.

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#, as written by Hyydra
Joshua had been in the Gas station by the airport, buying a quick drink. He'd been tracking down this gang for months now, and he wouldn't give this chance up. He had to spend all of his money to get to LA, and he wouldn't leave without what he wanted. He vowed to get revenge, and that's what he'd do. For Cordelle, he thought that's what he wanted, he knew that's what he wanted.

He remembered the trip before he'd gotten to LA. He'd be talking to one of the gang leaders with two other people. "Aight, now this the shit we gon' do." He started. "Since lil dude over here did us a fava', we gonna be doin' him one. Now we all remember the guys that shot up Cordelle, right?" He said, looking at the three nodding their heads respectfully. "Well, we got a hold of one of their leaders, and he in LA right now. We gonna be talkin' to our gang here, and droppin' off lil dude." He said, nudging Joshua and patting his back. "When he's gone, we'll be gone. Simple as that. But y'all gotta be watchin' his ass so he don't get shot, aight?" He said, hearing the two of them reply with a strong "Yeh, aight." "Good, we bout to stop right here, let's get goin'."

He walked outside of the Gas station now, looking over at a person. He looked to bad to be a regular citizen, he had to be a gang member. He started to walk towards him, but then turned around, not realizing the man was looking at him now. He started to think, "What if that's one of them, huh? What if that's the same dude that shot up Cordelle?" He slowly placed his hand on the gun under his hoodie, gripping it tightly in anger. "Or what if that's one of us, eh? What if he's just lookin' out?" He slowly let go, and started walking downwards near the airport, not knowing that the gangster as well decided he wasn't trouble.

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Character Portrait: Daeshawn Jackson


Character Portrait: Daeshawn Jackson
Daeshawn Jackson

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